Nexus is the twenty-first episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering February 3rd, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


In the Eagles dormitory, Natalie is fast asleep, as her alarm goes off. Natalie turns it off and gets out of bed, heading to the Eagles bathroom. In the bathroom she brushes her teeth alongside Alfie. The two then spit out in the sink, with Alfie then walking up Sophie, who is still fast asleep in bed. Alfie then asks where Sophie keeps her tennis racket, with Natalie walking up and showing him it's under the bed, the two then quietly head off to play.

Just as the two head round the corner, they notice Daniel asleep on the couch, with Alfie telling Natalie to stay quiet, as the two creep past Daniel. Daniel then wakes, seeing Natalie and Alfie leave for tennis.

Outside of the Greenhouse grounds, Daniel is sitting on a bench with his mother, as he asks whether her whether she believes it's nice to spend some time out of the Greenhouse, with Judy expressing that it's nice to spend some time with her son, stroking him round the back of his neck. Daniel then asks what's up, with Judy telling him she missed him, Daniel however exclaims he knew she was busy. Judy in response, says however it would be unlikely Daniel would want to hear from her every day. She then asks how he is, with Daniel telling her he's fine, adding he'd be even more better when his leg fully healed.

Judy however expresses she's not worried about his leg, but is more worried about his heart instead. Daniel, confused asks whether she's alright, Judy then asks what went on with Natalie, with Daniel asking who told her about it. Judy says it doesn't really matter, but that she would of preferred to hear about it from him. Daniel then stops her, adding he doesn't want to talk about the subject.

At the Israeli ministerial embassy, Mordi is on the phone to Shaul, telling him that if they didn't get the cabinet to push their decision forward, there would be some serious consequences taking place, adding he needed Shaul on his side. Just then the Prime minister's secretary arrives with a letter from Boaz Tavor of the Israeli Space Agency. Mordi then questions why Boaz was sending him letters, adding he could of just called him over the phone, or maybe via email or text, as he opens the letter. After having read the letter, Mordi tells his secretary to ring Boaz and get him there within the hour, and also to clear his schedule for the hour, with the secretary complying and then heading off.

Back at the bench, Judy is pointing at an area, asking Daniel whether he remembered when the water, came all the way up there, with Daniel bending over to look. Judy continues, explaining they used to jump from the dock straight into the water, adding she always thought that this place was the most romantic place in the world, beginning to describe the "Beauty of the Valley" and the "Pleasant breeze", before Daniel cuts her off, asking what's up with her, explaining it's like she's channeling the poet Rachel, adding that if she wanted they could go and visit Rachel's grave, with it being right around the corner.

Daniel then takes out his Louie device, and starts a search, as Judy says he'll soon be asking someone to marry him through the use of his Louie, as he uses it so much, adding that his generation doesn't know what real romance is, explaining that they don't know how to court or play love games, but Daniel stops her from going on, saying it's too information. Judy then explains that it's just that she thought he and Natalie had found true love together, with Daniel saying no kidding, as Judy tells him to just make sure he did everything in her power to keep Natalie his. Daniel then questions it, asking why, guessing because she wants him to continue dating Louis' daughter. However Judy expresses that all she wanted was for him to be happy and that she cared about him.

Daniel then says in that case she should of been happy for him, adding that had he known better, he would of broken up with Natalie a long time ago. Daniel then says he has to head back to the Eagles dormitory, with Judy questioning it, asking whether he wanted to have breakfast together. However Daniel says no, explaining that he has a project for Computer class that he hadn't even started yet, adding he must go, before getting up. Judy then helps him get up, giving him his crutches.

