In the Stars is the thirty first episode of the first season of The Greenhouse, premiering March 11th, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


Carrying on from the last episode, an earthquake is occurring, causing the Eagles in their dormitory, to shake about and fall down, just as Natalie asks where Daniel is, or if anyonbe had called him. In the Hole, Ze'ev asks Marcus what's going on, telling him to talk to him.

Marcus expresses he didn't know and that he'd be right back to him, explaining that he had to go and check on something, with Ze'ev asking where he's off to. Marcus exclaims it's the engine room, as Ze'ev says he'd then come with him. However, Marcus tells him to stay there, expressing it was safe in there as it was a safe room, as he struggles off to the engine room. Back in the Eagles dormitory, one of the Eagles girls has found Nowitzski and has brought his box.

Sophie asks her where she found their mascot, with her saying that she had found the rabbit under the table. The earthquake then begins to get stronger, as Sophie asks whether they were meant to duck under the table. Alfie then tries to assure them that it would be over soon, suggesting they get under a table. Sophie then exclaims that the building was old and that they'd be dead as the walls would collapse on top of them. Back in the Hole, Ze'ev calls for Marcus.

Marcus then struggles into Naomi's stasis chamber, as he struggles to hold onto the side of the pod, then checking the vitals of the pod's condition, as he tries to hang onto the pod. Back at the beach, Ellali is struggling in the water and is beginning to drown, just as she sees Amy over the edge of the beach. She calls out for her repeatedly, but Amy just stands still not sure what to do.

At the beach, The Ravens are shaking/wobbling, as Mati tells Dina that he's found shelter, Dina however then questions why he's trying to find shelter and who he is, calling him Dorothy. Matti tells her to just get under the bench, as Dina bends down under it, getting next to Mati. Dina calls it a nice shelter, as Matti predicts that that earthquake would be at least 4.8 on the Richter scale. Iftach then tells everyone to get under the tables and to stay away from the water.

Iftach then asks anybody whether they'd seen Ellali and Amy. In the Greenhouse staircase, Natalie falls into her father's arms, as Louis exclaims how glad he was that she was there and that he had been so worried. Natalie then asks where Daniel was and whether he'd been with Louis. Louis says no, pointing out where Judy is, as Natalie expresses she must go and find Daniel, but Louis expresses she's not going anywhere, as Natalie tries to re-iterate that she's going. However Louis firmly says that she must stay there, until the earthquake had finished.

Back at the beach, Ellali continues to struggle in the water, as Iftach tells her to keep fighting the water, as he quickly makes his way over to her, swimming through the water. He's then able to finally reach Ellali, allowing her to grab onto him, as he assures her everything's alright, beginning to guide her back to shore. He tells Ellali to keep her head above water and that they'd be out in a minute. Amy then reaches out a branch for Iftach, urging him to grab on. The two manage to reach the branch, as Amy tells them she'd pull them in and to hold on tight. The two struggle to make it, but are helped up by Amy.

Back in the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is trying to record her blog as the earthquake rages on, saying that her viewers may have found that video under rubble, introducing herself as Sophie Newman, the captain of the Eagles, just as Ron puts his hands on her shoulders, expressing they may not get out of that predicament alive and that he just wanted to say that he always wanted to be together with her. All of a sudden, the earthquake then stops, with Sophie shocked at the revelation that had just been revealed. As if to try and change the subject, Ron asks whether Eitan was ok, heading off towards him.

In the Hole's stasis pod chamber, Marcus is apologizing to Naomi in her stasis pod, believing he may of made a miscalculation with the earthquake, just as Ze'ev calls him over. Marcus quickly races into the main chamber, checking a computer, just as Ze'ev strides up. Marcus tries to apologize to Ze'ev, expressing he didn't know what had happened, with Ze'ev then congratulating him instead. Marcus then becomes puzzled, as Ze'ev explains that at leas they knew the machine worked.

