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Guilt Free Cupcakes is the tenth episode of the first season of Greenhouse Academy, premiering September 8th,2017 on Netflix


Carrying on from the previous episode, the missing park ranger is approaching Alex and Brooke. Brooke then recognizes him as the park ranger, noting that she'd heard about him on the news. Seeing the look on the ranger's face, Alex asks whether he was ok. The ranger then points his finger at Brooke, approaching her as he yells that she was responsible for what happened to her.

Brooke is quick to pull back, trying to convince the ranger that she did nothing. In the Cave, Marcus and Judy are watching the security footage, as Judy asks Marcus why his colleagues were taking so long, with Marcus then revealing that he had called them 10 minutes prior and that they would be there any minute. Judy then asks Marcus whether he was sure the ranger wouldn't be able to remember anything. Marcus then explains that the chemical was his own mix, comprised of propranolol and a beta-blocker that would target the brain's limbic system.

Judy is then confused, as Marcus then clarifies that they'd have to make sure the park ranger would forget that he stumbled on the cave, revealing that the ranger wouldn't remember anything from the past 72 hours. Outside Alex is brawling with the ranger, as Brooke calls after him. As Alex continues his fight, Brooke asks him to be careful, before telling him to stop, just as the police show up.

In Louis' quarters, Louis is watching over Alex and Brooke, just as Eric arrives in the room. He notifies Louis that the man they had met was in fact the missing park ranger, with Alex then asking what had happened to the ranger. Eric then explains that they had thought that the ranger had a mild stroke, getting lost in the woods and having suffered from dehydration amnesia. Brooke then says that thankfully Alex was at the scene, before asking how he learnt to fight in that way.

Eric then asks Alex to remind him, who his father was, as Louis asks the two of them what they were doing in the area in the first place, as they knew there was a curfew. The two then stutter, as Brooke says that she had seen a flickering light and that she was curious. However, Louis then asks why she didn't just go to him, instead of wandering round in the dark.

Brooke tries to cover up, by saying that she hadn't wanted to bother her father, which only causes Louis further annoyance, with him exclaiming that she could of been killed by the lunatic park ranger. Brooke then apologizes for her miss-actions, before Eric mentions that it'd be better if they called him the next time something like that happened, handing Alex a card with his direct line number on, telling Alex not to hesitate to call.

However, Louis is quick to say that, he felt that wouldn't be necessary, as the park ranger saga was then over. Louis then notifies Eric, that he'd take him out to his car. Once the door had closed, Alex asks Brooke why she didn't mention Marcus, but Brooke just tells him that she didn't want to get Marcus in trouble. Alex then begins to talk, before Brooke cuts in saying that she knew what he'd say.

Brooke then assures Alex that she hadn't known. In the Eagles corridor, Alex and Brooke arrive to find Daniel, who tells them that he had heard about the incident, thanking Alex for what he did for Brooke. Alex, in response tells him that it was no problem. There is then an awkward silence between the three, as Alex continues towards the Eagles clubhouse.

Seeing, the look on Brookes face, Daniel asks whether she was alright, with Brooke nodding her head. Daniel then reveals that he had almost died when heard the police sirens and with no sign of her being around. Brooke then says that the incident had been so scary, telling Daniel that she should of never said what she said about his mother, but Daniel assures her that it was ok. Brooke then asks why everything had to be so complicated.

Daniel then mentions that not everything was that complicated, just the things to do with Brooke, but that that was the reason he loved her. Brooke then says that she missed them being together, with the two then bracing for kiss. In the foyer, Alex meets up with Hayley on the staircase, as she tells him he had her worried for a second, but Alex then assures her that he was fine.

Curious, Hayley then asks her brother what he was doing out there at that time, with Alex then just saying that he had been up to nothing. However, Hayley then tells Alex that she had known him his entire life and that he knew that if there was any information she of may been holding out from her, she would find out eventually. Alex then explains that Brooke had seen something suspicious in that area and as such he decided to go with her, to make sure everything was alright.

