Mordi's New Friend is the fortieth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering on Nickelodeon UK, March 24th 2014.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Natalie bursts into Robbie's room, asking Judy what was happening to Robbie, but she tells him that she didn't know as it had just started. Natalie, concerned asks whether she had called anyone, suggesting her father, the police or maybe an ambulance. However Judy assures her that she hadn't. Natalie then quickly begins to tear off Robbie's tubes, as she tells Judy to go and call someone.

As Natalie manages to free Robbie from his intravenous infusion, he wakes up and seeing Natalie he says her name. Just then Louis arrives in the room and seeing Robbie awake, he bends over his son, and in shock asks whether Robbie was really awake. As Louis and Natalie express their happiness that Robbie's awake, Judy watches vigilantly, visually unimpressed.

In Robbie's room, a nurse has arrived and is removing all of Robbie's life-support gear, with Judy helping him to do so, collecting up all of Robbie's tubes and quickly scuttling away with it, alongside the nurse. Louis then sits down next to his son, expressing that he knew he'd come back to them. Robbie in response asks his father how long he'd been unconscious for, with Louis revealing that he'd been out for a month.

Louis then continues, that Robbie had managed to stop an assassination attempt on the Prime Minister's life. Robbie, confused asks what, with Louis telling him that he'd leapt towards Mordi and that the bullet intended for the Prime Minister had instead hit Robbie. Robbie, still confused asks what again.

Outside Robbie's room, Judy tells Natalie that what they had seen before, was just a natural coincidence and that when people woke up from a coma, many of them responded with a seizure in that way, but asks Natalie not to tell Louis about it. Natalie then bluntly responds with if that's what she wanted, with Judy asserting that was what she wanted. Judy then asks Natalie whether she thought it was wonderful that Robbie was awake.

Just as Judy heads towards the door, a knock on the door sounds, with Judy opening the door to reveal Alfie standing there. Alfie explains that he had seen paramedics entering the premise, he had wanted to make sure that everything was alright. Judy then heads off, as Alfie asks how Robbie was and whether he'd woken up. Natalie reveals that Robbie had, but that Alfie wouldn't believe it, explaining that Robbie had almost died before he had woken up. Alfie in disbelief, asks what, believing that Judy may of done something, but Natalie says she didn't know.

Just then Judy then comes back through the door, with Judy asking Natalie where her boyfriend was, believing her to have forgotten him. Judy then asks Alfie a favour, asking him to go and bring Daniel over. Alfie hesitantly complies and heads off. As Alfie heads off, Judy then suggests that she and Natalie head to go and see Robbie.

Judy then heads into Robbie's room. In Robbie's room Louis is watching over his son, just as the two arrive in the room. Upon seeing them Louis notes that the two had never left Robbie's side calling them angels. Robbie then asks Judy to come over. Judy does so, with Robbie then grabbing her arm and expressing that he had known that she hired the assassin to shoot him. Judy then gets up and walks off.

In the music room, Iftach is busy tuning his guitar, just as he hears a knock at the door. Iftach gets up to open the door, only to discover Amy standing there. Amy says hi, walking in as Iftach begins to start tuning his guitar again. Amy asks him whether she was interrupting him, but Iftach tells her it was okay. Amy then begins to talk about the photograph that Iftach had seen, explaining that she had just wanted Iftach to see for himself, that Ellali was no longer in love with him.

Iftach reveals that it had worked and asks whether there was anything else she wanted. Amy continues, saying that while she knew he couldn't see it at the moment, because he was upset and that that was fine, but that she was sure that he'd come to understand that the both of them, however Iftach asks her to stop, exclaiming that there was no us and that it wasn't about Ellali, but that it was about him and Amy. Iftach finishes by saying that he didn't want her anymore apologizing, asking whether she got it.

Amy thinks about it for a moment, but then says that she'd just head off, with Iftach then thanking her. After she leaves, Iftach begins to strum wildly on his guitar, before being interrupted again, by another knock on the door. Iftach walks up to the door, asking who it was this time. When he opens the door, he discovers Ellali standing there.

At the ministerial embassy, Ze'ev is talking to Judy over the phone, exclaiming to her that he didn't understand how the dioxin didn't kill Robbie, having been told by Marcus that the poison could kill a horse. Judy explains that the poison had started to take effect on Robbie, but that Robbie's sister; Natalie had shown up. Judy then expresses that their situation was much more worse than they thought.

