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More Than a Hunch is the eighth episode of Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy and the twentieth episode overall.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Daniel and Hayley have just used the key word; Eureka to try and awake Brooke, who manages to successfully wake. She looks around the room, before then seeing Daniel, with him then telling her that it was him and assuring her that everything was fine and notifying her that she'd just come out of hypnosis.

This confuses Brooke, as Hayley hands Daniel a water bottle to give to Brooke. Brooke then sees the names on the whiteboard, with Daniel then asking her what she remembered from before she was hypnotized. Brooke then remembers that she had been in a Cave, with there being a cell, as well as the fact that Marcus wouldn't let her out of it. Curious, Daniel asks Brooke what Marcus had wanted from her, with Brooke then revealing that Marcus kept apologizing, but still wouldn't let her go.

Daniel then comforts her, telling her that he knew it was hard and assuring her that everything was ok, before Brooke remembers something else, remembering that someone else had come over. Daniel asks Brooke, who she had meant, with her then revealing that it was Daniel's mother; Judy. In Louis's office, Louis is on his laptop, just as he sees am envelope slid under his door.

Louis walks over to the door and picks the envelope up. Back in the biology lab, Daniel is asking Brooke why Judy would hypnotize her, with Hayley suggesting that it was because Brooke had been onto her and as such she had no choice but to do so, before asking Brooke what else she could remember about where she had been, asking her to think about things like sounds and smells.

Brooke then takes a moment to think, before stating that it had been dark and that she had heard a lot of beeps like computer sounds, then adding that she saw some light. Brooke goes on to say that there was a giant black rock behind a glass wall, but that she didn't know. Hayley then turns to Daniel and states that that had sounded like the magnetite her mother had discovered. Daniel then concludes that that was what had connected his mother to Ryan.

Hayley then attempts to head off, with Daniel asking her where she was going. Hayley then reveals that she was heading off to find Marcus, but Daniel is then disagreement, asking her whether she was crazy. Hayley explains that she wasn't afraid of Marcus and that she thought he actually wanted to help them, but Brooke then reminds Hayley that Marcus had locked her up in a cell and hypnotized her.

However, Hayley is then quick to reveal that Marcus had been the one, who'd given them the key word that they needed to wake her, adding that she had a feeling that they could trust Marcus, before heading off. At Marcus' office, Hayley is knocking on the door, but receives no answer, just as Louis rocks up to her. Louis asks her whether Marcus was there, but Hayley said she didn't think he was.

Louis then notifies Hayley, that he had received the strangest note from Marcus, before then trying to open the door to Marcus' room. Louis then takes out his keys and is able to unlock the door, heading in with Hayley in tow. In the Eagles dormitory, Alex is lying down on the sofa, while listening to music, just as Sophie rocks up, telling him that she'd have no couch potatoes in their dorm.

Sophie attempts to get Alex up on his feet, but he just tells her that he wasn't in the mood. In response, Sophie promises him that the endorphins would be great for his mood, further beckoning Alex. However Alex is still unwilling to do so and notifies her that he'd do it another time.

In response, to what Alex said, Sophie then states that it was her job to cheer him up, as she pulls him up on his feet, adding the fact that she didn't believe Alex was allowed to say no when his captain asked him to play.

Back in the biology, Brooke is expressing her disbelief at the fact that Marcus and Judy had hypnotized her, calling it a nightmare, but Daniel assures her that it had all been over then. However, Brooke is quick to ponder how she could of let it happen to her, with Daniel then telling her not to beat herself up over it, as it hadn't been her fault.

Brooke then asks him, how long she'd been hypnotized, with Daniel then revealing to her that she'd been in said state for a week. Surprised, Brooke asks for clarification with Daniel then nodding his head. Curious, Brooke then asks how Daniel had even managed to figure out that she was hypnotized. Daniel then tells Brooke that she had kept repeating a sentence.

In response, Brooke asks Daniel what the sentence was, before Daniel reveals that she had kept saying that they were meant to be, prompting Brooke to then reveal that Judy had said that to her, asking Daniel whether he could believe it or not. Brooke goes on, saying that Judy had made sure that she wouldn't tell on her and that she then came up with the idea of using it to get her son back together with her.

Turning to the whiteboard, Brooke then remembers that she had been with Alex prior to her hypnotizing and that she had kissed him. In Marcus' office, Hayley is wondering about, as Louis looks around. Hayley asks him when Marcus had left, but Louis tells her that he hadn't known, with Marcus just having left his letter of resignation.

