Paint Remover is the sixth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering on January 13th, 2014.


Continuing from last episode, in the Ravens dormitory louis and Robbie have appeared asking for Dina, with Matti going to look for her in the bedrooms, only to report she's not there. Louis then asks everyone else if they may know about Dina's whereabouts, but Iftach is too angry about what the Eagles did to focus on Louis' question and causes another uproar.

Louis tries to get them to calm down, again and get them to focus on the task at hand, but they wouldn't calm down, so Robbie has to step in and shouts to get them to stop, angrily exclaiming they've been asked a question, to which Alona responds, saying they haven't an idea where Dina may be, with Iftach remarking she obviously didn't shut the door, unbeknownst to what really happened. Just then Arik arrives through the entrance of the dormitory, noticing the state of the Ravens dormitory.

Arik then notices Ellali in the crowd, recognizing her as Naomi and Guri's daughter, with Ellali asking what he's doing at the Greenhouse. He explains he's doing a bit of police work at the grounds, before asking how she is. After an awkward stare, Arik turns to Louis asking for the whereabouts of Dina. Just then Dina appears through the door, seeing the dorm and wondering what's happened. In the Eagles dormitory, the Eagles celebrate their vandalising of the Ravens dormitory, with Natalie turning on the music and beginning to dance around the dorm.

Sophie and one of her friends, get up and join Natalie in celebration, with Ron walking up happily holding Ellali's Ravens Louis device, showing the footage on their TV. Sophie then remarks she should do a blog about this, using the images that have been taken. Natalie exclaims it was a shame they didn't have more time, believing they could of painted the walls purple too, remarking that Iftach has never looked better, with Alfie agreeing. Natalie further comments on Iftach, saying how yellow brings out his eyes, as well as calling him an ugly jerk. Ron then holds up a jar of paint-remover, happy that he kept it, knowing it's the only thing that can remove the Ravens paint. Natalie then says they'll give it back whenever they may want to, before Sophie holds a toast to the Eagles. Daniel then stops them for a minute, expressing his new trust in Alfie, suggesting a toast to Alfie. They then toast to him and begin to chant Eagles.

Daniel then saunters over to the Eagles locker rooms, as the celebrations continue. Natalie then sees Daniel and walks over to him, asking whether he's alright, with him saying he is. Daniel asks her to go and turn off the music, to which she does. Back in the Ravens dormitory, Dina is being questioned by Arik on where she was. She explains that she was out on a run, but Arik's still curious, asking why so early. Dina angrily complains that it's not her fault the temperature is 95 degrees at the time of 9AM in the morning. Arik further asks whether she runs every morning, with Dina asking whether she's under an investigation.

Dina, displeased with Arik, Louis and Robbie, asks whether they think she painted the place in the Eagles colours. Louis tries to calm her down, expressing that no one is accusing her of anything, as well as suggesting they head to his office in order to quietly and peacefully sort things out. Dina warily asks whether she has a choice or not, with Louis then taking her off. Once they left, Matti ponders what that was all about, with Alona adding they were harassing her for no reason. Iftach, then questions Ellali as to how she knows Arik. She explains that her father and Arik were old partners in the Police Force. Matti then ponders what they should to help Dina, but Iftach says they should clean up first, asking Matti to take look at his face, saying he looks like a Ninja Turtle.

Alona tosses him a wipe, to try and get his paint off, when he's not able to do so, Alona tries to get it off him, but to no avail. In the Eagles dormitory, Daniel is taking his special medicine in secret, before closing his locker. However Natalie then suddenly appears, having seen what Daniel just did. Natalie asks him to give her the key, explaining she needs a towel, Daniel tries to explain it's a little too dirty, but Natalie clearly doesn't care and asks him again. Daniel tells her to just forget it and tries to head around the corner, to get her a new key. Natalie then reveals she knows that Daniel's hiding something from her, but Daniel just brushes it off, explaining he's just really happy about the previous night, believing to have gone down in the history books.

Natalie explains she saw him close the locker, as she came towards him, with Daniel supposedly accepting that he's been caught, holding up a packet of tic-tacs, explaining to Natalie that he ate a Tic-tac, adding that if he wanted to kiss his girl friend, his breath had better not smell like someone's who didn't sleep the night prior, before kissing Natalie. In the Ravens dormitory, Matti begins instructing everyone as to what to do during the cleaning process, telling them to use turpentine for the walls, mentioning it's the only thing that would remove pain, as well as an additional wash.

Matti further explains, that they'll need to use a wet cloth, before drying it off and finally wiping everything down, adding that that's his grandma's trick for cleaning. The team then gets to work, as Iftach asks Alona whether the paint has come off, with Alona reporting that not even a little bit had come off. Alona suggests using some baking soda, however Iftach asks where their even meant to find baking soda. Ellali worried asks what's wrong with him, explaining that Dina is being investigated, all the more while he's caring about baking soda. Alona then asks Ellali, what she suggests they do.

