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Jason Osmond, played by Yiftach Mizrahi, is the brother of Brooke Osmond, the son of Louis Osmond and the deputy headmaster of Greenhouse Academy.


Jason Osmond is a middle-aged man,with blue eyes, pale skin, and dark brown hair. In seasons 1 and 2, he wears a collar shirt, in seasons 3 and 4 he usually wore a suit. He sometimes changed his voice when he was on the phone, he also is the husband of Suzanne McGill.


Season 1

In Pilot,

he is worried about letting Jackie Sanders coming to the school, saying they don't except charity. But Louis says he has faith in Jackie. Jason again expresses his concern when Max is taking his physical exam, asking his dad, "What if Jackie has a weapon on her?" Louis says he thought Jackie was beginning to blossom at the school. At Alex's physical exam, Jason is surprised to learn that Alex is Ryan Wood's son. He also complains to his dad about Jackie again, and Alex's hot-headedness. When Louis lets Alex and Hayley join the school, Jason thinks that it is a bad idea.

In The Opening Challenge,

After Judy finds out that Alex and Hayley were excepted into the academy, she goes to Jason. She tells him how dangerous it is to have them in the school. Jason tells her that his dad accepted her. She says that he can't let them out of his sight.

In Breaking and Entering, In Louis' office, Eric and Perry have their evidence. Eric is explaining that the only way that the park-ranger's taser gun could of have entered the Greenhouse grounds was through the hole in the fence. Jason who had been trailing back and forth in the office, then asks how a weapon could of traveled through the fence by itself. Eric then reveals that he believed someone had carried the weapon into the grounds and that whoever the culprit was, they knew the Greenhouse grounds well. In response, Jason exclaims how dare he, as Eric exerts that it was a missing persons case they were investigating, adding that they could get a search warrant and in that case there'd be a swarm of police-men at the Greenhouse grounds, asking Louis whether that was really what he had wanted. In response Louis asks Eric what he wanted, with Eric asking for the use of the school's student files. Eric continues by asking Louis whether any of his students could of done anything of the sort. Jason then looks to his father, as Louis realizes who could of done this. Jason looks for Jackie, but he can't find her. Eric then takes Jackie out into the foyer, with Louis, Jason and Perry in tow, just as the other Ravens arrive on the scene. Leo asks Eric where she was being taken, with Eric then revealing he'd be taking her back to the FBI headquarters. Jackie then reveals that she had refused to take a lie-detector test, with Louis then telling her once more that it was still not too late to do so. However Jackie just says that to the FBI she was already guilty. Before Eric could take Jackie away, Hayley says that if Eric wanted to give Jackie a polygraph test, then he'd have to give one to her as well. Jackie assures Hayley that she didn't need to go through with it, as Hayley points out the fact that they didn't know that wasn't the criminal and it would be careless to not check all of the students. Jason then orders all of the Ravens back to their clubhouse, just as Leo steps up too, alongside Emma and Max. Louis then agrees with their terms and tells Eric that he would have test all of them. In Louis' office, Eric is setting up Hayley for the polygraph test, telling her that if Carter found out he was interrogating his daughter, he'd kill him.

In Private Screening,

In Black Smoke,

In Captain Material,

In Swimming Lessons,

In The Outsider,

In the Cave, Marcus is briefing Jason and Judy on their plan, explaining that all he would need from Jason would be a one-minute window, that would allow him to hack NASA's servers. In response, Jason sighs, before asking Judy who else knew about the plan. Judy then looks to Marcus, before telling Jason that she wished she could tell him, but that what she could say is that their world would be a lot safer thanks to his efforts. Jason then opens up the container that Judy had given him, to find the USB device contained inside. As he took it out, Judy asked him whether he knew what he needed to do, with Jason then nodding his head in response. Judy then finally assures Jason that he could carry out the mission, before beckoning him onwards. As Jason left the Cave, Judy says god help them.

As Jason, overhears what Hayley was trying to do, he tells her that she couldn't, as Hayley would be NASA's guest of honor, due to her mother; Ryan Woods. Hayley then whispers into Jackie's ear that the event would be torture, with Jackie then assuring her that she'd be fine. Jason then heads out towards the car, beckoning Leo and Hayley to car as well, with the two then leaving.

