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Kyle is the tenth episode of Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy, and the twenty-second episode overall.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Leo has just told Hayley that her mother was alive, with Hayley asking him whether he'd actually seen her. Leo then nods, prompting Hayley to further ask whether he had talked with Ryan, but Leo then reveals that Ryan had been unconscious.

In response to this, Hayley asks Leo how he could of been so sure that her mother was actually alive, with Leo then re-iterating that Ryan was indeed alive. Hayley then attempts to get up to go and see her mother, but Leo is quick to stop her, telling her that she wouldn't be going anywhere. Hayley orders him to let her go, as it was her mother she was going to go see. However Leo then firmly tells her that she couldn't as it was too dangerous. Hayley then tells Leo that she wasn't afraid of the conspirators, with Leo then assuring he knew, before embracing for a hug.

Leo comforts Hayley, assuring her that it would all be ok, as Hayley expresses her disbelief at the fact that her mother was alive, then saying that she had to tell someone about it, but Leo then reveals that he wasn't even meant to tell her about this fact and that if she were to tell someone else, her mother's life would be in danger, with Hayley then asking what she'd do next.

Leo explains that he knew it was hard, but states that Marcus had been very clear about the situation and reveals that he believed Marcus. In the biology lab, Daniel says that he knew that Hayley shouldn't of gone with Leo, then announcing that he was going to go and see his mother. However, Brooke is quick to say that Daniel shouldn't head off quite yet. Daniel then asks her why, with Brooke saying that they should wait for Hayley first.

However, Daniel then tells Brooke that he was done waiting around and that he'd be heading off. Just then Hayley and Leo arrive through the door, with Hayley walking up to her brother and telling him that there was something she needed to tell him. After having heard the news, Alex is in shock and disbelief.

Alex tells his sister that it had been impossible for their mother to of been alive, but Hayley then points towards Leo, noting that Leo had seen their mother alive, with Leo then confirming this fact. Leo then explains that Marcus was going to wake Ryan, once they had managed to accomplish their mission. Alex then asks for clarification as to whether Marcus had known.

Alex then angry, further asks whether Marcus had known the whole time where Ryan had been and questioning the fact that Marcus had just let them mourn and suffer the entire time, but Leo then says that he didn't believe Marcus had a choice in the matter. Daniel then asks Leo, why Marcus would tell him all of this information, with Leo just saying that he guessed that Marcus just trusted him to deliver it.

Daniel then asks Leo for clarification as to whether Marcus had really just let him see Ryan and walk out of the Cave, then asking round to see whether he was the only one who thought that it didn't make sense. Leo asks Daniel what he was trying to say, but Daniel says that he didn't know, with Hayley then just asserting that Leo had said he'd seen her mother. Daniel then says that he knew that Hayley wanted to believe Leo, with Hayley saying she did.

Daniel then reminds Hayley of the last time that Marcus had a one-on-one with someone, with Leo then telling Daniel that he was sure that Marcus was going to hypnotize him, but in the end he didn't, adding that he thought Marcus had just really wanted someone to talk to and that Marcus had hated working for his employers. Leo then continues, saying that Marcus at first had been tempted by the money, but that he was then in too deep.

Leo then concludes, by saying that Ryan had also been in too deep. Jackie then asks Leo how deep Marcus was in, asking Leo whether they had an idea what the conspirators were planning. Leo then states that he all he knew was that whatever it was, was going to be over in a few hours time, with Max then pointing out that they knew that the conspirators knew when an earthquake was going to happen, suggesting they may just be waiting for another one to occur.

However, Brooke then chimes in, saying that that hadn't made sense and asking what the use of waiting for an earthquake to hit you was. Daniel then tells Brooke that she was right, before stating that they shouldn't of been waiting, as a lot of bad things could happen within a few hours, before announcing that he was going to go and find his mother, but Alex then shouts no.

Alex then asserts that they would do nothing and as such were just going to sit there and wait till his and Hayley's mother was woken by Marcus. Back in the Cave, Judy is on the phone to the Client, notifying him that they were in the final steps of their plan and that it'd take no longer than two hours to accomplish.

The Client says this was good, before asking Judy to open the entrance to the Cave, with Judy then asking him why he wanted them to do so. The Client then reveals that Judy and Marcus would be meeting with some guests, with Marcus then opening the Cave. Two beefy security guards and the Clients employee then enter the Cave, with Marcus then asking Judy what was going on.

