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Meant to Be is the fourth episode of Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy and the sixteenth episode overall, premiering on Netflix; February 14th,2018.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Hayley is beginning to drown in the ocean, as the earthquake continues. She attempts to call out for help, before then seeing a vision of her mother; Ryan underwater, before floating back up and continuing to call for help. On the beach, Suzanne's instructing the Ravens to evacuate the area, while up on the path, Jackie struggles to walk.

In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is trying to record as the earthquake rages on, while Alex directs his fellow Eagles to stay low. Back in the ocean, Hayley continues to call for Aspen's help, while in the Cave, Judy is panicking, as Marcus heads off. Judy asks him where he was going, with Marcus telling her that he had to go and check on the engine room, with Judy then saying that she'd go with him. However Marcus tells her to stay there as it was safer.

Back in the Eagles dormitory, Parker exclaims that the earthquake was taking way too long, stating that the building wouldn't be able to take it, with Brooke then realizing Daniel wasn't there, rushing off. In the biology lab, Daniel is struggling to stay standing, while out in the foyer, Jason sees his sister and instructs her to get back to her clubhouse. However Brooke continues on, worrying about Daniel. In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is still trying to film.

Sophie introduces herself as Sophie Cardona, who was a student at the Greenhouse, before noting that the time was 3:16 in the afternoon. Back in the foyer, Louis sees his daughter clamber down the stairs and asks her what she was doing. Brooke tells him that she had been looking for Daniel, before Louis tells her to stay with him and holding onto her, adding that she wouldn't be heading anywhere till the earthquake finished.

Back at the beach, Hayley is still struggling in the ocean, just as Leo assures Hayley that he was on his way. Leo charges into the water and swims over to Hayley, putting his arm round her and getting her to continue swimming with him. As the two begin to reach the shallow waters, Aspen takes a rope out into the ocean for them. Leo then tells Hayley that she needed to keep swimming.

In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is continuing her report saying that it had been the longest earthquake she could remember, beginning to say that if they were gone and you were to find her video, before being interrupted by Parker who tells her that he had always wanted for them to be together, admitting that he loved her. However, just then the earthquake stops, leaving Parker embarrassed.

Parker then asks Alex and Tammy whether they were alright, helping them up. In the biology lab, Daniel is laying on the floor, with all the books having fallen off the bookcases. Daniel then groans as he begins to get up, before looking round for his book, finding it and taking a look at the list of people who'd taken the book out once more, finding Marcus' name.

In the Cave, Marcus is checking on Ryan in her bed, noting that her resting pulse was back to normal, with her blood pressure being stable, before apologizing to her. Marcus then hears Judy calling for him and asking him where he was, with Marcus then heading off. As Marcus re-enters the office, Judy asks what had taken him so long, with Marcus then saying that he had to check the servers as well, while sitting down.

Judy then tells Marcus, that she had hoped for his sake that Daniel was alright. Back in the biology lab Daniel is reading his book, just as he gets a call from his mother on his Louie, just as Brooke comes looking for him. Daniel then walks out of the lab, to come face to face with Brooke.

Brooke runs up to him and notifies him that she had been freaking out, not knowing where he was. She then asks him whether he was ok, with him assuring her that he was, before she then further asks him what he had been doing in the lab. Daniel then begins to explain, just as Brooke gets a call from Judy on her Louie, notifying Daniel that his mother had been trying to call him. Daniel then takes the call with his mother, assuring her that he was fine.

Daniel the notifies his mother that he was with Brooke then. In the corridor, Jason is walking with his father and notifying him that they'd done a sweep of the Greenhouse, revealing that all the students had been fine and adding that the maintenance had been clearing up all of the debris. Louis then asks if there had been any injuries caused, but Jason then tells him that there hadn't been. Just then the Ravens arrive in the Greenhouse foyer.

As they walk in, Jackie asks Hayley if she was alright, with Hayley assuring her that she was. Louis then gets the Ravens to listen to him, as Leo tells Aspen that he hadn't been happier to seen anyone in his life. Louis then asks Suzanne whether everyone was there, with Suzanne assuring him that everyone, stating that the rest of the Ravens were on their way back and that everybody was fine. After the assurance, Louis states that they had gotten lucky.

