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L.D.R is the twelfth episode of the first season of Greenhouse Academy and the 12th episode of the series overall. This episode serves as the 1st season's finale.


Carrying on from the previous episode, 11 hours after the party had taken place, the Ravens are busy cleaning up the mess from the party, with Max picking up the crown he'd won during the party. Elsewhere, Leo rocks up to Hayley asking her to talk with him for a second. However Hayley just ignores him and continues to clean up.

Leo then flashes back to the moment Aspen had arrived and kissed him. The two then come out of their kiss, as Aspen remarks that it had been brilliant, being such a cool party. Aspen then continues, saying that no one in London did that sort of thing anymore, commending Leo on his effort. But Leo then corrects her, by notifying her that the Eagles were the ones who put the event together. Hayley then cuts in and introduces herself to Aspen, with Aspen then doing the same.

Leo then reveals to Hayley that him and Aspen had pretty much grown up with each other, having known each other since the age of 5. Aspen then remarks, that they were childhood sweet-hearts, before she explains that her father was a diplomat and as such they moved to LA, when she was in kindergarten, revealing that it had at first been a nightmare, before she met Leo.

Aspen then asks Hayley whether she knew how many songs had been written for her, with Hayley saying that she hadn't before asking how many. Aspen then says that it may of been hundreds, before going on to say that her life-long dream had been to study singing at the London Conservatory and that as such they had decided to have a LDR. Confused, Hayley asks for clarification on the meaning, with Aspen revealing it meant long-distance relationship.

Aspen goes on to then say that it was her, who had first suggested to Leo that he should apply to the Greenhouse, then asking whether that had been funny. In response, Hayley says bluntly that it was hilarious. Back in the present, Leo is begging Hayley to let him explain the situation with Aspen.

However, Hayley asks what he had to explain, while continuing to mop the floor. Hayley then throws her voice to impersonate Aspen's English accent, saying that Aspen had been in the UK in a LDR with Leo, but Leo insists that it had been more complicated than that. Just then Aspen arrives in the cafeteria with a tray of chocolate milk and cookies, remarking that it had been from the yummiest bakery in Hampstead. Leo then heads over to Aspen, telling her that she didn't have to.

Aspen then says she'd do anything for Leo, before sneezing. Leo then says bless her, before suggesting that his fellow Ravens take five, with Hayley then childishly mimicking what Leo had just said. Back in the flashback, Hayley has met up with her brother Alex, who asks Hayley whether Aspen had been Leo's girl-friend. He then sees the look on his sister's face and tells her to stop it, as Leo wasn't worth it.

Hayley, then tearfully says that she couldn't understand, why Leo would keep something like this from her, before Alex ponders what she couldn't understand, as Leo had thought he could have both her and Aspen. Hayley then laments that this had happened just as things were going perfectly, but that then Aspen showed up, before adding that her brother should of seen the look on Leo's face when Aspen showed up. Hayley then concludes that it was like Leo had seen a ghost, before Alex calls him a jerk.

Alex then tells Hayley that he could potentially go and beat Leo up for her, with Hayley then joking that Alex had picked enough fights for one night. Alex, in response notes that Hayley may of had a point, before laughing. Hayley then states that she didn't need it and wanted to head home. Alex then comforts her, putting his arm round her, while telling her that she wouldn't be going anywhere, with Hayley agreeing.

Just then Alex sees Judy from across the path, with Alex asking whether it had been Daniel's mother, further asking what she had been doing over there. Hayley then jokes that she may of been after him, with Alex sarcastically calling it funny. Hayley then goes on to note that he had spent the entire night with Daniel's girl-friend. The two then have a chuckle together, before Hayley tells Alex to head back and have some fun.

Hayley assures Alex that she'd be fine, but Alex beckons her to get up and head back to the party with him, adding that the prettiest girl in the Greenhouse wouldn't be going to bed before 10 o'clock. Hayley then gives in and gets up, with Alex telling that he could accidently punch Leo if she wanted him to. This then makes Hayley laugh, with the two then heading back to the dance.

Back at the dance, Leo is sitting on the stage in dismay, just as Alex and Hayley re-enter the dance. Seeing Leo on the stage, Hayley calls it strange, with Aspen then getting up on stage. Aspen then begins by saying hi to the students, explaining that it had been a wonderful evening for her and that she had just wanted give something back to them as thanks. Aspen then goes on to say that she wanted to sing them an aria by Puccini, which she had fancied.

