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The louie is the equivalent of a Louis in Greenhouse Academy. The functions are quite similar to the original series including a holographic touch pad, a slider and the ability for it to unlock clubhouse doors. In season 1, episode 3, Alex steals Hayley's Louie to break into the Raven's clubhouse. Alex then replaces her Louie with a fake which as a result, causes a lot of problems for Hayley.

The Captain Louie

The captain Louie allows captains to deactivate their own teams' Louies, check their teams' stats as well as do basic things such as opening doors, calling, texting and searching the web. In season 1, episode 9, Sophie deactivates all of the boys' Louies after a horrible stench comes from their lockers. She then forces the boys to clean out their lockers which then reveals a shocking revelation.


  • Opening and closing doors
  • Access to the web
  • Sophie's Blog
  • Texting/Messages
  • Calling
  • Contact lists
  • Camera/Videotaping

Other Facts

  • If the Louie network shuts down, the captain gets a set of keys to unlock all of the doors in the school
  • The Louies do not work near the cave
  • Replacements are generally stashed in the Groundskeeper's office
  • People can tap into your Louies, as seen in Seasons 1-2 with Emma
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