In response, Hayley exclaims what, with Louis revealing that he had shared Hayley's sentiment, then going to explain that he had been working with Marcus since Hayley's mother; Ryan was a student at the school. Hayley then points out that she knew, with Louis then adding that people at the Greenhouse were so unpredictable and pondering how Marcus could of just left.

Louis then asks Hayley what she had needed from Marcus, asking whether he could perhaps help her, but Hayley then just makes the excuse that a light bulb had gone out in the clubhouse, notifying Louis that she'd be heading back there.

In the science lab, Daniel admits to Brooke that he had honestly thought that Brooke had wanted to get back with him, while she was hypnotized and that he had been happy about it. Just then Hayley walks through the door, reporting that Marcus had just ran away. Hayley explains that Marcus had just emptied his office and wrote Brooke's dad a letter of resignation.

Hayley then sees the looks on Brooke and Daniel's faces and asks them whether they were ok. Out in the Greenhouse foyer, Jackie tells Max that they had to notify Hayley about Jason, but Max then reminds her that it was just a hunch and that they didn't have anything more than that.

However Jackie is quick to say that it was more than just a hunch, then reminding Max that he had been the one, who'd always sensed that something weird was going on and that she had always been the one to dismiss what he said. However Max still just says that it could still all be a coincidence, but Jackie then stops Max and tells him to call Emma.

Confused, Max asks for clarification, with Jackie then beckoning him to call Emma, with Max then giving in and taking out his Louie. He attempts to call her, only to find that her phone line had been disconnected, with Jackie then sarcastically asking him whether that had been another coincidence.

Back in the biology lab, Daniel says that he couldn't stand the situation anymore, announcing that he'd go and confront his mother, getting up. Hayley asks for clarification as to who he meant, with Daniel then telling her that he meant his mother, adding that he wouldn't leave until she told him everything.

However, Hayley then tells him that she thought it was a mistake, as they didn't know what they had been planning, but Daniel reminds her that that was what he intended to find out. In response, Hayley asks how he'd manage to do it, as in the best case scenario Judy would lie to him and in the worst case scenario, she'd disappear, before asking where in their investigation they'd be in said case.

Daniel then gives in, taking a seat and then mentioning that they at least needed to tell Louis about it, but Hayley once again didn't think that that was a good idea either. Daniel then reminds Hayley of what had happened to Brooke in order to make sure she didn't talk, concluding that they couldn't just keep to themselves, with Brooke in agreeance.

Just then they hear a knock at the door, with Hayley asking who it was. Max and Jackie then arrive in the lab, with Brooke then asking why all the Ravens were at the lab, before Daniel assures her that they were with them. Max then asks for clarification as whether the spiral worked, with Hayley saying sort of. Daniel then cuts in, claiming that they didn't have time to chat, as they were about to tell Louis.

In response, Jackie tells Daniel that she didn't think they should do that, with Daniel then confused, asking her why. Jackie then states that they weren't sure they could trust Louis, with Brooke then asking what they were talking about, as Jackie reveals that there were things Brooke didn't know about her brother.

In the Cave, Marcus is sorting out his bags, just as Judy arrives on the scene. Angry, Judy asks Marcus whether he'd lost his mind, revealing that she had just spoken with Louis and that he had been devastated by Marcus' resignation, then asking Marcus whether that had been his idea of laying low.

Marcus then asserts to Judy that he didn't have a choice, but Judy then asks him what was so urgent. Marcus then explains that Judy had kept putting pressure on him to step it up and that Louis had kept asking him to do errands and then likening it being a rat running round in a maze. Judy then asks for clarification as to whether Marcus had just left, before further asking what he was thinking.

Judy goes on, saying that they didn't need Louis fishing around, before then stating that they were so close to accomplishing their goals, but that Marcus was about to jeopardize them. However Marcus then re-iterates that he couldn't take the pressure anymore, with Judy then ordering him to grow up, as she was tired of his whining.

Judy then just reminds Marcus that they had a job to do, but that she was now going to have to clean up Marcus' mess. Before heading off, Judy tells Marcus to find a place to store all of his stuff, as she couldn't take the clutter. Back in the lab, Brooke is in disbelief about what she was told about her brother.

Brooke states that while her brother wasn't perfect, he certainly wasn't a criminal, but Hayley then reminds Brooke that Daniel had felt the same way about his mother. Brooke then asks Max and Jackie what they thought her brother wanted from Emma, but Jackie tells her they weren't sure. Max, however then points out that there had been a clue in Emma's chess set.