However Marcus then notes that they were almost buried alive by the earthquake, believing that something must of gone very wrong. Ze'ev expresses to Marcus, that he puts his trust in him, believing next time he'd have better control of the earthquake, before heading off as Marcus watches him off.

In the Eagles dormitory, Louis is talking about the earthquake, explaining that as they lived by the Kinerat it would of meant they were sitting right on top of the Syria-African Rift and that that time they'd been hit by an earthquake that had measured 5.2 on the Richter scale, with Eitan calling it a serious quake while expressing his surprise. Louis continues, saying yes and that they were lucky no one was injured and that no damage had been done to the school, other than some broken windows, asking Sophie how they handled the quake.

Sophie expresses that while the earthquake was scary, everyone was able to maintain their cool, with Louis expressing he's glad. Sophie then reveals that she'd actually recorded the whole ordeal on her Louie. Louis, confused questions it, as Sophie explains it was for her news item, asking Louis why he didn't hear about it from Orna. Louis then tells her they'd talk about it later, just as he notices the network's up again, getting a call on his Louie.

It turns out to be Iftach, who's letting Louis know what had happened and that their on their way over. Louis then reports to the Eagles, that the Ravens had been at the beach during the ordeal, but that everything was ok. Sophie then suggests to her team, that they clean up a little in their dorm, just as Ron begins to try and explain what he said.

Ron then asks whether her Louie was off, as he begins to try and explain, however Sophie says it's ok, as Ron expresses he sounded like an idiot. However Sophie, says he had sounded cute. Ron questions her as to whether she's being sarcastic. Sophie just tells him to forget about it, explaining that everything was really frantic and that everyone had been scared, asking that they keep what happened between her and him, with Ron agreeing.

In the Greenhouse corridor, the Ravens are arriving back, with Dina helping Ellali walk, with Ellali trying to express she could walk on her own. Matti then walks besides them and ask Ellali how it had felt, as Matti explains that he had always wondered what it was like to be in a whirlpool. Ellali just tells him they should talk about it later, as Dina tells Matti to stop bothering Ellali, as she could barely walk.

Amy then comes in, holding her bandaged hand and walking towards the stairs, just before Iftach comes in last and asking her to wait up for him. Amy stops, as Iftach expresses that had it not been for Amy, he and Ellali would of both drowned, with Amy adding it was a good idea she was there to help. Iftach then exclaims it's a good thing that Amy was smart enough to not jump in the water like he did, adding that was stupid of him to do so.

However Amy expresses that wasn't the case, explaining they both saved Ellali together and they were a team, adding that she'd told him that everything would be fine as long as they managed to stay together, holding hands with Iftach and kissing their hands, as well as hugging him. Amy then asks if everything's ok, with Iftach nodding as they head off to their dorm.

In the library, Daniel is busy reading the book on hypnosis that he'd found. He turns to the page entitled; "The Use of Hypnosis for Long Term Cognitive Change", carefully reading the sentences. Natalie then runs up, expressing how worried she was, questioning whether he knew that she'd been looking for him. Daniel tries to get a word in edgeways, but is cut off by Natalie, who hugs him as she expresses how glad she was that he's ok, asking why he didn't answer her calls.

Daniel, explains that it was because of the network crashing due to the earthquake that had occurred, however Natalie adds that the network had been back up for a while as of that time, but that he still hadn't answered her, with Daniel then adding that he had his Louie muted as he was in the library, with Natalie then hugging him expressing how worried she was, adding that they'd thought something may of happened to Daniel and that she and him were meant to be.

Back in the Ravens dormitory, Iftach has just explained what happened at the beach to Louis, who expresses his disbelief at what he'd just heard, as Iftach tries to say that it's not as bad as it may sound, adding that while it may of been terrifying during the ordeal, the important thing is they managed to get through it.

