The Park Ranger, played by Herzl Tobey is the local park ranger and a recurring character in Greenhouse Academy.

Park Ranger GHA


The Park Ranger is a scraggy middle-aged man with peach skin, brown eyes and shaved black hair. He's seen wearing a scruffy cream-coloured jacket with a white vest on underneath.


Season 1

The Park Ranger made his first appearance at the end of the 9th episode of Greenhouse Academy; Steph, where he approached Alex and Brooke, who had arrived at the meteorite site, to investigate the disappearance of Judy around the Cave. The ranger believed that it was Brooke and Alex who had taken him hostage, before lunging and trying to grab Brooke.

In the next episode; Guilt Free Cupcakes, the Ranger attempts to fight Alex, who was trying to defend Brooke from him, only to then be caught by Jason and the police, after they had arrived on the scene.

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