Kamchatka is the twenty third episode of the First season of The Greenhouse, premiering 8th February, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


In a flashback at the ministerial embassy, Mordi's secretary notifies him over the intercom,that his 2'oclock has arrived, as he asks her to let her in. Naomi then arrives in the prime minister's office, as asks her how she is, with Naomi asking the same before they hug. A voice-over then begins to explain "one year ago", as the two sit down. Mordi expresses how happy he is to see Naomi, asking her to sit down.

Mordi then asks how she is, as she expresses she's not sure, explaining that during that time the next day, she'd be sent up into the atmosphere at a speed of 1,000mph, as the prime minster asks if she's ready. Naomi says she hope's she is, adding that people had already gone into space 40 years prior and that now technology was a little bit more advanced. Mordi then replies by saying that while that's true, sometimes technology can be somewhat risky, with Naomi however expressing that it is a risky business.

She then asks whether the prime minister had just called her in to scare her, with him expressing that was not his intent and that he had complete faith in Naomi, adding he doesn't have any doubt that Naomi's the right person for their mission, before asking how her husband; Guri and the kids are. Naomi says they did their best to hid their concern, adding that Mordi had no idea how much she was looking forward to arriving home with the magnetite, so she could finally reveal the truth of what she's been doing to them, with Mordi adding that's the hardest part, hiding such a big part of her life from her family, as Naomi questions whether he knew what that was like. However Mordi assures her they'd understand in the end, especially once they'd realized her life's work changed history, they'd be sure to forgive her. Naomi then gets up, thanking him, as he wishes her good luck, before hugging.

In the dimly car park, Ze'ev is talking on his phone to anonymous person, expressing that he knew and did not need to be told again, having heard it all the time, just as Naomi appears in the car park. He then adds that if he had to hear anything more about making history, asking why prevent an earthquake when one could be created with the magnetite, exclaiming that it could go BOOM under the capital city of their enemies, and that it's the perfect weapon, causing more damage than a nuclear weapon and no one would be able to prove they did it, as Naomi silently watches from round corner.

In the hole at the Greenhouse grounds, Naomi has arrived, having explained what she overheard from Ze'ev's telephone call to Judy. Judy asks whether she's absolutely sure that's what she had heard, as Naomi says it definitely was. Judy then expresses that Naomi had only heard part of the conversation, guessing she misunderstood. However Naomi firmly says she knew what she heard, believing she should of gone to Mordi with the information, as Judy says she should just do it, adding that as soon as Mordi heard about it, the shuttle launch would be called off and that he was always looking for an excuse to call off Project Nexus, asking Naomi whether that's what she'd really want, for the project to be cancelled.

Naomi then asks Judy in that case, what she should do, however Judy tells her she already did the correct thing by coming to her, expressing there's no need for her to worry about it anymore. Naomi then expresses that the worst part of it all, is that Ze'ev was right, that in the wrong hands, could do a number of the terrible things he'd mentioned, Judy in shock questions "Really?", as Naomi goes on explaining that maniac could potentially polarize the magnetic field between both the magnetite and meteor, so that instead of stopping seismic activity, it generates it.

Naomi questions Judy as to whether she knew what all that would mean, expressing it would ultimately be the end of the world. Judy then rhetorically asks Naomi, whether she knew Ze'ev, expressing he's a good guy, but that sometimes he could get stressed and would talk nonsense, asking Naomi to let her take care of it, adding that Naomi's heading up into space the next day and that should be her top priority. Outside Robbie is waiting for Judy and Naomi.

He wishes Naomi good luck, adding that it's a huge honour to take part in Project Nexus, even if it is a small part and that he could already imagine telling his kids that he got the chance to meet her. Naomi thanks him, saying that she think's he's exaggerating a little. Robbie then asks for a photo, with Naomi agreeing. He gives the camera to Judy and poses for the photo as Judy takes the photo.

At the Reshef household, the Reshefs are playing a board game, with Guri telling Ellali it's her turn, as she proclaims she'd attack Kamchatka from Japan, adding that Kamchatka is the country her mother represents in the game, as Naomi takes the dice remarking that Ellali didn't stand a chance. Naomi then rolls and loses, allowing Ellali to make her attack on Kamchatka, with Naomi adding however, that it's not over yet. Ellali then takes another turn and gets a bad roll, losing her country as Naomi says sayonara to Japan. She then asks the kids whether they're scheming against their mother, who's heading into space the next day.

Alfie exclaims that of course their not doing that, asking whether they'd really do that to her, with Ellali answering no way. It's then Alfie's turn, as he proclaims that he'd attack Kamchatka as well, but from the other side, being Alaska, apologizing to their mother. Naomi then teasingly says to Guri, the kids should be ashamed of themselves, adding that one day you'd wake up and find the two people closest to you are trying to stick a knife in your back, causing the kids to laugh, with Alfie then saying that that's the aim of the game. Naomi then goes deep into thought.

