One on One is the thirty sixth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering on Nickelodeon UK March 18th 2014.


Carrying on from last episode, Daniel after reading Marcus' prison record, notes that Marcus is an escaped convict. Ellali expresses her surprise pondering what's up with the school, noting that she didn't even want to study at the Greenhouse, because she thought that it was too stuck up. Daniel then asks her if she missed her previous high school, but she says she doesn't.

Daniel then expresses that they should focus, explaining that they knew their friendly custodian is actually a convicted murderer who had broken out of prison, with Ellali adding that they knew he'd checked out a book on the subject of hypnotism. Daniel then said that he's sure Alfie had accompanied Natalie on the day that she'd left for tennis camp, with Ellali asking what that's got to do with anything. Daniel then tells her that she should ask her brother about it, with her asking what for, but Daniel just tells her to ask him.

Ellali then complies and takes out her Louie and types a sends a text to Alfie, asking who had driven Natalie to her tennis camp. Ellali and Daniel then wait a little for a response, when Ellali gets a response from Alfie on her Louie, telling her that he's pretty sure that Marcus had driven Natalie there.

Daniel then suggest that they talk to Ellali's father, as he was a cop, while Ellali begins to write things on the white-board. However Ellali just tells him no, as her father would just take herself and Alfie out of the Greenhouse if they did so, before even managed to utter the word Marcus, with Daniel then saying he sees. Ellali goes on explaining that her father had only just gotten himself straightened out and that she didn't want to drop that bomb on him, before they even understood what's going on.

Ellali then asks Daniel where the hypnotism book was, with Daniel asking why she asked. Ellali then explains that if the book explained how to hypnotise someone it would probably explain how to de-hypnotise a person as well. Daniel then asks whether she wanted to de-hypnotize Natalie, with Ellali questioning him on whether he really wanted to ask their friendly custodian/ escaped murderer.

In Matti's computer lab, Dina asks Matti why her personal life, which was meant to be kept up on his computer screen. Matti begins to explain that he had to check, before Dina questions it. Matti then reveals that he knew Dina was working with the conspirators, with Dina saying that of course she was working with them, adding that he wanted to enlist his help, but that he wouldn't listen to her. Matti questions it asking why she wanted him, saying that she knew he couldn't help her.

Dina then questions what he couldn't do, guessing he was talking about helping his friends, but Matti still disillusioned tells her that their not his friends and that their not Dina's either, and that she didn't have to do this. Dina then surprised, asks whether he's officially insane, asking what he was talking about. Matti then believes that the conspirators are listening in, adding that someone had been in his lab, with Dina asking who it was. Matti then says it was them, with Dina then guessing he meant Ellali and Daniel. Matti surprised, says he couldn't believe it, believing Ellali and Daniel to be working with them too, before asking what's going on.

Dina then questions whether Matti was delusional and who he thought she was working for, with Matti revealing he thought they were working for the bad guys. However just asks him whether he's out of his mind, explaining that she was just helping Ellali with her investigation and that now Daniel had joined them, adding that Daniel wasn't exactly her cup of tea, but that he wasn't a bad guy.

Matti then surprised, exclaims he's made a big mistake, but adds that Dina had been acting so weird over the few prior two days. Dina then questions it, with Matti saying yes, as she asks him why he'd hacked into her file. Matti explains that he was sure that Dina was a traitor, because Alona had told him that there was a traitor at the Greenhouse and that he had to figure out who it was and that he had to suspect everyone when Dina had started acting weird and talking about all sorts of strange things.

Dina then stops him, asking him whether he had really just mentioned that he had been talking with Alona, with Matti confirming that he had. In response Dina questions him as to why he hadn't told her, but then realizes it was probably because he'd thought that she was a traitor who'd been working with the bad guys. Dina then tells Matti that they should swear to tell each other everything from then on, with Matti saying ok, prompting Dina to ask whether he did swear on it, with Matti then saying that he did swear on it. Dina then asks him to once again encrypt her casefile, with Matti then complying.

Back in the Channel 2 News offices, Miki asks her crime correspondent whether he thought they should take the Dina story to their editor, however he reveals that it's not that simple a process, explaining that while they may of have Dina's file they just wouldn't be able to publicize the file, especially not after how they'd obtained the file. In response Miki says she didn't understand.