Iftach goes on, explaining that he and Ellali had just been unlucky at the time of the incident to have been in the lake. Louis then questions why he hadn't sent a life-guard with them to the beach, as Iftach asks when the last time was that an earthquake had occurred at the Kineret. Louis reveals that one hadn't occurred during the 25 years he'd been at the school, with Iftach adding they couldn't really prepare for anything like that and that the important thing was that nobody had been hurt. Louis then looks over at Ellali giving his thumbs up to Ellali.

Just then Amy rocks up, asking how Ellali felt, with her saying she's fine and asking Amy the same thing. Amy says that her hand still hurt a little, but questions who would really care about it, adding the important thing was that Ellali was alright. Ellali then expresses she never got the chance to thank Amy, but Amy says she didn't need to do so, as she just did what anybody would of done during that situation, not having to think during that sort of situation and just jumping into the action.

Ellali questions it, but Amy says yes, as she says she would of gotten goosebumps just thinking of what would of happened if she didn't go to pull Ellali out of the water, adding it would of been a terrible way to die for Ellali.

Back in the library, Natalie asks Daniel if he was there in the library, during the entirety of the earthquake, with Daniel explaining that the library was a pretty good place to be during the occasion of an earthquake, as Natalie says that's not funny. She then realizes she hadn't texted Judy that she'd found Daniel, as Daniel asks who. Natalie reveals it was his mother, with Daniel asking when she had seen his mother. Natalie then questions whether he had a clue as to what's going on, explaining that Judy now lived with them.

Daniel, surprised says what, with Natalie explaining that Judy was helping them to look after Robbie, asking Daniel whether he'd heard the news that Robbie had been brought home, then explaining that Judy had suggested that she stay with them until Robbie managed to wake up. Daniel asks whether Natalie was ok with that, with Natalie telling him that it was really nice of his mother to have done that.

Daniel then questions whether they were really talking about the same woman, reminding Natalie of all the conspiracy theories she'd come up with about Judy up until that point. Natalie explains that that was a long time back and that she'd forgotten it and she loves Judy. Natalie then gets a text from Judy, saying hi to Daniel, adding that Judy had invited them for dinner, before texting back to Judy to say their coming.

Back in the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is looking through the footage she'd recorded for her video blog on her Louie. At the Channel 2 news offices, Miki Sevan is typing up a document as she gets a call from Sophie. Sophie expresses how glad she is that Miki had picked up, explaining that she'd been trying to get through to her for hours, asking whether everything's fine.

Miki says it is, but that they are about to start their broadcast so things are looking a bit hectic at that moment. Sophie then says sure, explaining she just wanted to know when her piece would be shown during the news report that night, so she could tell both her family and friends to tune into it. Miki expresses she's not sure what to tell her, but that if were to be broadcasted it would be towards the end of the report. Sophie questions the "if", asking for assurance that her piece would be on tv.

Miki then explains that while she may like her, Sophie and that ordinarily she wouldn't explain editorial decisions, but that there's a problem with the videos that she'd sent them, with Sophie questioning what the problem was, as she had sent a load of videos to them. Miki tells her that the quantity of the videos wasn't the problem, with Sophie then asking if it was the camera work, expressing that she had tried to get all angles. Mike expresses it's neither of those things, explaining that the editor had taken a look at the footage and had decided to leave it out.

Sophie then questions the fact that it wouldn't be on air, as Miki expresses that it must be hard for Sophie and that it's not like they didn't like what Sophie had sent them, and that it was very interesting. In response Sophie asks why it wouldn't be on the air in said case. Miki reveals that they had felt like something had been missing from it, being more emotion, as Sophie questions it, exclaiming that she'd put everything into her videos and that she hadn't slept for three days.

Miki tries to express she knows what Sophie's going through and that she's on her side, but that the editor had wanted something that was a little less staged. Sophie then says she thought that Miki had wanted a serious news item to use and not some sort of reality show, however Miki expresses that nowadays everything was a reality show, especially the news. Sophie then asks what she was meant to tell everyone, as they'd all been so excited about it, with Miki saying it maybe possible next time, apologizing.

