Home is the twelfth episode of Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy and the twenty-fourth episode overall.


In the Greenhouse grounds, Judy is peering out from behind a tree naked while putting on cloths, as the FBI arrives at the Greenhouse. In the Cave, Hayley and Ryan are stuck in their cell, as the bomb's countdown continues ticking down, with Hayley then pointing out that there was no reception, after trying to make a call.

Ryan then attempts to get Marcus to wake up, but to no avail as Hayley calls out for help. In the Eagles basketball court, Daniel asks Brooke whether she had managed to reach Hayley, but Brooke notifies him that she couldn't, just as Leo and Jackie arrive to meet with them. Jackie then asks them whether they'd heard from Hayley, with Leo then suggesting that they head off to look for her. The group then heads down the stairs, before being stopped by a police officer, who tells them that they were securing the premise.

Alex, confused asks them what was going on, as the police officers charge past them, while in the Cave Ryan and her daughter cuddle up, as the bomb continues to countdown. Back in the basketball court, Alex, Brooke, Leo, Jackie, Daniel and Sophie are sat down on the benches, alongside the rest of the Eagles. Alex then sees the officers and heads over to them.

Alex tries to explain that his mother and sister were in the nearby cave, asking them whether he could head off to find them, but the police officer then shakes his head and walks off. As Alex begins to walk back, he then sees Jackie pointing at an adjacent exit. Alex then tells his friends to head over to Jackie, then telling them that he'd distract the police officers, before racing towards the officers, demanding they let them out.

Brooke then orders the officers to let Alex go, with her and Sophie, alongside the other Eagles then pushing back the police officers, allowing Daniel, Jackie and Leo to escape, with Jackie managing to pick the lock to the fire exit, then letting Leo and Daniel out, before staying behind. Outside Daniel and Leo race towards the Cave, as the bomb counts down.

In the Cave, Hayley and Ryan continue to try and wake Marcus up, just as the boys arrive outside the Cave's entrance, with Hayley then seeing the pair on the nearby monitor and notifying Marcus that he had to let them in. Marcus then begins to slowly wake up, then struggling up to his desk and pressing the button to allow the boys to get in.

The entrance to the Cave then slides open, with Daniel and Leo then racing in, coming face to face with Hayley and her mother, before Hayley notifies them that there was a bomb in the Cave. The boys then race over to the cage containing both the bomb and a computer panel, as Hayley tells them that they had to open it. In response, Leo turns to Hayley and asks her just how they'd do that.

Ryan then informs the pair that there was a special key that helped to open the door, but that Kyle and his men had taken it with them. Just then Hayley tells the pair to leave them, but Daniel says that there was no chance they were leaving her there, then deducing that there must of been a spare key, getting down and asking Marcus for help.

Hayley then produces the USB she'd been given by Max, suggesting that that could of been the key, with Ryan then surprised, asking Hayley how she'd managed to obtain it. Hayley then notifies her mother that she'd found it in her safe, while handing it to Daniel, then managing to unlock the door. Leo then suggests that they take the bomb out of there, carrying it out of the Cave.

Hayley and her mother then hug in relief, as Daniel and Leo toss the bomb out into the sea, with it then exploding and knocking the pair back. After the bomb exploded, Hayley arrives outside to find Daniel and Leo unconscious on the ground. The boys then awake, seeing Hayley as she gives the pair a hug.

Daniel then produces the key, remarking that he thought Hayley could have a souvenir, handing it to her. Just then Ryan comes out of the Cave, just as Alex arrives on the scene alongside two FBI agents. He then races towards his mother, before giving her a hug and expressing his disbelief at the fact all of that had been occurring, with Ryan sharing her son's sentiments. Ryan then declares that it was time she had a proper introduction to Daniel and Leo.