Alfie, concerned questions "Mother?", with noticing and agreeing with what Alfie said previously. Guri asks if she's ok, but she says she is, as she rolls the dice again, with Alfie then losing. In the study, Naomi finishes writing her letter and folds it in half, placing it into an envelope.

Back in present day, the preparations for the memorial service are underway, with Greenhouse students setting up the chairs and the main stage, as well as an black and white photo of Naomi in her astronaut suit, reading "In her Memory". At the booth, one of the Ravens students is practicing the intro, announcing that while the rest of the world knows him as Mordechai Rosen, the Israeli Prime Minister, they know him as Mordi. In the Ravens dormitory, Louis is explaining to them that Mordi used to be a member of the Ravens just like them, as everyone claps.

Louis finishes, saying the rest as they say is history, adding that he was the youngest Prime Minister ever elected in Israel, adding that perhaps Matti could break his record. Louis continues, saying that the next day would mark 1 year since the tragedy of the space shuttle, being one year since the death of Naomi Reshef; the mother of Alfie and Ellali, adding that in events of this nature, they would usually let one of the team captains deliver a speech as a representative for the Greenhouse, but that instead this time he'd decided to ask Ellali to deliver the speech.

Louis then asks Iftach to help her with her speech, with Iftach complying. In the Eagles dormitory, Natalie is just putting away her towel in her locker, just as Alfie comes round the corner saying good morning. Natalie returns the same sentiments, as Alfie expresses they didn't get a chance to talk since she arrived back. Natalie then notes that their talking now, as Alfie asks why she came back after just one day at tennis camp. Natalie explains that her father needed her at the Greenhouse, due to the Prime Minister's visit, as Alfie further asks what the deal with Daniel was.

Natalie asks Alfie what story, with Alfie in disbelief, asking whether she's kidding. Natalie explains that while she knows they became close, but that she got a chance to get away and have a re-think about things, noticing that she's still in love with Daniel. Alfie, amazed exclaims he doesn't know quite what to say, with Natalie suggesting they should just be friends, asking for his approval as she takes her towel and walks past him. In the Ravens dormitory, Ellali is having doubts about delivering the speech at the memorial.

Matti then asks whether they knew, that people are actually more afraid of public speaking rather than death, and imagine death coming in second place. Ellali then sarcastically thanks him for his encouragement. Dina then asks Matti, whether the chip he installed within Alona's Louie device is working, with Matti reporting that it is, with Dina further asking if that meant Alona hadn't spoken to anyone since. Ellali still concerned about the speech, expresses that she barely talked about her mother with Alfie, questioning how she's going to do so in front of a crowd of people. Matti then adds that there are at least a million in Israel and tens of millions on the planet as a whole and that that's just through the television and that social media would add a few extra millions.

Unhappy at Matti's encouragement, Ellali gets up sarcastically saying that Matti really knew how to put somebody else at ease. Iftach then stops Ellali from walking off, adding that that time, Louis had given her an order, with Ellali questioning it. Iftach then asks her if she's familiar with the research that shows people are less afraid of death than they are public speaking, with Ellali sighing, saying yes. Iftach exclaims that's great, adding that the secret is to be prepared, holding out a USB chip, explaining that he's loaded a few interesting speeches onto it, telling her to take whatever seemed right to her.

Ellali says ok, taking the chip, as Iftach explains it contains a bit of Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Rabin and Obama, adding that of course it'd all be translated. Ellali then says great, as she passes him, just as Iftach continues, saying that he believes the most important thing is to just speak from the heart and be herself during the speech and that if she were to behave nicely, he may just accompany her on his guitar, as Alona then passes him, talking to someone on her Louie.

Back in the Eagles dormitory, Natalie is attempting to cut off Daniel's cast, with Daniel pretending it hurt, causing Natalie to ask if he's ok. Daniel tells her he was just kidding, causing everyone to laugh, as Natalie exclaims she forgot Daniel was such an idiot. Daniel's cast then finally comes off, with everyone clapping in celebration. Sophie then walks to the back of the dorm, as Alfie walks up to her, asking whether she's noticed the weird goings on, with Sophie asking if he meant between Daniel and Natalie, adding that she has no idea what happened between her and Alfie before she left, but that her and Daniel had always had an on-off relationship.

