Karin Pinto, played by Vered Feldman was the assistant to Sefi Sahal and a recurring character in Seasons 2 and 3 of The Greenhouse.

The Greenhouse Karin Pinto


Karin is a middle-aged woman with black hair done up into a pony tail, pale skin and brown eyes. Karin is commonly seen wearing a casual black shirt, but has also been seen wearing a cream-coloured jacket with a V-neck t-shirt of the same colour.


Season 2

Karin is first introduced as an assistant to the Israeli Prime Minister; Sefi Sahal, in the fight against the deadly virus that the Client was planning to unleash at a peace conference, helping to produce the anti-body.

Season 3

During the third season, Karin is responsible for the astronaut programme, overseeing Ellali's transition into the programme. She also becomes Guri's partner in the police force , after Guri divorces Naomi.

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