Memorial Day Part 1 is the twenty fourth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering 13th February 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


Carrying on from the last episode, Louis hears Alona calling for him and asks who's at the door. Robbie assures him everything is fine, asking Alona what her problem is, as she explains that people have started to suspect her. Robbie questions who "They" are, with Alona telling him it's her friends, adding she feels like she's going crazy. Robbie then hushes her.

Back inside, Louis asks Natalie what's going on out there, as she sits back at the table. However Natalie tells him to just forget about it, and just to let Robbie take care of things. Louis agrees with her, as Natalie says that Louis has to begin trusting his son more. Robbie then returns to the table, sitting down and reporting that it was Alona at the door and she'd came, because she's having troubles at home, adding he suggested Alona take a few days off to go home. Louis then begins to argue back, but stops himself and says that he trusts Robbie, telling him he should do whatever he thought was right.

In the Ravens dormitory, Alona walks up to Matti with her bag packed and watches him sleeping, before taking out her Louie and placing it on his bedside table. Alona also takes out a chess piece and places that on his table as well. Alona then heads off.

It's morning at the Ravens dormitory, and Matti comes in holding Alona's chess piece and asking where she'd gone, before sitting down next to Dina and Ellali on the couch. Robbie then arrives in the Ravens dormitory, asking them all to listen. Robbie begins, explaining that as they know it's a big day that day and the Prime Minister's Convoy was about to leave Jerusalem on it's way to the Greenhouse. Robbie then reveals the first he had another announcement to make, revealing that Alona had to go home indefinitely.

Matti asks why she had to, but Robbie tells him he couldn't go into details about it, as it was a personal matter, but that she had asked him to say goodbye to them all for her. Iftach then tells Ellali, Dina and Matti that their now going to tell him everything, or else he'd tell Robbie everything he knew. Robbie having overheard, asks whether anyone has any questions or something they need to say, or any comments and complaints. Iftach then puts his hand up, adding he had something he'd like to say. Iftach reveals he just wanted to say something about what Robbie had said earlier, wishing Ellali good luck with the speech she's doing that day. Robbie then heads off.

At the ministerial embassy, Mordi's secretary let's him and Ze'ev know that his convoy would be ready in 5 minutes. Mordi says great, just as Ze'ev says he has something to say for just for the record, before the they leave. Ze'ev expresses that he's concerned about what Mordi's going to do that day. Ze'ev explains Mordi's seen the polls, but Mordi's not having it, telling Ze'ev not to about polls to him, as Ze'ev asks Mordi whether he remembers which of his traits scored the highest. Mordi asks which one, as Ze'ev expresses it was credibility and that 81% of the public see Mordi as the most credible Prime Minister that Israel's ever had.

Ze'ev continues, adding just to imagine what they'd think if they found out, they kept such a large secret hidden from them. Mordi then asks Ze'ev what he loves about him, expressing it's the fact that Ze'ev cared about him as much as his father may of, and that sometimes he even reminded him of his father. Mordi continues saying being governed by the polls would be worse than taking a dip in them, exclaiming that he's going publicize Project Nexus and is confident about the decision. Their security escort then shows up, notifying them that their ready to go, as Mordi heads off too and Ze'ev tells him that he'd join Mordi in a minute, as someone needed him.

Ze'ev then takes out his phone and calls Judy. In the dimly lit car park, Judy picks up the call, as she asks whether there's any news about the Prime Minister, however Ze'ev tells her no, adding that Mordi's as stubborn as a mule. Judy says she figured as much, with Ze'ev asking whether they had a plan B in place. Judy then expresses they couldn't let Mordi go through with his speech and that plan B was sitting right next to her, revealing Arik to have been sitting next to her, as she hangs up the call.

Judy tells Arik, that she wants him to find somebody who doesn't have any connections to anyone, adding it could be someone like the mafia, possibly a foreigner, and that basically it had to be someone so underground that even their mother didn't know they existed. Arik then expresses he has just the guy for the job, a hit man, explaining that this man was a sniper for the Cheban Rebels who had escaped there and that he'd get in contact with him, himself. Judy then says great, reminding Arik that it had to be a clean hit, having the guy go and setup and with one accurate shot, that'd be it, asking for no nonsense. Arik rhetorically asks whether he'd ever disappointed her. Judy then hands Arik a suit, reminding him that it must happen before the speech.