Judy recognizes the man as Kyle, asking him what he had been doing there, with the Client then telling Judy that he had a lot of money riding on her success that day and that Kyle and his team were there to help make sure there was no funny business, with Judy then asking what funny business there could be. The Client then explains that the 5.2 earthquake they'd created for their pilot had been impressive, but that that day he needed them to triple the output of seismic activity.

In response, Marcus says that the Client couldn't be serious , beginning to express his worry, before Judy stops him and tells the Client that they'd get it done. The Client then says that he was happy to have hear about that, before hanging up the call. In the Woods household, Carter is flat-out on the couch as his phone continues to ring. Alex then ponders why his father was never available when they needed him, having failed to get in contact with him.

Hayley then calls it unbelievable, with Brooke then telling them to go easy on their father as he may of been out on a mission, then adding that the two of them should be happy that their mother was alive. But Alex then just says that he'd only be happy once he saw her, stating that he didn't know how he'd get through that day.

Leo then suggests that each of them head their own separate ways, before people could get suspicious, with Daniel then reminding Alex that they had a basketball game in less than an hour. Brooke then says that Daniel had been right, noting it was Daniel's first game back since his leg injury. Daniel then says that they could keep an eye on his mother, as she'd be at the game. Leo then says that they'd all attend Daniel's game, with the group then getting ready to head off.

However, before they could head off, Daniel stops them, saying that they should think about their decision for a minute, explaining that they had all busted their butts to figure out what was going on around the Greenhouse and that they had been so close to stopping their plans, but Leo then asks Daniel whether he really expected them to let the conspirators hurt Ryan.

Daniel then tells Leo to no go round putting words in his mouth and that he had just been saying that they didn't know what the conspirators were planning and that as such they could be very sorry they had done nothing to stop them. However Leo then asserts that they had made their decision. Daniel then questions the use of "We" in Leo's sentence, saying that it seemed like Leo had made the decision for everyone.

Leo then stands up to Leo, saying that someone had to stop Daniel's mother. This then angers Daniel, with him asking Leo what he'd just said, with Leo then telling him that if it wasn't for Daniel's mom they wouldn't of been there in the first place. Out of anger, Daniel then knocks Leo back, asking him whether he had been kidding him, as he'd been spying on his mother the whole time. Alex and Hayley then attempt to break up the fight, as Daniel expresses his disbelief at the fact they'd just given up like a bunch of losers.

Leo then fires back, saying that he had forgotten that Daniel wasn't very good at handling complex situations. This then sets Daniel off again, as he lunges back at Leo. Hayley then exclaims that she couldn't take it anymore, before storming off. In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Hayley arrives and takes a seat at one of the nearby tables, with Aspen then seeing Hayley in her state from across the cafeteria.

Aspen then walks over to Hayley, asking her whether she could take a seat. Hayley then says yes, before Aspen says that she knew what Hayley thought of her and then admits that she had deserved it, before revealing that she wanted to tell Hayley that that time at the beach, she didn't understand why she didn't just jump in and grab her, the moment she'd seen her struggling, adding that she'd just hated how Leo had looked at Hayley.

Aspen continues, expressing that she knew that that had sounded awful, but in the end she wanted Hayley out of Leo's life and that by chance the earthquake occurred, meaning it had been like the perfect crime and had it been like she'd made it happen. Just then a thought pops into Hayley's head, with Hayley asking Aspen for clarification as to what she just said.

Aspen tries to explain that she hadn't meant to say what she just did, with Hayley then realizing something, pondering how they could of missed it. Confused, Aspen asks Hayley what she was on about, with Hayley exclaiming that the conspirators had made it happen, then thanking Aspen as she wouldn't of figured it out without her, then racing off.

Back in the biology lab, Hayley bursts through the door, announcing that she knew what the conspirators were planning, explaining that the earthquake they witnessed was created by them. Surprised, Daniel asks her what she meant, as she continues saying that she was sure the conspirators somehow managed to create the earthquake from inside the Cave, adding that while she knew it sounded crazy, it was the only thing that made some sense.

Max then points out that Marcus had told Leo that they were close to finishing their mission, with Hayley then saying that in which case the conspirators weren't waiting for an earthquake to happen. Confused, Brooke asks why they'd do that, with Alex then saying that they should assume his sister was correct, but then adds that they wouldn't want to do anything that puts their mother at risk. However, in response Hayley said she didn't know, believing they should reconsider.