Gadi then explains that the casefile was confidential meaning that they couldn't even hint that they had read it, with Miki then questioning what the point of even digging it up was, if they couldn't publicize it. Gadi then gets her to think of the file as an inadmissible piece of evidence, being that they couldn't present it but that it was the key to everything, with Miki then saying ok. Gadi then reveals in which case she'd have to get Dina to testify.

Gadi continues, explaining that all she'd need to do is get Dina to talk and that then she'd be able to get her evidence and that once she had managed to get herself a interview, even if it was just 10 seconds she'd then have a story that she could publicize, with Miki then understanding and getting up. As Miki gets up, Gadi asserts to her that no one could find out they'd read Dina's file and that if it managed to get out their careers would be ruined and that both of them would be charged with criminal offences. However Miki assures him that everything's under control.

At the Greenhouse, Louis is meeting with Miki in the classroom, as she says that she never got the chance to thank him enough for the school's co-operation. Louis, however doesn't call it co-operation as Miki had simply employed a student of the Greenhouse without any given permission, at the time that he'd been sitting by his son's hospital bed. Miki then assures him that he didn't have to see the issue like that, explaining that thousands of viewers had managed to get an unfiltered view of his life's work.

Miki then apologizes, saying that she shouldn't of done so without Louis' prior permission, assuring him that it would never happen again. Louis accepts Miki's apology, before getting up and asking whether there was anything else she wanted , but Miki tells him that was all, before getting up herself and shaking Louis' hand, as she says that she knew he was angry with her and that that upset her, being that the last thing she had wanted was for him to be angry with her.

Louis then openly says that he was just speaking openly, as Miki tells him she'd be happy to make it up to him some time. Louis, confused asks what she was talking about, with Miki explaining that she really liked what Louis had been doing at the Greenhouse, revealing that she could give his students a media workshop. Louis, confused questions it. Miki then explains that as their educating future leaders and that every leader need to know how to utilize the media to their advantage.

Miki goes on saying that with the crazy media nowadays, not even Ben Gurion would of been elected. Louis agrees with Miki and tells her that he'd get Ahuva to schedule a date for Miki to come in and teach the class, with Miki saying great. Just as Louis begins to leave the classroom, Miki then reveals that if he was truly feeling spontaneous, she had a pretty light schedule for that day and that she was already there.

In the science lab, Daniel brings Ellali the book on hypnotism, with her then flicking through the book, looking for the page on the process of dehypnotization, finding that it was page 216. Daniel then realizes something saying that he couldn't believe he hadn't seen it, saying that it was so simple. Ellali then just says that they'd managed to figure it out and questions why they'd even care whose idea it was.

Daniel then stops flicking through the pages, noticing that one of the chapters had been torn out of the book, with Ellali then sarcastically saying she wondered who it could be. Daniel then calls it a bummer, as he was sure they were so close. Ellali then chimes in, suggesting that the pages must be somewhere in Marcus' room, adding that they'd just go in there and take it. Ellali then asks Daniel whether he was a captain, noting that he must of still had a master key to the Greenhouse with Daniel revealing he did.

Both Daniel and Ellali then get an alert on their Louie devices, notifying them that there had been a change in the schedule and that a Social Media Workshop had been set up for them and telling them all to gather in the assembly room within 15 minutes. The two then head off to class, with Ellali turning their investigation notes invisible again.

In the cafeteria, after having seen the Media workshop announcement, Matti asks Dina what that had meant, however she just says that she's tired and hoped that they'd be showing a movie so that she could sleep for an hour. Matti then tells Dina that he has something he wants to tell her, being that he wanted to know how she had broken into the bank that one time. However Dina in response just says that it's obvious she wasn't clear the first time and re-iterates that Matti needed to forget about what he'd read, not thinking or talking about it.

Matti then says that he would forget it, with Dina saying great, before explaining that she should of been in jail at that point and that the deal that had gone on between Louis and the chief of police had been kept a secret and that even the people from her past hadn't known that she'd left prison, expressing that it must stay that way. Matti agrees with her, telling her that he hadn't thought of it like that, with Dina then telling him to do so.

Matti then tells her that he wouldn't of stayed at the Greenhouse without her, with her then telling her that she wasn't going to go anywhere, before calling him a moron. Dina then suggests they head off to the Sleep workshop, with Matti then correcting her on the fact that it was a media workshop, before the two headed off.

