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Louis Osmond, played by Parker Stevenson is the headmaster of the Greenhouse, the father of Brooke Osmond and a recurring character in Greenhouse Academy.

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Louis is a middle-aged man with peach skin, blue eyes and long grey hair with a beard. Louis is often seen wearing a black t-shirt throughout the duration of the series, as well as a pair of denim jeans.


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Season 1


Louis was first mentioned in a Greenhouse brochure, being read by Alex before being seen within the foyer of the school, greeting his students as well as his son; Jason in the first episode Pilot. Later in the same episode Louis appears as a judge at the physical examinations for the Greenhouse applicants.

At said audition, Louis is joined by Jason who questions him on the fact that he's giving ex-con; Jackie a chance at the school, with Jason asking him to image the potential outcome of Jackie having been armed with a weapon. In response however, Louis says that he had thought Jackie was beginning to blossom at the Greenhouse. After this Louis examines Alex during his physical exam, applauding Alex's performance in the exam, before taking Daniel on his suggestion to have Alex take him on in a 1-on-1 match.

When Alex attacks Daniel, after Daniel throttled him, Louis defends his son's decision to tell Alex to leave and exerts to Hayley that they couldn't accept the behaviour Alex displayed on the court. Later Louis makes a U-turn on his decision, catching up to the Woods siblings outside, giving Alex a second chance and offering Hayley a spot at the school. Louis then watches over both Jackie and Hayley taking the entry exam (much to his son's chagrin), before welcoming the new students during the opening ceremony.

The Opening Challenge

Louis' next appearance was in The Opening Challenge, where it was revealed that he was actually the father to Eagles member; Brooke Osmond, after having bumped into Hayley in the Eagles corridor, questioning what she was doing there, before proceeding to walk up to the Eagles dormitory, to say good night to his daughter. Later in the episode, Louis explains the opening challenge to the Eagles and Ravens, revealing that he was sending the teams a riddle, that they'd need to use to find a key that'd open the glass container holding a baton, that'd need to be used on the nearby gong for the winners to claim their prize.

After the Ravens had managed to successfully find the right key to the container, with Leo and Hayley having worked out the riddle, Louis announces them as the winners and after Hayley sounds the gong, he notified them that their award would be in their dormitory.

Breaking and Entering

Louis appears next in Breaking and Entering, where he is confronted by both Eric and Perry in the Greenhouse foyer, who are there to gain permission to search the Greenhouse grounds, as well as interrogate the students about a missing park ranger's taser. Louis asks them how long their search was going to be, with the two officers expressing that their search would thorough but discreet. Later that evening, Louis meets with the 2 officers once more in his office, after they had found no evidence linking Louis's students to the missing park ranger's gun, asking the pair to leave.

However, after another search of the grounds the pair are able to find legitimate evidence, that Louis is shown out in the Greenhouse grounds. After this evidence arises, Louis is forced to allow his students to be interrogated by the officers, believing Jackie could of possibly been involved with the case and heads to the Ravens dormitory to look for her, alongside Jason and the two officers, but initially to no avail. When Jackie does arrive in the dormitory, Louis explains that that the 2 officers wanted to conduct a lie detector test.

Louis tries to appease Jackie, but Jackie refuses to take the lie detector test and so Louis is forced to allow the officers to take Jackie away. However when Hayley and her fellow Ravens offer to take the test in defence of Jackie, Louis agrees with them and beckons the officers to go ahead and to which he oversees in his office.

Private Screening

Louis is next seen telling Eric and Perry to leave the Greenhouse grounds after Jackie and her fellow Ravens managed to pass the test, escorting them out in Private Screening. Later that nigh after Hayley had found out what Alex had done to her, Louis meets with Hayley in the Eagles corridor once more, comforting Hayley as she reveals her plans to leave the school and assuring her there'd always be a space for her there and then delivering her letter to Alex upon her request.

After this, Louis sees Eric off in the Greenhouse foyer once more, just as his daughter arrives asking what had been going on. Louis then assures Brooke that Eric had reported to him that he had found what he had been looking for, with Brooke further asking whether the FBI had found the missing park ranger. Louis then corrects his daughter by revealing Eric and Perry had found the taser off the of Greenhouse grounds, before embracing with his daughter for a hug and heading off.