Louis then continues, by saying that that was a big earthquake, but it seemed everything appeared to be alright, before concluding that they were all safe now and that they'd be taking extra emergency drills that month, adding that there could potentially be aftershocks from the earthquake, just as Max heads upstairs.

Just then Louis concludes by saying that they should all clean up and get back to normal, with Jason having just caught Max sneaking upstairs. In the Ravens dormitory, Max is searching through the piles of fallen items, just as Jason rocks up to him. Max tells Jason that he was looking for something, prompting Jason to ask whether he could help him. Max then reveals that he'd been looking for Emma's chess set.

In response, Jason asks why he was looking for it, with Max then making the excuse that Emma's set was very delicate and as such he wanted to make sure it hadn't been damaged, but Jason then tells Max that he was sure it wasn't as he had already mailed the set off, explaining that Emma had requested for the set to be sent back to her, before assuring Max that he didn't need to worry, as Emma's chessboard was saved.

Just then the other Ravens arrive in the clubhouse, to see the mess that had been caused by the earthquake, with Leo then instructing everyone to get the place tidied up and back to normal. Jackie then walks up to Max and asks whether he had managed to find Emma's white knight chess piece, but Max then shakes his head and reveals that Jason had mailed the set back to Emma.

In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is watching the footage she had recorded during the earthquake, just as Parker rocks up, reporting on the fact that their dorm was still a mess, but that they had managed to get most of the glass cleaned up, like she'd said. Sophie, in response thanks Parker, with him then awkwardly says that a 5.2 on the Richter scale was pretty crazy, as if to distract Sophie from he said during the earthquake.

Sophie then remarks that it felt more like a 9.0 on the Richter scale to her, with Parker saying it was pretty scary. Sophie then shares the same sentiments, before Parker sat down and asked what she was doing. Sophie then explains that she was uploading some her videos, adding that the process always took forever. Parker then brings up what had happened during the earthquake, mentioning that he'd said some things, with his head having been all over the place.

However, Sophie assures Parker it was alright, with Parker then saying that he had just felt like an idiot. Sophie then tells Parker that he wasn't an idiot, as they were just nervous during the ordeal, before then adding that she actually thought Parker's confession was cute. Parker then asks if everything was cool, with Sophie then assuring him that it was. Parker then asks Sophie whether she was going to show the video to anyone.

Sophie then assures Parkes that that wouldn't be the case, with Parker then heading off. In the Ravens locker rooms, Hayley is unlocking her locker, just as Aspen comes round the corner and asks her how she was. Hayley then just bluntly says that she was fine, before asking Aspen how she was.

Aspen then responds by saying that she was fine, but that her hand hurt a little, before asking who cared about that, as the important thing was that Hayley was alright. In response, Hayley says that she never got the chance to thank Aspen for helping her, but Aspen tells her that she didn't need to do so, as she had done what anyone else would of in the same situation.

Aspen then goes on to say that you really didn't have time to think in the moment like that, and that you just jumped into action, then saying that she got goose-bumps thinking about what could of happened to Leo in the ocean if she hadn't pulled Hayley and him out of there. In response, Hayley gives Aspen a long and stern stare, with her Aspen then saying that it would of been a morbid and awful way to go, before then heading off.

At the KWOO7 TV station, Michelle is sitting at her office, just as her editor rocks up. He asks her whether she'd seen what he was viewing on his tablet, with Michell then curious, asking what it was. He then hands Michelle the tablet, explaining that it was a video blog that had been shot by a student at the Greenhouse, with it having been shot during the earthquake that had occurred. The editor then plays the clip of Sophie's report to Michelle.

Michelle then asks her editor to get on her the phone to Sophie immediately . Out by the beach, Hayley has arrived to talk to Alex, who says that he thought his sister knew how to swim. However, Hayley explains that it had been a whirlpool and this it was like she was an ant going down the drain. Alex then asks Hayley, whether Aspen did really just stare at her, but Hayley says that it was hard to tell.

