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Pretty easy when you're a big fish in a small pond, full of even smaller minds.
Leo to Hayley in Old Trophies

Leo Cruz, played by Dallas Hart is the captain of the Ravens and a main character in Greenhouse Academy. He is the American counterpart to Iftach Har Lev in The Greenhouse.


Leo has hazel eyes, and brown hair. He is shown to commonly wear a jacket that consists of red stripes, white stripes, and then the rest is black. He is also shown to wear a necklace in most of his outfits. In some episodes his outfits range from a suit, a Raven's singlet with a plaid button up shirt over the top, and his Raven pyjamas.


Leo is the captain of the Ravens, as well as a born leader. He is a musician, and can play multiple instruments, as well as sing. He even writes a song for Hayley in season 1. It's shown that Leo can be a coward, for example, when Hayley and him first kiss, he tries to ignore that it happened and not face his feelings, or when Aspen arrived and he struggled to tell her that he actually was in love with Hayley. Another example is when Marcus shows Leo that Ryan Woods, (Hayley's mother) is still alive and that she will come back to consciousness after the next earthquake, but only if he stops his team (Daniel, Hayley, Jackie, Max, Alex, Brooke) from preventing the earthquake. He attempts to convince the team that this is the best option, which led to them all arguing over which is more logical (Standing back or taking action).


Season 1

In Pilot, Leo is introduced as a guitarist and is shown to be the captain of the Ravens. He is brought in by Suzanne McGill to play music during the entrance exam for the Greenhouse. Jackie Sanders doesn't like this and she instantly goes up to him and takes his guitar and pulls it out of his amp. Jackie then tells him that she did everyone a favor. When Jackie and Hayley Woods take/retake the entrance exam, they call Leo back in to play the music again. In The Opening Challenge, Leo works with Hayley to win the challenge and find the key. In Breaking and Entering, The Eagles dye Leo's face into purple and yellow. The following morning, everyone in the clubhouse notices, and Becca hands him a mirror. He then looks at himself and remarks that he "looks like a ninja turtle". He then dyes the Eagles' jerseys pink and shows Hayley a music room that the school had and teaches her how to play an A chord. In Private Screening, Leo goes to Hayley's house to help bring her back to the Greenhouse. They both spend time together after Hayley agrees to come back. In Black Smoke, in the music room this time, Leo and Hayley both play their guitars but this time, they end up kissing each other.

In Captain Material, Leo tells Hayley that he didn't want to put the couple title on both of them to which Hayley doesn't take very lightly. She tries to convince herself that it was just a kiss and that it happens between friends. In Swimming Lessons, Leo and Hayley both get into a fight about the whole situation during a game which results in both of them walking away. In The Outsider, Leo and Hayley both attend the satellite launch. When Hayley tells Leo that she couldn't do the launch because it reminded her of her mother, Leo comforts her and tells her that it will be ok. They then proceed to kiss each other and they rekindle their friendship, only this time as a couple. In Steph, Leo helps Hayley climb the rock wall and they both get closer to each other. In Guilt Free Cupcakes, Leo and Hayley work together to sell off a bunch of cupcakes. At first, Hayley calls it a dumb bake sale, and then she manages to have fun. Leo and Hayley then both participate in the fashion show, dressed up like rockers. In Great Scott, Leo sings the song he made for Hayley to Hayley. Just then, Aspen Fairchild, his girlfriend walks through the doors of the school to Leo and kisses him which makes Hayley shocked and angry. In L.D.R, Hayley throws a cake to Leo's face and the next day, mocks Leo and Aspen. Leo is very upset and he tries to tell Aspen that he wants to break up with her, but he can't.