Black Smoke

In Black Smoke, Louis is seen at the hospital, alongside Brooke to accompany Judy as her son is being seen in hospital after his collapse at the basketball game. He assures Judy that Daniel would be fine, explaining that he knew Daniel would be in good hands with Dr. Schwartz, exerting that the main thing was that Daniel had made it through the operation. In the hospital room, Louis assures Judy that he didn't know about the shrapnel in Daniel's leg, after being questioned by Judy, with Brooke then later telling him that they needed to talk.

Louis questions his daughter as to whether she really knew about the taser shrapnel, with Brooke then reminding him that she had told him that she wasn't sure, with Louis then going onto correct her, saying that she had told him that she'd seen Daniel throwing a rock into the sea. Louis then gets angry in response to Brooke's defence, remarking that he didn't raise her to be that gullible, then questioning whether there was any other details she hadn't told him about the taser. Louis then expresses to his daughter that she could of saved the Ravens from taking a lie-detector test and that both she and Daniel could of ended up in prison thanks to tis debacle.

Later in that same episode, Louis is in Daniel's hospital room, beckoning him to explain what had happened with the taser gun, before then stating that it was unfortunate he was the least of Daniel's problems and that he was displeased with his judgement after Daniel had said sorry to him.

Captain Material

Next in Captain Material, Louis appears in the Eagles dormitory, after Daniel had returned to the school, to announce that Daniel would no longer be able to be captain of the Eagles after the incident and that there'd need to be an election for the next captain. Louis later meets up with Jason and Judy in the foyer, exerting the fact that he hoped Judy wasn't there to try and convince him to give Daniel the captain role back. However to Louis's surprise Judy is in favour of Louis' move, with Judy explaining that her son had made a mistake and deserved to pay for it.

In the same episode, Louis meets with his daughter in his quarters to talk about Daniel and to see how she was doing. Louis also thanks her for also not trying to convince him to give Daniel back his captainship, with Brooke remarking that she had figured that if Judy wasn't able to convince him, then she wouldn't be able to either.

Swimming Lessons

In Swimming Lessons, Louis tells his son Jason that he wasn't ready enough to take on more responsibility after he'd asked to take the Ravens to the NASA satellite launch, upon hearing that Louis had received invitations to go and see it. Louis concludes by saying that he loved Jason and that he would look forward to the day that he'd be able to take on said responsibility. Later Louis meets with Judy in the Greenhouse cafeteria to talk about the invitations to the satellite launch.

Louis reveals that Brandon Thomas had invited him and that Brandon would be giving a speech in Ryan's honour, as Judy calls it an honour. Louis then takes time to listen to what Judy had to say about her son Daniel, after he revealed that Jason had asked to go in his place to the NASA satellite launch, with Judy talking about what had happened with her son's swimming lessons. Louis then comforts her and assures her that she couldn't blame herself for what had happened with him.

The Outsider

Louis is only seen briefly in the next episode; The Outsider, where he is seen watching the news report about the Athena shuttle launch, with the doorbell later ringing, with Louis answering it to find Emma standing before him.


In Steph, Louis is seen welcoming Sophie into his office and congratulating her on becoming the first female Eagles captain. He asks her how she had slept, before introducing her to both her captain's Louie and her captain's polo-shirt. After seeing Sophie off, Louis sits back down at his desk and asks his son what happened with Emma the previous night, only to be lied to by him. Louis is later mentioned to have been in talks with Sophie about Steph the rabbit becoming the Eagles new mascot, to which he had approved.

Guilt Free Cupcakes

After his daughter and Alex had been rescued from the missing park ranger, while investigating around the Cave entrance, Louis is seeing the pair in his quarters in Guilt Free Cupcakes. There he's notified by Eric that the missing park ranger had indeed been the man that had confronted Brooke and Alex, with Louis then asking Brooke why she hadn't just told him about the ordeal that night, as the pair could of been killed. Annoyed, Louis then just states that the park ranger saga was over, before escorting Eric out.

Later in the episode, Louis is seen welcoming both the Eagles and Ravens to the Harvest fair, explaining that a wealthy benefactor had gotten in contact with him and had been told that they money raised through the cupcake sales would go towards buying spots for 20 kids to spend their summer at a STEM summer camp program, with 200 gourmet cupcakes needing to be sold in order to accomplish said goal. In response to Max later said, Louis states that they had an alumni that had sold their start-up to Apple and that for every cupcake sold they'd retrieve 1,000 dollars. Louis then explains that once a cupcake got sold, the teams would need to ring the bell at their booth to inject more money into the sphere.