Ellali says that she doesn't know, but expresses that Dina is their friend, but Alona questions whether she really did do something, going off the basis she was handcuffed, during her entry exam. Iftach then realizes something, and asks Matti to recall, what he told him about Dina yesterday. Matti, confused asks him what he means, with Iftach talking about the drawings, but Matti says he can't remember. Iftach however beckons him to remember. In Louis' office, Dina is busy being interrogated, asking why she's there, but Arik is too busy questioning her, asking why she was running during the morning. Dina jokes, that she ran towards Dgania, broke into a grocery store, stole some chocolate milk and ran back to the Greenhouse, putting her hands out for the cuffs, daring Arik to arrest her.

Robbie then, rhetorically asks whether she thinks this is a joke. Louis tries to get her to co-operate, expressing it's uncomfortable for all of them, explaining that Arik is investigating a missing firearm, but Dina, still unhappy asks what it has to do with her. Angry, Dina then sarcastically thanks them for believing in her. Louis continues to try and express that no one is accusing her of anything, before being interrupted by Arik, who begins to read her criminal record, revealing she's had quite a history. Arik then exclaims he's going to asks one last time, as to whether she had nothing to do with the gun.

Back in the Ravens dormitory, Iftach asks Matti if he was one hundred percent sure, as to whether the sketches he saw where of weapons. Matti expresses that he doesn't know, saying there were all kinds of sketches in her notebook. Alona then gets up, to go and find out what the Eagles put on Iftach's face. Iftach continues asking Matti, when Matti feels he has come up with something, however he quickly drops it, but Iftach is curious and asks him to tell. Matti explains that Dina hid behind him, when the cops arrived, with Ellali exclaiming she's afraid of cops, adding that of course she would be, continuing by saying she doesn't understand why Matti would go through Dina's things anyway.

Matti agrees, with her saying that he shouldn't of said anything, but Iftach disagrees, saying he should definitely of, explaining that they could of done something had he done so. Matti agrees with Iftach, calling himself an idiot. Ellali finally says they should just go and talk to Louis about the situation. Alona then arrives back, with news about the pain. She explains that it's a special kind of paint that can only be removed through use of a solution, known as dimethal sulfoxide. She further goes onto explain that there's only one bottle of it in the Greenhouse and that Ron took it. Ellali then decides to head over to the Eagles and get the solution, meeting the others at Louis' office.

Back in Louis' office, Dina desperately tries to prove her innocence, finishing by saying she had nothing to do with the missing firearm the police are looking for. Louis then says he believes in her, and asks Arik to let her go, asking whether there's anything else, he may need. Arik then asks whether Dina would be willing to do a lie test. Louis asks whether it really is necessary, with Arik saying he's not enjoying the interrogation. Robbie however says they should just get on with it. However Dina says she doesn't want to do it.

At the Eagles basket ball court, the team is busy with practice, with Daniel dribbling the ball. Just as the other players move in to tackle him, he manages to dribble round them and gets the ball in the net, with the other Eagles congratulating him on his score. Just then Ellali arrives on the scene, with Ron unhappy that she's arrived again. Ellali gives them a sarcastic smile. Daniel then asks how she slept the night prior, with Ellali sarcastically saying she's happy they impressed themselves, before asking for the makeup remover. But Ron pretends to be non the wiser as to what Ellali's talking about, expressing their not a beauty salon, causing the rest of the guys to chuckle. But Ellali isn't having it and continues to ask, Daniel in response then asks Alfie on his opinion, with Alfie saying he's the captain, so he should decide. Daniel then gets Ron, to hand her the remover, before Ellali thanks them and heads off. The Eagles then return to practice.

In the corridor, Arik walks out of Louis' office holding Dina by the arm, with Iftach and Matti asking what he's doing, just as Ellali arrives on the scene, with the same question. Arik tells her, it has nothing to do with her, but Dina is all the more happy to do so and says their taking her for a polygraph test. Ellali, confused asks why, with Dina explaining they think she's got something to do with a missing gun. Matti worries that it must have had something to do with the sketches. When Dina and Arik both give him strange looks, he quickly dismisses it. Just as they begin to walk out, Ellali stops them, saying that if he wants Dina to take the polygraph test then she'd take it too. But Dina tells Ellali, she doesn't have to do it, with Ellali asking how they know she's not a criminal.

Robbie then quickly tries to shoo them back to their Ravens clubhouse, but then Iftach steps up, saying he'd take one too, just as Ellali gives him the paint remover. Matti then also declares, he'll take one, asking whether it's not too dangerous. Louis tells Arik to go along with it, or take Dina all the way back to Tela-Aviv, Louis then gets Robbie to set up the office in preparation. Back in the basket ball court, Alfie is making a play for the net, just as Daniel decides to go and take a rest, urging them on without him.

Gershon, asks Daniel whether everything's alright, with Daniel explaining how tired he is, having the not slept the previous night. Gershon then reveals that he heard about the Eagles little trip to the Ravens dorm during the night, sarcastically pondering whether that may have anything to do with Daniel's exhaustion, but Daniel quickly brushes it off and walks to the bench, with Natalie watching. In Louis' office, Arik is beginning the polygraph test, hooking up Ellali.