Aspen then concludes, that the song was for a special someone who had opened her eyes to a whole new world of music, then asking Leo whether he remembered when he had first taught her about the guitar chord. Aspen then begins her operatic performance, singing it in Italian. Upon the end of her performance, the students then give her a round of applause, with Hayley signalling to Alex to stop him from clapping. Back in the present, Hayley is spraying a surface clean, just as Aspen approaches her.

Aspen offers to take Hayley's place, telling her that she should really go and get something to eat, but Hayley tells her that she was fine. However, Aspen persists as she had slept through the entire flight to America and as such had a lot of energy. Leo then rocks up, saying that Aspen was right on her opinion and suggests that Hayley take a break. Hayley, in response, complies and walks off. Elsewhere in the cafeteria, Max is holding his crown from the dance.

The scene then flashes back once more, with Sophie stepping onto the stage and announcing that it was time for the annual dance-off between the students. The students then cheer, with Sophie then explaining the rules of the tradition, saying that they would all need to get into pairs and take turns dancing in the centre of a circle and that the couple that gained the most applause would be the winners.

While the game is beginning, Daniel and Brooke are still sitting at the table adjacent to the rest of the students, with Brooke trying to convince Daniel to get up and compete with her, making use of Daniel's crutch as a prop. However Daniel just tells her that he wasn't in the mood, just as Alex and Sophie start the game. The pair are then followed by Tammy and her date, as well as Becca and hers.

Max then points to Emma, with Jackie believing him to have pointed to her, as Emma and Max move into the centre of the circle. Jackie then takes a seat at the fountain, as Max twirls Emma around, resulting in mass cheers from the rest of the students, with the pair then finishing. After the game had finished, Sophie announces that the time had come to crown their winner, commending everyone on how well they danced.

Sophie then continues, remarking that she thought everyone could agree with her that the prize had to go to the most unexpected performances of the night, then turning to Emma and Max and announcing them as the new king and queen of the dance, congratulating them on their win. As the students cheer, Max hugs Emma. Sophie then awards Emma her crown, adding that it was always ladies first, before then crowning Max.

Parker then rocks up to Max, as he's getting crowned, congratulating him, just as Jason arrives in the cafeteria. He walks up to Emma, and clears his throat so as to get Emma's attention. She asks him what he wanted, with him then telling her to meet with him in his office within 2 minutes, before heading off. Emma then turns back to Max, with Max still expressing his surprise at the fact they won, remarking that they had killed it.

Emma awkwardly agrees with Max, before telling him that she needed to go and freshen up, promising to see Max in a little bit, with Max then saying ok, before she heads off. Max then sits next to Jackie, asking her whether she'd seen his dancing, with Jackie then sarcastically calling it amazing. Max then reveals that it was all thanks to her and that in the end her plan had worked.

Confused, Jackie asks him for clarification on the plan she gave him, with Max then revealing that he had meant the plan to get him and Emma together. In Jason's office, Emma has arrived, with Jason re-playing the message he'd intercepted from Emma to Brandon Thomas. In response, Emma asks him how he had managed to get that message, before then realizing that he'd tapped into her Louie.

Jason then reveals that had indeed done so, going on to say that he had also called Brandon back on her behalf, to relay her message, telling Brandon that Emma had wanted to express sympathy for the missing satellite, adding that Brandon had been very touched by her concern. Emma then says that she'd call him again, but Jason says that he didn't think she be able to.

Emma then threatens to tell Brandon everything, like how Jason had made her hack into the server, having told it was a special project and that he had promised her a full college scholarship if she managed to pull it off. However Jason, then insists that his promise had still stood and that her parents would never of been able to pay the tuition fees. Emma then states that her parents would rather she didn't go to college at all, rather than accept bribes from someone like Jason.

Emma then firmly says that she'd be calling NASA back, with Jason then telling her to go ahead, handing her back her Louie, remarking that they would never take the word of a Greenhouse student against the dean of the school. Jason goes on to say that the NSA would be watching her closely if she made false accusations to a government agency. Emma then calls Jason a monster, with Jason then saying that Emma had left him no choice. Emma then gives in, saying that she couldn't do it anymore, with Jason then revealing she'd be leaving the Greenhouse.

Jason then tells Emma that her cover story would be that her mother was sick and that she needed to be there for her, before then revealing that he was going to tell his father, that she needed to head off right away because it had been a family emergency. Jason continues, telling Emma that she was going to tell her mother that she'd missed home, before warning her not to even think of saying anything about the missing satellite, otherwise her message would go to the news.

Jason then orders Emma to go and pack her bags, wanting her to be gone by that night. Back in the cafeteria, the students have coupled up and are slow-dancing together, with Leo and Aspen having coupled. Aspen then reminds Leo of the time she and him had snuck into the country club after midnight to have a dance in the ballroom, but Leo then just says that they had been 12, before Aspen assures him that she had missed him so much.

