The Old Biology Lab is one of the main settings and locations in Greenhouse Academy. This is where Team Eureka works and this spot is their hideout.


The old biology lab has old green mosaic tiles running through the room and there are many spiderwebs, as the room is very old. The books and liquids are covered in immense dust and the tables and chairs are practically torn apart and are not in good condition. The lab does have a whiteboard, but it is very old and it doesn't erase well. Because of the fact that the lab was abandoned for a very long time and that no one ever used it, Team Eureka was able to take over and made that spot their hideout.

Uses of the Lab

Team Eureka mainly uses the lab to uncover the dark secrets that the school is hiding. Often times, the whole team meets up or rather only some members meet up at this place. The team has done a lot of things in this room from dehypnotizing Brooke to figuring out who poisoned Hayley. The lab is a multi-use lab and can be used for many things such as a place to read or a place to conduct experiments. The lab is located on the upper level, near the 2 clubhouses, and near the groundskeeper's office.

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