Louis concludes by saying that each of the teams would need to be creative in selling their cupcakes and that the winner would take the reigns of the Halloween dance, with the losers having to clean up after it. Once the challenge concluded, Louis gathered the students, telling them that they'd both come up with brave and unconventional ways of selling cupcakes and that they'd made 150,000 dollars, meaning they had reached their goal. Louis then reveals the winners to have been the Eagles, before announcing that their anonymous donor had a friend who was a fashion designer and that she had agreed to match their 150,000 dollars if they did a Greenhouse fashion show, meaning they could get 40 spots instead of the initial 20.

|-|Season 2=

Season 2

Escape Mechanism

Louis makes his first appearance in Season 2, in the episode; Escape Mechanism, where he's seen in his quarters alongside his son Jason reading the riddle that the Ravens had been attempting to crack, pointing out the three flags that corresponded with the riddle, before stating that he'd like Brooke to see the riddle, trying to call her on his Louie, but to no avail, then believing her to be having a busy day.

The Client

Louis next appears in The Client where he meets with the two teams in the Greenhouse foyer, where he introduces everyone to Aspen, explaining that while they didn't usually accept new students mid-semester, Aspen had initially been accepted into the school within the previous year, before going onto then explain that the 2 teams would be taking on a pop quiz to find out how much they'd learnt so far that year. Louis then announces that the prize for said challenge would be a day off at the beach, with all you can eat BBQ, as well as explaining the quiz.

After this Louis is chased by Max down the corridor, who asks him about Emma's disappearance. Louis promises Max that he'd give him Emma's number after the challenge had finished, directing him towards his office once the challenge had finished. Louis then reveals this to his son, after he walked off. Later Louis gathers the students in the cafeteria to congratulate the teams on the challenge, then announcing that the Ravens had won with a final score of 12-11.

Meant to Be

In Meant to Be, Louis sees his daughter clambering down the staircase in the Greenhouse foyer during the earthquake and attempts to keep his daughter safe by stopping her going looking for Daniel during said events and holding onto her until the earthquake subdued. After the earthquake, Louis gathers everyone in the foyer to make sure that everyone was alright, stating that it had seemed everything was fine. Louis also adds that they'd be undertaking extra emergency drills at the school.

In the same episode, Louis invites Daniel and his mother to join him and Brooke for dinner, where he makes his "world-famous" lasagne, which is complimented by Judy. There he expresses how proud he had been with his daughter; Brooke, after Judy had made comments carrying the same sentiments.

The Workshop

Louis next pops up in the episode; The Workshop where he is visited by Michelle Wallace in his quarters, who has come to see him about doing a media workshop for the students, to which he eventually agrees to allow. In correspondence to this, Louis oversees the interviews that Michelle overtakes in the class, but later has to step in when she interviews Jackie, asking her some incriminating questions and then has Marcus take her off of the Greenhouse grounds.

More Than a Hunch

In More Than a Hunch Louis receives a letter of resignation from Marcus and heads to Marcus' workshop where he bumps into Hayley, who has arrived to also find Marcus. Louis explains what had happened to Marcus to her and then heads into Marcus' office, sharing the same sentiments as Hayley. Louis is later seen in his quarters consoling with Judy about Marcus's disappearance. Towards the end of the episode, Louis is seen setting up the table for dinner in his quarters, with Jason just as Brooke and Daniel arrive.

A Born Leader

In his next appearance; A Born Leader Louis is seen talking with his son, daughter, Daniel and Judy in his quarters, before dinner. Once Jason makes the excuse, that he forgot to post an email to the Californian department of education, with Louis then questioning his son as to whether this was really the truth. After Jason had returned and received a text from Max, Louis curious asks Max who it was, with Jason just brushing it off by saying it was a student, claiming they had no boundaries, to which Louis then states that as Jason gained more power he'd learn to control those boundaries.


In the next episode; Kyle Louis is seen being introduced to the new caretaker; Kyle that his son had hired for the school, before heading off to an educators conference in Santa Barbara.


Louis makes his final appearance in Home, where he is seen arriving in the Greenhouse foyer, to reunite with Ryan Woods and her family. There he states that it had been both the saddest and happiest day of his life, while he is later seen watching his son get arrested in his office.