Arik then gets up. Back at the Greenhouse, Ellali, Dina and Matti have decided to reveal what they've been investigating to Iftach, with Ellali explaining to him that Dina had seen Robbie near the meteor site on the day that they'd come back from the satellite launch, with Matti adding that he didn't believe it at first either, as Ellali continues, explaining that Alona started to act strange since then as well and that they suspect it's because of Robbie.

Ellali then looks around for the note, reading"Alona + R", as Dina then adds that the meteor site had also been where they had found that crazy park ranger, who had attempted to slit her throat. Ellali then continues, adding that the fact that Alona had just now disappeared, reveals the fact that Alona had been onto them. Iftach then expresses that they were lucky it had only been Alona and that had it been Louis, the three would kicked out of the Greenhouse, with Ellali then saying she wished, because then she wouldn't have to deliver the speech that day. Dina then asks Iftach what he thought about all of that.

Iftach then questions what he thinks, expressing he doesn't think the three have a shred of evidence, that'd help prove anything their saying, adding the incidents could all be connected, but that it's still possible they're just imagining things. Iftach then adds that Alona may just have some problems at home and that maybe the reason she's been acting strange, which would be much better than their crazy theory. Matti then questions him whether he's telling them to just forget about it all, with Iftach saying why forget about it, as the three had a fun time playing detectives, but that it's time to get back to reality, adding that while he didn't know about them, he had the Prime Minister to take into consideration, adding he's heard he's dying to meet him and that Ellal had best focus on her speech, before heading off.

At the Eagles basketball court, Daniel is sitting on the bench, while watching his team-mates practicing. Just then Alfie manages to dribble the ball in front of Ron, managing to throw past him and get a goal, with Daniel then catching the ball as it bounces towards him. Alfie then walks over, asking for the ball back. Daniel then lets Alfie know that he appreciates him not telling everyone else about the whole thing, throwing the ball back to him, as Alfie exclaims that things always seem to work out for Daniel.

Alfie then turns and tries for another net, with the ball then bouncing back to Daniel, as Daniel then continues, adding that he didn't do anything to get Natalie back, throwing the ball back to Alfie again. Alfie then says sure it had nothing to do with him, with Daniel then, confused asking what. Alfie then angrily turns around, asking Daniel whether he really believed Natalie had just changed her mind, with Daniel still confused, asking what he meant. Alfie says he didn't know, telling Daniel to ask his mother, adding that maybe she could explain.

Out on the Greenhouse lawn, Louis welcomes Mordi and his crew to the Greenhouse, as the two shake hands, with Louis then correcting himself, saying Prime Minister Sir. Mordi however tells him it's ok, adding he'd always be Mordi at the Greenhouse, as Louis says welcome to the Greenhouse. Mordi thanks him and introduces his chief of staff, Ze'ev. Ze'eve then shakes Louis' hand, as Louis says it's a pleasure to meet him, with Robbie expressing he's so excited to be there, as Mordi adds that the place even smelt the same as it did.

Robbie then expresses to Mordi that they had advanced a lot as of recent years, as Mordi says yes. Louis then introduces the Greenhouse's two captain; first introducing Iftach as the captain of the Ravens, as Iftach shakes the Prime Minister's hand, saying it's nice to meet him, with Louis then introducing Sophie as the captain of the Eagles. Mordi expresses his amazement, while shaking Sophie's hand, saying that he believes Sophie's the first ever female captain, with Sophie confirming it, as Mordi remarks it as wonderful. Robbie then asks if they should begin the tour of the school. Mordi then expresses that with all due respect, he's still "Prime Minister, sir" to Robbie, calling him a kid. Mordi then reveals he was joking around, exclaiming to Louis, that he still sees Robbie is as gullible as ever. Mordi then says after Louis, beckoning him on, but Louis says after him instead, as they walk on.