Ryan then introduces herself to the pair, shaking hands with Leo who also introduces himself, with Daniel then doing the same. Ryan then remarks that her daughter had good taste in men, just as Leo spots Carter coming down the hill, telling Ryan that there was someone else there to see her as well. Ryan then turns round to see Carter, before embracing for a hug, before the Woods family then share a group hug.

Later in the Greenhouse grounds, Carter is giving one of the FBI agents a report of what had occurred, alongside his family, as Sophie and Parker are seen chatting with another student. All of this happens while a report talks about the fact that NASA scientist; Ryan had been found alive that day in the Greenhouse grounds and that there were felony charges on national security breaches, with the kidnapping of Dr. Woods still pending.

Jackie and Aspen are seen watching the report on Aspen's Louie, as it continues reporting that the authorities had already made some arrests, while the police officers take Jason into custody, with Louis and Brooke watching as he's taken away. As the door closes, Louis then hugs with his daughter, while outside Marcus is also being taken into custody, as an officer takes Daniel to meet with his mother.

Daniel sees his mother crying in front of the police car, walking up to her and deducing that in the end the officers had found her. However Judy then says that she had found them, having concluded that it was better for her to see her son every few weeks in jail, rather than be free without him. Judy then finally apologizes to Daniel, before telling him that she loved him.

A police officer then suggests that they head off, opening the door for Judy, before Daniel says goodbye to her. Judy then gets into the police car, before it heads off, with Daniel watching on. In the car, Judy turns to see her son watching her, as she continues to cry. In the Greenhouse foyer, Jackie is sitting on one of the seats, just as she sees Hayley arriving.

Jackie gets up to greet Hayley, with Hayley then introducing her as her best friend to her parents. Ryan then asks Jackie for clarification as to whether Jackie and Max were the pair that helped bring the satellite, with Jackie then realizing that Ryan had been all caught up with everything, shaking hands with Ryan. However, Ryan then remarks that she still had a lot of catching up to do.

Just then Louis arrives in the foyer with Brooke, asking Ryan whether it had really been her, expressing his surprise at seeing her. Jackie then notifies Hayley that she was going to go and find Max, telling Ryan that it had been nice to meet her, just as Louis rocks up to Ryan, remarking that it had been the saddest and happiest day of his life, before hugging Ryan. Alex then introduces his parents to Brooke, who then introduces herself as his girlfriend.

Brooke then shakes hands with Ryan, before Alex asks her whether she'd really be his girlfriend. Brooke then nods her head, confirming that she did, with Alex calling it awesome. At Max's computer lab, Jackie knocks on the door, with Max then opening the door to her. Jackie then asks why he was there, as Ryan had returned, then further asking her what could be more important. Max then reveals to Jackie that Emma had returned, moving out of the way, to reveal Emma sitting with her chess set.

Jackie then walks up to Emma, expressing that it was good to see her, before hugging with her. Emma then thanks Jackie for what she had done, revealing that Max had told about what she and Max had done. Jackie then modestly states that she had really just kept Max company, but Max then states that this was not the truth, before Jackie says that she should leave Max and Emma, so that they could catch up.

Jackie then finally says it was good to have Emma back, with Emma sharing her sentiments, as Jackie heads out. In the Ravens locker room, Hayley is packing her bags, as Leo asks her how long she and Alex would be gone for. Hayley then states that Louis had given them the week off, before then remarking that their situation was so unreal.

In response, Leo then tells her that it had been real, before notifying Hayley that if she ever got bored at any point, she could give him a call, with Hayley then saying she'd do so. In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is reading a magazine, just as she gets a notification on her Louie. Brooke then rocks up, asking Sophie who it had been, with Sophie then revealing that it was Fox News.

Sophie then goes on to reveal that a multitude of channels had contacted her prior to Fox News, then believing that she thought those channels had wanted to have an exclusive interview with her. In response, Brooke asks her why she was screening them, with Sophie then explaining that she wouldn't falling for that trap anymore, with the pair then seeing Alex packing.