In Matti's computer lab, Ellali places two photos; one of Robbie and the other of Alona on a white board, linking the two together, while adding that her father taught her that the most important thing in any sort of investigation, is to try and get all the information in front of your eyes. She then takes Robbie's photo off of the board, with Matti asking what she's doing, with Ellali expressing it'd be too risky. Dina then sarcastically calls Ellali a real pro, as Ellali places a blue sheet of paper on the board, with Alona's name on it. Ellali then asks what else, as Matti pulls out a photo of the Park Ranger photo, giving it to Ellali who then sticks it on the white board, writing disappeared outside a cave, under his photo.

Out on the tennis courts, Natalie hits a tennis ball back to Alfie, with him hitting it back and vice versa, until Natalie misses it, with Alfie going "Yes!". Natalie then walks over, adding the score is 3-1 in her favor, with Alfie saying that at least he won the game. Natalie then asks him if he's worried she let him win once, however Alfie says to the contrary that that would be flattening, before sitting down on the bench and taking out a towel, wiping himself down. Natalie then takes a look at her messages and finds that Arik hadn't yet got back to her, but Alfie tells her that those kind of things take time. Natalie however, says she couldn't wait to hear if he found anything out, with Alfie telling her she should call him, as Natalie questions it, asking "Really?". Alfie then explains that Arik is like family. Natalie then calls Arik on her Louie, but to no avail, with Natalie adding he's not answering her call.

Back in Matti's computer lab, Matti is adding that Alona was acting weird, the day the satellite was launched, as Ellali writes it down on the white board. Ellali then explains that on the night of the satellite launch, Dina saw Robbie outside the cave, with Dina expressing her excitement at being on board with the investigation. Ellali then asks Matti if he's noticed any other instances of Alona acting weird, with him saying yes, explaining that he's almost sure he saw her crying when the Space Agency lost contact with the satellite, adding it was strange because it wasn't like anyone had died on the day, then realizing what he'd said and apologizing to Ellali. She says it's ok, before writing the information on the white board.

Ellali then re-iterates Matti's information, saying that Alona had cried one day after the visit to the Israeli Space Agency and then she didn't participate in the Doughnut selling assignment, as well as losing for the first time against Matti in chess, Matti however corrects her saying that actually once the two were in a hurry to get to class, so they never finished the game, but that Alona had admitted he'd won. Ellali then hushes him, with him apologizing. Ellali then asks what the overall connection is between all the weird goings on with Alona, as Dina guesses it could possibly be the satellite.

Back at the tennis courts, Natalie is giving Alfie a massage, as he exclaims his back is killing him. Natalie then asks him, how well he knows Dina, as Alfie expresses that he's never said a word to her, then asking why Natalie asked. Natalie explains that she just couldn't stop wondering what she was doing over by the cave, with Alfie questioning the word "Doing", as he exclaims that the nutty park ranger put a knife to her throat. Natalie however says before that had occurred, asking why Dina was even there, adding that she's got a feeling Dina is investigating something at the Greenhouse too, but also adding that he saw how much Dina hates her and that she'd never co-operate with her.

Alfie then asks why Dina hates her, with Natalie explaining that Dina had helped her once and that she was mean to Dina after she helped her, adding it wasn't really her fault , as she was with Sophie at the time and that Alfie knows what Sophie's like. Natalie further expresses she didn't want Sophie to be interrogating her on it. Alfie then says that in that case he could understand Sophie, causing Natalie to press harder with her massage.

Back in Matti's computer lab, the three get onto Robbie's involvement, with Ellali asking how he managed to get to the cave so quickly the prior night, adding that there'd of been no way he could of heard Matti's scream from inside the building, as Dina adds that he was probably home, because Robbie came out wearing those ridiculous pyjamas of his. Matti then says that maybe Robbie saw them via the security cameras, but Ellali says that would make no sense, asking why he'd be looking at security cameras, adding that someone must of called him. Matti however asks who, explaining that they didn't seen anyone else other than the park ranger, with Ellali saying that doesn't really know. Dina then chips in, adding it could of been Robbie's sister; Natalie that texted him about it.