However, Alfie expresses it's not about that, adding it's like Natalie's come back as a completely different person, asking Sophie whether she could see it too. Sophie says she couldn't really, beginning to add, that she's sure Alfie's upset with Natalie, however Alfie just tells her to listen to him, as he explains he's not complaining because Natalie had left him, but that he really thought Natalie had a weird look in her eye and why she suddenly loves Daniel once again. However Sophie expresses, she honestly doesn't know what to tell him, as Alfie tells her to just talk to Natalie and pay attention details.

Sophie nods her head, as he continues she'd see he's not imagining things. Sophie then says she would, but only because she liked him. Out in the Ravens corridor, Alona is talking to someone over her Louie, reporting that Ellali; one of her classmates, would be delivering a speech the next day. the person she's talking to asks, why they don't get the best students to give the speeches, with Alona explaining Ellali is the daughter of Naomi, as Matti and Dina listen in on her communications from Matti's computer lab.

Alona's mother then says well whatever, before asking how "What's-his-Name" is, the cute boy who took her to the dance. In the lab, Dina and Matti overhear what's being said, with Dina patting him on the back, as Alona questions her mother, as to whether she said Matti was cute, adding she's mainly just beating him at chess. Her mother, assures her that's fine, adding that her father, never beat her at chess either, adding that if only he just defended his knights. Matti and Alona then quickly pack up in the lab, covering the white board, as one of the notes falls off, reading "Alona + Robbie".

Matti then opens the door, with Iftach walking in, adding he hoped he wasn't interrupting anything in there. In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie and Natalie are talking, as Sophie asks whether everything's alright between them, with Natalie saying of course they are, asking why it wouldn't be. Sophie expresses she doesn't know, saying that she and Natalie were kind of fighting before she left for tennis camp. Natalie then questions, who would even remember what happened before she left for camp.

The girls then see Alfie, with Natalie asking Sophie if Alfie had talked to her. Sophie expresses she felt a little bad for Alfie. However, Natalie just says that Alfie's making a big deal out of it, as Sophie tells her she really broke Alfie's heart. Natalie then explains that she had seen things from a different perspective and that once she had a little time on her own, she could see how stupid she'd acted, adding that she had the perfect guy in Daniel and just threw it all away. She questions why, guessing because things became a little different. Sophie then says she thinks she's got it.

Natalie then asks Sophie to talk to Alfie, believing him to be a bit too obsessive, with Sophie saying she would. Back in Matti's computer lab, Iftach annoyed, is exclaiming that he doesn't want to play any more of their games, adding that Louis would find out what they're doing in there and that when he did, their going to want him on their side, asking what's going on there. Dina then gives in, telling Matti they should tell him what's going on.

Dina begins, expressing it was just a bit embarrassing, but that her English was terrible and that Matti had been giving her some private lessons, asking for Matti's confirmation, with him confirming. Iftach says ok, and that he'd leave them to it, noticing a piece of paper with Robbie + Alona written on it, as Alona says goodbye see you later, adding her English is improving already. Iftach then leaves and begins to type; Alona + Robbie on his Louie, before heading up.

Outside, in the Greenhouse grounds, Alfie is walking from side to side, as Sophie rocks up to him, as he thanks her for coming. Alfie explains that he wanted to meet there, because he was afraid that someone would hear them, revealing to Sophie that there was no tennis camp, with Sophie confused, saying "What?". Alfie then picks up the new shoes Natalie got for camp, noting there isn't a single speck on them, but Sophie questions the fact he stole Natalie's shoes, adding that maybe Natalie never got the chance to play as she came back right away.

Alfie asks her to believe him, expressing that he'd spent hours searching for it on Google, noting that there's no mention of any tennis camp near the Dead Sea, adding it doesn't exist. Sophie then expresses her concern for Alfie, telling him that maybe for the time being he just forget about Natalie, as the stress of tomorrow's event is getting to him, suggesting he go and see his sister, having heard she had a speech to make the next day, asking whether he spoke to her about it. However Alfie expresses to her that someone did something to Natalie, Sophie then apologizes and heads off, with Alfie then picking up his rucksack and heading off too.

In the library, Ellali is watching some of the speeches, that Iftach loaded into her Louie, as the librarian asks her to mute her Louie's volume. Ellali complies and just watches the speeches, then noticing a new blog post, by Sophie, who'd reported that Daniel's cast had come off. Ellali then sighs and heads back to her speeches. In the cafeteria, Iftach is examining the note he'd copied, being; Alona + R, before writing another note, with both the letters A and R written either side, representing Alona and Robbie respectively.

Iftach then looks up and sees a sign, welcoming Mordechai Rosen; the Prime Minister of Israel to the Greenhouse, with Iftach then believing the R to have meant, Rosen writing that down, before erasing it and typing R-Rosen instead, writing another word of "murder" down, however he then erases it. Alfie then arrives in the cafeteria, asking where his sister; Ellali was. Iftach however informs him, that she's not in the Ravens clubhouse and she's not responding to her Louie, and that he didn't know where she was, with Alfie then heading off.

