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'Naomi Reshef, played by Sharon Shtark, is the wife of Guri Reshef and mother to Ellali and Alfie Reshef in the Greenhouse. She's also a famous astronaut and a member of staff at the Greenhouse from Season 2 onwards.

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Naomi is a middle-aged woman with peach skin, long black hair and blue eyes. At first she's seen wearing a white gown, when she's seen coming out of the stasis pod and when she encounters her daughter; Ellali. In later seasons, when she's helping out at the Greenhouse, she's usually seen wearing a pink cardigan with orange top underneath.


Season 1

Naomi forms the central premise for the first season of the show, when she supposedly dies in a mysterious shuttle explosion, after launch. Ellali and Alfie enrol at the Greenhouse in her honour.

Towards the end of the season however it's revealed that she is in fact still alive and being kept in a stasis pod down in the hole, by Marcu; the Greenhouse's electrician. She later escapes and makes her way back to her families house, only to be confronted by Arik, who promises to help her find her husband and kids. However when it's apparent that isn't his intention, Naomi's able to escape from him

She then takes Arik's gun and heads back to the Greenhouse, where she being frightened holds Judy Goren at gunpoint, when Judy, who she believed to be working with the bad guys, questions her. Judy then takes her down into the hole, but betrays her and gets her locked in cell, ready for execution by Ze'ev, angry at her still being alive.

Naomi is soon reunited with her daughter, when Ellali's attempt to de-activate the nuclear reactor goes awry. The two reunite in the cell and together are eventually able to escape. After the disaster had been averted, Naomi, along with the rest of their family went back home, where Guri welcomed her back.

Season 2

Naomi returned in Season 2 where she accompanied Louis Klein at the hospital, along with Guri, after the incident with Sophie had gone down, during the Hiking/ Team-Building Challenge. At the hospital, she sits with Ellali, talking to her about her daughter's love of Daniel and the seriousness of what happened on the cliffs.

Later Naomi, teaches a class, in the gym at the Greenhouse, where she gets students to wear a set of headphones and asks them to explain what they heard, when listening through them.


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