Season 2

In Escape Mechanism, Leo talks to Hayley about Aspen. He tells her that he was sorry for not telling her, to which Hayley replies "It's ok, you have a girlfriend who sings and bakes cookies". Leo tells her that she hopes she understands and Hayley tells him that they would be great friends. In The Client (episode), Leo asks Aspen as to why she left London and tells her that she should have followed her dreams instead of coming to meet him. Then Leo finds out that Aspen would fill in for Emma Geller in the Ravens at the Greenhouse. He then tells Hayley that he didn't know this would happen to which Hayley responds, "Aspen has been full of surprises" before she walks away. During the pop quiz, Aspen gets on Hayley's nerves which causes Hayley to mock her the entire time. Aspen also only sat close to Leo and she showed off Leo to annoy Hayley. In A Day Off, Leo talks to Aspen and tells her that her jealousy was getting the best of her to which she replied to as Leo is her only one and that Hayley was just on the side. In Meant to Be, Leo goes into the water to save Hayley which then causes Aspen to help save them both. Aspen once again acts petty towards Hayley. In Surfing Lessons, Leo practices the song that he sang to Hayley in which Aspen barges through the door. She then harmonizes with the piece to which Leo doesn't take lightly. He tells her that he liked the way it was, causing Aspen to leave the room. In The Workshop, Leo ignores Aspen and mainly focuses on Hayley, causing Aspen to get upset. Aspen then shows Leo the picture that she took but Leo didn't seem to care. Leo then proceeds to break up with her during the interview that Michelle hosted. In The Spiral, Hayley lies to Leo about being in a relationship with Daniel. Leo then understands and gets upset but is still confused as to what was going on.

In More Than a Hunch, Hayley explains everything to Leo which prompts him to tell Hayley that something was going on with the cave. The moment she told him, he joined Team Eureka. Leo then goes inside the cave. In A Born Leader, Leo awakens in the cave next to Marcus. He then heads back to his dorm after Marcus tells him to do something. He then proceeds to lie to Hayley and Jackie about what had happened. In Kyle, it is shown in the cave that Leo then asks Marcus whether he would hypnotize him to which Marcus says no. Marcus then shows Leo, Ryan Woods. Leo takes this information and agrees to tell no one. However, in a meeting with Team Eureka, he tells everyone to which Hayley is shocked and happy. They then all decide to stall Daniel's basketball game while Hayley goes to the cave. In Bad Decisions, Leo and Aspen help Max and Jackie come out of the room. In Home, Leo and Daniel get a bomb out of the cave and they both save Hayley and Ryan. Leo then reveals to Hayley that he still loves her and Hayley smiles. She proceeds to hug him and then walk away.

Season 3

In The Hike, The Ravens go on a hike in the Santa Barbara mountains led by Louis Osmond. Leo leads the group and mocks Hayley along the way while also showing a bit of hatred. When someone destroys the campsite in the morning, Leo gets angry at the Eagles, thinking that the Eagles were the reason behind the mess. Hayley then wears a jacket with the Eagles' insignia to which Leo remarks that he wished she threw it off a cliff. He continues to display hatred towards Hayley on the trip. When Leo and Daniel arrive at the cliff to get the flag, they end up fighting each other when Daniel tells Leo "Hayley's with me, I already won". This fight causes Sophie to come in and eventually fall off the cliff. In The Interrogation, Leo goes to the hospital with Hayley and Leo and has an injured hand. Becca tries to comfort Leo but Leo's mind is on something else as he looks at Daniel's arm around Hayley. Hayley then leaves The Ravens to join The Eagles which leaves everyone in shock. In Your New Best Friend, Leo mocks Hayley about her cheerleading skills and he tells Daniel that she would get tired in 2 minutes if he wanted to take her for a run. In Old Trophies, The Eagles and The Ravens compete in a quiz game. Leo gets mad at Max because he wants to show that he can win the game for his team. Hayley and Daniel contribute the most in which as a result, The Eagles win. Later in the episode, Leo impulsivly kisses Becca, causing Becca to do a bunch of nice things that Leo doesn't enjoy. He then tells Becca to stop and tells her that the kiss was a mistake. Becca leaves, heartbroken, by what Leo tells her. In A Piece of Moon Rock, Leo helps Brooke start a new life in The Ravens. Leo and Brooke become good friends and they help each out.