At the NASA space center, Hayley and Leo have arrived with Jason, just as Brandon Thomas recognizes her. The three then turn, as Hayley walks over to him, saying hi and shaking his hand, as he pointed out Hayley's Greenhouse uniform, adding that she had looked so much like her mother; Ryan. Hayley then thanks him, as Leo introduces himself with Brandon recognizing him aBrandon then points out that Jason was Louis' kid, as he asks Hayley how her father had been doing, with Hayley revealing that he was doing well. Jason then asks Brandon whether they could have a VIP tour of the center as Hayley was the guest of honor, but Brandon tells him they could do so another time.s the captain of the Ravens, calling it impressive. Jason then cuts in, introducing himself and expressing how much of an honor it was to meet him. Brandon continues, making note of how busy they were at that time. Jason then agrees, before Brandon asks Hayley to tell her father and Alex that he had said hi and that in the mean time the three of them could make themselves at home, assuring them that they had the best view of the launch. As Brandon heads off, Jason turns round to Hayley and Leo and notifies them that he needed to head off to the toilet. Jason then asserts to the pair that they must stay in the area, as anywhere else in the base would be restricted. Jason then heads off, as Leo wishes him good luck.

At the NASA compound, Jason has found his way into a nearby corridor. Jason is then quick to notice the restricted area. Jason then casually walks up to the security guard, remarking that it was an exciting day, as he reached the guard's desk. Jason tries to nervously create some pep for the NASA satellite launch, as the guard gives Jason a nervous stare, before reminding Jason that he was in a restricted area. Jason then begins to rummage through his bag, as the security guard watches him.

Back at the security guard's desk, Jason produces a document and hands it to the guard, with the guard then pointing Jason towards the guest area of the compound, as only authorized personnel were allowed within the restricted area. However Jason then tells the guard that he was a VIP guest of Brandon Thomas and suggests the guard calls him. The guard looks down at his screen, as Jason begins to head off.

Back at the guards desk, Jason attempts to get through to the restricted area, with the guard then acting quickly, trying to push him back. Jason then demands the guard to take his hands off of him as he was a VIP guest, while the alarm goes off. The guard then calls for back-up, through his walkie talkie, notifying them that he had a code-3 emergency. As the guard pushes him back, Jason tells the guard that he was the dean of the Greenhouse. The guard then tells him that he'd have to escort him out of the compound.

Confused, Hayley asks him what he had known, with Leo then going in for a kiss. The two then chuckle, just as their Louies chime, with Leo then discovering that Jason had been waiting for them outside the compound. Hayley then ponders where Jason had been the whole time, with Leo guessing that he had gotten himself stuck in the toilet, causing Hayley to then laugh and say that it had made sense. Hayley and Leo then get up and head off.

The report continues, saying that the late Dr. Ryan Woods who died in the Athena shuttle explosion. As the report, continues, Louis and Jason watch from Louis' quarters, as Jason asked how it could happen as they were just at the NASA compound, with Louis just telling him that that sort of thing happened, noting that Jason should be glad as it had been an unmanned mission that time and as such no lives had been lost.

In the Cave, Jason has arrived to see Judy and Marcus, handing Marcus the USB. Marcus then proceeds to plug this USB into his laptop and creates a link to the satellite, noting that they were as of then directly linked to the satellite that had been launched. Judy then congratulates Jason, remarking that she knew he could accomplish it. Jason then modestly tells her that she was the one who came up with the plan. The scene then flashes back to when Jason needed to head to the toilet at the launch. Jason then rocks up the security guard, as Max back at the Greenhouse tries to get in contact with Emma. In Max's computer lab, Emma comes through the door and quickly gets to work on Max's laptop, as the security guard back at the NASA compound, tells Jason that he should take himself to the guest area. As Jason tells the guard that he was a VIP guest of Brandon Thomas', Emma works to help take control of the satellite. Jason then attempts to create a distraction, so that Emma can gain access to the satellite data, which is then downloaded onto a USB, before she then headed off to meet with Max. As she and Max met up with Hayley, Leo and Jason, she deliberately pulled back in order to secretly hand Jason the USB, with Jason mentioning that diversion had been a great idea, mentioning that he didn't think it would work. Judy then asks him whether Emma's friends had suspected anything. Jason then asks why they should as Emma was quiet and shy, being an outside. In response Judy calls Emma the perfect accomplice.

In Louis's quarters, the doorbell suddenly rings, with Louis going over to open the door. He opens the door, only to find Emma standing there. Concerned, Jason looks over at her , as she asks to see Jason, while beginning to tear up.

In Steph,

Carrying on from the previous episode, Emma is talking to Jason in the Greenhouse grounds. Emma expresses that Jason hadn't told her that they would be destroying NASA's mission, as she thought they were trying to help them and concludes by saying that Jason had lied to her. Angry, Jason then tells her that there were very complicated things she didn't understand how things work there. Jason then asserts to Emma that all that mattered was that she had done a great job. Emma then fires back, by asking how it was a great job, revealing that she had seen the incident on the news and that the project was dead. Jason then orders Emma to watch her tone, while she was speaking to the dean of the Greenhouse, asking her to not make him regret accepting her to the school.