Leo is then quick to ask what there was to consider, stating that they'd made a decision, but Hayley then tells him that he didn't know her mother, as she wouldn't just want them to stand there while something awful occurred without trying to stop it, then asking Alex for backing. Alex then nods his head, with Hayley then admitting that Daniel had been correct as well, as they hadn't done all of that work just to give up then.

Jackie then chimes in, asking Hayley what she thought they should do, with Hayley then asking Max whether there was a way to get the satellite that Emma took offline, turned back on. In the computer lab, Max races to his laptop, taking a seat, as Jackie rocks up to him, asking him what the plan was.

Max then reminds Jackie that Emma had told them that she had managed to hack into the NASA servers through the use of his laptop and that as the satellite was still up there, all they'd need to do is reverse the process. Jackie then asks him for clarification as to whether they had to un-hack the NASA servers, with Max then saying that that was it, explaining that once the satellite was online the conspirators would be exposed and would have to call off their plan.

In response, Jackie sarcastically says that she hadn't known it would be that easy, with Max then expressing that Emma had been too good, before having a little chuckle. Confused, Jackie asks what he had meant, with Max then revealing that Emma had left no trace of her hacking work on his laptop, as if she were a ghost. Jackie then gets Max to think of it in the way, that if Emma had left a footprint they would been able to trace it back to Max's laptop.

Jackie then concludes, that if this had been the case, Max would of been arrested ages ago. However Max then laments that Emma was the only one who would know how to fix it, with Jackie then suggesting that they ask Emma for help. But Max then reminds Jackie that Emma's phone had been disconnected, with Jackie then stating that there had to be another way they could reach Emma.

Just then Max realizes that they could get in contact with Emma's parents, then notifying Jackie that he'd just get their names and then bringing up their number for Jackie to ring. Jackie dials the number, but then finds that Emma's parents had their phone disconnected as well, stating that Emma really was like a ghost.

Back at the FBI headquarters, Perry walks over to Eric at his cubicle, reporting that someone at the Greenhouse had been snooping after Emma Geller again. Eric then asks for clarification, with Perry then revealing that Max had also tried Emma's parents that time as well, then assuring Eric that he'd take care of it. In the Cave, Judy gets a phone call from Eric.

Judy asks him what was up, with Eric revealing that they had a bit of a problem on their hands. Judy then hangs the call up, conveying to Kyle that there was a problem, as he walked behind her. At the basketball court, Brooke and Daniel are on the side of the court, as Daniel points out that he hadn't seen his mother anywhere.

Brooke then suggests that Daniel text his mother and tell her that he wanted her at the game, just as Alex rocks up. Daniel then takes out his Louie and starts texting his mother, just as the announcer starts to give Daniel a special welcome back to the Eagles team, with Daniel then having to head out onto the court and re-uniting with Parker on court. On the side of the court, Brooke gives Alex a kiss, then asking Brooke what the kiss was for, with Brooke saying it was for good luck.

Alex then heads off, unbeknownst to him that Sophie had seen his and Brooke's exchange. Back in the Cave, Judy tells Kyle that it had been Jason's responsibility and that he had dropped the ball with Emma. Kyle then notifies Judy that he'd be able to fix the problem, but would need to gain access to the main server for the Louie network. However Judy then reveals that the only access to it, could be found in Louis' office.

Judy then assures Kyle that she'd take care of it, just as she gets a text. Kyle asks her who it was from, with Judy revealing that it had been from her son. Kyle then goes on to ask what it had said, with Judy then asking how the text was any of his business, before then giving in and revealing that her son had a game on then and that he wanted her to attend it. Kyle then asks Judy whether the game was being played nearby, with Judy nodding her head so as to confirm it was.

Kyle suggests that Judy head off to watch the game, assuring her that he'd deal with their other problem, asking Judy to inform Jason that he was on his way. On his way out, Kyle tells his security guards to keep an eye on Judy and Marcus. Back at the game, the Eagles basketball team are huddling with Coach Davies, who says that he wanted them to get out there and play hard.

The Coach continues, saying that he wanted them to execute and focus, sticking to the fundamentals and then getting the players to put their hands in, with the Eagles then heading off to play, just as Hayley and Leo arrive in the bleachers. Over her Louie, Hayley is told by Jackie that they had a problem, revealing that they couldn't reach Emma, but that Max had been running something.