Iftach then believes the R could stand for Reshef, writing it down, but once again erasing it, before seeing Robbie's name on the welcome board, with it noting him as the acting principle at the Greenhouse. Iftach then writes down Robbie, believing that to be correct.

Back in the library, Ellali is watching some Obama on her Louie, just as Alfie arrives, calling over to Ellali, before being hushed by the librarian. He says sorry and walks over to Ellali, with her closing her Louie, upon seeing him. Alfie asks her where she'd been, adding that she wasn't answering his calls. However Ellali expresses that she must focus on that speech their forcing her to deliver the next day, but Alfie says he has something more important that needs to be discussed, with Ellali asking what.

Alfie expresses she wouldn't believe what had happened, with Ellali further asking what happened. Alfie starts by saying that Natalie came back from tennis camp, as Ellali sarcastically says wow. Alfie explains that Natalie was meant to leave for a week, but came back after just one day and that suddenly she'd decided to just get back with Daniel, adding she realized that Daniel is the love of her life, with Ellali sarcastically asking him, if he noticed the surprise on her face.

In the Ravens dormitory, Alona and Matti are playing a game of chess, with Alona wishing Matti good luck, as he says that he had a pretty good feeling this time round. Just then Iftach arrives through the door, telling Dina she should download episodes of DTE, adding he heard it's a great way to learn English. However Dina says that she thinks she'd just stick with Matti the explorer, as she continues to play on the play-station. Iftach then begins to chant that he's the map, as he walks away, then walking up to Alona.

Iftach tells her, that he met Robbie outside, causing the three to turn, as Iftach expresses that he believes Robbie's looking for Alona. Iftach then walks by Matti, patting him on the back and telling him to have a good one. Matti then tells Alona it's her turn, as she realizes having been focused on what Iftach said. Back in the library, Alfies exclaiming to Ellali that something happened to Natalie over there. However Ellali tells him that nothing had happened to Natalie, explaining that she was just that way from the start and hadn't seen it, but Alfie adds that Natalie couldn't have changed that much in one day, with Ellali saying exactly.

Alfie then annoyed, tells Ellali she's so annoying, with her telling him to not blame her, adding that Natalie's an actress and deserved an Oscar, questioning Alfie whether he could see it was all a ploy, all so that she could head back that Draco Malfoy of hers. Alfie, confused, asks what that's got to do with it, as Ellali just tells him that Natalie was just playing him. Alfie then says she doesn't know anything, as Ellali asks what she doesn't know. Alfie then begins to add there's something else.

Ellali asks him what it is, with Alfie explaining that before Natalie had left she was very concerned about something and that she'd just forgotten about it after her tennis camp visit and that everything was back to normal. Ellali then questions what Natalie was even concerned about, guessing it was about which nail polish matched the colour of her Louie's sleeve. Alfie tries to express, that he's trying to tell her something, but Ellali explains that their both going through a tough time, with the memorial coming up, as Alfie asks whether thinks it's all in his head.

Ellali exclaims that she thinks instead of cooking up stories about Natalie, Alfie could help her with her speech that she has to write about their mother. Alfie then asks whether she needs help, saying that he'd help her, telling her to write down that their mother would never ignore what he had to say or that their mother would never go round feeling sorry for herself, adding their mother was always there for him and that it's too bad she had died. Alfie then gets up and storms off.

Back at the Ravens dormitory, Alona is watching Matti play in front of her, as he declares his moves are no good, making his last move, and watching it, as Alona looks over at Dina who in turn looks back. Alona then suddenly gets up, telling Matti he won, with Matti confused asking what, with her re-iterating he won and congratulating him. However Matti expresses he hadn't even checked him yet, but Alona says he'd of just checked her in three moves anyway, congratulating him again, before heading off.

In Louis' quarters, Robbie is pouring himself and Louis some wine, as Louis admits he hadn't been that excited in a long time, with Robbie saying their all excited, suggesting a toast. Natalie then asks about her, with Robbie pouring her some orange juice. Louis then reminisces that Robbie had drank beer at the age of 11, but had puked out his guts afterwards, causing Natalie to laugh as they all toast to a successful memorial day, the next day. Just then a knock sounds at the door, and Natalie goes to get it. It turns out to be Alona, who wants to speak with Robbie. Natalie then goes to get Robbie, who asks Alona what she wants, with her expressing she wants to talk to Louis, as she couldn't take it anymore. However Robbie questions whether she's crazy, before she calls for Louis.



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