However Hayley, then says that she was sure Aspen did see her and that had Leo not shown up, Alex would no longer have his sister, with Alex then saying that if anything had happened to her, he would of killed her, causing the two to chuckle. Alex then continues, by saying that he now knew that Louis was right about what he'd said to her on the first day. Curious, Hayley asks what he meant, with Alex saying it was that Hayley was never going to be bored there.

Hayley then says that she could use a few days of boredom, before mentioning that there was something else she needed to tell her brother. Hayley goes on to say that when she was underwater she'd seen something, with Alex asking whether she had meant the way people say that life would flash before their eyes. Hayley then says that it was that, but it wasn't before her eyes, before then revealing that she'd seen their mother.

In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is on a face-time with Michelle Wallace, expressing her surprise. In response, Michell says that she couldn't believe she was talking with Sophie, and that she had meant Sophie had been in the middle of an earthquake and that Sophie's first instinct was to record a story. Michelle continues, saying that Sophie reminded her of herself at Sophie's age.

Sophie, in response thanks Michelle, as Michelle remarks that what Sophie did was the mark of a great journalist, and that they were always on the lookout for the next big story. Sophie then asks for clarification, before apologizing and saying that she just couldn't breathe out of excitement, with Michelle telling her to relax, before asking Sophie whether she could have permission to use her footage for that night's lead story on the earthquake.

Sophie then asks Michelle for clarification as to whether she was kidding, with Michelle asking Sophie whether that meant it was a yes, with Sophie assuring her that it was definitely a yes. Michelle then notifies Sophie that they were going to need some more footage, and that she needed to send it as soon as possible. Michelle then asks Sophie whether she did have any more footage, with Sophie then promising to get on it. After that, Sophie ends the calls and gets excited for the fact the Eagles would be on TV.

Back at the beach, Alex believes that Hayley saw their mother, because she was scared, as she believed herself to be drowning. Hayley then asserts that she was indeed drowning, with Alex then saying that if he was in the same situation he would of imagined their mother as well, but Hayley assures him that she hadn't imagined her, adding that it'd be hard to explain.

Curious, Alex asked for her to continue, but Hayley just tells him to forget about it. However Alex is persistent and asks once more, with Hayley then reminding Alex of how mad she used to get towards their father when he had talked about their mother, like she was still alive. Hayley then reveals that she thought her father may of been right all along. Confused, Alex asks what she meant, with Hayley then telling him that she had really felt their mom's presence.

Alex then asserts the fact that all of this that Hayley was telling him, was just a part of her traumatic experience and that it was just some form of PTSD. However, Hayley is adamant that it wasn't post traumatic shock and expresses that she did actually see their mother, swearing by it. In the Eagles dormitory, Brooke is asking Daniel what the nurse had told him.

Daniel then assures her that he was fine and had no concussion, with Brooke then saying she knew what would make him strong and healthy, as they polish the Eagles trophies. Brooke then reveals it to be her father's "world-famous" lasagne, but Daniel then reminds Brooke that it was taco night at the cafeteria. However, Brooke then reveals that her father had invited Daniel and his mom over for dinner.

In the Cave, Judy gets a text from the Client, revealing that he seemed to be very happy with the work they did on the earthquake, with Marcus then questioning it, asking whether the Client had been happy the Greenhouse was almost destroyed. Judy then however tells Marcus that they didn't destroy the school and that they now knew the programme did indeed work and that that was why it was called a test-run.

Judy then continues, saying that they then knew the parameters of the program and as such would be able to fix the glitches before they made use of it again. Later that night in the Eagles dormitory, Tammy asks the other Eagles whether or not they wanted to watch Sophie appear on TV. Alex then asks Sophie how it felt to be a celebrity, but Sophie tells Alex that she wasn't the celebrity, but that it was actually her story that was the celebrity.

