Johnny B Goode is the sixteenth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering on Nickelodeon UK, January 29th,2014.


Carrying on from the last episode, Natalie and Alfie arrive back from their tennis session, just as Daniel is questioning Sophie on photos of the pair that she's posted, getting angry and attempting to throttle Alfie, as Natalie tries to stop him. Sophie takes Alfie out the scene, as Daniel exclaims there's never a dull moment with Natalie, with Natalie asking what that was all about. Daniel then angrily asks why Natalie was playing tennis with another guy.

Natalie questions what Daniel said, questioning whether their in the middle ages, as Daniel adds he has a reputation to uphold and that she should of seen how the other Eagles were looking at him. Natalie then angrily says they'd stop looking at him, if he quits acting like an idiot, to his face. In the locker room, Alfie exclaims that Daniel's really mad, explaining he thought that he and Daniel were on good terms. Sophie then tells him to try and not take it personally, adding Daniel's mad at the world.

Alfie asks Sophie, if Daniel believes that he'd take Natalie away from him, with Sophie explaining that Daniel got jealous and as such isn't thinking straight, as Alfie says he couldn't deal with the problem now. Sophie then says she has an idea about how to deal with Daniel. Natalie then says, she couldn't believe how she's playing along with Daniel's nonsense, but that if would help to calm him down she made a date to play tennis with Sophie, but that she was busy organizing the dance and so suggested Alfie take her place on the court. Daniel in disbelief says he doesn't believe her, with Natalie saying that's his problem, before storming off.

Natalie then storms into the locker rooms, as Alfie disappears round a corner. As Sophie's putting stuff away in her locker, Ron then walks up asking to talk to her for a minute. Sophie does so, as Ron explains that he was thinking that maybe she'd like to go with him to the dance that night. Sophie, however tells him that she's already made a date with Alfie for the dance. Ron then casually says that's cool, as Sophie walks past him.

In the Ravens dormitories, Ellali is talking to her father through her Louie, as she tells him to focus. Guri tells Ellali that he's with her, as she guides her father as to where her dresses are kept, telling him that they're hung on the left side of her closet, asking whether he sees them. Guri says he does, as Ellali gives him further specifics, stating that she needs him to find the green dress with black buttons, with Guri asking if she wanted the red lace, holding it up. She tells him that she just wants the green dress with black buttons. Guri puts the two dresses, he's picked up back on the rack and picks up the correct one.

Ellali asks which of the two dresses, he likes better, with Guri exclaiming he doesn't have a clue about fashion, adding Naomi never wore dresses and that she almost wore jeans and a t-shirt to their wedding. However, Ellali expresses to him that she doesn't have time for nostalgia, telling him to just hold the dress up to himself, so she could see it. Ellali jokes that the dress looks good on him, asking for the second one. Guri puts on the other dress round his neck, and asks what's more 50's, with Ellali adding he should know as he's from the last century, with Guri confused, asking 50's?

Ellali explains that's the theme of the dance, meaning "Back to the Future". Guri exclaims he's just the model there, just as Dina arrives, exclaiming she wants to drown Matti in a bowel of punch, even though the dance hadn't even started yet, bunking down on her bed and saying that her current wear is what she wants to wear and that's that. Ellali then goes back to her call, just telling her father to send both of the dresses, with Guri calling it a great idea, jokingly saying even though he believes the red dress suits him, with Ellali getting the joke and sarcastically saying very funny, expressing it's urgent, as Guri jokingly asks her if she wanted him to go with her as her date, as Ellali lies down.

In the Eagles dormitory, Natalie is talking to Sophie, asking her when all the business with Daniel would end, with Sophie saying it'd end when they die, saying that until then, they should have fun, asking Natalie whether she feels the same. Natalie explains she doesn't know and that she's angry, as she does Sophie's nails. Sophie asks her to curve her madness till tomorrow, not wanting her to ruin the dance for herself, Natalie then goes on, explaining that she knows she can be hard on him, but asks when she and Daniel stopped communicating. Sophie adds her input, saying that Daniel must be going through something.