He tells Ellali, that her father would have him, if he knew she was being interrogated with Ellali sternly staring at him as he ties her. Arik then asks her the first question; "Have you come into contact with any weapons in the last few month", with Ellali saying she hasn't, coming up as true, he continues asking whether she knows anything about the missing gun, but she still says know, also turning out true. After this Arik undoes Ellali's straps, asking her whether she speaks with her father often. Ellali says she has and asks why, with Arik explaining that he's worried about her father, after his latest visits to the Reshef household. Arik expresses his and the force's dismay at not having him with them, with Ellali saying they should of thought about that, before getting rid of him. Arik then tells her that if she was to need anything he'd be there, just as Ellali thanks him and leaves the office.

Dina is the next student up to take the test, getting up from her chair and walking into the office. Arik asks her to sit down and begins hooking up the equipment. In the Eagles locker rooms, Natalie creeps up to the cubicles and knock on each, to see if anyone was around, before noticing no one and so begins to pick away at Daniel's locker, eventually taking her hair pin and trying to pry it open, but to no avail. Back in the office, Arik asks Dina her name, with her saying Dina Navon, then receiving the image of the lost gun, asking whether she's seen it, but Dina says she hasn't, also asking whether she's hear anyone talk about it, with her also saying no. He then asks one final question, asking her where it is, but Dina is now unhappy, and rhetorically asks how she could of seen it, if she hadn't heard about it or seen it how could she know where it was. Arik however is persistent, and asks her to answer with yes/no, with Dina saying no. Arik then notifies Louis that they have what they need.

Dina then comes out of the office, with Ellali asking how it went. Dina approaches them with a serious looking face, but is quick to reveal she's only kidding and the Ravens cuddle in celebration, with Matti exclaiming he was sure that it was nothing, just as Arik and Louis come through the doors of the office. Dina quickly says however, they have things they need to discuss, with Matti trying to brush them off. Dina thanks Ellali, with Ellali remarking anytime Dina needed her to do a lie test, she'd be there. Dina thanks them once more and notices, Iftach got the paint off his face, saying it suits him. Iftach then exclaims he hasn't forgiven her for not closing the door, when she went on her run.

Dina, however explains that the dorm was already in a mess before she left the dorm, saying they must of done it way before she left. Iftach then says it's strange as they head off. When they get back to their dorm, they discover the door's locked again, with Ellali trying her Louis, however she discovers it's not working, she ponders what's wrong with, tempting Matti to try his, only for it to work. He asks Ellali to give him her Louis, which she does so and he declares it as fake, but Ellali is in denial saying it may only be the battery, but Matti is quick to deny it saying their batteries last for two years. Iftach then deducts that must of been how they got in, asking Matti to take a look at the Louis server, to see if Ellali's Louie had access to the dorm during midnight. Alona checks it and discovers it was used at 2:30 AM in the morning, with Ellali explaining she was asleep. Matti then chimes in, saying she may of been asleep but her Louie wasn't.

Iftach then questions her, as to whether she met any Eagles the previous day, but she says she didn't, before realizing she met up with her brother, but saying it doesn't count. Iftach then asks her whether she met Alfie, but Ellali doesn't believe he would of done that, however Alona is quick to ask how she would know, with Ellali just saying she'd know, before realizing what happened. She explains that she understands why they were being so nice to Alfie, with Iftach saying they'd been trying to break in for months, then pinning their success on Alfie. Ellali then gets up and heads out. In Marcus' work shop, Natalie is begging him for the master key, asking him why he wouldn't trust her.

Marcus, busy asks why she would need it, Natalie just says she needs it for a few minutes, she then keeps asking explaining she will bring it back. Marcus then gives in and reaches over to his board, grabbing the master key and handing it to Natalie, with her thanking him before heading off, while he tells her not let her father know. Back in the court, Daniel and the team have just finished their practice, with Daniel complimenting their practice. Ron then begins to talk about Dina, asking everyone whether they'd heard about Dina's interrogation. Daniel, curious asks who Dina is and what she did, with Ron returning the same thoughts, but also saying it had something to do with a gun, finishing by saying they let her go. Ellali then arrives saying that she and Alfie need to talk, with Ron sarcastically saying they wondered why she hadn't shown in 15 minutes.

Daniel and the guys then exit, the court, leaving Alfie with his sister. She asks him to tell her he didn't really steal her Louie, but Alfie is quick to try and shake it off. Ellali further questions him, asking whether he made up with her, just to get to her Louie device. Alfie, warily asks what she wants, with Ellali sternly asking him whether it's true or not. Ron then calls from the changing rooms, asking if Alfie's coming, remarking Eitan's missing him, but Ellali stands in his way, but Alfie pushes past her, saying he must go. Just as the Eagles are arriving back, Natalie opens Daniel's locker and discovers a gun among Daniel's belongings.



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