In the corridor, Miki is talking to Sophie, telling her that she wanted to be honest with her and that Sophie had really disappointed her, explaining that Sophie had told her it was her dream and that had made her sure she'd do anything for it. Sophie explains that she didn't want to quit, but it was due to the fact that they'd been giving her a hard time over it at the Greenhouse. However Miki tells her that was part of their profession; shutting out any background noise.

Sophie in response apologizes to Miki, before Miki offers her a second chance, explaining that she had a favour to ask of her. Sophie says she'd do whatever she wanted her to do. Miki then explains that she would be doing a workshop at the school that day and that she was doing some interviews, but that she didn't know anyone at the school. Miki then asks Sophie to choose the most interesting students and do some background checks on them for her. Sophie then says sure, with Miki telling her to get the most interesting details and the juiciest, asking whether she could trust Sophie to do so, with Sophie saying yes as she gets to work.

In the cafeteria, Alfie strolls up to his sister saying hi and asking her what the whole thing about Natali and her tennis camp was all about. Ellali covers up saying that it wasn't really anything and that she'd just remembered it, with Alfie questioning whether it was just for no reason, revealing that he had talked to Daniel about it a few days prior. Ellali pretending to be confused, questions why he'd talk to Daniel about it.

Alfie then asks Ellali just to be clear with him, about the fact that Daniel didn't tell her about it, with Ellali saying that of course he didn't, before having to head off, saying goodbye.

In the assembly room, Louis introduces Miki Sevan, announcing that he was proud to put them in the hands of someone that they all knew, being Miki Sevan from the Channel 2 news, welcoming her into the classroom. Miki arrives thanking Louis and beginning to start the class. Miki explains that nowadays there were two types of leaders, being the kind that are TV savvy of whom the camera loves and those who would lose elections. Miki then continues saying that may sound vain and may be a pity, but that that's just reality.

Miki then says that if they didn't know how to utilize the camera, they'd have no chance of reaching the people, before announcing that within the next hour some of the students would come up on stage and experience a one-on-one TV interview with her, then promising to be just as professional and tough with them as she would of been with a government minister. Miki goes on explaining that they'd have to answer her questions and dodge any traps, without losing their cool, without being caught for lying and most importantly without being boring.

Miki then says that she'd like to invite her first interviewee up to the stage, but not before thanking Sophie who had helped her with the background checks. Miki then calls Ron up to the stage, who anxiously gets up and starts to walk over to the stage, just as Dina says that it was already beginning to get boring. Ron then sits down on up at the stage, as he asks her why she's filming their interview, with Miki explaining that was part of the workshop and that after it he could watch and learn from his performance.

Miki then asks Louis whether he had any sort of problem with that part of the workshop, but he says he didn't. Miki then begins to ask Ron questions, asking Ron how he'd felt when he had seen himself in Sophie's news item during the intimate moment that the two of them had shared. Ron then asks whether he really had to answer that looking at Louis, but he tells him to pretend that he's not there and ask Miki. Miki continues, telling Ron that as a leader sometimes he'd have to deal with tough questions.

Miki goes on explaining that he'd have to find a way to answer the questions without trying to get out of the question or getting into trouble, then asking Ron again how he'd felt, with him replying that he'd felt like crap. Miki tells him that that was an honest answer, but that it wouldn't be broadcast, asking him again. Ron then tells Miki that he had felt like someone he trusted had betrayed him and that really was how he felt.

Miki then asks whether that was the reason why he'd called for Sophie to be ostracized . In response Ron says what, beginning to ask her how, before realizing what had happened. Miki then re-iterates her question, but Ron tells her that he didn't know what she was talking about, with Miki asking whether he denied calling for Sophie to be ostracized until she had decided to stop making her news items. Ron tells her not to put the words in his mouth, just as Miki tells the class that that was an example of a cliché that viewers just didn't believe anymore.

Ron then exerts that he had a right to talk in the way he wanted to, with Miki then saying that Ron was getting defensive, calling it a good idea, as Ron says he's had enough of it and that he was sick of it, getting up. Ron then sits back down, saying why they had wondered why they hated the media. Natalie then tells Sophie that was a nasty thing to do, with Sophie agreeing, saying that ostracizing her had been nasty. Alfie then asks Sophie whether she had planned it to be like that, with Sophie revealing that she had down to the last detail.