At the police headquarters, the chief announces to his officers, that he just read that Mordechai Rosen would be visiting the school that Guri's kids went to, with Guri adding that the Prime Minister would be there for Naomi's memorial, as the chief questions that the memorial was that day, asking what Guri's doing there in that case. However Guri also expresses it's his first day back at work, adding he wants to get off on the right foot. However the chief expresses that Guri couldn't leave his kids alone at an event of that magnitude, but Guri says that he didn't need a ceremony to remember Naomi and she'd always be with him, with the chief then walking off.

Back at the Eagles basket ball court, the team is still training, as Alfie attempts to pass the ball to Ron, who throws to Eitan. Natalie then arrives on the court, sitting down next to Daniel, as Gershon exclaims the geriatric team in Afula moves faster than them in wheel chairs, telling Alfie to manage the game, calling him Mr. Playmaker. Two of the Prime Minister's officials then walk onto the court, as Gershon exclaims their in the middle of a game, asking who they are, just as Mordi and Louis arrive on the court.

Mordi compliments Louis on the basket ball court that they've built, adding it's like the N.B.A and that he and Gershon used to play on tile floors back in the day, asking Gershon if he could remember, with Mordi then saying Gershon had zits back then. Gershon then expresses it's an honour to meet Mordi, shaking hands with him. Mordi then notices Daniel on the bench and asks him what's up, asking whether they'd see him back on the court any time soon, with Daniel getting up to greet the Prime Minister. Daniel shakes hands with the Prime Minister, as he expresses he hoped he would be back on the court soon. Mordi then sees Natalie standing next to him, and notes the last time he saw her, he was her babysitter, adding that she was 6 months old at the time and that she'd peed on him.

Mordi then remarks he wouldn't forget that moment, as Natalie apologizes and shakes hands with him. Mordi then asks where Naomi's son is, as Alfie puts his hand up in response, as the Prime Minister points him out as Alfie, adding there's no mistaking it and that Alfie had his mother's eyes. Alfie shake's Mordi's hand, as Mordi tells him, he's heard that he's a pretty good basket ball player, asking whether they could play one on one. Mordi then asks for the ball, asking Alfie to go easy on him, noting that he was a Raven.

In the library, Ellali is working on her speech, as Iftach asks whether he could read it, sitting down next to Ellali, but Ellali says there's nothing to read, prompting Iftach to then take her laptop, taking a look at her speech. She then exclaims that he has a lot of nerve, with him saying that the nice thing about their relationship is he has nothing to lose, adding she couldn't stand him anyway. Iftach then tells her that while he could see what she was trying to do, it wouldn't work.

Ellali sarcastically thanks him, adding she already knew that. Iftach then says so what, adding that she still has 3 hours left, before correcting himself, saying less than that, adding that even the Beatles had recorded their first album in one day, so he was sure it'd work out, wishing her good luck before heading off.

Ellali questions whether Iftach was serious about that and whether that was actually his help. Iftach then surprised exclaims she actually needs help, that she looked him in the eye and asked for his help, adding who said people couldn't change, as Ellali asks whether he'd finished. Iftach then says he is and sits down.

Out on the Greenhouse lawn, Ze'ev is smoking a cigar, just as Robbie walks up asking Ze'ev what's up, and how it's going with he knew what. However Ze'ev questions Robbie as to whether he really believed this to be the best time and place to be discussing it, Robbie then agrees with him. Robbie then expresses, that he didn't want to bother him, but hoped that he could officially introduce him to Mordi, as Ze'ev firmly asks Robbie what he wants from him. Robbie explains that it didn't seem Mordi was aware, that he's working for him on their project, adding it'd be nice if he knew about it.

However, Ze'ev questions Robbie whether he thought that Mordi had more important. R things to do as of then. Robbie then says that in all due respect he was risking his career, while the Prime Minister humiliated him in front of everyone. Ze'ev then expresses that it's all about respect, adding he thought Robbie was doing this to help benefit the country. Robbie then strongly expresses he is doing it for the country, but that he had managed to get them the satellite access code and that he wouldn't even mention what Ze'ev had done to his sister; Natalie. Ze'eve then hushes him, assuring Robbie, that the Prime Minister does know about him, that he knew everything and that the only reason he'd dissed Robbie was to help avoid any suspicion of a link to Robbie.