Brooke gets up and heads over to Alex, who was busy packing his bag. She asks him whether he needed any help, but he assures her that he had it covered. Brooke then sits on top of his, in order to try and shut it, allowing Alex to properly zip it up. Alex then thanks her, before telling her that he should head off then, adding that his mother couldn't wait to head home. Brooke then gets up, saying that she didn't blame Ryan for that sentiment.

Alex then states that he hated saying goodbyes, but Brooke assures him that it wasn't really goodbye as he'd only be away for a week. However Alex states that he knew it was just that, saying that he and Brooke didn't have enough time together, with Brooke then just saying that they'd have all the time in the world together once he returned. The two then both embrace for a hug and a kiss.

Back in the computer lab, Max tells Emma that before he had attended the Greenhouse the scariest thing that had ever happened to him was when he had managed to spill over some pineapple juice on his hard-drive, therefore destroying it, with Emma then telling Max that the experience there had made him stronger. Max then laments that no one would of ever believed in what had happened to them in the past 24 hours.

Emma then states that she would believe them, with Max asking her whether she had really meant it. Emma then bends in for a kiss with him. In the Greenhouse foyer, Hayley is about to head off and is asking Jackie to take care of the Greenhouse, with her promising that she'd do her best to do so, asking what was the worst thing that could occur, before the two girls embrace for a hug, with Hayley then telling her that she'd see her soon.

Just then, Leo manages to catch Hayley, asking her whether she needed help with her bags , but Hayley just tells him that she thought she could manage on her own on the way to the car. Leo then tells Hayley that he had been very happy for her, as she had her mother back, with Hayley then telling him that a lot of it was because of him. Leo then says that he'd be happier if they were together.

Seeing the look on Hayley's face, Leo assures her that he didn't want to put pressure on her, but that it had always seemed liked the wrong time, before then admitting to her that he loved her. Leo then elaborates on what he had said, revealing that he had been in love since he had first seen her, prompting Hayley to then give him a hug, before saying that she should probably head off.

Hayley then meets up with her family in the main foyer, apologizing to them and explaining that she had to say her goodbyes. Carter then asks his family whether they were ready to head home, with everyone then beginning to head off. However just as she's leaving, Hayley is stopped by Daniel, then asking her family to take her bags to the car and asking them to run the AC, promising she'd be there in a second.

Hayley asks Daniel how he was, with Daniel saying that he was good, before revealing that his mother had turned herself into the authorities and that she'd be heading to prison. Hayley tells Daniel that his mother would be fine, as she was a strong woman. Daniel then assures her that he hadn't meant to bring her down, beckoning her forwards to see her family. Hayley then takes out the key, with Daniel asking her whether she wanted it or not.

However, Hayley tells him to keep it, as it would remind him of their "Eureka" times together. Daniel then chuckles and kisses her and says "Eureka Time", adding that he liked it. Hayley then tells him that she'd never forget what he had done for her that day and everything he'd done since the mission began. Daniel goes on to tell her that she had to admit that he never let his feelings for her interrupt the mission.

Just then Hayley hears the car-horn honking, before breathing deeply and notifying Daniel that she had to go. Hayley then attempts to head off, before Daniel pulls her back for a kiss on the butt, with Hayley then heading off. Outside, Alex is waiting for Hayley, and asks her why she took so long upon her arrival. Noticing his sister's silence, Alex asks her whether she was ok, noting that she looked like a bad guy punched her on her head.

Hayley then corrects her brother, saying it was not that, Alex then says ok. Hayley then says they should head off. In a distant car park, Kyle arrives, just as he receives a text from the Client, notifying him that his package was located on Level 4, Section G of the car park. However Kyle Johnson then arrives in the area, finding nothing, just as he gets a call from the Client.

Kyle answers the call, with the Client then asking him whether he had made it to the place, that he'd sent him to. Kyle then reports that had indeed made it, but mentions that there was no money there, but the Client reveals that he had figured there was no point in him paying him, when Kyle wasn't going to be able to spend it where he was going. Kyle exclaims excuse me, just as a group of police cars arrive on the scene.

