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Kyle, played by Jonathan Miller is a thug hired by the Client and the driving force behind Judy's mission in the first and second seasons of Greenhouse Academy.


Kyle is a middle-aged man, with brownish-ginger hair, peach skin and blue eyes, as well as an unshaven face. He's commonly seen wearing a dark navy blue polo-shirt, alongside a pair of denim jeans. He also has a gold-chain necklace on underneath his shirt.


Season 1

Kyle is first seen in the episode; The Opening Challenge, where he is seen breaking into the Woods household in order to steal a couple of files from the Woods family's laptop, all the more while sneaking past a sleeping Carter. He is then seen later in the episode reporting back to Judy, assuring her that he hadn't been detected by Carter, before receiving his pay.

Season 2

Kyle reappears in the episode; Kyle, where he is brought in by Judy, in order to keep a sharp watch over Marcus in the cave. Throughout the episode he keeps watch over both Judy and Marcus, even questioning why Judy had to go and see her son at his basketball game, before later being presented as Marcus' replacement to Louis by Jason, after being caught trying to disable the Louis' GPS system.

After successfully managing to track both Jackie and Max to Max's computer lab, through the Louis communications network, Kyle alongside Jason trap Max and Jackie in the lab and shut-down the Louis' communication network, to stop them trying to contact Emma. In the next episode; Bad Decisions, Kyle is once again seen overlooking Marcus working, before later finding Hayley and her mother Ryan alive in the secret chamber and then forcing them into the cave's jail cell.

After doing so, Kyle keeps a check on the time, while reporting to the Client over the phone and watching Marcus working. After their plot fails, and having knocked Marcus unconscious after he rebelled, Kyle sets off a bomb, leaving it in the cave ready to blow-up in front of Ryan and Hayley. Kyle makes his final appearance in Home, where he is seen reporting to the Client, after their mission had been foiled by the Greenhouse students and is subsequently tricked by the Client into arriving at a car-park, where the police then arrest him.