Over at the fountain, Max is sitting, glumly looking down at the crown that he had won. At the seats, Jackie sarcastically calls the party great, while Hayley sarcastically says that it was the best ever. Upon seeing Aspen cosy up to Leo, Hayley asks Jackie whether she had seen the Jim Carrey movie, being the artsy one. Jackie shakes her head, before Hayley starts to explain that the movie featured an agency that wiped memories, especially memories that had to do with relationships.

Jackie then remarks that that'd be a movie she'd like to see, as she wouldn't mind erasing the past two hours. In the Ravens dormitory, Jason is watching over Emma, who's writing a letter, as the couples continue to slow-dance in the cafeteria. Seeing the dancing, Brooke tells Daniel that as it was slow-dancing he had no excuse that time. However Daniel just tells her that it wouldn't happen.

Brooke then turns round to see Alex on his own, before telling Daniel to have fun by himself. Brooke then gets up and heads over to Alex, with him asking what was up. Brooke says there was nothing much, as she puts her hands on his shoulders, beginning to dance with Alex. In the foyer, Jason is seeing Emma off, as she asks him whether she could at least say goodbye to her friends.

However Jason is quick to say that he didn't think that'd be a good idea, but Emma then just ignores him and heads off towards the cafeteria. Emma then begins to approach Max, with him then looking up with a smile on his face. Emma asks him whether she could have that dance with him. Max then agrees to do soy, putting his crown on, before Emma puts her arms around him. As they're dancing, Max notices the look Emma's face, asking whether she was ok.

Emma takes a pause, before revealing that she had to go, with Max then asking where as Emma had just gotten to the Greenhouse. Max then worries that it was the egg mayonnaise, lamenting that he should of told her about it. Emma then hushes, before going in for a kiss and heading off. Back in the present, Max is reading the note that Emma had written to him, with Jackie then approaching him.

Jackie sits down next to Max, before he asks her why Emma hadn't told him that she'd be leaving the Greenhouse. Jackie then suggests that Emma may not of wanted to ruin his night, but Max then adds that Emma had never told him that her mother was sick, before remarking that nothing about it had made sense.

Jackie then notes that Emma had been acting weird over the past couple of weeks. Just then Becca asks them to talk later, so they could just get on with cleaning the cafeteria, as there was cake everywhere. The scene then flashes back, with Alex and Brooke continuing to slow-dance, as Daniel watches them. Alex then stops and moves towards Daniel, who also gets up, who angrily asks Alex what he thought he was doing dancing with Brooke.

Brooke then rocks up, telling Daniel that she wasn't anyone's girl and that he was making a fool of himself. Daniel then admits that Brooke was nothing but a liar and a cheat, before Alex tells him to leave her alone. In anger, Daniel then picks up a cake, attempting to toss it at Alex, who dodges his toss. Daniel then angrily pushes all of the refreshments off of the table.

Daniel then declares that he and Brooke were finished, with Brooke then remarking that he had taken the words right out of her mouth. Daniel then picks up his crutches and heads off, with Leo calling it classic as Daniel headed off, applauding Alex. Alex then turns round to Leo, thinking about punching him, but Hayley then gives him a concerned look, warning him not to do so.

Alex wasn't listening, however and picked up a pie, slamming it in Leo's face, calling it classic. Aspen then asks what was going on, with Jackie then moving in and proceeding to push a pie into her face as well. Sophie then rushes in, demanding that everyone stopped and calmed down, just as Parker pours a bowl of punch over Hayley and Jackie. The students then scream food-fight, with students then beginning to clamber all over the cafeteria.

The students are throwing the refreshments at each other, as Max tries to duck out of the way on the seats. In the present, Jackie says that it was a waste of good cake, while she and Hayley cleaned up. Jackie then asks Hayley whether she had found out about the agency that erased memories, with Hayley then revealing that she had, but that by the time they'd gotten back to her, she told them it was no longer necessary, because she didn't want to erase the memory of Jackie slamming a pie into Aspen's face.

Jackie then re-iterates the last sentence Hayley had said, prompting Hayley to laugh, while Max and Leo were carrying a table back into the cafeteria. Leo then sees Aspen sneezing in one of the cubicles and walks over to her, telling her that they needed to talk. Back in the flashback, Aspen and Sophie are in the bathroom, trying to get the cake out of their hair, with Aspen lamenting that it had been useless.