In The Hidden Flag, Brooke helps Leo and the team win Capture The Flag. Leo doesn't seem to mind anything about Hayley after Brooke transfers teams. In The Beeps, Hayley hears a mysterious beeping noise in her house. She then gets curious about the sound and goes over to the cafeteria. Hayley then realizes that the sound came from the cave. Leo and Brooke both puzzled, ask Hayley what she is talking about. Brooke then explains to her that the noise came from her brother's room. When they walk in, they discover a secret room in Jason Osmond's closet that is linked directly to the cave. Hayley then brings in Daniel to show him this. Leo and Daniel both decide that they would both go and get rid of the noise. However, Coach Davies threatens to take Daniel off the team if he doesn't attend a practice. Daniel then goes inside which then prompts Hayley to take his place. When they reach the cave, they see a bunch of explosives. Leo and Hayley turn off the beeping sound and Leo tells Hayley that he was sorry for everything that he had done to Hayley. Unfortunately, after he says those words, Hayley accidentally steps on the trigger for the explosives and tells Leo to get out of the cave. As soon as Hayley makes a run for it, the cave explodes and collapses causing Leo to fall back and get hurt.

Season 4

In Rock by Rock, Leo gets very sick and gets black veins all over his arms. Luckily Daniel sees him and takes him to the hospital. At the hospital, Leo is doing terrible. His oxygen levels start dropping and his liver and kidneys start to shut down. In The Quick One, Hayley gives her blood marrow to Leo in order to save his life. Doctor Hovey and her other team of doctors work to save Leo's life. In the end, due to Emma and Max's quick thinking, Dr. Hovey was able to save Leo's life. At the end of the episode, Hayley comes inside Leo's hospital room and talks to him. She also looks at him in a way that she never looked at Daniel. Daniel sees them both inside however and gets a bit upset. In A Not Totally Bad Person, Dr. Hovey tells Leo about what had happened. Leo then asks her if he would be able to recover to which Dr. Hovey says "I hope so/maybe". This leaves Leo rather upset. Daniel and Hayley then come by to visit Leo. Daniel then offers a slice of pizza to Leo. Leo wants the pizza, but because he was paralyzed, he didn't take it. Daniel then leaves it on his nightstand and leaves with Hayley. Hayley however, looks back at Leo. When Leo tries to get the pizza, he falls. Hayley sees this and tries to help Leo up. Leo gets angry at her and tells her to call the nurse. She does so and he forces her to go. Hayley then knew that something was wrong with Leo. At the end of the episode, he looks outside a window in his wheelchair. In Gummy Bears, Daniel talks to Leo and tells him that he was being very rude to people and that he should fix his attitude. Daniel tells him thereafter that before he leaves, he should be kind to Hayley. When Hayley gets discharged from the hospital, she goes in to check Leo's room. To her surprise, Leo was gone. She then asked the doctor where he was to which the doctor said "A rehab center". Hayley then writes Leo a letter only for Becca to come throw it out in the trash. At the movies, Leo texts Hayley saying that he was sorry. Daniel then deletes his message as soon as Hayley comes back from the bathroom.

In Cortinarius Orellanus, a person working for The Client cuts Leo and poisons him using a poisoned bandage after Leo agrees to get his face shaved. Leo starts to worsen and another doctor notices. The doctor then asks the fake doctor to call Leo's parents in which he did call Leo's parents, only he told them that Leo was doing great. In Hundred Percent, Leo starts to worsen at the rehab center. The fake doctor texted Hayley notifying that he was fine. Hayley and Daniel then realize that something was wrong with Leo and they go straight to the rehab center. In Room 205, Leo finds out that there was something wrong with the doctor and he tries to hide from him. The doctor then grabs a shot full of poison but lucklily, Leo finds it and stabs the doctor with it. He then hides in a storage closet until he hears Hayley. He calls out to Hayley and Daniel but the doctor finds him. He then knocks over a bunch of boxes and the doctor manages to fall. Hayley and Daniel save him from the place and get him home. Leo and Hayley then talk in the car. As soon as they are about to kiss, a car slams into them. In The Client, Eric was the one that slammed into them and he held them captive. Daniel saw however and was able to get everyone safely back. They then manage to beat The Client. Leo and Sophie then go back to the place they went camping and Leo and Hayley end up kissing and becoming a couple once again.


Leo and Aspen

Leo and Hayley




  • In real life, Dallas hart, the portrayer of Leo Cruz is a musician
  • Dallas sang Alive, the theme song of Greenhouse Academy
  • Despite many rumors, Dallas isn't dating fellow greenhouse costar, Ariel Mortman
  • The character, Leo, was originally called Duncan, but since the cast didn't like the name, they decided to switch the name over to Leo