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Gummy Bears is the fourth episode from Season 4 and the thirty-sixth episode overall, airing March 20th,2020.


In the hospital, Daniel sees Leo looking out the window in his wheelchair. "How you doing, man?" Daniel asks. Leo replies sarcastically, saying he is phenomenal. "Can't you tell?" he asks Daniel. Daniel replies asking if Leo heard about how they found the people who gave Leo the virus. Daniel tells Leo that they had samples of the virus and everything, and that they will be locked away. Leo sarcastically says, "Woo-hoo!" Daniel explains that he never had a deadly virus, but he shot himself in the leg, but he remembers when he was hurt, he hated the whole world. He tells Leo he was angry at everyone and felt sorry for himself. He assures Leo that if he thinks positively, it will all go away and it will be fine. Daniel tells him that he knows it, but Leo argues, saying he doesn't know that it will be okay. Leo tells Daniel that he doesn't need his cliché advice. Daniel gives in and asks Leo if he wants him to take him back to Leo's room. Leo declines. Daniel asks Leo to be nice to Hayley if he sees her before he leaves. Leo asks when he is not nice. Daniel tells him that he was mean today, but he always is a selfish jerk. Leo argues, telling him that Daniel was the one who left Hayley for a basketball game. Daniel tells Leo that he left Leo, and never expected Hayley to show up and help. He critiques Leo for letting Hayley go with him into the cave. "Guess you just couldn't resist a chance to be alone with her, could you?" Daniel accuses. Leo tells him that Hayley almost died when Daniel was supposed to be there instead, and Daniel is playing the jealousy card. Leo tells Daniel how pathetic that is. Daniel tells Leo that he's not jealous of him, he feels sorry for him. He tells Leo that Hayley made her choice, and Leo can't get over it, and a real man would accept Hayley's choice and move on. Daniel tells Leo that his only chance is his wheelchair, that Hayley would come back to him out of pity. "Lots of thinking, right?" provokes Daniel, and leaves. Leo calls for a nurse to take him back to his room.

"Well, I hope you understand when I say I hope to never see you again, " says Dr. Broderick to Hayley. He tells her to take it easy for the next several days. "So does that mean I can't do Eagle runs or cheerleading practice?" Hayley asks, half sarcastically. The doctor replies that she certainly can't right now. Ryan and Carter thank the doctor for taking care of Hayley. Dr. Broderick tells them that Hayley's blood cells have been harvested as an antidote for the virus if it should present itself again. "Now get out of here," demands Dr. Broderick with a smile. Hayley asks Ryan, Carter, and Daniel to wait just one minute. She runs back to Leo's room, but it is empty. She asks a nurse what happened to Leo, and the nurse tells her that Leo was transferred to a rehab facility that morning. She walks back to her parents and Daniel and tells them that Leo is gone. "I don't even know why he didn't say goodbye," Hayley tells them sadly. Daniel looks away.

Leo's parents push his wheelchair into the rehab facility. Sadly he observes the blank white walls and people in hospital gowns, trying to walk.

At the Greenhouse, all of the Eagles and Ravens greet Hayley. Alex gives Hayley a tight hug. "Okay. I'm alive, bro," she tells him.

At the rehab facility, a doctor lifts Leo out of his wheelchair and puts him on a bed. He stares, depressed, at the ceiling.

In the Eagles' room at the Greenhouse, Hayley puts down her bags and many flowers. She lays down on her back on a bed. She stares at the ceiling.

At the rehab facility, Leo lays paralyzed in his bed.

In the headmaster's office at the Greenhouse, Suzanne updates Ryan on what the Greenhouse students are doing. "Oh! Also, don't forget. Louis's tech conference is next week." Suzanne reminds Ryan. She tells Ryan that the kids are so excited they have been fighting over volunteer positions. Ryan tells Suzanne that Louis actually canceled the whole thing yesterday. "What? Why?" Suzanne inquires. Ryan explains that she thinks that what happened to Hayley and Leo was the final straw. She explains that Louis felt like there was too much drama in the Greenhouse. "His son, his leave, I get it," Ryan tells Suzanne. Suzanne argues, saying that this conference could be just the positive thing to get them all back on track, back in the news for something good. Ryan assures Suzanne that next year they will be back to normal, and the years go by so fast. Suzanne agrees and leaves hesitantly.