Hayley then asks whether that had been Daniel's job, before believing that Brooke and Alex were a thing. But Alex is quick to assure her that that wasn't the case, with Hayley then calling it good, as it had had her worried for a moment, before she headed back up the stairs. At the FBI headquarters, Eric is reporting to David, who is questioning the fact that the park ranger had suffered a stroke.

Eric nods his head to confirm that it was indeed a stroke, that the ranger had, with David then concluding that they could then close the case, just as Carter arrives in the office. David invites him, with Eric then telling him that he looked good, asking what the occasion was. Parker then reveals his new FBI badge, with David revealing that Carter had re-applied for the FBI.

David then says that he never thought Carter would ask to be re-instated. Parker then states that after seeing all of the paperwork that had been built up, before pausing and saying that he maybe shouldn't of re-applied. Eric and David then both welcome Carter back to the FBI. At the Greenhouse, the Ravens are heading out of their clubhouse, as Hayley asks what the Harvest Festival was. Leo reveals it was one of the best traditions they had at the school.

Leo then explains that every year at the Greenhouse on Halloween weekend, they hold an open fair for the community of Santa Ynez. In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie tells her fellow Eagles that they were going to work hard, before reminding them that everything they were doing would be going a good cause and that the money collected would go towards funding STEM scholarships for underrepresented students, before beckoning her team onwards.

At the harvest fair, the Eagles and Ravens have arrived, with Louis welcoming them. The teams then both begin to clap and cheer for the beginning of the fair. Louis then explains that the money the teams collected would go towards helping to make sure that 20 kids get to spend their summer at an amazing STEM summer camp program and that in order to do so, they'd need to sell 200 gourmet cupcakes. Hayley then asks Leo, whether a bake sale was really the best Louis could come up with.

Max then chimes in, notifying Louis that the scholarships were very expensive and that they would need to sell more than 200 cupcakes in order to be able to pay for them. Parker then jokes that Louis may of baked the cupcakes in gold, prompting an eruption of laughter from the Eagles, but Louis is quick to say that he didn't, before acknowledging what Max had mentioned. Fortunately however, Louis reveals that they had an alumni who had recently sold their start-up to Apple and that they had agreed to help them out.

Louis then announces that for every cupcake that is sold by them, their anonymous donor would donate one thousand dollars, as Leo commends the idea. Louis then tells them that each time they sold a cupcake, they'd need to ring the bell at their booth and that then more cash would be injected into the sphere. Daniel then asks whether that'd still be the case if they sold the cupcakes for only a dollar, with Louis then saying that that'd be the case theoretically, before revealing there was a twist.

Hayley then sarcastically says no way, as Louis continues; saying that a good leader is also a creative marketer and that they would have to be able to sell their ideas to the public and as such there was going to be a competition between the Ravens and the Eagles, to see who would be able to make the most money from selling cupcakes and that the winner would be able to choose the theme of the Greenhouse's Halloween dance.

Jackie then asked who really cared about the theme of the Halloween party, before Louis then reveals that the losing team would have to clean up after the party. In response, Jackie tells her fellow Ravens to forget what she had just said, as they would be winning it. Louis then wishes the two teams good luck, as they begin to get to work. At the FBI headquarters, Carter is busy sorting out his office, with Eric then asking him why he came back, other than to yell at him.

Carter then apologizes to Eric for what he had said to him previously when he visited the Woods household. Eric then says that Carter was a jerk, with Carter then just saying that Eric knew him and that he had always been a bit slow. Carter then goes on, saying that it had taken him some time to get what Eric and his kids had been telling him.

Eric then tells Carter that he was glad for him and for Alex and Hayley, with Carter then mentioning that when he realized Ryan wasn't going to come back, he had thought that she would of wanted him to live a good life in a clean house, as well as to head back to the job that he loved. Eric then notices the letter that Carter had and asks what it was. Carter then reveals that the night before the launch occurred, Ryan gave him that letter.

Carter then mentions that the letter was an open-in-case-I-don't-come-back-letter, with Eric then apologizing, before asking Carter what Ryan had written, but Carter then reveals that he had never opened it. Confused, Eric asks him why he hadn't, with Carter then going on to say that at first he just couldn't bring himself to open it and that then he just didn't want to, before concluding that he'd be able to open it one day.