Daniel then asks for clarification, before Jackie then explains that Emma had left a clue for Max in her letter to him, noting that Max was her "White Knight", with that being the name of a chess-piece. Daniel then cuts in saying that while they weren't Ravens, they still knew what chess was.

Max then continues on to say that Jason had taken Emma's chess set from her locker and that he had told them that he'd sent it back to Emma, before they managed to find out that he hadn't actually done so. In response, to this information, Hayley said that that might of been their best lead.

Just then Daniel gets a call on his Louie, then revealing that it was his mother. Daniel then laments, that he couldn't bring himself to talk with his mother, before closing his Louie. After Daniel hung up his call, Brooke then also gets a call from Judy, with Daniel telling her not to answer it.

However, Hayley is then quick to assert that Brooke needed to pick it up, before mentioning that Brooke was their only advantage. Confused, Daniel asks what advantage they had, with Hayley then explaining that Judy hadn't known that they de-hypnotized Brooke yet. In response, Daniel then asks Hayley whether she wanted Brooke to continue acting around his mother, like nothing had happened.

Hayley then states that that was the only way they would be able to discover what they were doing without raising any sort of suspicion. However, Daniel refuses to allow it to happen, with Hayley then asking him whether he had a better idea, adding that she'd love to hear it, just as Brooke takes the call with Judy.

Brooke says hi to Judy, assuring her that she and Daniel would be at dinner. Brooke then comes off of the call and notifies Daniel that his mother had invited them to dinner, with Daniel then asking Brooke whether she said yes. But Brooke then states that Hayley had been right that that was their only weapon at the time.

Brooke then further says that if Emma's chess set was in Louis' quarters they'd find it. In Louis' quarters, Judy has arrived to see him, remarking that Marcus had always been a strange man, after having read his letter. However Louis then says that if she were to know how he met Marcus, she'd think he was the strange one.

Louis then laments that he may of been naïve, but Judy then tells him not to be too hard on himself, prompting Louis to then say that he knew there was at least one person he could trust, then thanking Judy. Back in the lab, Hayley is telling Daniel and Brooke that the most important thing was to make sure that Judy suspected nothing.

Hayley, continues saying that Brooke had to act as if Judy was controlling her mind, with Jackie then adding that it'd best not to ask too many questions, as that would make Judy suspicious, with Brooke agreeing to do so. Hayley then suggests that they split up, as they didn't want to attract attention, stating that if Jason and Louis saw them hanging out together it may raise red flags for them.

Jackie then asks Hayley for clarification as to whether they had to act like they couldn't stand one another, stating that that shouldn't be too hard. Jackie and Max then head off, with Daniel then asking Hayley and Brooke whether they should head off, but Brooke then suggests that she head off last.

Daniel asks her whether she was sure, with Brooke assuring him that she was. Daniel and Hayley then head off, with Daniel then turning to Brooke and asking whether she was sure she could handle the situation because she didn't have to do it, if she didn't want to, but Brooke then reveals that she wanted to do it, then giving Daniel a hug, with him then heading off, as Brooke thanks Hayley.

Brooke then gives Hayley a hug, with Hayley then also heading out. Brooke then stays behind, looking around the lab and sobbing. Out in the corridor, Hayley assures Daniel that Brooke would never forget the fact that he saved her, with Daniel then lamenting that Brooke would never forget that she was only with him, because his mother had hypnotized her.

Hayley then adds that Brooke wouldn't be able to blame Daniel for what his mother had done and that he'd done everything he could, once he realized there was something not right. In response, Daniel then states that it may of been too bad that he had realized, before Hayley asks Daniel whether he really wanted to stay with Brooke in a hypnotized state.

Daniel then assures Hayley that that hadn't been the case, but that he also didn't want to know what his mother had done, before then pondering how Judy could of done what she did. Daniel then continues, stating that Hayley's mother; Ryan was a hero and a wonderful woman, but that she was dead and that his mother was alive and well, but he couldn't bring himself to look her in the eye.

Hayley then asks Daniel whether he was going to be ok, with Daniel nodding his head and stating that he just wanted to know what had been going on, with Hayley saying she did as well. Daniel then remarks that with the Eagles winning attitude and the Ravens strategical thinking they made a pretty good team.