Sophie then adds that it did however feel great, as Tammy asks Sophie whether she knew what time her story would air on TV, but Sophie says that she had no idea, with Tammy then suggesting that Sophie should call Michelle and find out. Sophie then asks the pair whether they really thought she should, with Alex telling her to go for it. Sophie then gets up and does so.

Sophie gives Michelle a call, just as Michelle is having her make-up done before the broadcast. Michelle picks up Sophie's call, with Sophie explaining that she was just calling to see what time her footage would be aired during the broadcast. However, Michelle then asks Sophie whether her assistant had called her, with Sophie then revealing that he hadn't, before asking why he would.

Michelle then reveals that they weren't going to be using Sophie's footage in the broadcast, as their show was jam-packed, then apologizing for the news. Sophie then however says that she thought Michelle liked her footage, but Michelle says that she did, but that when they were in the cutting room, the footage looked stale, with Sophie then expressing the fact that she was in the middle of an earthquake.

Michelle then says that they had a lot of footage from the earthquake and that she was looking for a story and a point of view, being something emotional that their viewers would be able to connect with. Sophie then questions that approach, asking whether it was reality show, with Michelle then remarking that everything those days was a reality show. Sophie then looks over at Parker on the couch and reveals that there was some footage she didn't show Michelle.

In response, Michelle asks her whether the footage was good, just as Parker gives Sophie and smile and a thumbs up from the couch. Sophie then assures Michelle that it was good footage. In Louis' office, Jason opens up Emma's chess set and attempts to look for the white knight chess piece, then taking out his magnifying class to help him search. However, just then his Louie rings.

He then takes the call to his father, assuring him that he was on his way to dinner. Jason then turns off his lamp and slides Emma's chess piece back into the bookcase, before heading off. In Louis' quarters, Daniel and his mother have arrived for dinner, as Daniel mentions just how of a day it had been.

Judy then says that Louis' lasagne smelt so good, before saying that that was exactly what they needed at that point, being some comfort food. Louis then reveals that Brooke had insisted he start a food truck if he were to eve retire as headmaster of the Greenhouse. Judy then smiles at Brooke, guessing that Louis must of been so proud of her. Louis then says that he was, as Judy says that her son couldn't of picked a sweeter girl.

Judy the then continues, saying that she was so happy that Brooke and her son were back together, with Brooke sharing her sentiments. Daniel then gives Brooke a concerned stare, as she says that she and him were meant to be. Seeing the look on Daniel's face, Brooke asks him what was wrong, with Daniel explaining that he had always thought that Brooke didn't believe in fate and that she always talked about controlling her destiny.

However, in response Brooke then says that some things would be out of her control, with Judy then backing her up and telling her son that you couldn't control love. Just then Jason arrives, giving his sister a kiss, before taking his seat, adjacent to Judy. Brooke then hands Jason the plat of lasagne. Back in the Eagles dormitory, the Eagles are all gathered round the couch in preparation for the news broadcast.

Parker then gets them all to stop chatting, as the broadcast was about to start. In the report, Michelle starts by asking what you'd do if a 5.2 earthquake were to hit your school, before introducing Sophie as a student at the prestigious Greenhouse, with her first instinct being to record the event that occurred. Michelle then goes on to explain that that day's earthquake was actually a highly localized microquake, that only effected the 5-mile campus of the Greenhouse.

Michelle then continues, saying that thankfully no one had been injured and no structural damage was caused, then adding that for the Greenhouse students the earthquake had certainly rocked their world. Michelle then plays the footage of Sophie's recording, as Judy states that she was so grateful none of the Greenhouse students were hurt, watching from Louis' quarters with her son and the Osmonds. Michelle then says that the Greenhouse was one of the most competitive schools in the country, with the academy being famous for training future leaders, who were passionate about their ideals.

Michelle then brings up Parker's name, stating that he wasn't afraid to say what was on his mind, then showing the clip of what he had confessed during the earthquake. Michelle then says that privacy was a thing of the past, welcoming viewers to Generation Viral, with teens living their lives on-screen 24/7. Later that night, in the Cave Marcus has arrived to watch over Ryan once more. Outside, Hayley is watching the waves