In the Client's mansion, the Client plays a game with Jason. The Client's phone rings and he picks it up. "Hello, dear," he greets Suzanne over the phone. She tells him that they have a problem. The Client frowns, demands that she fix it, and hangs up. He slams the phone to the table and knocks the pieces of the game to the floor. Then he angrily walks away.

In the Raven's clubhouse, Becca tells the Ravens that she talked to Leo's mom. She tells them that he is still weak, but one of them could visit him. She tells them that since she is obviously the closest to him, she should go. She tells the Ravens that she wants to make him a care package, and asks them to make something to put in it. Becca tells all the Ravens that they have 2 hours to make something for him, and asks them to please be creative, because cards are so lame.

Emma and Max brainstorm ideas as Brooke walks over. Brooke tells them her idea of making Leo her dad's famous chocolate cake. Emma tells Brooke that Max is allergic to nuts, but Brooke assures her that there are no nuts in it. Emma suggests they give Leo gummies. Max agrees that that is a perfect idea. Brooke asks if they have any, and that she doesn't think the canteen sells them. Max tells her they won't buy them, they'll make them.

At Louis's house, his Louis rings. He doesn't answer it, as he is listening to peaceful piano music. At the Greenhouse, Suzanne breathes a breath of frustration, and tries to call again. Annoyed, Louis answers. They greet each other, and they talk about the conference. Suzanne tries to get Louis to keep the conference. Louis explains to her the many reasons he canceled it, and Suzanne combats him with the reasons it would be good to have it, but Louis refuses, saying he needs to do what's best for himself.

In the Eagles' room, Hayley sits on her bed with a notebook open to an empty page. Daniel comes in and asks her if she got to rest. She tells him that she isn't tired because all she's done is rest for the past 3 days. He sees the notebook and asks if she's catching up on homework. She denies and tells him that she's writing a letter to Leo. He tells her that no one's written a letter since 1994, but she explains that Leo doesn't seem to want to talk to her. Daniel has a concerned look on his face, and Hayley asks what is wrong. He tells her that ever since the explosion, she seems obsessed with Leo. Hayley stares Daniel in the eye and tells him that Leo is hurting and she's trying to help. "What are you, jealous?" accuses Hayley. Daniel asks if he should be. Hayley says no and tells him that if Daniel was in rehab, Leo would do the same for him. Daniel tells her he doubts it, but thinks that if Hayley was in rehab, Leo would do the same for her. Daniel asks her if something happened between them in the cave. "Yes, it did," confesses Hayley. "We both got a virus and almost died. That's something that's a little lifechanging. Sorry if you don't understand that." Hayley walks out of the room.

In the chemistry room at the Greenhouse, Max instructs Emma on what to do to make the gummies while Brooke sits and watches. Max and Emma talk about memories of making gummies in the past, when they added the gelatin too fast. They laugh, and Brooke watches. "Can I do something?" asks Brooke. Max tells her to get a pan. She quickly gets the pan and sits and watches Max and Emma mix in the flavoring. Brooke opens her dad's cake recipe on her Louis. She tells Max and Emma that she's going to go. They agree without hesitation and continue with the gummies.

In the Eagles' clubhouse, Sophie reads an article about the Russian mobsters getting arrested for the virus. Parker comes over to Sophie and Sophie tells him that she's so glad he's here. "Really... cool, cause I-" Sophie interrupts him, saying something's not right. She shows him the article, and he thinks it's great, but Sophie is concerned. She tells him that there's no trace of Enzo anywhere and that he probably had nothing to do with it, and that the Russians are the ultimate masterminds. But Sophie wonders why Enzo wasn't there if he wanted to meet her. Parker assures her that he probably got scared. Sophie says she doesn't think so, and adds that mobsters blackmail pizza joints and steal cars, but they don't extract viruses to kill innocent kids. Parker tells her it's funny she'd mention stealing cars, because he got two VIP tickets to the new Fast and Furious movie. Sophie tells Parker that's really sweet of him, but that she doesn't feel like going out tonight. She tells Parker that she just wishes she could talk to Enzo because something is off about this whole thing, and she knows that Enzo knows the truth. She asks Parker to help her get in contact with him. Parker tells her that he is staying as far away from Enzo as he can, and that she should too.