Back at the tennis courts, Natalie and Alfie are packing away their gear, as Natalie asks him whether he could ask Ellali about their investigation, adding he could just mention it to her without her even knowing that it's about her. However Alfie says that he doesn't know, with Ellai pretty much picking up on anything. Natalie then reminds him, that he was able to steal Ellali's Louie, without her noticing, as Alfie tells her he promised to never lie to his sister again. However Natalie expresses it wouldn't be a lie, but just a question, as the two head off.

Back at the lab, Ellali places a photo of Natalie on the board, in disbelief to how she never noticed the connection before, with Dina adding that Natalie and Robbie are already working together, continuing by saying that Natalie then pretended like she saved her from the Park ranger. But Matti then adds that she did save her, but quickly correcting himself, as Ellali expresses they must watch out for Natalie. Matti then begins to panic, as Dina asks him what's wrong. Matti explains that Natalie was there with Dina and that she knew everything, with Dina telling him to relax, questioning whether he thought Natalie knew everything they'd been up to in the lab, with Matti asking whether Natalie saw the code-breaking programme, adding that if she told Robbie about it, he'd be dead.

Ellali then asks what Dina and Natalie were doing in there, with Dina beginning to explain, that Daniel's bullet shrapnel was destroyed in the car accident and that Natalie wanted to know if it was all orchestrated, adding she thought Natalie was just worried about Daniel, but that after the ball, she realized she only dated him to get something out of him. Ellali then adds that the worst thing is, that her brother; Alfie has a crush on Natalie. Out on the Greenhouse lawn, Alfie and Natalie are walking back.

Natalie then stops Alfie, telling him it'd be great if he could ask Ellali about Dina for her, with Alfie saying he'd try. Natalie thanks him, as the two begin to kiss. Judy watches them from across the lawn, shaking her head in disagreement, before taking out her phone, having received a text from Arik, asking Judy what he'd do as Natalie was trying to call him. Natalie then reveals to Alfie, that she didn't actually let him win the game, before running off with Alfie behind her.

At the ministerial embassy, Mordi is reading out Boaz' letter to him, reading; "Dear Prime Minister Mordechai Rosen, as a result of the string failures by the Space Agency and because I feel personally responsible", with Mordi then pausing as Boaz adds he knew what the letter had said, and that he was the one who'd wrote it. Mordi continues; "I hereby submit my resignation as Head of the Israeli Space Agency, sincerely yours, Boaz Tavor". Boaz then beckons Mordi on, asking him "So?", with Mordi then ripping Boaz' letter into pieces, adding that was his response to his letter. Mordi then says they should talk and see how they'd bounce back from that adversity and move forward towards new goals, with Boaz agreeing.

Back at the Greenhouse, Robbie is eating his lunch in Louis' office, as Judy sitting opposite him, tells him that his little sister has become a big problem, with Robbie then questioning whether it was because she'd dumped her son; Daniel, but Judy expresses it's because she's too nosey, with Robbie agreeing with her, adding it's nothing new. Judy further adds that Natalie's not stupid either, explaining that Natalie's on to her, as Natalie had sat down with Arik the prior day and told him why she thinks she's responsible for the shrapnel disappearing. Robbie then expresses how impressed he is, adding his sister's no chump, as Judy asks whether he could see that it's a big problem for them.

Judy then says that she wants Robbie to take care of this problem, as he asks her what she wants him to do, adding Natalie's his sister. However Judy tells him to just relax, adding that she just doesn't want Natalie around them right now, as Robbie asks her until when. Judy says they'd need a week, but Robbie questions it, asking how he's supposed to do that. Judy then asks whether Natalie likes tennis, with Robbie saying yeah.

In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Natalie asks "Come again?", as Robbie explains that someone must of bailed on the tennis camp and now they have an open spot. Natalie questions it, asking whether it was really just like that, adding it sounded a bit strange. However Robbie says that if he was her, he wouldn't want to miss that opportunity, being a Tennis Camp by the red sea, with all the best coaches that the country has to offer, with it only being a week. Natalie then asks whether their dad knew about it, as Robbie asks her to stop asking about their father, adding he's the acting Greenhouse principal and that he's offering her a spot other people would kill for.

