Meredith, played by Natalie Berkowitz is a recurring character and one of Hayley's friends outside of the Greenhouse during Season 1 of Greenhouse Academy.

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Meredith is an American teenage girl with long reddish-brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. So far, she has been seen wearing two different outfits throughout the series, the first being a white "Need More Sleep" T-shirt with long black leggings. During her second appearance, she is seen wearing a denim waistcoat, with a black and red stripy t-shirt on underneath, as well as a pair of black jeans.


Season 1

Meredith is first seen watching the launch of Ryan Wood's shuttle, as one of the Woods family's friends, cheering for Ryan. She is later seen in shock at the explosion of Ryan's shuttle. 8 months later, Meredith is hanging out with Owen and Hayley in Hayley's room, as Hayley strums on an air guitar. There she assures Hayley that her brother going to the Greenhouse was a good idea, as Hayley could take over Alex's room once he had gone.

In the second episode; The Opening Challenge, Meredith is heard talking to Hayley over her Louie, expressing her surprise at the fact that Hayley had enrolled at the Greenhouse. Meredith reappears in the episode; Private Screening, where she visits Hayley with Owen at the Woods Household, where she mentions that she had a bet with Owen, as to how long Hayley would survive in the Greenhouse, guessing two days and therefore winning the bet.

She goes onto remark that 'It wasn't like Hayley wanted to be the next president', before being asked how things were at school. Meredith expresses that she and Owen were getting way too much homework from school. Meredith finally states that the main thing was that Hayley was with them.

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