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Mati and Alona is one of the relationships in The Greenhouse, consisting of Mati Spivak and Alona Berger.

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Season 1

Early in the first season of the show, once Mati has joined the Ravens, he begins to fall for fellow Raven; Alona. However Matti clearly shows he does not have much of a way with girls and is not very confident about asking Alona. Dina (who secretly has a crush on Mati), helps him to man-up and talk to her, suggesting ways to help him achieve his goals.

However these strategies didn't tend to work, putting Mati in an even more awkward situation. Alona, however is eventually able to work out that Mati's in love with her and finds out that they both have similar interests, beginning to form a relationship. However later, when a mysterious shuttle accident occurs, during a trip to the Israeli national Space centre. Not long after this Alona disappears from the Greenhouse, due the guilt of aiding Ze'ev's hijack of the Israeli space shuttle.

After Alona's disappearance, Mati is downtrodden and works to find out what happened to her, alongside Dina, with who'm he's beginning to build a strong friendship with. Eventually the two are able to work out that Alona's being held captive at her home, alongside her parents, through a skype chat. Alona explains what happened and why she had to do what she did, during this chat.

Later in the season, Alona manages to escape her entrapment at home, making her way back the Greenhouse, where she works to avoid Robbie Klein and his new hired hand; Boris, who are searching the campus grounds for her, when she returns. Eventually she manages to stumble upon Team Galapagos in their secret meeting room. After this she helps the gang carry out their plans. During this time she recuperates with both Matti and Dina, especially Mati. When the three head to the Israeli Space station, to warn Boaz of Ze'ev's plans for the space shuttle, they get tied up together with 3 office chairs, with both Alona and Matti trying to figure out ways to escape together, eventually allowing Dina to take charge.

In the end, Alona sees Mati and Dina's relationship forming and steps back to allow them to have their relationship.

Season 2

In season 2, after Matti manages to injure himself during the Hiking and team-orientation challenge, Alona conforts him in the hospital, alongside Dina. Clear signs of Matti beginning to fall in love with Alona begin to show again.