In the music room, Leo is strumming on his guitar, just as hears a knock at the door. Leo then stops his song, and asks who was at the door, with Aspen then notifying him that it was just her. In response, Leo tells her that he was busy, before she pleads to him to let her in. This prompts Leo to further tell her to head off, as he didn't want to see Aspen.

Leo further says that he didn't want anything to do with her, then continuing to strum away on his guitar. Leo then hears another knock at the door, pondering why Aspen couldn't let it go, before placing his guitar down and heading towards the door. Leo opens the door to find Hayley standing in front of him.

Outside, Alex and Sophie are on a run, with Sophie assuring Alex that he'd make it. Just then they finish their run, with Sophie exclaiming that she had been out of breath, before asking how fast they had gone. In response, Alex checks his watch and reveals that they had done 8 minutes per mile, with Sophie then assuring Alex that the next time, she wouldn't go as easy on him.

Alex then states that he had to hand it to his endorphins, before then thanking Sophie for dragging him out there. Sophie then thanks Alex for standing by her side, while Parker and the other Eagles shut her out, adding that it was nice of him to do so. Alex then reminds Sophie that she had done the same thing for him, when he had arrived at the Greenhouse, then stating Sophie was his first friend when he entered the Eagles.

Sophie then says that she was glad that she had been as such, before then seeing Brooke walk up behind Alex. Alex asks her whether she was ok, just as Brooke asks Alex whether the pair could talk. Alex says that they could, assuring Sophie that he'd be back. Back in the music room, Hayley has arrived to see Leo.

Hayley explains that she knew she had been mean to him as of late and that she had kept avoiding him, with Leo then adding that the last time Hayley had agreed to be with him, was when they had nearly drowned. Hayley then states that she knew, mentioning that she never thanked Leo for rescuing her that one time, but Leo assures her that she didn't need to. Hayley then attempts to explain what Leo had seen between her and Daniel.

However, Leo then tells Hayley that he really didn't want to talk about the predicament , but Hayley then tells him that she and Daniel weren't really together, with Leo then asking for clarification on this fact. Hayley then explains that she and Daniel had to pretend to be a couple in order to help make sure that no one would find out what they were really up to.

Leo then asks Hayley what she was really up to, with Hayley then expressing that it had been a secret, but that she was going to tell him anyway. Outside, Alex is talking with Brooke, not believing what he had just heard and asking her whether it was yet April 1st, with Brooke telling him that it wasn't and asserting to him that no one else could find out about what she told him, until they discovered what Judy was up to.

Curious, Alex then asks Brooke whether Judy really still thought that Brooke was hypnotized, calling it brilliant. Brooke then reveals to Alex that it had actually been his sister's idea. Back in the music room, Hayley has told Leo the truth behind what she and Daniel had been doing and is asserting to him that no one could know about what they were doing#, but that she had to tell Leo the truth about it.

Leo asks Hayley why she didn't just go to the police about the situation, with Hayley then revealing that at first that was going to do, but then realized that her father was an FBI agent and as such she knew from her father's experience, that with no proof no one would take them seriously. However Leo then states that Hayley had known something was going on around the Cave, suggesting that they could send the police to investigate.

Hayley is then quick to disperse this idea, as they didn't know who else was involved with it. Confused, Leo asks what she meant by who was involved, with Hayley revealing that that was what they were trying to figure out. Out at the beach, Alex asks Brooke what they were going to do next.

Brooke then reveals that she had to go to her father's for dinner, acting like she was still working for Judy. Then seeing the look on Alex's face, she tells him that she was still able to remember what had happened between them, before she was hypnotized. Alex then jokingly asks her whether she remembered the time they were married in Vegas, prompting giggles. Brooke then remembers that she had had fun hanging out with Alex.

Alex then states that he had remembered it as well, with the pair then embracing for a kiss. Later that evening in the biology lab, Max is walking up and down, while Hayley and Jackie sit waiting at the desk. In Louis' quarters, Louis and Jason are setting the table for dinner alongside Judy, just as the doorbell rings.

Judy then assures Louis that she'd get the door, walking up to the door, with Brooke and Daniel then coming in. Upon seeing them, Judy tells the pair that they were so cute together and states that she couldn't take her eyes off of them, then kissing and giving Brooke a hug, doing the same with Daniel, while back in the lab Hayley and co wait on patiently. Outside, Leo arrives at the Cave, carefully walking down the hill Leo looks around for the opening mechanism, but is then gagged.