Leo Cruz, played by Dallas Hart is the captain of the Ravens and a main character in Greenhouse Academy.

Leo Cruz 5


Leo has hazel eyes, and brown hair. He is shown to commonly wear a jacket that consists of red stripes, white stripes, and then the rest is black. He is also shown to wear a necklace in most of his outfits. In some episodes his outfits range from a suit, a Raven's singlet with a plaid button up shirt over the top, and his Raven pyjamas.


Leo is the captain of the Ravens, as well as a born leader. He is a musician, and can play multiple instruments, as well as sing. He even writes a song for Hayley in season 1. It's shown that Leo can be a coward, for example, when Hayley and him first kiss, he tries to ignore that it happened and not face his feelings, or when Aspen arrived and he struggled to tell her that he actually was in love with Hayley. Another example is when Marcus shows Leo that Ryan Woods, (Hayley's mother) is still alive and that she will come back to consciousness after the next earthquake, but only if he stops his team (Daniel, Hayley, Jackie, Max, Alex, Brooke) from preventing the earthquake. He attempts to convince the team that this is the best option, which led to them all arguing over which is more logical (Standing back or taking action).


Season 1


Leo and Aspen

Leo and Hayley



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