Jackie then turns to Max in the computer lab and asks for clarification as to what he had been running, with Max then informing her that he was running a combinatorial search using a quantum algorithm to look for hidden history files, with Jackie then simplifying it for Hayley, saying that Max had been running a search. In response, Hayley asks her how long it would take, with Jackie sharing the same sentiments and asking Max.

Max then state that it'd take anywhere between 10 minutes and 2 weeks, with Hayley then saying she understood. Just then Brooke walks up to Sophie, telling her that she needed to tell her something. Sophie then sarcastically says that she guessed it payed to be a backstabbing diva. Confused, Brooke exclaims what, before Sophie reveals that she had heard that Brooke and Alex were back together.

Sophie then turns back to the game, calling Alex and Brooke's reunion breaking news, before Brooke asks her whether she wanted to hear some really breaking news. In Louis' office, Kyle has arrived, with Jason asking him who he was. Kyle then introduces himself, asking whether Judy had told Jason about him. Jason then tries to explain that Judy had done so, before Kyle cuts him off, telling him that he'd done a rotten job, having left a lot of loose ends.

Sitting down, Kyle asks Jason whether he was going to help him fix the loose ends or not, with Jason then closing the door, as if to say yes. Kyle then tells Jason that he wanted to see all of phone messages that had been sent out on the Louie network in the last hour, then instructing Jason to show him the command functions. Jason then puts his specs on and heads over to the desk to do so.

Just then, Louis arrives through the door. Then seeing Kyle, Louis asks his son not to tell him that he'd found a replacement for Marcus that quickly, while walking towards him. Jason then tells Louis that he had, then introducing him to Kyle, with Kyle then getting up and saying hi, shaking hands with Louis. Louis then informs the pair that he didn't have time to chat, as he was on his way to an educators conference based on technology and innovation in Santa Barbara.

Louis then commends his son on the job he'd done, then heading off. Back at the basketball court, Sophie is in shock after learning what Brooke had told her, calling it the craziest story she'd ever heard in her life, with Brooke then expressing to Sophie that it was a story she couldn't tell anyone. In response, Sophie jokingly says that she had the best headline for the story, as well as the fact she got her best friend back.

The two then hug, as Daniel manages to make a member of the opposite team, accidently pass the ball to Parker, with Coach Davies continuing to beckon his team on. Parker then passes the ball back to Daniel as they reach the end of the court, with Daniel then managing to score a net and then smiling at Hayley in the crowd, who he saw smiling at him.

Just then, the buzzer sounds and half-time commences, with Daniel seeing his mother arrive in the bleachers and then jogging up to her. Daniel expresses his happiness that his mother had arrived, with Judy asking him when she had ever missed an important game of his. Daniel then says that he didn't know as he thought his mother had been busy. Seeing the look on her son's face, Judy asks him what was wrong.

Daniel then assures his mother that it was nothing and that he had just been nervous as it was a big game, with Judy then saying that they'd both been through a tough time as of late. Judy then tells Daniel that they deserved a vacation and that they could just get out of there for the next few days to clear their heads, reminding Daniel of the time they went to Martha's vineyard for Memorial day.

Judy suggests that they head there once more and that it could be like the old times, then coming up the idea that they could leave the Greenhouse that night right after celebrating the Eagles victory. However Daniel then firmly says that he didn't feel like running off, but Judy then says that no one was running off, asking him what he'd been talking about.

Judy asks Daniel whether something had happened, just as the buzzer sounds once more, with Daniel then heading back to start playing again. In Louis' office, Jason is on his laptop with Kyle, just as Kyle asks him to stop going through the Louie phone numbers. He points to a number in the list and asks Jason who it belonged to, with Jason revealing it had been Jackie's phone number, adding that he'd told his father not to accept her into the school.

Kyle then mockingly repeats what Jason had just said, telling Jason that he was pathetic and to start the GPS system. Jason then complies and discovers that Jackie was with Max at his computer lab. Kyle asks Jason where the lab was, with Jason then informing him that it was in the basement, with Kyle then guessing that the lab would be pretty secluded in said case.