Natalie then says she'd have to think about it, as Robbie expresses he knew she'd gone through a rough time, adding that some time away from the school could do her some good, asking her of her choice, as Matti, Ellali and Dina watch on from an opposite table. Ellali then gets a text on her Louie, causing her to go whoa, with Dina asking what's up. Ellali then tells her, that Alfie wants to meet her at the meteor site, before heading off.

Iftach then comes and sit down, asking where the three had disappeared to, adding he's starting to feel left out. Matti then tells him, that he's been working on a project, with Dina telling him not to exaggerate, adding that Matti dragged her into helping him with some, asking what Matti called it, guessing algorithms. Matti agrees saying yeah right, "All go rhythms", expressing that algorithms is what he said, before Dina corrects him, saying that he'd said "All go Rhythms, adding there's no such thing. Iftach, intrigued says that their project sounds fascinating, wishing them good luck with it, before heading off.

Natalie then tells Robbie to not take it so hard, expressing she didn't want to go away for a week, adding that her exams are coming up and she'd have a lot of studying to do. But Robbie questions how she could pass up an opportunity like that. However Natalie expresses it's only a hobby and that she's not looking for a career in it, as Robbie asks her what he's meant to tell them now, as Natalie says he could go himself, adding that their father sent him to tennis lessons as well, adding his serve is terrible, but backhand isn't that bad, as she gets up and kisses him before heading off.

At the meteorite site, Alfie is waiting for Ellali on the rock, just as she arrives asking whether he's alright, as she sits next to him. She asks him whether he believes the whole scene with the Park Ranger was pretty intense, with him saying totally, as she asks why their there again. Alfie says no reason, adding that in three days time, it'd be one year since it had all happened, asking Ellali if she ever wondered, what would have happened had their mother not discovered the meteorite, adding she probably wouldn't have been interested in space exploration and as such wouldn't have gone up in that space shuttle and then, before being cut off by Ellali, who says that in that case she wouldn't of been their mother.

Ellali then tells him that he couldn't think of the whole ordeal like that, Alfie then asks what she, Dina and Matti were doing at the site during the middle of the night, with Ellali expressing they were just walking around, with Alfie then saying ok. Ellali then asks how his girlfriend is, with Alfie then confused, asking who?. Ellali jokes Paris Hilton, rhetorically asking him who he thinks, asking Alfie if Natalie had asked him to ask her what they were doing there.

Back at the embassy, Boaz is explaining that comparing their current situation to the one that occurred a year ago, everything had looked so promising, adding that Naomi had been working on a project that would change the world. Boaz continues, explaining that the Binyamin satellite, had already been in advanced stages of development, but that none of it had worked out. Mordi then exclaims that Boaz is more familiar with history than he was, asking how many failed attempts there were before Neil Armstrong managed to land on the moon in 1969. Boaz then goes on, expressing that with all due respect, all those Russian astronauts weren't anything like their Naomi, with Mordi agreeing.

Boaz continues to say that Naomi should of have been on that stage in Stockholm, accepting a noble prize in the field of physics as the woman who enabled humanity to properly predict prevent earthquakes, with Mordi saying true, with Boaz saying that now, Naomi hadn't even gotten a grave and that no one knew anything about her life's work, not even her family. Mordi then says that could of been their mistake, expressing it could of been a mistake to keep Project Nexus a secret, adding they were so afraid somebody would steal their idea and that he's very happy that Boaz made the visit that day, adding that he feels like Boaz opened his eyes.