Judy explains that Robbie had woken up thinking clearer than before he had slipped into his coma and that he would turn them into the authorities. Ze'ev, unimpressed exerts to Judy that she had a month to take care of it, with Judy then explaining that she had been stuck at the Greenhouse for an entire month, staring at Robbie's stupid face. However Ze'ev's not having it, exclaiming that he was sick of all of her complaints and that it was her responsibility. Judy says she knew and asks what they would do now, with Ze'ev then re-iterating the question and exclaiming that he'd have to clean up the mess.

Ze'ev then hangs up the call and contacts Mordi's secretary through the intercom, asking her to notify the flight team to prepare the helicopter for take-off. Back in the music room, Ellali begins to explain that she knew she'd been pretty mean to Iftach as of late and that she had kept avoiding him. Iftach then notes that the last time she had agreed to be with him, was when he had swam out to rescue her in the lake, with Ellali revealing she knew.

Ellali then begins to try and explain about the photo that Iftach had seen, but he tells her that he didn't want to talk about it, with Ellali then revealing that she and Daniel weren't really together. Iftach, confused asks whether she really meant that. Ellali explains that it was a long story, but that they'd been forced to pretend to be a couple so that no one would figure out what they were up to. Iftach in response then asks what they are up to, with Ellali then revealing that it was top secret.

However, Ellali then says that she wanted to tell him . Iftach in disbelief asks whether she had really meant it, with Ellali then commenting on Iftach's vocab, asking what's up with all the reallys. Iftach however just says that he was just a bit shocked and that was all it was. Ellali then tells him to come with her, noting that he'd be astounded by what he was about to see. The two get up and head out of the room, with Ellali leading Iftach up the stair case, as Amy catches sight of them watching from beside the stair-case.

In the basket ball court, Daniel is busy shooting hoops, just as Alfie arrives on the scene. Alfie asks Daniel whether he had a minute to talk, with Daniel then asking whether he was talking to "normal Alfie" or "psycho Alfie", as Alfie reveals that he had spoken to Natalie about everything. Daniel then says that he figured Natalie would do that, turning round and asking Alfie whether he and Natalie were back together. Alfie then nods his head, revealing that they were, with Daniel calling it great.

Alfie then reveals to Daniel that Robbie had woken up from his coma. In shock, Daniel asks whether he was serious, with Alfie then revealing that that is why Alfie had come to find him, being that his mother had asked for him. Daniel however just tells Alfie to tell his mother; Judy that she could dream on, before shooting another hoop. Alfie then reveals that Natalie had told him about that situation as well, explaining that Daniel's mother couldn't find out that both and Natalie weren't together anymore.

Daniel then susses the situation, saying that Alfie had just showed up there, revealing that he had gotten back together with Natalie and that he then told him that he and Natalie are supposed to pretend to be together in order to not arouse suspicion from his mother. Alfie also adds that he had wanted to throw in an apology, saying that he shouldn't of attacked Daniel in the way that he had before, being that it had just driven him crazy to see both Daniel and Natalie together. Daniel then apologizes, saying that he was sorry that he had to deal with it all, but Alfie assures him it was okay. Daniel then hands Alfie the basket ball, telling him to start practicing, explaining that Louis was in a good mood, so maybe he'd lift Alfie's suspension .

In Louis' quarters, Sophie has arrived and is interviewing Robbie, asking what it was like to wake up after so long, as Robbie carefully got up to sit next to Sophie on the sofa. While doing he revealed that it was like a dream. Judy who was watching the interview, asks Sophie whether this interview was just going to be on her blog, adding that she was glad that Sophie stopped producing her news items, telling Sophie she'd made the right decision, before asking Natalie for backing in opinion.

Sophie then says she's glad that she had made the two happy, then asking Natalie what she had told Alfie that had made him so shocked, guessing that she may of changed her mind about her and Alfie being together. Natalie, pretends to be confused, as Sophie tells her not to act innocent. Just then Daniel arrives in the room, with Judy asking him where he had been hiding all day, with Natalie giving him a loving hug.

Judy then sits down next to Sophie, asking Sophie whether she was done there, with Sophie then getting up and heading off. In the science lab, Matti is busy working on his computer, as Dina rocks up behind him, pushing a model skeleton and placing it's hand on Matti's shoulder in order to get his attention. After grabbing his attention, Dina giggles, saying that she liked Matti's reactions. Just then Ellali emerges through the lab door, announcing she's brought a guest. Iftach then walks through the door too, revealing it to be him.