Continuing, by saying that it doesn't mean he had to take it out on Natalie. Natalie then admits that she may of gone too far with all her little investigations, with Sophie agreeing, saying she may of just a bit. Natalie then unhappily asks why Sophie posted her and Alfie's picture in her blog, calling her a moron, with Sophie exclaiming that she posted it, because both she and Natalie looked so pretty and happy, adding that the tennis game really meant nothing and that if Natalie and Daniel where the real thing they'd get through it. Natalie then asks Sophie, whether she's going with Alfie to the dance.

Sophie says she is, also adding that Ron had asked her seconds later, with Natalie sarcastically calling her a little heart-breaker, with Sophie raising her right hand exclaiming she guesses she is, as Natalie tells her to be careful, saying that she'd smear her nail varnish.

In the Ravens dormitory, Ellali is helping Dina with her costume, wrapping a hair band around Dina's head, just as Matti walks up in his Doc Brown costume, proclaiming how great it is. Dina asks what it is, as Ellali laughs at the sight. Matti explains he's Dr. Emmett Brown, but that they could call him Doc, with Dina asking what he's talking about. Matti quickly adds that Doc Brown is the nutty scientist who invents the time machine in the movies and that when they went back in time, they managed to get stuck because their out of electricity, but that the Doc was genius enough to use the lightning to get back to the future, adding that that was the moment he decided to start researching dimensions. Dina then tells him to go ahead and keep talking, but that she stopped listening after the word "Scientist".

Iftach then arrives from round the corner, asking Matti over, as Matti see's his costume, exclaiming it looks like Marty Mccfly from the end of the first film, saying he looks good. Iftach explains that he wants Matti to listen to something and that he knows that Matti knows quality when he hears it, with Matti thanking him. Iftach then turns on some music and plays an air guitar, making a pose like Marty, as Iftach remarks the piece of music as a masterpiece, calling Eric Clapton the man. Iftach then finishes air-strumming, as he stops the music, asking whether Matti knows what's really crazy, with Matti asking what. Iftach then explains that that part of the song he played was already enough to get in the Rock Hall of Fame but that in 3 minutes 10 seconds that's all going to change, adding that the guitars will fade off, and that in 40 years the best piano riff will come round.

Iftach then begins strumming again, and starts to sing the song, pointing at Ellali as he rocks out. Ellali giggles as Iftach masquerades as a rock expert, as a delivery-man walks past, asking them to turn the music down, with Iftach exclaiming he couldn't turn down the music on a song like that. The man says he's looking for Ellali, having brought her dresses. Ellali goes to collect her dresses, asking Iftach to turn the music down a bit, with Iftach turning it off, as Ellali heads back with her dresses. Iftach dismayed, then said they didn't even get to the best part, adding he's give Matti a rain-check.

In the locker rooms, Ellali takes out her dresses from the bag, also finding a case inside with her mother's old pearl necklace, with Dina asking what it is, as Ellali explains. In the Eagles locker rooms, Daniel and Ron are getting ready in their costumes, with Ron moisturizing his face, as Daniel takes a sip of his medicine. Ron asks him what he drank, with Daniel saying it's just for his foot, as it's killing him. Ron warns him not to drink too much of it, adding it's strong enough for a horse, but Daniel says he's taken it before, saying that's a good thing, asking Ron whether he's trying to bum him out.

Ron then tells him to do whatever he wants. Daniel, concerned about his friend, asks what's up, with Ron brushing it off saying it's nothing. Ron explains that because of Daniel, he doesn't even have a date to the dance, with Daniel questioning, confused at what Ron said, with Ron explaining that had Daniel asked Sophie, like he asked him to instead of being upset about nothing, then Sophie wouldn't of made a date with Alfie.

Daniel questions, what that has to do with anything, as Ron continues, saying he hardly ever asks him for anything. Daniel then realizes what Alfie had been doing, with Ron asking what he had been doing, as Daniel explains that Alfie's pretending to idolize them, like some sort of groupie, but that in the end he just creates conflict between the members of the team. Ron questions it, as Daniel tells him not to be so naïve, explaining that first he came between Natalie and him and then between Ron and himself and that between them two, Alfie's the one who told him to convince Ron to quit running for the position of captain.

Over on the other side of the dorm, Alfie is sorting out things on the shelves, just as Natalie walks up behind him, saying hi. Natalie apologizes for what happened, with Alfie asking why, adding it wasn't her fault, however Natalie explains she's unsure, saying she should of known it would of driven Daniel nuts. Natalie then asks Alfie, if he's a character from the Back to the Future film, or rather just a person from the 50's. Alfie says he's Biff Tannen, as Natalie asks him to remind her of him. Alfie expresses he's the villain of the film, with Natalie calling it an interesting choice, adding it's a great concept for the dance, with Alfie agreeing.

