It Happened in a Moment is a song written by Leo Cruz for Hayley Woods. The song was featured in Great Scott during the dance scene with Hayley and Leo and then again in Surfing Lessons in the music room with Aspen Fairchild.


The song's first appearance was in Great Scott during the beginning of the episode. During this time, Leo is practicing a song for Hayley and Hayley comes outside to retrieve her dresses from her father. She then sees Leo and asks him what he is doing to which he responds as making a surprise. Hayley then smiles and walks away. The song is then formally featured during the party scene when Leo sings the song to Hayley making her happy. However, from outside, a girl named Aspen Fairchild walks into the building. Just moments after the song finishes, she steps into the cafeteria, and Leo is shocked. She then tells him "I've missed you, Lee" before proceeding to kiss him, leaving Hayley shocked.

The song's second appearance was in Surfing Lessons when Leo goes to the music room to practice the song. Just then, Aspen walks in and asks him to sing the song. He starts to sing, hesitantly before Aspen starts harmonizing with the song. He then stops abruptly and tells Aspen he liked the song better the way that it was, causing Aspen to leave.


It happened in a moment

Nobody gave a cue

One look into your brown eyes

I knew it was you

I knew it was you

It's like a perfect casting

You're born to play the part

There's no going back now

You've taken my heart

You've taken my heart

I guess I act too quickly

I'm probably a fool

Should I have taken one more breath


Try and keep my cool

But all the time just

Never seems to be enough

When you're the one and

Only thing


I am thinking of

When you're the one and

Only thing


I am thinking of

Singers/People in the Scenes with the Song

Singer- Dallas Hart as Leo Cruz

In the Scene- Ariel Mortman as Hayley Woods

In the Scene- Reina Hardesty as Aspen Fairchild

Background of the Song- Amit Yagur as Becca


Hayley and Leo

Aspen and Leo 


  • The song is available on Youtube
  • Dallas Hart created the song and is a musician himself, he goes by the name, HAERT
  • The first time he sang this song to costar, Ariel Mortman, she cried because of how beautiful she thought it was
  • Contrary to popular rumors, Ariel Mortman and Dallas Hart never dated
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