Matti upon seeing his captain welcomes him to the lab, as Iftach asks whether that was where the three had been hiding. Ellali then asks Dina whether she had managed with all the equipment, with Dina revealing that she had, with her moving all the equipment and Matti making the commands. Seeing the hypno-wheel, Iftach asks whether it was really the place where they'd de-hypnotised Natalie. Ellali expresses that he wouldn't believe how weird it was, adding that it was like magic.

Ellali goes on explaining that Daniel had just said the word and then all of a sudden, as if by magic Natalie woke up. Iftach then questions the fact that Ellali hadn't bothered to tell him about the situation, with Dina revealing the fact that while it wasn't that they didn't trust him, and that it was more about Amy being there. Iftach then says he gets it, then asking whether there was anything else he wasn't being told, with Matti asking Ellali whether she'd told Iftach about Alona, with Ellali shaking her head.

Iftach, confused asks about it, with Matti revealing that Alona had gotten in contact with him from abroad, and that she had told him that there was another conspirator in the Greenhouse, with Dina then adding that Matti had decided to tell Alona that she was the other conspirator. Iftach then asks Matti why he had suspected her, with Ellali then revealing that Dina was helping her with her mother's safe. Iftach guesses it was the safe that had lead her to Daniel, with Matti then confirming it and explaining that the problem was that Dina had answered a call from Alona and that it was before he'd told her that Dina wasn't one of the bad guys, but reveals that Alona hadn't gotten in contact since and that they had no way of contacting her.

Iftach then says that it was too bad the only person who'd know Alona's location was in a coma. Just then however, the four get a news alert on their Louie's, revealing that Robbie had awoken from his coma. In the cafeteria, Sophie is finishing her blog post, seeing Amy sitting in a seat across from her. Alfie then walks by saying hi, with Sophie stopping him and asking him whether she could treat him to a glass of chocolate milk. However just then Alfie gets a text on his Louie, then notifying Sophie that he had to head off. Sophie asks him what he had received, with Alfie expressing that he just had to be somewhere. Sophie eagerly asks whether she could come, but sees the look on Alfie's face and tells him to just forget it.

Alfie then heads off, as Amy watches Sophie. In Louis' quarters Daniel has arrived to talk with Louis. Daniel expresses his happiness for Louis, with Louis then thanking him and expressing that he was very happy as well. Daniel then reveals that was the reason he wanted to ask him a favour for. Louis, curious asks what it was. Over at the sofa, Robbie is talking with his sister and Natalie, and has just found out that both his sister; Natalie and Daniel are still together calling it good.

Natalie says that of course that was the case, as both she and Daniel were meant to be. Robbie then asks Natalie to leave both him and Judy alone for a minute, with Natalie then complying and getting up. Natalie then asks Robbie whether he wanted any more soup, but he tells her no thanks, as Judy calls her a sweetie. Robbie then adds that his sister was incredible, as Natalie heads off. Robbie then leans forward, questioning the fact that Judy still hadn't managed to end his sister's torment. Judy in response hushes him.

Judy then exerts that they'd be able to finish their mission within the week and that then everything would go back to the way it was before. Robbie then reveals to Judy that while the former Robbie may of believed in her lies, but that he wasn't the same old Robbie. Judy then tells him to calm down, explaining that he was upset and that they should take it slowly. Robbie then gets up, announcing that he just wanted to say how happy he was to be around his friends and family .

Louis curious, asks what he was doing, with Robbie revealing that there was something she should know. Judy tries to tell Robbie that he shouldn't exert himself, but Robbie just brushes it off. Robbie then says that he wanted his father to know something, just as Ze'ev and his security force emerge through the door of Louis' quarters, forcing Robbie to sit back down in his chair. Ze'ev then notifies Robbie that there was someone there who wanted to say hello, with the Prime Minister then walking into the room with his officials, saying good evening.

Back in the science lab, Dina is sussing out the situation, saying that Natalie was with Alfie before, but got hypnotised and that when she had come back she went back to Daniel, who had pretended to be with Ellali so that they could de-hypnotize Natalie and that after that both Natalie and Alfie got back together, but that Natalie had to pretend to be with Natalie so as to not arouse suspicion from Daniel's mother; Judy.

Ellali then expresses her relief that Alfie was finally in the loop, explaining that the hardest part was hiding it from him all that time. Iftach then chimes in saying that it obviously wasn't as hard keeping it a secret from him, with Alfie then adding that he couldn't believe his own sister had looked him in the eye and had lied to him. Ellali then remarks that Alfie should thank her, as he now had his girlfriend back, before asking about Natalie and Daniel. Daniel and Natalie then emerge through the science lab door.