Louis then calls for the students attention back towards Miki, with Miki telling Ron that she'd give him credit for not being boring, but that the truth was that Ron had made every mistake possible, being that he'd lost his cool, his composure, as Dina asks when Ron even was cool. Miki continues saying that Ron had gotten defensive instead of transitioning within the conversation to something that he was more comfortable with and that then he had done what they must never do.

Being that he had stormed out of the studio and that would of meant he'd have lost the elections. Later Miki is interviewing both Iftach and Amy, asking them what it was like to be a couple at the Greenhouse. Iftach then tells Louis that he really didn't get the point of the whole activity, asking what they were meant to learn from the questions their being asked. However Miki expresses that the questions weren't important and that they'd learn from the answers.

Miki then says they should see how they'd get out of answering in an elegant way, as Iftach tells her that he didn't want to discuss his private life with her, asking whether that was elegant enough for her. Amy then chimes in, telling Miki that she could understand her curiosity and that the truth was, that it wasn't easy being a couple at the Greenhouse, causing Ellali to get up as she continued. Amy continues saying that was especially the case when your partner was a captain, but that their relationship was strong enough to get them through tough times. Daniel then tells Natalie he's off to the bathroom.

Alfie then tells Sophie, that he's sure something was going on between his sister and Daniel, but Sophie hushes him as she wanted to hear the interview. Miki then continues, saying that he had understood that the two had gone through a traumatic even recently, with Iftach saying it had been when she'd called them up on stage a few minutes prior. Miki in response says that humour always works, then seriously asking Amy, explaining that she'd managed to save both Ellali and Iftach in the Kinerat a week prior.

Miki asks Amy when she could tell her about it, with Amy then telling her that it was all just a blur on one hand, but that on the other hand everything was so clear. Amy then explains that she had been walking along the beach, when she'd seen both Iftach and Ellali caught in the whirlpool and that she'd gone straight into action, with the thought of what could of happened to them making her realize exactly what she had to do.

Amy continues saying that she hadn't hesitated for a moment, just jumping straight into it. Iftach however then says he couldn't do it anymore, getting up as Miki asks whether he meant with the interview or with Amy. Iftach then reveals he meant both and gets up. Out in the Greenhouse grounds, Ellali arrives at the fuse box, as she receives a text telling her that Iftach had just broken up with Amy and asking where she had been.

Ellali then flicks a switch in the fuse box and heads off. In Marcus' room he notices something from his laptop, having seen the that the fuse box had been turned off, with him then getting off to fix it. Back in the assembly room, Louis notifies Miki that he thinks they'd learnt enough for the day asking Miki. Miki however asks for one more interview, expressing that she didn't want to end on that note. Louis says yes, but asks her to not ask any personal questions.

Miki says no problem, thanking Amy and then calling up Dina to the stage. Sophie then turns to Alfie saying that she'd never told Miki to call up Dina, having done no research on her. Sophie tries to get Miki's attention but to no avail, as Dina walks up the stage. Dina sits down, as Miki asks how she is, with Dina saying she's fine and asking how Miki is. Miki says she's pretty good too, as she begins to ask Dina questions.

Miki starts by asking Dina whether she was happy to be a student at the Greenhouse, with Dina saying yes, as Miki turns to the class telling them that that is one rule of television; to never answer with one word, adding that it sounder boring and didn't come off well on television. Miki continues saying that if you say yes, you should at least try to drag it out over 3 sentences, telling Dina to try again. Dina then re-iterates Miki's question, saying that she felt happy, elated and that she felt fantastic, being that there's no greater pleasure than being a part of that unique and renowned institution, located on the Kineret.

In Marcus' office, Daniel is searching his shelves and rummaging through Marcus' boxes looking for the missing pages of the hypnotism book, with Ellali on look-out. Daniel then manages to finds some pages on top of a filing cabinet, looking through them only to find nothing. Outside Marcus arrives at the fusebox, but quickly closes it, walking off.

Back in the classroom, Miki asks Dina when she had first heard about the Greenhouse, with Dina saying that she didn't remember, and that it could of been the prior year, as Miki continues to ask whether Dina had to take any entry exams to get in like everyone else. Dina confused asks what Miki had meant. Miki then asks whether she'd come in handcuffs straight from the jail cell, with Louis then stepping in saying that was enough.

