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Marcus, played by Maayan Bloom is the groundskeeper at Greenhouse Academy and a recurring character in Greenhouse Academy.

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Marcus is a middle-aged man, with long dark grey hair, blue eyes and peach skin, with an unshaven face. He's usually seen wearing a green polo-shirt, alongside a pair of denim jeans. He also wears a set of glasses.


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Season 1

Captain Material

Marcus is first seen in the episode; Captain Material, where he is visited by Brooke in his workshop, who asks him about how to rig a car to explode, to which he is shown to sceptical to give the answers too, before Brooke manages to persuade him. Later in the episode, Marcus arrives at the cave to meet with Judy and to report on what Brooke was up to, later going onto worry about the upcoming launch of a NASA satellite, revealing that NASA would be moving forward with Ryan's mission, then explaining that the mission was about a way to help scientists predict earthquakes.

The Outsider

Marcus' next appearance is in the episode; The Outsider, where he is seen in the Cave, briefing Jason on what he needed to do at the launch of the NASA space shuttle, asking him to provide a one minute-window which would allow him to hack NASA's servers, as well as providing Jason with the USB chip for his mission. Laster in the episode after, the mission had been successful, Marcus is seen retrieving the data from Jason and then proceeding to take control of the satellite's server.


Marcus is next seen in the episode; Steph, where he enters the Cave, having retrieved some equipment for Judy, before realizing that he had been tailed by Brooke via the security cameras. Later on Judy demands that Marcus hypnotize Brooke, with Marcus being reluctant to do so, before being told to get back to his work. In the next episode; Guilt Free Cupcakes, Marcus assures Judy that he'd be able to make sure that the Park Ranger would forget everything that had occurred, having seen him attacking Alex and Brooke on the monitor, further assuring Judy that he had called the police 10 minutes prior and that they would arrive at any time.


After this Marcus appears in L.D.R, where he is seen getting a text from Eric and getting ready to take in Brooke, before checking up on an unconscious Ryan Woods, that he was hiding in a secret chamber.

|-|Season 2=

Season 2

Escape Mechanism

In Escape Mechanism, Marcus is seen checking up on Ryan in his secret chamber, before attending to Brooke in her jail cell and assuring her that he didn't want to incarcerate her in that way, and expressing that he couldn't just let her go, before delivering her a meal. After this he gets back to work, as soon as Judy appears in the Cave.

In a flashback, a younger Marcus is seen being visited by a young Ryan Woods, who has made a discovery in a nearby crater. Marcus eventually gives in, curious at the discovery that Ryan had made and goes with her to the crater, where he sees that she had managed to magnetize a pick-axe to a nearby rock. Back in the present Marcus is forced to begin hypnotizing Brooke. A day before the satellite launch, Marcus is seen being visited by Judy, who is informing him about their plan and making sure that he knew what to do, all the more while expressing his discomfort at carrying out their plan and then later notifying Ryan of the escape pod in her shuttle and begging her to use it if she needed it.

The Client

In the next episode; The Client, Marcus is busy working in the cave, while Judy shows him a photo of her son and Brooke back together, after he'd hypnotised Brooke, with him then warning Judy that she'd pay for what she had done and lamenting about his betrayal of Louis' trust. Later in the episode, Marcus shows Judy on his monitor the progress he had been making on their plan.

A Day Off

Marcus next appears in A Day Off, where he is shown expressing clear worry and concern about the specific time that the Client wanted to activate the earthquake at. Later in the same episode, Marcus points out the trigger points, to which the seismic plates would be vulnerable around the beach at the Greenhouse and identifying the point to which he thought would be perfect for their trial run of the earthquake, then assuring Judy that it was 4 miles out into the ocean and then noting the equipment they'd need for it, as well pointing out the fact that they'd be fine in the cave and finally assuring Judy that the students and staff of the Greenhouse wouldn't feel the quake, before beginning the process.

Meant to Be

In Meant to Be Marcus is seen struggling in the cave, as the earthquake continues, later making sure that Ryan was ok in her secret chamber and then later finding out that the Client had been happy about the work that they had managed to achieve, with Marcus expressing his disdain at the fact that they'd nearly destroyed the Greenhouse.

Surfing Lessons

Marcus is next seen in Surfing Lessons where he is seen listening to Judy's talk with the Client and hearing about their next assignment in the Cave, noting that the next spot in which their earthquake should hit would be 90 miles north of the Cave. Marcus expresses his concern at the potential casualties that could be caused through their earthquake, with Client using Marcus' potential fee to reassure him. After this Marcus is seen in The Workshop, where he heads outside of his workshop in order to turn the power back on, after Hayley turned it off as a distraction for Daniel.

The Spiral

Later, Marcus manages to discover Daniel's invisible ink pen that he had dropped while in Marcus' workshop, then projecting it onto a nearby white-board in The Spiral, only to discover his name had been written in the ink. After this he makes use of hand-writing scanning software and discovers that the hand-writing belonged to Hayley, later being seen in Ryan's secret chamber in the Cave, expressing that he now had to deal with Ryan's daughter, before communicating the key-word to both Daniel and Hayley that'd break Brooke out of her trance in secret.

More Than a Hunch

In More Than a Hunch Marcus leaves a letter of resignation for Louis and is later scolded by Judy for doing so and then later nabbing Leo after he makes his way to the outside of the Cave.

A Born Leader

In A Born Leader Marcus assures Leo that he wasn't going to hypnotize him, while he sat in the jail-cell and then takes him to go and see Ryan in her unconscious state, explaining that he had managed to install a escape pod in the space shuttle and that he had rescued her and was keeping her alive, until they had finished their mission, expressing to Leo that he had to break up the heroes, if Hayley was to see her mother alive again.


In the next episode; Kyle Marcus appears during a flashback where is he seen being confronted by Leo, who had mad his way out to the Cave. Marcus reveals the fact that Hayley's mother; Ryan was still alive and tells him that in order to make sure that Ryan stays alive, Leo would need to break up his friends investigation. Later in the episode, Marcus is seen working in the Cave, just as he's asked to open the Cave entrance, then being confronted by Kyle and his men.

He expresses concern at the fact that the Client had hired henchman to watch over him and Judy, before Judy silences him. Finally he's seen caring for the unconscious Ryan in her secret chamber, assuring her that once his mission had been completed he'd be able to wake her up.

Bad Decisions

During the next episode; Bad Decisions Marcus is busy working in the Cave, just as he is asked by Kyle where Judy was, with him assuring Kyle that Judy would be there any minute. After this Marcus then sees Hayley sneaking in the Cave and makes the excuse to Kyle that he had to go and check the servers. When asked by Hayley where her mom was, he opens up Ryan's secret chamber for her. Later in the episode, after Hayley had been discovered with her mother; Ryan who had actually been alive, Kyle deduces that Marcus had known Ryan was alive.

Marcus is then aggressively told by Kyle that he should of been thankful that he was needed, before then being asked how quickly he could initiate their plan. After being told he'd need to continue working if he wanted to keep Hayley and her mother alive, Marcus begrudgingly goes back to work. Later in the same episode, Kyle tells Marcus to initiate the countdown, before Marcus tells him that Judy hadn't arrived back at that point. But Kyle is quick to beckon him on. Eventually Marcus decides to take a stand and hits Kyle in the face, before being detained by Kyle's guards. Marcus then gets knocked down by Kyle, leaving him in an unconscious state.


Marcus is seen for the last time in Home, where he is seen being taken away by a police offer, due to having still aided Kyle's Greenhouse takeover.