Dina then says to Natalie that she'd heard she'd gone back to being lovely again and that they'd wanted to see it for themselves. Matti then congratulates Natalie on her brother's recovery, with Natalie thanking him and walking over to Alfie, asking whether he was ok. He says that he was, asking her the same with her sharing his sentiments. Ellali then says that as they could see everyone was there and had been updated, with Daniel then calling it great.

Daniel then thanks Matti for his hypnotic-spiral, explaining that it had really saved their butts, with Iftach saying that was what the Ravens were talented. Daniel agrees, believing that Matti was too talent for the Ravens, suggesting that he come over to the Eagles, assuring him they'd work something out. Matti asks whether he was just joking, just as Daniel reports to Alfie that him and Louis had talked and that everything had been settled, with the suspension being lifted. Alfie in disbelief says no way, with Ellali asking what they were talking about. Alfie explains that Daniel had talked to Louis and had gotten him to lift Alfie's suspension from the team.

Back in Louis' quarters, Mordi says that he doesn't know whether Robbie had been told, but tells him that he'd been named a national hero, adding that every child in the country now knew the name Robbie Klein. Robbie, in disbelief asks whether he really meant it, with Mordi assuring him, as he signs Robbie's photo of him. He writes: "For Robbie. Your friend Mordechai Rosen". Mordi then hands Robbie his signed photo back, as the two pose for the camera.

Mordi then tells Robbie that receiving the phone call he had today and hearing that he'd regained consciousness was the happiest news that he'd heard in his entire term, with Robbie then thanking him. Robbie then notes that it was lucky that the assassin hadn't had a good shot, with Mordi agreeing. Robbie then asks Judy for backing in opinion, who is watching the conversation from up by the window with Ze'ev.

In the cafeteria, Sophie is sitting alone, just as Amy rocks up, asking Sophie whether she had just had a bad day. Amy sits down opposite Sophie, noting that the cafeteria was kind of deserted on that day, with Sophie just gloomily saying yeah. Sophie then adds that everyone was busy, just as Amy corrects her saying that nearly everyone was busy, noting that the two of them weren't busy, with Sophie agreeing. Amy then says whatever, hoping they were having fun with all of their investigations and what-not.

Back in the science lab, the group are sat around the desk, with Iftach expressing that from then on that was their group and that the lab would be their secret headquarters and that he didn't have to tell them that nothing would leave the room. Daniel agrees, saying they had to find a way to secure the room, with Iftach revealing that was what he was about to say, asking Matti whether he was on it. Matti then says that he's on it, over from the desk.

Daniel then briefs the team on their mission, expressing that all they needed to do was find out what the conspirators plan was and simply stop it, with Iftach adding that the most important thing was to not draw attention to themselves, being that they shouldn't talk to each other when other people are around. Daniel then agrees, and chews Iftach out for stating the obvious. Ellali then asks whether they could begin, but before she could start, Natalie wants to ask Ellali something.

Natalie then reveals that she'd like to bring Sophie in on their plan as well, but Daniel questions the idea, explaining that they were talking about secrecy, saying that if that was the case they should just publicize the ordeal on TV. Natalie then explains that she felt bad about everything that had happened with Sophie, and that Sophie must hate her for what she had done and with very good reason. However Ellali adds that Natalie had been hypnotised and that it wasn't really her doing that, but Natalie just says that Sophie hadn't known that.

Just then Matti chimes in, saying that while he didn't want to create more conflict, but reveals that Sophie was the one who had publicized the imagery of Ellali and Daniel together. Dina then points out that Matti knew a lot of gossip, for someone who had a subscription to the Weizmann institute newsletter since he was at the age of six, adding that she wouldn't be there if it wasn't for Sophie and that Sophie had her vote. Alfie also chimes in, saying she was a good person, with Daniel then saying that he voted against her, but Iftach then goes against him and votes for Sophie.

Ellali then suggests they vote on it, asking who was in favour of asking Sophie to join them. Back in the cafeteria, Amy is busy chatting to Sophie, telling her journalistic instincts, alongside herself with her killer instincts would be able to figure out what their doing in seconds. Sophie then asks Amy what she suggested they do, with Amy revealing she was suggesting everything, being following them and eavesdropping on them and that if necessary they could set up cameras.

Sophie, however says that it doesn't feel right, with Amy in shock asking whether she was being serious. Amy then asks Sophie how long it had taken her to think about publishing the photo that she had sent to her, being 2 seconds. However Sophie just says that she didn't even take the photo and that she didn't want to spy on her friends. Amy then asks who she was really talking about, guessing the friends that had ostracized her. Amy then asks who she was taking pity on, guessing her supposed ex-best friend Natalie. Sophie however says that Natalie was never her ex-best friend, but that she was still her best friend.

