Hayley and Leo have been shipped since the very beginning of the Netflix original Greenhouse Academy. Their full names are Hayley Woods, and Leo Cruz.

They are attracted to each other immediately due to their interests in music and education. The start off as friends, but after Leo kisses Hayley their dynamic changes. Their dynamic of chill friends turns into a romance. They begin seeing each other as a couple and eventually attend the Halloween Dance with each other. As they dance, Leo reveals he had written a song for Hayley, he performs it on stage, when a girl named Aspen Fairchild runs in shouting Leo’s name in excitement. She is revealed as Leo’s long distance girlfriend as she smothers him with affection and kisses him. Hayley grows bitter and leaves the dance, implying that they have broken up.

In Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy the show returns with Aspen, joining the Ravens permanently. This was an exception, because normally the Greenhouse doesn't accept students mid-way through the year, but since she had been accepted the year before (but then chose to go to London) she was allowed to apply to the Greenhouse. Hayley isn’t pleased by this, but after a talk with Leo, she assures him everything is okay, although, it is then later revealed that she’s not okay, and was emotionally affected by Aspen's arrival.

Leo grows to dislike Aspen's behaviour around the school more and more, realising he is in love with Hayley. Hayley knows she cares about him but won’t tell Leo how she really feels. As Hayley grows closer to Daniel, Leo appears jealous and at the end of the finale of Season 2 he finally admits to Hayley that he is in love with her, and wants to be with her. She gives him a small smile and a warm hug saying, “I better go” and then she leaves towards the door (but not before saying goodbye to Daniel as well.) During her goodbye to Daniel, he kisses Hayley and then she leaves heading for home. The season wraps up with her hanging out in her bedroom later texting an unknown contacting saying “Do you wanna drop by?” Season 2 leaves us on a cliffhanger due to the mystery of whether or not Hayley was texting Daniel, Leo or possibly even another visitor.


Season 1

Hayley first sees Leo walk by, after Alex has managed to pass his written entry exam for the Greenhouse and Leo later accompanies Hayley at Alex's physical exam, showing concern towards the fact that Alex was playing against Daniel, who Leo knew for his sneaky tactics. At the end of episode 4 (Private Screening), Leo comes to Hayley's house to convince her to come back to Greenhouse. In episode 5 (Black Smoke), it shows that Hayley comes back. At the end of the episode, their friendship took a sudden turn when they kissed.
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