Eric then points out that the most important thing was that Carter had managed to move on, with Carter agreeing. Back at the Greenhouse, the fair is in full swing, with Jackie and Max setting up the Ravens cupcakes. Just then, Max exclaims "Great Scott", with Jackie then saying excuse me in response. Max then goes on to explain that he had a great idea for the theme of the Halloween dance if they won, but Jackie is quick to point out that they hadn't even won the challenge yet.

Max then tells her that he had just wanted to be prepared, revealing that his idea was Back to the Future. Then seeing the confused look on Jackie's face, he re-iterates what he had said, with Jackie then notifying him that she didn't know what he was talking about, as Max asks whether she hadn't watched it. Jackie then says that she hadn't even heard of the movie, with Max calling it the best time-travel movie ever made. Max then says that he had to tell Emma, as she'd love the idea.

Jackie then says that she was sure Emma would. Elsewhere at the fair, Hayley is telling Leo that he had to admit that the challenge was a little pathetic, with Leo then remarking that cleaning up the mess after the Halloween dance was pathetic, before sternly declaring that it wouldn't happen and telling Hayley that they needed to come up with a strategy.

In response, Hayley sarcastically asks whether they were trying to invade Russia, saying that all they had to do was simply sell their cupcakes, adding that a third-grader would be able to do it, but not as well as her. Max then returns to the store, asking Jackie whether she thought that Emma was still mad at him. Confused, Jackie asks who he meant, as Max once re-iterates that he meant Emma.

Max then concludes that Emma wasn't even at the fair, as Jackie tells him that the world didn't revolve around him, before seeing the look on Max's face and telling him that she was sure Emma would be there soon. At the Eagles store, Brooke and Tammy have arrived with the cupcakes, with Sophie pointing out how good they looked. Daniel then asks Sophie whether he could share an idea with her.

Sophie, in response says that'd be ok, but asks him whether he wanted to share it with the rest of the team, but Daniel is then quick to say that the rest of the team would just do what they say anyway. However, Sophie still states that she wanted to get the thoughts of the rest of the team first, before announcing to her friends that they needed to come up with a plan.

Sophie, begins by explaining that they had 200 cupcakes they needed to sell and in which case they needed to make a plan. Sophie then goes on to explain that they needed to get creative, before asking Daniel to give them his idea, but Daniel then just bluntly tells them to forget it, prompting Sophie to then ask Parker, who came up with the idea of using a buy 1, get 1 free offer, adding that his mom liked those offers. Sophie then says that she liked it.

However Daniel then cuts in and says that that was a terrible idea, as they'd waste half of their product on freebies, with Sophie then agreeing and saying that they should put a pin in that idea for the time being. Tammy then suggests that they do a raffle, where every purchase would get you a ticket, that'd help you to win a prize. But Daniel then points out that all their profits would go towards a great prize.

Daniel then brings up his idea, grabbing his box of T-shirts. Daniel explains that they should give a t-shirt away with every cupcake they sold, with Sophie then asking him where he had managed to get the t-shirts from. Daniel goes on to explain that the t-shirts were from the prior year and that they were sold for 25 dollars each, adding that no one knew they still had the t-shirts.

Alex then chimes in, saying that he thought they should notify Louis about the t-shirts, wit Daniel then trying to counter him by saying that they were trying to win a challenge, re-iterating his idea of giving away a free t-shirt with every cupcake, adding that there was no way the Ravens could top their idea. However Brooke then says that it sounded like a bribe, but Daniel then says that it was an edge.

Sophie then says that it was the wrong edge, believing that Alex was right and that they should give the t-shirts back to Louis, before asking for anyone else's opinion. Back at the Ravens store, Leo is trying to advertise their red and blue Ravens cupcakes, adding that they'd be helping to support their STEM scholarship fund.