In the Greenhouse kitchen, Brooke attempts to make her dad's cake, but flour spills everywhere. Luckily, Alex comes in to help. Alex adds ingredients and tells her that since he failed at being a boyfriend, at least he's good at something. He guides Brooke to mix the batter.

By the sea near the cave, Hayley tries to write a letter to Leo. Hey Cruz, she writes. I don't remember the last time I wrote a letter. Probably to thank my grandmother for birthday money. But since most of our verbal communication lately has been a disaster, writing seemed like the best option. I'm sorry I barged into your hospital room. I'm even more sorry I dragged you into that cave. I hate knowing you're in pain, and that I caused it. But I do know one thing. You will get better. I believe in you. I always have. Yours, Hayley. Meanwhile, in the rehab facility, Leo works to get stronger.

In the Greenhouse kitchen, Brooke and Alex put the cake into the oven. "I don't know what I would do without you," Brooke tells Alex. Alex tells Brooke that he agrees, and that she sucks at baking. Brooke tells him that maybe she's just really great at tricking people into doing her dirty work for her.

In the Greenhouse lobby, Becca collects baskets of gifts for Leo. Emma and Max come down with the gummies and tells her to be careful with them, as they are still setting. Brooke begs Becca not to leave yet, as her cake isn't ready. Becca tells Brooke that she told them two hours, and that they should have made something that took less time, like gummies. Right before Becca leaves, Hayley gives Becca her letter. "Just in the nick of time," Becca mutters, annoyed. As Becca leaves, Alex tells Brooke that at least they have the cake to themselves. Suzanne enters and asks to talk to Brooke.

"I can't believe my dad canceled it," Brooke says sadly. She tells Alex and Suzanne that the conference is his baby. Suzanne tells Brooke that she knows, and she knows this year has been hard on her dad, but she thinks the conference could be good for him. She tells them that he wouldn't listen to her, but he would listen to Brooke. Brooke tells Suzanne that Louis is pretty stubborn, but Alex agrees with Suzanne, so Brooke gives in.

In the hallway of the Greenhouse, Daniel runs into Hayley. Daniel apologizes for what he said earlier. He tells Hayley that he was being a jerk, and Hayley agrees. He asks if he can make it up to her, and tells her about the VIP Fast and Furious tickets Parker had earlier. Hayley tells him the trailer put her to sleep, but Danel convinces her she'll like it once she gets into it.

At Louis's house, Brooke comes in with the cake she made. Louis smiles and gets up to hug Brooke. She places the cake on a coffee table and hugs her dad.

At the rehab facility, Becca finds Leo in room 205. Before she walks into the room, she glances at Hayley's letter and throws it away. After she shows Leo all his gifts, she texts Max and Emma a thank you as Leo tells her what to say. He asks for the next gift, but Becca tells him there are no more. Leo asks her if she told the Eagles, and she said yes, but none of them bothered to make him anything. "Not even Hayley?" asks Leo. Becca confirms this, and starts filling him in on what's happening at the Greenhouse. Leo cuts off her rambling and tells her that he's really tired because of physical therapy. He asks her to leave, even though her car doesn't leave for 30 minutes. After she leaves, he lifts the basket to make sure there's nothing from Hayley.

At the Fast and Furious movie, Hayley rolls her eyes. She gets her Louis and checks her messages. Daniel asks what she's doing, and she tells him she's checking her messages. He tells her its the middle of a movie. He takes her Louis, and tells her she'll get it back after the movie. She tells him she's going to go to the bathroom, and he tells her she shouldn't have gotten the big drink. Hayley predicts what will happen while she's gone, saying they will steal another car, almost get caught, and then the girl's shirt will get ripped off. Then Hayley leaves.

In Leo's room at the rehab facility, Leo gets out his Louis, even though it obviously is straining. He clicks on Hayley's contact and starts to type. At the Ravens dorm Max is slouching on the couch, sad. Suddenly he heard a knock and behind the door was Jackie coming back for the rest of the season.

At the movie theatre, while Hayley is still gone, Daniel gets Leo's message. It's hard for me to write, but I wanted to say I'm sorry for not saying goodbye. I miss you, Woods. Cruz. Leo had sent. As Hayley returns from the bathroom, Daniel deletes Leo's message. As Hayley sits down, she asks if the girl's shirt got ripped off again. Daniel says no, and tells Hayley that she's the only girl he's looking at.