Boaz, confused asks what, with Mordi explaining that the best way to re-start the project would be by letting the public know about Nexus, telling Boaz that he'd tell him something, knowing when and where he'd go public with this news. Back at the meteorite site, Alfie asks his sister, why she wouldn't let him know what they were doing the prior night, as Ellali expresses she doesn't want him to tell Natalie about it. Alfie asks why, with Ellali telling him, he doesn't like her, with Alfie asking why not, explaining that while he knew she was being mean to Ellali at the start of the year and then at the ball, she's ultimately a good person, but just a bit guarded.

Ellali, however expresses she believes that Alfie doesn't really know Natalie, with him asking what she meant. Ellali then asks him, what Natalie's relationship with her brother; Robbie was, with Alfie questioning whether it was other than the fact that Natalie and Robbie are siblings, with Ellali saying that's it exactly. Alfie then asks if there's a problem with Robbie, with Ellali then telling him to just forget it. Alfie asks her why she couldn't just give him some credit, with Ellali telling him she does, but that in that case he was making a mistake, but Alfie adds he believes she's wrong, saying that Natalie is a wonderful person.

Ellali in response says of course that's not the case, exclaiming that Natalie was just using him. Alfie then fires back, saying that just because it didn't work between her and Iftach, doesn't mean she should try and ruin his relationship with Natalie, with Ellali questioning whether that's really what he believes. Alfie then says that unfortunately, that's the case and storms off. In the Eagles dormitory, Natalie is doing her hair, just as Ron and another Eagles girl appear.

Natalie says hi, but the two just turn and walk away towards the couch, Sophie then passes her, heading to her locker. Natalie asks Sophie if she did something wrong, with Sophie telling her that she should tell her. Natalie then realizes it's the racket, apologizing, but that she didn't want to wake her up, adding she looked so peaceful. However Sophie says it's not that, with Natalie then questioning what it is. Sophie then expresses that it's just weird, Natalie never told her about her relationship with Alfie, with Natalie asking what's to tell. Sophie then tells her, that the two were seen kissing on the tennis courts, exclaiming how Daniel must feel, before stating she's not defending him.

Natalie then questions it, asking Sophie whether she's her friend or Daniel's. Sophie angrily exclaims she thought Natalie was her friend, asking how she could hide something from her. Natalie, then says it's because when she told Sophie , she broke up with Daniel, an hour later it was practically on the Channel 2 news, with Sophie then walking away. Natalie sees Daniel listening to his music, in a chair and gets back to doing her hair, just as Alfie arrives.

Alfie asks what's up with everyone, as Natalie tells him that someone saw them kissing, with him going oh no. Natalie then asks what happened with his sister, with Alfie expressing nothing and that Ellali quickly caught on, and then started to talk crud about Natalie and they got into a fight. Alfie then bends down to get his stuff out of his locker and tells Natalie he's off to take a shower. Natalie then takes out her Louie and calls Robbie, asking whether she could still change her mind about the camp.

At the embassy, Mordi tells his secretary to talk with Louis Klein and find the earliest possible date to pay an official visit to the Greenhouse. The secretary then says the prime minister asked for his chief of staff, adding he's waiting outside. Mordi tells her to let him in. Ze'ev then comes in, asking what he'd been called in for. Back at the Greenhouse, Natalie tells Alfie, that she's heading off for a whole week at Tennis camp.

Alfie questions a whole week, but Natalie tells him not to worry about it, and that when she gets back, things would be a lot calmer, adding he knew how long a week at the school could be and that they'd find something else to gossip about. Alfie then asks whether she's sure there isn't room for another tennis player at the camp, but Natalie then jokes it's only for really good tennis players, asking him to talk to her via video chat, with Alfie saying sure before kissing Natalie goodbye. Natalie then walks to her ride with Louis and Robbie, as her father wishes her to have fun and to take care of herself, with her expressing she'd do so, before hugging him. Natalie then heads off, giving her bag to Marcus. Louis tells her to drive carefully, with Marcus assuring her she's in good hands, placing Natalie's bag in the back of the vehicle.



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