Hayley then remarks that one cupcake could save the world, with Leo then asking what her problem was. Hayley then says that it had been idiotic, just as some customers rock up to the store. The male customer asks how much the cupcakes are, with Leo then beginning to explain the pricing. However, Hayley is quick to cut in saying that there was no price, as it was for charity, explaining that they were raising funds for disadvantaged children to go to a summer science camp.

Hayley then says that they trusted the customers to pay what they felt was fair. The customer then picks up a cupcake, as Leo asks Hayley what she was doing, as Hayley tells the customer to taste it. After that Hayley then answers Leo, by telling him that it was democratic socialism. Having tasted the cupcake, the customer says it was delicious, with Hayley then telling him that one of the STEM scholarship students from 10 years prior went to Caltech and was a part of the team that added Siri to the iPhone.

The customer then gives them 10 dollars for the cupcake and another 10 for the scholarship, with Hayley thanking him and assuring him that he was giving to a great cause. After the customer left, Hayley rings the bell, as Leo commends Hayley on her work, through appealing to the customer's emotions. Just then Jackie rocks up, having just spied on the Eagles store.

Jackie reports to her fellow Ravens, that the Eagles were just sitting round talking, having not sold a single cupcake, with the Ravens then cheering. Max then notifies Leo that if they won the challenge he had an idea for the theme of the Halloween dance, being a Back to the Future costume dance, adding that he knew Emma would back him on the idea, but that she wasn't there.

Leo then asks the other Ravens, where Emma was, with Becca telling him that Emma had stayed back their clubhouse, as she had a clubhouse. Max then says that he should go and check on Emma, but Jackie then tells him that that wouldn't be a good idea and that she of may of just needed to be alone then. The Ravens then continue to try and sell their cupcakes as Jason watches on.

In the Ravens dormitory, Emma is reading a book, just as the door of the dormitory opens. Emma then looks up to see Jason approaching her, asking her why she wasn't at the fair. Emma then tells him that she wasn't in the mood, but Jason then tells her that she was drawing a lot of attention to herself by hiding out, telling her to get back to the fair and act like nothing had happened.

However, Emma then points out that something had happened. Irritated, Jason then asks her to not test him, ordering her to pull herself together and go out there. Back at the Ravens store, Hayley rings the bell again after having sold another cupcake. Over at the Eagles store, Daniel points out the fact that the Ravens were already selling their cupcakes, while they were still babbling.

Tammy then suggests that they should start selling their cupcakes, in order to help catch up with the Ravens, but Alex then asks her whether she really wanted to do that without a marketing strategy. In response, Tammy tells him that they could think of marketing strategy later, but that they needed to make bank. Sophie then tells her fellow Eagles not panic as there was still time.

Parker then notes that at the very least, they wouldn't starve as they had 100 cupcakes to eat, as Tammy picks up a cupcake. Alex then points out that he could see Coach Davies forcing them to eat kale for the next month, just as Sophie comes up with an idea. Sophie goes on to say that they could sell the smaller cupcakes at a higher price.

Sophie continues, saying that they'd sell the smaller cupcakes as healthy cupcakes, with Brooke then asking what healthy had to do with cupcakes. Sophie then states that it was all about portion control, noting that they'd use the bigger cupcakes as bait, selling them at 5 dollars and the smaller ones would be 20 dollars.

Daniel then asks the group, whether they really thought people would be stupid enough to pay more money for a smaller cupcake. In response, Sophie asks them whether they'd ever been to health food store, adding that their prices were crazy, suggesting that they even called their cupcakes guilt-free cupcakes and concluding that it was a win-win situation, before beckoning her team onwards.

The Eagles then begin to try and advertise their cupcakes as healthy, with Sophie adding that all the funds would go to charity. Brooke then advertises them as 5 bucks, while Tammy tries to sell them as healthy. At the Ravens store, Becca has arrived to report that the Eagles were trying to sell the cupcakes at 20 dollars, with Leo then calling it ridiculous.

Just then Emma arrives at the store, apologizing about her lateness. Leo then asks how her headache was, with Emma then assuring him that it had gone. Over at the Eagles store, Daniel is trying to sell a cupcake to a customer, offering her a free t-shirt. Just as the customer begins to hand Daniel the pay, Brooke rocks up and asks him what he was doing, with him then telling her that he was helping the team to win.

