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Hundred Percent is the 6th episode in season 4 of Greenhouse Academy and is the 38th episode overall, airing on March 20, 2020.


After Hayley faints on the couch, Daniel calls out the rest of the Eagles as well as Ryan and Carter. He tells her that she just passed out randomly to which Ryan tells him to call the paramedics. Sophie notices the bandage on Hayley's foot and removes it immediately. Alex then runs downstairs to guide the paramedics up to the clubhouse. However, when he is back, Hayley seems to be perfect as she sits up and looks better than she already was. This leaves Alex surprised. Hayley then explains what happened to her and what feeling occurred to her, but her parents suggested that they still have the paramedics check up on her.

In the Ravens' clubhouse, Becca meets a struggling Brooke after seeing that she was the one who was giving the acceptance speech. Becca then tells her that she asked Ryan first and that she never got back to her. She then rudely tells Brooke, "I guess nepotism always tramps hard work. All those CEO's your dad invited are really smart. Yeah, they're able to spot a fake from a mile away. So far, it's really impressive." before walking away. Back at the Eagles' clubhouse, Sophie takes Hayley's bandage to which Parker gets disgusted by. Sophie then tells Parker that the moment she removed the bandage, she was fine. She then tells Parker that maybe someone poisoned the bandage, to which Parker said that probably wasn't the case. She then secretly puts the bandage into a Ziploc bag and takes it.

On the morning of the tech conference, Coach Davies tells Ryan that the projector wasn't working. Ryan then tells him that it was weird since she had used the projector last week. Suzanne then tells Ryan that they would be fine, as she knew someone who could repair the projector. In the hallways, Sophie tells Emma and Max to come with her. They then go with her and Sophie shows them the bandage. At first, they both cringe and ask her why she would bring the bandage. She then tells them that she thinks the bandage may have been poisoned. Max and Emma then set up different poisons and put the bandage in each one. The bandage doesn't react. Sophie then asks whether the poison may have been a different one that wasn't included in their kit. Max and Emma then realize that they haven't tried Cortinarius Orellanus and they set the poison up. As soon as the bandage hits the poison, the solution turns blue and reacts. At the rehab center, Leo's health starts to worsen, prompting the doctor to send fake messages to people. At the Eagles' clubhouse, Alex told Hayley what Daniel did which leaves her shocked and betrayed. She then asks Daniel if it was true and they both start to fight. Hayley then realizes that it was best to just break up with Daniel, as he had lied so much to Hayley.

Meanwhile, at the bench near the beach, Brooke has a hard time coming up with the right words for her acceptance speech. She then meets Alex and asks him if what she wrote was alright. He then proceeds to read her speech and then looks at her. He tells her that the speech wasn't bad, but that it just wasn't her. There was no Brooke in her writing, "just a bunch of dead presidents" he tells her. He then tells Brooke that she will come up with something in 2 hours to which Brooke thanks Alex for everything. At the Greenhouse, Suzanne receives the package with the fake parts in it. She then starts hooking it up to the projector. Hayley then asks "Leo" how he was doing, to which he replies with a bunch of emojis and he calls her "Hayley" instead of "Woods". Hayley then knew that this style of writing wasn't his and goes up to Becca. She then asks Becca if she delivered her letter to which Becca replies as no. Hayley then asks "Leo" about the letter to which he says that the letter was awesome. Hayley then knew that Leo was probably in danger so she took Daniel and went to the rehab center.