After Sophie had gone, Louis sits back down in his chair and tells Jason that he was happy with the Eagles choice. Louis then asks his son what had happened with Emma the previous night. Jason then lies to his father and tells him that Emma had told him that there were too many Ravens and not enough computers in the labs, before going on to say that he had suggested they come up with a sign-up sheet with designated times in order to help avoid any sort of gridlock. Louis then tells his son that he had done a good job in handling it.

In the Greenhouse gym, Max is trying to guide Emma up the wall, instructing her to raise her right foot at a 45 degree angle about seven inches, before then continuing to tell her to raise her right hand 4.7 inches above her. Emma then complies, as Max continues to try and direct her, but he then realizes that she had gotten the pattern, with Emma noting that the holding grips were in a triangular pattern. Just then Jason arrives on the scene, asking Suzanne how the seminar was going. Upon hearing Jason, Emma loses her grip, as Max tells her to be careful. Emma then falls to the mat, with Jackie asking whether she was ok, with Suzanne then walking over to her, asking whether she was okay, as Jason remarks that Emma wouldn't want to hurt herself.

Just then however, Jason shows up, having intercepted the call. Jason says good evening to Emma through her Louie, causing her to swivel round to see Jason walking towards her in the corridor. Jason then reveals that he had been talking to Emma's parents, assuring them that everything was fine and that he had just wanted to let them know how pleased he and the rest of the staff were with Emma, adding that Emma's mother should let Emma's father know as well, as Emma was a shining star. Jason then continues, saying that he knew how much Emma adored them, revealing that she talked about them a lot and that he had just wanted to touch base with them and give them a progress report for Emma. Jason then says thanks and comes off the phone, before walking off.

In Guilt-Free Cupcakes,

Max then turns to her and asks her whether she'd be his date to the Halloween dance, just as Emma sees Jason clapping his hands in the back of the crowd.

In Great Scott,

Jason doesn't show.

In L.D.R.,

In response, Emma asks him how he had managed to get that message, before then realizing that he'd tapped into her Louie. Jason then reveals that had indeed done so, going on to say that he had also called Brandon back on her behalf, to relay her message, telling Brandon that Emma had wanted to express sympathy for the missing satellite, adding that Brandon had been very touched by her concern. Emma then says that she'd call him again, but Jason says that he didn't think she be able to. Emma then threatens to tell Brandon everything, like how Jason had made her hack into the server, having told it was a special project and that he had promised her a full college scholarship if she managed to pull it off. However Jason, then insists that his promise had still stood and that her parents would never of been able to pay the tuition fees. Emma then states that her parents would rather she didn't go to college at all, rather than accept bribes from someone like Jason. Emma then firmly says that she'd be calling NASA back, with Jason then telling her to go ahead, handing her back her Louie, remarking that they would never take the word of a Greenhouse student against the dean of the school. Jason goes on to say that the NSA would be watching her closely if she made false accusations to a government agency. Emma then calls Jason a monster, with Jason then saying that Emma had left him no choice. Emma then gives in, saying that she couldn't do it anymore, with Jason then revealing she'd be leaving the Greenhouse. Jason then tells Emma that her cover story would be that her mother was sick and that she needed to be there for her, before then revealing that he was going to tell his father, that she needed to head off right away because it had been a family emergency. Jason continues, telling Emma that she was going to tell her mother that she'd missed home, before warning her not to even think of saying anything about the missing satellite, otherwise her message would go to the news. Jason then orders Emma to go and pack her bags, wanting her to be gone by that night.

In the Ravens dormitory, Jason is watching over Emma, who's writing a letter, as the couples continue to slow-dance in the cafeteria.

In the foyer, Jason is seeing Emma off, as she asks him whether she could at least say goodbye to her friends. However Jason is quick to say that he didn't think that'd be a good idea, but Emma then just ignores him and heads off towards the cafeteria. Emma then begins to approach Max, with him then looking up with a smile on his face. Emma asks him whether she could have that dance with him. Max then agrees to do soy, putting his crown on, before Emma puts her arms around him. As they're dancing, Max notices the look Emma's face, asking whether she was ok. Emma takes a pause, before revealing that she had to go, with Max then asking where as Emma had just gotten to the Greenhouse. Max then worries that it was the egg mayonnaise, lamenting that he should of told her about it. Emma then hushes, before going in for a kiss and heading off.

Season 2

In Escape Mechanism,

In The Client,

In A Day Off,

In Meant to Be,

In Surfing Lessons,

In The Workshop,

In The Sprial,

In More Than A Hunch,

In A Born Leader,

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In Home,

Season 3

In The Hike,

In The Interrogation,

In The Perfect Solution,

In Your New Best Friend,

In Old Trophies,

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In The Beeps,

Season 4

In Rock by Rock,

In The Quick One,

In Not a Totally Bad Person,

In Gummy Bears,

In Cortinarius Orellanus,

In Hundred Percent,

In Room 205,

In The Client,


Suzanne and Jason

Brooke and Jason

Jason and Louis