Brooke then asks whether he was doing so by going behind Sophie's back and using an idea that she had rejected. In response, Daniel asks her why she was always criticizing her, with him then blaming her for the loss of his customer, upon noticing they'd walked away. Daniel then adds that he had thought Brooke was done with fighting, with Brooke then saying that she thought he was done with lying.

Daniel then storms off. Back at the Ravens store, a customer is tasting a cupcake, while Sophie tries to advertise the Eagles guilt-free cupcakes. The Eagles then ring their bell, just as the Ravens customer realizes that they didn't have any cash on them, but Hayley assures her that it was fine and tells her to just enjoy the fair. The woman then heads off, as Hayley's fellow Ravens give her concerned looks.

Hayley, in response asks what the matter was, as they had already sold most of their cupcakes, with most of their trays having been cleared. At the Eagles stand, Sophie asks Parker what the results of their sales were, handing her the clipboard. After the challenge ended, Louis says that both of the teams had chosen to use brave and unconventional marketing strategies in selling their cupcakes for their chosen charity.

Louis then continues, to reveal that the final total they'd mad was 150,000 dollars, meaning they'd be able to send 20 kids to summer camp that year, then further revealing that the winning team of the challenge had outsold the other by just 34 dollars. Louis then announces that the winners of the Harvest fair challenge were the Eagles. The Eagles then erupt in cheers and applause after the announcement.

The Eagles then start to chant, as Leo expresses his disbelief, but Hayley assures him that they tried their best. Louis then says that he had one more announcement, beginning by saying that their anonymous donor had a partner and that when he had told her about the charity, she agreed to match their 150,000 dollars with the same amount, which would mean they could afford 40 STEM scholarships.

The teams then cheer, as Hayley whispers to Leo that there'd be a twist, just as Louis announces said twist. Louis then explains that their donor's partner is also one of the top clothing designers within the fashion industry and that she had issued a challenge towards the students to put on an impromptu fashion show right then, making use of the Greenhouse clothing line.

Louis then concludes, by saying that if they managed to pull off the fashion show, she'd match their total donations. It then cuts to the fashion show, with Alex and Brooke up first, walking down the cat-walk and posing at the end. The two then head back, with Hayley and Leo up next, displaying emo-style fashion. As they walk down the catwalk, Hayley apologizes for their loss, but Leo tells her that socialism didn't work, but that they still had fun while it lasted.

The next participant, was Parker who walked down the catwalk in bling, while wearing his sunglasses and Eagles sports-gear and . While the show was going on, Sophie sees the look on Max's face and tells him to cheer up as he was about to head on stage, with Max then revealing that he was just bummed because he had a great theme idea for the Halloween dance. Sophie then asks him what it was, before Max then just brushes it off, as they had already lost. But Sophie tells him that she was open to any ideas.

Max then asks Sophie whether she'd ever seen Back to the Future, as the show continues. The next participants were Emma and Sophie, who walk down the catwalk in a lab-coat and Eagles cheerleader outfit respectively. The two then pose, as Max and Jackie begin to take their walk in a lab-coat and surfing gear respectively, with Max revealing that Sophie had liked his idea. Jackie then sarcastically tells him it was the most fantastic thing she'd heard in her life.

Max then almost buys what Jackie said as true, before realizing it was sarcasm, before the two of them pose and Louis asks the crowd to give a big hand to the students of the Greenhouse. The students then all back down the catwalk in their fashions, with Max telling Emma that she looked nice in her lab-coat, before Emma pointed out that they were wearing the same outfit. Max then admits that Emma was wearing it better than him.

Max then turns to her and asks her whether she'd be his date to the Halloween dance, just as Emma sees Jason clapping his hands in the back of the crowd. Max then notices the look on her face, asking her again, but she then tells him that she didn't think it'd be possible, before walking off. The others then walk back down the catwalk the other way. At the FBI headquarters, Eric is still at the offices, when heads to Carter's office and takes out Ryan's letter to Carter, opening it up.