Ze'eve then expresses that the Prime Minister knew everything Robbie had done for them and that he's really proud of him, before adding it's a secret mission and hushing him. Robbie then heads off. Back at the court, Alfie is about to take Mordi on in a one-on-one basket ball game, as the Prime Minister tells him not to go easy on him.

Alfie then manages to swerve around Mordi's defence and throw the ball into the net, as the Prime Minister jokes, whether there's a law against publicly humiliating the Prime Minister. Alfie then throws the ball to Mordi, but he throw's it back, as Alfie attempts to get it past him. However Mordi is able to get the ball off him this time and scores a net, with Alfie complimenting Mordi's shot. Alfie then gets the ball and throws it to Mordi, who pretends to be hurt, causing Alfie to ask whether he's ok, suggesting the get help, however it turns out to be a ploy and the Prime Minister is able to get another score.

Mordi exclaims that that was a dirty trick, but that it worked every time, as Daniel sitting on the bench, says he should be the one playing up on the field, with Natalie telling him to just be nice to Alfie, adding that he's having tough time as it is. However Daniel adds that it wasn't like Alfie was nice to them, with Natalie asking whether Alfie had said something to him, with Daniel explaining that Alfie told him to ask his mother as to why Natalie was back. Natalie then notes that Alfie could just be jealous.

Back in the library, Iftach is reading Ellali's speech, reading; "Albert Einstein once said: education is what remains after one has forgotten, what one learnt at school. When I'm trying to learn something which doesn't seem important, says he thinks Einstein is right, but then thinking again he didn't mean that school was unnecessary and that he meant that first you had to learn something and then you have to forget what you learned, the same way in which Picasso studied realistic painting techniques for years before he allowed himself to forget them all so he could break the rules".

Ellali then asks what's wrong with it, with Iftach explaining that it's nice and witty, but that it just wasn't her. However she tells him that he didn't read it correctly, asking him to give the laptop to her, however Iftach stops her, expressing that it's her mother's memorial day, asking why she's talking about Albert Einstein and Picasso and who cares, asking Ellali to tell him something about Naomi; her mother. Ellali expresses she has a bad memory and couldn't remember anything.

Iftach then suggests asking Alfie, but Ellali tells him that the two are mad at each other, as Iftach, curious asks why. Ellali then replies, saying it was all because of Natalie, adding he couldn't accept the fact that Natalie had dumped him, because she's mean and that instead he came up with a bunch of crazy theories. Iftach then questions her, saying that when she, Dina and Matti were making up stories about Alona and Robbie, they were like CSI: Miami, but when Alfie does the same thing it's a ridiculous conspiracy theory. Ellali sighs and gets back to her speech.

In the cafeteria, Louis is introducing the Prime Minister to Matti, calling him a new student with a brilliant future. The Prime Minister shake's his hand, saying it's nice to meet him and asking what kind of future he's dreaming about. Matti explains that he's dreaming of a future to do with astrophysics/astronomy or maybe something to do with computers and game theory, eventually settling for a combination of them all. Louis then introduces Dina, adding she went through a lot before she came to the school.

The Prime Minister then shakes hands with Dina, as Louis continues saying that Dina's proving her worth, as Dina chips in saying it's thanks to Matti, with Mordi exclaiming great and that she's in the best possible place and not to ever forget that, even when times get tough. Louis then dismisses the two as they head off. Louis then gets a call on his Louie.

Louis then asks the Prime Minister to excuse him for a second, leaving him with Robbie. After Robbie gives him a few strange looks, Mordi asks Ze'ev what's the matter with Robbie. Ze'ev tells Mordi not to pay attention to Robbie, explaining that Robbie isn't currently in his right mind, telling the Prime Minister to just smile, as Mordi questions it, asking really. Ze'ev assures him that's the case, adding Robbie keeps going and that it's a tick and that it's neurological. In the Eagles locker rooms, the Eagles boys are getting changed, as Ron says that the Prime Minister kicked Alfie's butt that day.