Sophie, explains that while it was true Natalie was mean, she didn't want to act in the same way that Natalie had. Sophie then gets up, apologizing to Amy. Sophie then receives a text on her Louie and heads off. Back in Louis' quarters, the Prime Minister is telling Robbie to Relax and gather his strength and that when he felt up to it, Robbie should come and visit him in Jerusalem and that they could sit and see what they could do together.

Robbie then thanks Mordi, thanking him for visiting him, but the Prime Minister tells him to call him Mordi, insisting he did so, before shaking hands with Robbie. Mordi then asks Ze'ev whether they should head off, with Ze'ev notifying him that the helicopter was waiting for them up top, but Mordi reveals that he had to tie up some loose ends in the area. Louis then walks the Prime Minister out. Ze'ev then calls Robbie the Prime Minister's new friend, picking up Robbie's signed photo and congratulating him.

Both Ze'ev and Judy sit down on the sofa, as Robbie thanks Ze'ev for flying in the Prime Minister in the way that he did, adding that Ze'ev must be worried. Ze'ev then asks Robbie to give them a week of quiet co-operation with them and that after that he'd be able to go back to his new life. However Robbie says there's no way he'd agree to that, as he'd already been to the other side and back, being that he wasn't afraid of the two of them anymore. Ze'ev then leans forward, asking Robbie what he's trying to get, explaining that the moment Robbie spilt the truth, he'd go from national hero to national traitor. Robbie in response says that that may be the case, but that at least the two of them would go to prison with him.

Louis then arrives back, expressing how happy he is about Mordi, noting that he had just dropped everything to come and visit Robbie. Louis then asks if everything was alright with Ze'ev and Judy. Robbie then says that he'd like to have a private word with his father, with Louis agreeing to do so.

Out by the science lab, Sophie has arrived to meet Natalie, asking her what they were doing there. Natalie tells her that she'd understand in a minute, thanking Sophie for coming there, explaining that she wasn't sure that Sophie would even agree to come and speak with her, but that she had so much to tell her. Sophie notifies her that she's listening.

Back in Louis' quarters, Robbie tries to begin, but Louis stops him before he does so, explaining that he wanted to say something first. Louis begins to explain that Robbie knew he wasn't a spiritual man, but that within the previous month, he'd prayed like he'd never prayed before and that the thing that had hurt him the most was that he never got the chance to tell his son how much he loved and respected him.

Robbie tries to assure him it's alright, but Louis insists that it wasn't alright and that it was only when Robbie was gone that he had realized how important he was to the place and how hard it was for him without his son being there. Louis expresses that Robbie was his heir and that he was so lucky to have Robbie there with him. The two then hug each other. Louis then asks what Robbie had wanted to tell him. Robbie then wheels himself back into the lounge and tells Ze'ev and Judy, that he'd give them a week. Ze'ev calls it excellent and explains to him that he has a very simple job and that all he had to do was make sure that no one in the Greenhouse prevented them from accomplishing their mission.

Back outside the science lab, Natalie has just told Sophie the whole situation, with Sophie in shock calling it the craziest story she'd ever heard and that it was also the best story she'd ever heard. Natalie then expresses that it was a story that could never be publicized, to which Sophie agrees. Natalie then asks Sophie whether she promised to do so. Sophie then asks whether she couldn't just spill one little line, but reveals she was joking, even though she did have a great headline for it. Natalie curious, asks what it was. Sophie then reveals it to be "I Got My Friend Back" and the two then hug.

Natalie then asks Sophie whether she was ready, expressing that everyone was waiting inside and were ready for her. The two girls then head in. In the cafeteria, Robbie rocks up to the bar and asks for a cappuccino from the barman. Amy then gets up and says hi to Robbie, introducing herself as Amy, reminding him of the dance. Robbie cautiously shakes Amy's hand, recognizing her as Iftach's girlfriend from London, with Amy then correcting him saying that she was Iftach's Ex-girlfriend from the Greenhouse.

Robbie then says no kidding and noting that a lot had changed during the time that he was unconscious, with Amy saying that that was completely the case. Robbie then asks whether Amy was a student at the school now, with Amy revealing that she was. Robbie then asks where all of her friends are, noting that it was so empty in the cafeteria. Amy then says that they must be busy. Robbie asks what they're busy doing, with Amy displaying a mischievous grin.



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