Out in the Greenhouse grounds, Ellali and Alfie are sitting on a bench, as Alfie says he believed Ellali was a good swimmer, but Ellali says that it was a whirlpool and that she had felt like an ant going down the drain, with her being helpless. Alfie in response asks whether Amy just stood there and did nothing, calling her a nutcase, with Ellali expressing she didn't know, but that she was pretty sure she did.

Ellali continues, saying that had Iftach not been there, Alfie would no longer have himself a sister, as he adds that he'd of killed her had anything happened to her. Alfie then believes in that Louis was right about what he'd original said during Ellali's first day, with Ellali asking what that was. Alfie reveals it was that Ellali would never be bored at the Greenhouse, as Ellali expresses she'd love a good day or two of boredom. Ellali then adds there's something else she wanted to tell Alfie.

Ellali begins to explain that when she was in the whirlpool, there was a strange moment in the water, being that she saw something. Alfie then asks whether she meant she saw her life flash before her eyes, with Ellali saying yeah but that it had been something else, with that something being their mother.

Back in the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is pondering what to do, while watching Ron and co playing on the PlayStation Move. Sophie then gets back on the phone to Miki Sevan, with Miki picking up. Sophie begins to say that she knows she's busy and that she was sorry to bother her, but that she had something new to send to her. However Miki says it's not a good time, suggesting they talk the next week, but Sophie begs her asking her to watch her new footage, with Miki giving in and asking whether Sophie had sent it.

Sophie sends her the new footage through an email, with Miki then receiving it. Back at the bench, Alfie says that in the sort of situation Ellali is facing it would make a lot of sense to think of their mother; Naomi and believe that she sees her. Ellali, however says it was more than just that, beginning to say she how felt, before pausing and then telling Alfie to forget it, with Alfie questioning it. Ellali tells Alfie to remember how she had always hated how their father would talk about Naomi as if she wasn't dead.

Ellali continues, expressing that she'd suddenly had the feeling that their mother wasn't dead either, with Alfie asking what she meant. Ellali begins to explain that she had the feeling that their mother is, before pausing and saying that she really felt her presence and re-iterating it. Alfie begins to doubt, as Ellali exclaims that he's the only one she was telling about that. Alfie says he believes her, but asks whether she realized that that's just all a part of what she'd seen out in the water.

In Robbie's bedroom, Robbie is fast asleep as Louis is having dinner with Judy, Natalie and Daniel in his quarters. Judy and Natalie laugh and hug each other, with Judy then toasting with Louis. Natalie then notices that Sophie's news piece is being aired, suggesting they move to the living room, as they begin to do so.

In the news report, Miki Sevan begins to conclude the day's news with a new look at Israel's education system, explaining that the Greenhouse high school had recently made headlines following tragic events that had occurred, with the attempted murder of Prime Minister Mordechai Rosen and that Robbie Klein; the son of Greenhouse principle Louis Klein, had been injured during that attack. Miki continues, explaining that Sophie Newman, one of the best students at the Greenhouse, as well as a captain at the unique school situated on the bank of the Kineret.

Mike then reports that Sophie had given them a very honest look at the life of herself and her friends at the school in the following piece, the news report then flickers to a clip of Amy apologizing to Dina, as well as the Eagles panic during the earthquake, which included the confession of Ron's love for Sophie. Daniel in Louis' quarters expresses his disbelief in Sophie, beginning to call her cruel, before Judy stops him, as Daniel then points out Natalie in the report, with a clip of her and Sophie doing their makeup, with Daniel appearing and kissing Natalie on the shoulder.

Natalie then tells Daniel that he looked so good on camera, as Sophie in the video asks why they were back together, with her guessing Natalie and Daniel had eloped in Vegas, revealing to Daniel that Natalie had said that she and him were meant to be. Outside Ellali is sitting on a bench.



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