Miki however continues asking Dina where she'd be, if she wasn't there now, Dina then questions how Miki had known about that, but Louis exerts to Miki that that was enough. Miki then asks whether Dina had actually been in prison, with Louis telling Dina she didn't have to answer that, but Miki tells her to answer her. Dina then gets up, saying that she was in prison and that she did rob a bank and was not proud of it, but that thanks to Louis she left that life behind her, asking Miki whether that's what she wanted to hear, before storming off.

Louis then tells Miki that they were done there, thanking her, with her returning the same sentiments. Louis then tells everyone to head back to their clubhouses. Back at the fuse box, Marcus flicks the switch back, before closing the fuse box and heading off. Just then Daniel finds the pages, but knocks over a box full of documents as he makes his way towards the door. Daniel steps back, exclaiming he couldn't believe that was happening at that time, just as Ellali tells him they needed to get out of there.

However Daniel tells her that he couldn't, asking her to come in. Ellali then sees all the papers on the floor, as Daniel begins to put them all back into their boxes. Ellali then begins to do the same, then going up to look at the window and seeing Marcus walking down the path outside towards the building. Ellali then re-iterates to Daniel that Marcus was on his way, taking up look-out position again.

As he walks up the stairs, Louis calls for Marcus, explaining that he wanted Marcus to walk Miki back to her car and that he didn't ever want to see Miki on the school grounds again. Marcus complies and heads down, just as Daniel and Ellali leave his room, with Daniel locking the room.

In the cafeteria, Dina asks Matti how Miki could of possibly known about that information, saying it didn't make sense. Matti then apologizes, saying it was all his fault, explaining that they'd probably found the database that he'd hacked into, reiterating his apology and saying that he wanted to curl up and die. Dina then expresses the fact that the entire country would see her story that day. Sophie then arrives in the cafeteria.

Sophie apologizes to Dina, expressing that she'd never told Miki to talk to her, with Matti then reiterating it was all his fault. Sophie then adds that Miki had probably just done the workshop as a way of trapping Dina. Matti questions what they'd do then, as Dina tells him to not forget to bring her favourite sweets to her when she was in prison. However Sophie tells her she's not going to prison and that she'd take care of it. Dina asks how.

Outside, Miki is getting ready to head off, closing her boot, just as Sophie runs up to her, telling her that the workshop she held was amazing and that she had now realized just how much she admired her and that she was her role model. Miki thanks her, as Sophie continues saying she couldn't believe the questions that Miki had asked Dina, as Miki asks whether it was good. Sophie in response then says that Llana Dayan couldn't of done it any better.

Miki asks her to stop, saying she's exaggerating, as Sophie continues saying that Miki had made Dina feel good about herself and that then when she was comfortable, Miki had just whipped out all of that information, with Miki then telling her that was just how it was done. Sophie then says that the way the look changed on Dina's face was priceless, calling Miki a genius. Miki in response tells her she's going overboard. Sophie then asks Miki where she had gotten all of her research from.

Sophie guesses that Miki had found Dina's police files or something along those lines, adding that she had so much to learn. Miki says that the truth was she wasn't meant to talk about it, but that they had just happened to get their hands on Dina's confidential and encrypted file, adding that they weren't allowed to publicize it, but that the beauty of it was that Dina had fell for the trap. Sophie then says that she betted it was awful for Dina to have fallen into a trap like that, with Miki then saying that was life, with Sophie agreeing and taking out her Louie that had been recording the conversation.

Miki asks her what it was, as Sophie plays the recording, as she tells Miki that she believes Miki had fallen for the trap, as Miki asks her what she thinks she'd doing. Sophie then tells Miki to give her the tape, otherwise she'd send the recording to the police, but Miki says no way. Sophie then plays out a report about Miki breaking into Dina's casefile. Miki believes she's bluffing, but Sophie just says try me. Miki then gives her the tape, as she tells Miki that was just life, before heading off.

In the cafeteria, Sophie arrives with the tape, showing Dina and gives it to Matti. Sophie then expresses that Miki had nothing on her and that even if she did, she wouldn't dare make use of it, before heading off. Back at the science lab, Ellali and Daniel race toward the front door, with the missing pages, but not without being caught by Amy.



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