Mrs. Geller is the mother of Greenhouse Academy student, Emma Geller.


Mrs. Geller has pale skin, curly brown hair, and a matching set of brown eyes. She looks very much similar to her daughter, Emma Geller. In Pilot, she is shown to be wearing a yellow top with a red crossbody bag. She is also seen wearing a golden bracelet.


Mrs. Geller's first appearance is at the Greenhouse Academy auditions/exams. She is supporting Emma Geller, her daughter and a soon to be Ravens student. She is seen guiding Emma into the school for her exams. In Swimming Lessons, it is revealed that Mrs. Geller is a waitress and that she had sacrificed everything so that Emma could get into the school. In Steph, it is revealed that the Geller's weren't rich and that they were more of the lower class of people.

Emma then exposes her personal life saying that when she was elementry school, her mother would have to work 2 jobs in order to make a living. Emma wouldn't get to see Mrs. Geller after she would come back home since she would already be asleep. Emma then goes on to say that Mrs. Geller would write Emma a letter, telling her how her day had been and after she had gone to the Greenhouse, the letters would stop coming.

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