Jason Osmond and Louis Osmond are reoccurring characters in Greenhouse Academy. Louis is the headmaster of the school, and the father of both Jason and Brooke Osmond. Jason is the Dean of the school, but is working for Judy Hayward and is revealed to play a large role in the earthquake incident. Louis is wise and optimistic, whereas Jason is immature and pessimistic. During Season 1 of Greenhouse Academy, Jason feels that although he is the dean of the school, he deserves more responsibilities. He doesn't actually think that, it's just that during this episode, Judy is forcing him to go to the NASA satellite launch, and hack the servers of the satellite with Emma's help. Their relationship seems distant, as Louis favours Brooke over Jason. Although, at the end of Season 2, Louis was blind sighted by the fact that Jason was involved with the Earthquakes, and he is very upset about it. 

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