Mordechai Rosen, played by Guy Lowell was the former Prime minister of Israel and a recurring character in Season 1 of The Greenhouse.

Mordi The Greenhouse


Mordi is a young middle-aged man, with neat dark brown hair, pale skin and brown eyes. He is seen mostly wearing a black suit and white shirt.


Season 1

In Season 1 of The Greenhouse, Mordi is introduced as the Israeli prime minister and a friend of Ze'ev's. He first appears in the 21st episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, where he divulges on some information about Naomi Reshef's mission.

He later appears in the episodes; Memorial Day - Part 1 and Memorial Day - Part 2, where he appears as a speaker during the memorial day event, held for Alfie and Ellali's mother; Naomi Reshef and also becomes the target of a gunman, hired by Ze'ev in order for Ze'eve to take over Mordi's position as Prime Minister. However Robbie courageously dives in front of him, protecting him from the blast.

After this Mordi hails Robbie as his hero in Mordi's New Friend, thanking him for saving his life. Later during the final of the first season, Mordi sends his men to The Greenhouse in order to stop Ze'ev and his men, but is later stopped when Boris takes hold of Natalie, holding a gun up to her, forcing Sophie to film it as a direct video to Mordi and his officials in his office, halting his advancement.

After the events that have occurred at the Greenhouse, Mordi decides to resign from the position of Israeli Prime Minister.

Season 2

Mordi is mentioned as being unimpressed with louis' decision to send the Greenhouse students on a dangerous team-orientation task, on a radio news report that Louis was listening to in his quarters in the episode; The Investigation.

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