Iftach and Daniel is one of the main rivalries at The Greenhouse, in The Greenhouse TV series.

Iftach and Daniel


Season 1

Iftach and Daniel are introduced in the first season as the two captains of The Greenhouse teams; The Eagles and The Ravens. Due to this fact the two are in fierce competition most of the time. The two of them don't tend to see eye to eye most of the time, with Daniel usually picking on Iftach and his team for losing to the Eagles a lot.

In response Iftach is usually shown to enjoy annoying Daniel, wherever possible as shown in The Right Key, where Iftach says he wants to see the look on Daniel's sour face, when the Ravens win the challenge. Most times either of the teams messes up or loses, one of the two are always the first to take the mickey out of their opponents.

Despite their fierce rivalry, it's been shown that the two can get along together, usually through playful banter and jokes. This faucet of this relationship is shown especially when the two begin to work together as a part of Team Galapagos. However this has also been shown to cause tension and occasional fights between the two of them, as they both have conflicting views on what to do to help the team. A big case of this was when Iftach tried to get the team to stop, in order to keep Ellali's mother; Naomi safe from harm, a movement which Daniel strongly disagreed with.

In the end the two are clearly able to come to an agreement, as both of them help to carry a bomb, across the Greenhouse Grounds and into Naomi's former stasis pod, within the hole, saving not only the Greenhouse, but the world.

Season 2

Both Daniel and Iftach return in Season 2 of the Greenhouse, competing against each other in a hiking/ team-orientation task within the mountains. The competitiveness between the two of them is shown thoroughly, and this only intensifies once Ellali betrays the Ravens during the next morning, vandalizing the Ravens flag.

After said events happened, Ellali joined Daniel and the Eagles in the challenge, which further annoys Iftach. Eventually the two end up in a fist-fight, where Iftach breaks his guitar over Daniel's back. However when Sophie falls backwards off the cliff, after threatening to throw away the Ravens flag, both rush to grab her hand, alongside Ellali, but to no avail.

Later in the season, after Ellali's joined the Eagles, it's shown that Iftach is beginning to become Jealous of Daniel's relationship/romance with Ellali. Iftach is shown to try continually to try and win her back, only being comforted by Amy. Eventually Daniel decides it's best for Ellali to be with Iftach, after everything that's happened.