Just then, Aspen jumps back, after noticing Steph the rabbit under the sink. Aspen's reaction, gives Sophie a shock, before she realizes what Aspen had been afraid of, crouching down and picking up the Eagles rabbit; Steph and introducing him to Aspen. However, Aspen just tells Sophie to get the rabbit out of there, with Sophie then revealing that the rabbit was the Eagles mascot. Aspen then remarks that she didn't care whether it was the queen of England.

Aspen then sneezes, revealing that she was allergic to rabbit fur . This just prompts Sophie to bring the rabbit closer to Aspen, noting how cute he looked. Aspen then asked Sophie, who allowed her to keep the rabbit in there, calling it repulsive. Sophie then remarks that what was truly repulsive was what Leo had done to his date. Back in the present, Leo begins to try and explain.

However, Aspen assures him that everything was ok, having known about Hayley and adding that there was no need for any drama. Aspen then goes on, saying that she didn't care about what had happened previously and that all that mattered was that she was there now. Leo then expresses that he was glad she wasn't upset, just as Aspen tells him that she didn't want to be away from him anymore.

Confused, Leo asks what she had meant, with Aspen then asking him whether he believed in serendipity, revealing that she had just talked with Louis and that it had turned out that one of the Ravens girls had left the Greenhouse on moments notice, with there being a vacancy in the Ravens dormitory. Realizing what was about to happen, Leo asks her what was happening, as Aspen remarks that it was the most brilliant thing that could of possibly happened.

Aspen then goes in for a kiss and hugging him, while expressing how happy she was. Out by the beach, Alex asks Brooke whether she was okay, with Brooke saying that she had thought so. Brooke then asks Alex whether he was ok, with Alex saying that he didn't really feel fine, and that he felt bad for Daniel, feeling that it had all been his fault. However Brooke tells him not to blame himself for what happened, revealing that she and Daniel were growing apart, long before Alex had joined the school.

Brooke then concludes, that the events of the previous night were just a wake-up call for her and adding that Daniel was too stubborn and full of pride in order to take responsibility for his own actions and she was done cleaning up after his mess, as she wasn't his mother. Alex then remembers what he had seen the previous night, with Brooke asking him what he meant about her. Alex then reveals that he had seen Daniel's mother the previous night.

Brooke then asks Alex where he had seen Judy, with Alex pointing to the location. In response, Brooke asks whether it was true, with Alex assuring her that it was, explaining that he had been with Hayley, and that they had been so busy talking about Aspen and as such he didn't really think anything of it at first, before re-iterating that he did see her.

Brooke then asks him whether it had been the same spot, that she had seen Marcus disappear in, being the same spot where they'd met the park ranger. Curious, Alex asks her whether she thought there was connection, as Brooke explains that it had all started when Daniel had found the park ranger's taser. Alex then says that even if Judy was responsible for getting Daniel off the hook, it still didn't explain why Judy had been there that night.

Brooke then suggests that Judy had known about the park ranger that entire time, with Alex asking her what she meant. Brooke then says that it was possible that Judy wasn't trying to protect Daniel, but was instead trying to protect herself, then telling Alex that that had to be it. Alex then asks Brooke whether they should tell her father, but Brooke just tells him that Louis adored Judy and would never believe she could do any wrong.

Brooke then asks Alex whether they could tell his father, but Alex is quick to point out that his father had just returned to his job and that he didn't want to drag him into the ordeal. Alex then realizes who they should call, pulling out the business card Eric had given him. Brooke then asks for clarification as to whether he had meant Eric, as Alex says that Eric was his father's best friend and that he knew they could trust him.

Brooke then agrees to do so, before thanking Alex for believing in her, then going in for a kiss. In the Ravens dormitory, Max is attempting to play a game of chess by himself, with Hayley reading her book on the couch and Leo doing the same at the table. In the Raven's locker rooms, Aspen is packing her stuff into Emma's old locker. Out in the Greenhouse grounds, Eric has arrived to see Alex and Brooke, with Alex thanking him for doing so.

Eric then tells Alex that he had been like a son to him, noting that it was a good thing Alex had called him. Alex then asks what they'd do then, with Eric then asking them whether anyone else had known about the situation, but Alex tells him that no one did. Eric then tells them that they'd both have to be very discreet with the information until they knew more.

Eric then asks Brooke, whether she'd mind going down to the station with him, as they could take her deposition. Brooke then says that she would, before Eric mentions that they could make a quick stop beforehand, as there was something that he thought she'd want to see. Brooke then gives Alex a kiss , before heading off with Eric.

In the Cave, Marcus gets a text from Judy, who reveals that they were having a visitor that day. Marcus then texts back asking who it was, with Judy promptly revealing it to be Brooke, telling him to welcome her. Marcus then gets up and heads into a secret chamber, only to reveal that Ryan was alive and unconscious.