In the computer lab, Jackie sees something on Max's laptop, asking what it was and whether it was bad, before assuring Max that she hadn't touched anything. Max then states that it was actually good as the algorithm had found the hidden encrypted file, with Jackie saying that she had no idea what it meant, but that it sounded good, before revealing she'd then call Hayley.

Max then says that Emma's code had been so beautifully written, before then apologizing and revealing that all he had to do. Just then the power goes off, with Jackie asking Max what had happened. Max believes it's just a power failure, noting that the backup generator should come back on and he'd then be able to reboot the programme. Seeing the power outage, Max then says that he had to check the circuit breakers, just before hearing a nail gun.

Outside the lab, Jason and Kyle are using a nail gun to nail planks on the door to the computer lab, locking Jackie and Max inside. Jackie tries to push the door open, but to no avail, concluding that the door must of been locked from the outside, with Max then asking how it could be, before attempting to open the door himself. Jackie then realizes that the conspirators were onto them.

Jackie continues, saying that the conspirators knew what they were up to and as such had turned off the power to stop them from getting the satellite up. Max then calls out, exclaiming that he and Jackie had been stuck inside, with Kyle then telling Jason to hold the planks in place, then moving back after the planks start to hold firm. Jason then heads off, as Max and Jackie continue to call for help.

In the Cave, Marcus looks at the scales on his computer screen and notifies the security guards that the operation system had frozen and that he needed to check the servers in order to fix it The guards then agree to let Marcus get up to fix the problem, with Marcus then getting up to do so. However Marcus actually ventures into Ryan's secret chamber. Marcus sits down next to the unconscious Ryan, asking how she was.

Marcus then states that while Ryan didn't know it, he was going to wake her up that day, then beginning to reduce the amount of anesthetics she was being given, promising her that she'd see her children once more. Marcus then gets a call on his phone from Judy, while back at the basketball court, Daniel manages to score another net.

In the bleachers, Judy is on the phone to Marcus, notifying him that the game was going to finish in 4 minutes and telling him to start the countdown. However just then Brooke rocks up to Judy, with Judy asking she was doing there. Brooke informs Judy that she was going to get a drink, asking Judy whether she wanted one, but Judy assures her that she didn't, then thanking Brooke as she headed off.

On the court, Coach Davies tells his team to keep their cool and to move up the field. Daniel then passes the ball to Alex, with Alex the managing to score a net, while in the bleachers Hayley informs Leo that Max and Jackie weren't answering their Louies, believing that something had been going on. Leo then suggests that they were possibly just busy and that everything was alright.

Brooke then sits down next to the pair, informing them that they had a problem, revealing that the conspirators would be starting the programme as soon as the game finished, with Leo noting that the game had almost finished. Hayley then gets up, with Leo asking her where she was going. Hayley states that she couldn't sit there anymore, then heading off, with Leo in tow as Coach Davies tells his team to keep their focus.

Brooke then gets the attention of Sophie, asking her whether there was a way to make the game last longer, with Sophie asking her why she'd want to do that. Brooke then reveals that Judy was going to start her plan at the end of the game. Sophie then realizes what they could do, signalling Alex over to her and instructing him to try and keep the game going as long as possible.

Alex then heads back to the court, and conveys this information to Daniel, who then asks why they needed to that. Alex then reveals that Jackie and Max had been taken off grid and as such they needed to buy the pair more time. However Daniel then reminds Alex that they were up by 15 and that there was only 3 minutes left, asking how they'd do it.

At the entrance of the basketball court, Leo manages to catch up with Hayley, asking her what she was going to do. Hayley expresses that she was going crazy sitting around and doing nothing, before announcing that she was heading to the Cave. Leo then realizes this and asks Hayley whether she was crazy, but Hayley then says that she should of done it sooner, as her mother was in there, being in danger and that was going to keep her safe.

Leo then tells Hayley that it wasn't a good idea and that they should stick with their plan. Hayley then asks what plan they had, as both Max and Jackie weren't answering their Louies, she had no idea what had happened with her father and her mother was lying in the Cave , being completely dependent on the people who wanted her dead. Leo then begs Hayley to listen to him, but she says that she already knew what he was going to say, but that her mother needed her and that that was all that mattered.

Hayley then heads off, while in the computer lab, Max and Jackie are sat waiting in darkness. At the Woods household, Carter is still asleep on the couch, as Hayley attempts to call him. Outside Hayley makes her way to the Cave, while her mother; Ryan begins to wake in her chamber.