Alfie then compliments Natalie, saying she looks good in a 50's dress, with Natalie thanking him, calling him Biff. Alfie then adds that he hopes, he's just able to move his body at the party, as his muscles are sore after she kicked his butt in their tennis game. Natalie then explains that while some people know how to play, others just run around chasing the balls, but Alfie exclaims he was just rusty, adding she should wait for their rematch, adding she wouldn't know what hit her, with Natalie saying she went easy on him, just as Ron rudely pushes past Alfie.

In the Greenhouse corridor, Amy arrives quietly through the front doors, leaning back against a wall, as she sees the students heading to the dance. Amy then takes a left into a room. In the cafeteria, the party is in full swing as two of the girls pick up some punch and set off towards the dance floor. Up at the DJ booth, Ron is busy DJ-ing as Sophie dances in front of him. At the bar, Daniel is sitting with Natalie, eating some popcorn, just as Sophie talks with the other students. Sophie then walks over to Alfie, taking him by the hand, getting him up to dance, Ron then stops DJ-ing, as the two dance in front of him.

As Daniel continues eating his popcorn, Natalie asks him if he's just going to ignore what had happened earlier, with Daniel confused asking what, but Natalie tells him to just forget it. Daniel then remarks that it's just not their day, with Natalie annoyed, agreeing with him. In the Ravens locker rooms, Iftach and Ellali are getting ready in the locker rooms, just as Dina arrives on the scene in her costume, with Iftach calling it gorgeous, as Ellali helps to neaten up her costume. Matti then gets up, having seen Dina in her costume, saying she looks so different, but in a good way. Dina asks him whether he remembers the rules, with Matti saying he does, but that can't remember, as Dina firmly tells him no touching, not to call her his date and not to introduce her to other nerds.

Matti agrees to her rules, saying great Scott, which reminds Dina to tell him not to quote "Back to the Future", as the two head off to the dance. Back in the locker rooms, Iftach finishes doing up Ellali's pearls, with Iftach exclaiming she's getting straight to the point, as Ellali explains that she just remembered he told her it wasn't a good idea, but Iftach just says he says a lot of stupid things, with Ellali adding she'd remember that, as the two begin to head off to the dance.

They then see Alona, alone at the table, with Iftach asking whether she's coming. However Alona expresses she doesn't think so. Iftach asks what's wrong with her, adding he hasn't seen Alona in the last few days, saying that he doesn't mean to nag her, but that she could always come and talk to him if anything's bothering her, as Alona thanks him, saying she knows. Iftach says sure and tells her to think about heading to the dance later and that it would do him good. Alona then says she'd think about it, as Iftach and Ellali head off.

At the dance, Sophie is busy dancing with Alfie, as Alfie explains that he understands that Daniel hates him now, but doesn't understand why Ron does. Sophie says she was afraid of that, explaining that a second after she invited him, Ron asked to go with her, with Alfie then adding he wouldn't hold it against him. Sophie calls him cute, as Sophie explains she's happy that everything's alright with them, with Alfie confused asking what, with Sophie clearing things up, talking about what she did to him, when he joined the Eagles. Just then Dina and Matti arrive at the dance, walking past Robbie, who is watching over the dance.

Ellali and Iftach then arrive, with Ellali having seen Robbie not dressed up, tells him he forgot to dress up, with him simply explaining he's on duty as he asks whether Alona came with them. Iftach then tells him that she's in the clubhouse and that she's going through something, adding she doesn't feel well and that he feels she's down. Robbie expresses that he's glad Iftach told him as Ellali says she wants to see Robbie busting some moves on the dance floor, however Robbie coldly says there's zero chance of that happening, before the two head past him.

Robbie then heads off to the Ravens dorm, as Ellali and Iftach arrive at the party. Alfie notices his sister from across the cafeteria, with Sophie seeing too and asking Alfie whether his sister's with Iftach, with Alfie saying kind of. Sophie then says there's some action over at the Ravens clubhouse. Alfie then heads off to see his sister. At the Ravens dormitory, Robbie arrives to find Alona reading a book on the sofa.