The policemen order Kyle to put his hands up, with Kyle then putting his phone down and then the phone was recording. Back at the Woods household, the Woods family arrive to crowds, including the TV news people. The Woods family then pulls into their drive, waving to the crowds before heading into their homes. Looking around her home, Ryan begins to cry.

Ryan then falls to her knees, with her family kneeling down to comfort her. In Louis' quarters, Louis and Brooke are looking at a family photo of Louis and Jason, while Jackie is sitting out by the waves at the beach, with her surfboard. Max then arrives to see her, sitting down to her and telling her that he had been looking for her.

Max then sees the look on Jackie's face and asks her whether she wanted some alone time, with Jackie then saying that she did, but that the water had started to get trippy and as such she had stopped surfing, with Max then showing up. Jackie then asks Max where Emma was, with Max curious, asking why Jackie wanted to know. Jackie then explains that she had thought Max and Emma had been pretty busy earlier.

Max then notifies her that there was something he wanted to tell her, but Jackie then assures him that everything was ok, with Max then asking her how she knew what he wanted to say. Jackie then expresses that he didn't have to apologize and was happy for him, believing him to be with Emma. Confused, Max asks what he had to apologize, with Jackie then revealing that she believed Max and Emma had gotten together.

In response, Max tells Jackie that he and Emma weren't actually together, with Jackie then asking for clarification. Max then explains that Emma had wanted him and her to be a couple, but that he'd told her that he wasn't interested, with Jackie then calling him a wuss and tells him to grow up, and that Emma had already told him that she wanted him, asking what more he wanted. Max then looks at Jackie and tells her that it was her.

Max then clarifies, saying that he'd told Emma that he wanted to be with Jackie, explaining that he had told Emma that she was great, but that he was actually in love with Jackie, asking Jackie whether she'd known or not. Jackie then bluntly says no, before going in for a kiss after Max said that she did now know he loved her. Back at the Woods household, the Woods are playing basketball in their front yard.

While dribbling the ball, Carter tells his wife that she had been rusty, with her then taking the ball off of him and remarking that she had come back from the dead and was still better than him, managing to then score a goal. Hayley then rhetorically asks Alex where he thought they got their competitive genes from, with Alex then sarcastically saying he didn't know, before Carter asks them whether they were going to keep talking or get back to playing.

The two then start play with their parents again, with Hayley passing the ball to Ryan, who manages to score another goal. Hayley then stops and expresses that she was exhausted, pondering how her family weren't as well, with Ryan then proclaiming that she could handle both Alex and Carter, with Carter then giving her a hug, while trying to take the ball off of her hand.

In her bedroom, Hayley walks over to her record player and puts on some rock and roll music, before lying back on her bed. Back at the Greenhouse, Leo enters the Music room, taking a seat and beginning to strum his guitar, as Hayley continues to listen to her music at home. In the basketball court, Daniel is practicing and managing to score a goal, then stopping and examining the key Hayley had given him.

Just then Hayley gets up and sees Alex and her parents outside, still playing basketball and then sitting back down on her bed. Hayley then takes out her Louie and sends the text; "Feel like dropping by?". In the music room, after having received a notification, Leo puts his guitar down and heads out, with Daniel finishing his practice and doing the same, accidently leaving the key behind. He then back-tracks to pick it up.

In the Greenhouse foyer, Leo is racing down the stairs and heading towards the exit, while back at the Woods household, Hayley is deciding what dress to wear. Later that night, Alex and Carter are still playing basketball with Ryan, with her and Carter then calling it quits. In her bedroom, Hayley is waiting for date, heading over to the window to see if they were there. In the dining room, Carter is sitting with Ryan, just as the doorbell sounds, before Hayley then opens her door to see her date is Leo, as Alex continues to play basketball.



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