Ozzie, played by Liran David is an ex-con and a recurring character in Seasons 2 and 3 of The Greenhouse

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Ozzie is a muscular young man, with blue eyes, tanned skin and short black hair. He can be quite usually seen wearing a greeney/brown vest with denim jeans and a dog tag round his neck.


Prior The Greenhouse

Prior to her joining the Greenhouse, Ozzie was Dina's boy-friend, having grown up in Jerusalem together.

Season 2

During the second season of the Greenhouse, Ozzie joined the Greenhouse, as the school's new caretaker, in an attempt to get closer to Dina. Eventually he is able to get together with Dina and the two stay together for several proceeding episodes, before he's taken in by the police. After a partner of his, who owed him money didn't return from Poland, Dina attempted to help him.

While at prison, Ozzie is grabbed by Robbie Klein, who was incarcerated during the previous season. After this Robbie is able to escape from the prison. After this Ozzie attempted to help Robbie spread a virus at the peace conference. Later he helps Dina to free Ellali and Iftach from Arik's captivity, calling for help after Dina is badly injured.

Season 3

Ozzie returns during the third season, working as a bar-tender at the Greenhouse, after having let go of all of his possessions. Consequently, Amy reveals to the police that Ozzie had previously worked alongside Robbie and he is then taken into questioning by the police.

After this occurs, Ozzie goes to live with Daria and her group outside the Greenhouse, before incriminating Daria for having stolen 7,000 shackles from the Greenhouse. However Ozzie was then once again captured, before managing to escape.

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