Robbie, angrily asks if she's playing games with him. with Alona asking what she did, as Robbie explains she's drawing too much attention to herself, asking her whether she sees how dangerous it is. Robbie tells her to pull herself together, get up, put on a dress, smile and go and enjoy the dance with the rest of her friends. However Alona sternly stares at him, as he asks her not to test him, warning her. Back at the dance, Alfie walks up to Ellali and the two hug, as Alfie notices Ellali's pearl necklace, with Ellali expressing that their father sent it to her, with Alfie saying it suits her, as she thanks him.

Iftach then cuts in, asking Ellali for a dance, with Ellali saying yes, as the two head off to dance. Elsewhere Matti is embarrassing Dina with his dancing, Iftach twirls Ellali and Daniel continues to eat his popcorn next to Natalie. Just then Matti twirls Dina, causing her to ask what he's doing, with her trying to calm him down. Matti then exclaims that his mother made him take a sports class, and so he chose ballroom dancing, before beginning to dance with Dina. Dina then stops it, asking Matti to stop it.

In front of the DJ's booth, Ellali and Iftach are dancing, as Natalie asks Daniel that if their not dancing, whether they could at least dance instead. Daniel then sternly says he's not dancing, with Natalie asking why not, guessing it was because of his foot, but Daniel just says he doesn't feel like it. Natalie then says she's going, with Daniel telling her, she could do whatever she wants anyway, before Natalie sits back down again.

Daniel then takes a sip of his medicine, as Amy comes out of her talk with Louis in his office. Louis expresses his joy that Amy's decided to visit them, with Amy adding she didn't think he'd remember her. Louis however says the day he forgets someone like her, is the day he retires from the Greenhouse, asking Amy whether she's staying for the dance, with her asking if she's invited. Louis then expresses what good a dance is without a surprise guest of honour, as they walk down the corridor. At the dance, Matti is getting some punch, just as Alona arrives in her costume.

Alona says hi, with Matti surprised that she came to the party, with Alona expressing that she just wanted to apologize for the way she's been acting lately and that it has nothing to do with him, with Matti confused, asking whether it didn't have anything to do with him bumming her out. Alona expresses she's not bummed and definitely not because of Matti. Matti then quotes Doc Brown in celebration, turning to see whether Dina noticed his quote, just as Alona points out that he looks like Doc Brown, with Matti expressing his surprise, asking whether Alona knows Back to the Future. Alona expresses that she doesn't just know it, but that she knows it by heart.

Alona then continues, explaining that the Back to the Future, series is the reason she started researching time-travel, with Matti expressing it's the same with him. Matti then asks if she wants some punch, with Alona saying later and that it's now time they dance, taking Matti's hand and taking him to the dance floor, as he tries to take some punch. Dina sees what happened, sitting at the bar in dismay, with Iftach and Ellali still dancing over at the dj booth.

By the bar, Alfie tries to entertain Natalie, as she gets up, with Alfie asking whether that's a good idea, having seen Daniel sitting right in front of him. Natalie then begins to dance with Alfie, as Alfie watches Daniel, in worriment, however Daniel then gets up and hobbles away on his crutches. In mid-dance, Ellali asks Iftach what's up, with Iftach saying she's alright, with Ellali returning the sentiments, saying he is too, with Iftach asking whether their both alright, as Ellali says she thinks so. The two begin to kiss, but are interrupted by Sophie who's testing the mic.

Sophie tests it, saying testing one two three, scolding Ron for having not faded out the sound, as he then tries to do so, prompting Sophie to just tell him to forget it. Sophie apologizes for interrupting the romantic moment, but announces that they've reached the climax of their special night. Sophie then begins to announce that while he maybe a Raven, they just had to have the best guitar player around, asking everyone to welcome "Marty Iftach McFly". Everyone then begins to clap for him, as Ellali beckons him onwards. Iftach then adds that his first song is an oldie, as he begins to play, adding it's an oldie from where he comes from, before beginning to play, as everyone begins to dance again.

Just then Amy, arrives at the party, bobbing her head to Iftach's music. Iftach then notices Amy, with Sophie asking if he's ok, as he's stopped the music. Amy then strides in front of the other students, with Iftach still in disbelief that she's there, asking what she's doing there, with Amy calling it a surprise, as Amy kisses him, with everyone else in shock.



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