Orna, played by Lana Ettinger is a recurring character in the first season of The Greenhouse and is one of the lecturers at The Greenhouse.

The Greenhouse Teacher


Orna is a middle-aged woman, with tanned skin, brown eyes dark browny hair done up in a bob. She's usually seen wearing a dark blue cardigan with a white t-shirt on underneath, alongside a necklace.


Season 1

She's first seen overlooking a Greenhouse entry exam in the first episode of Season one, where she explains the basics of the examination, also introducing Iftach as an obstacle to the entrees, being a distraction. she later takes in Matt and Matti's tests.

Later in the season's eighteenth episode, she's seen setting up a challenge for the Ravens, utilizing a model train set. She asks the team various questions based around the set, to do with leadership skills, in order to help test their leadership skills.

Season 2

Late into the second season of the Greenhouse, she get's hypnotised by the Client and is made to set up an explosive in the Hole, where Ellali and Iftach would be arriving in soon. However she gets caught in the blast and is hospitalized for a while.

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