Owen, played by Dean Gerber is a recurring character and one of Hayley's friend outside of the Greenhouse in Greenhouse Academy.

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Owen is a tall American teenage boy, with pale skin brown eyes and curly black hair. He's quite often seen wearing a dark brown t-shirt, alongside some denim jeans. He also has a tattoo going down the side of his arm.


Season 1

Owen is first seen among the Wood's family members and friends watching the launch of Ryan Wood's shuttle in Pilot. 8 months after the shuttle explosion he's seen hanging out with his friends; Meredith and Hayley in Hayley's room, while on the laptop.

Owen appears once again in the episode; Private Screening where he visits Hayley, who has returned home from the Greenhouse, alongside Meredith. There it's revealed he'd lost a bet to Meredith as to how long Hayley would survive in The Greenhouse and hands her the money he owed her. After being told what Hayley had been assigned at the Greenhouse, he jokingly calls the school pretentious.

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