Alfie however, exclaims that he let him win, adding he didn't want the Prime Minister to be crying all the way back to Jerusalem. Natalie then approaches Alfie and asks whether they could talk. Natalie then tells him, she must tell him something, with Alfie guessing because she wants to leave Daniel and go soul-searching in India. However, Natalie tells him that Daniel had told her, what he said to him, with Alfie clearly unsurprised, sarcastically saying that's such a surprise. Natalie then asks whether or not he wanted to hear the truth or not, with Alfie beckoning her on. However Natalie says not there, taking Alfie's hand and walking him out into the Eagles corridor.

Natalie then believes it's far enough, saying that no-one was near, Judy then walks down the stairs, asking them to come with her. In the library, Ellali is busy typing away at her laptop, as Iftach asks her what Alfie said to her. Ellali explains that it was something to do with Natalie being suspicious of Judy for something and that now suddenly Natalie was acting weird, after coming back from tennis camp, of which may of not actually happened and that now there's just a brain-washed Natalie. Iftach then bends over and says huh, with Ellali questioning what he meant by huh, adding it was as if he was abducted by aliens and brought back somebody who looked identical to him, but only now he has a girlfriend in London, who thinks she's Miley Cyrus.

Iftach then questions her as why she couldn't just focus on something that doesn't revolve around her for a moment, with Rina the librarian then asking him to be quiet, as he apologizes. Ellali then notices him deep in thought and asks what, with Iftach noting the park ranger couldn't remember anything when he was questioned, with Ellali asking what about him. Iftach explains that both the ranger and Natalie had disappeared and that they both acted strangely once they'd come back, even if there's maybe a 0.0001 chance of Alfie's theory being correct and that it'd help to connect all the pieces of her puzzle.

Back in the Eagles corridor, Natalie is explaining to Alfie, that before she came back to the Greenhouse, she had gone to see Judy in Tela-Aviv and that she decided to tell Judy about her suspicions, with Judy adding Natalie was right and that she did have connections to the police, with that being how she got the footage from those police cameras, expressing they saw the police car go up in flames, just like the policeman had said it did. Natalie then says that Judy was very understanding and not angry at all, before walking over to Judy's side, finishing by saying that was it and they wanted to tell him, so he'd know too.

At the police station, Arik is getting down the details of the sniper he's going to hire, as the chief walks up to Guri, asking him whether he's ready for his first mission back. Guri says he is, asking what it is, with the chief explaining that his mission is to take a police car to go and be with his kids and that that is an order. Guri then says yes sir, thanking him and getting up ready to head off. As he walks past Arik's desk, Arik asks if he's going, with Guri saying yes. Arik then asks what the gun's for, asking whether he's going to work or to be with his kids.

Guri then says he's right, going to go and put his gun away in his desk, sliding it into one of his draws. Arik then tells him to drive carefully, with Guri expressing that of course he would drive carefully, seeing what Arik's looking at, as he walked away.

At the Greenhouse, the students are setting up the chairs, as Ze'ev asks Judy whether it's all taken care of, across the lawn. Judy tells him it is, completely, expressing that it was a hard week, and they had loads of problems to solve but that now everything is under control, adding that Mordi would never deliver his Oscar-winning speech, as Ze'ev asks how she managed to solve that one. Judy then answers saying an assassin, as Ze'ev questions it, surprised, asking what she meant by an assassin, whether that's her plan B; killing Mordi. Judy questions Ze'ev's trust in her, explaining that the assassin would come out unarmed and that he'd miss and hit whoever was next to the Prime Minister, but that if there's one thing to be sure, it's that when that bullet whizzes past his the President's ear, he'd realize the speech was a bad idea. Ze'ev then asks who the bullet would hit, as Judy tells him, she has a few ideas and that whoever it would be she and Ze'ev wouldn't miss them.



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