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Parker: This might just be my favorite Greenhouse moment

Sophie: Not mine

Parker: What do you mean?

Sophie: This is

Parker and Sophie in The Client

Parker and Sophie's relationship is one of the main secondary relationships on the show. This relationship consists of Sophie Cardona and Parker Grant.


Parker and Sophie have a complicated relationship throughout the full series. At first, they are arch enemies as they never agreed with what each other said. That all changed when Parker decided to ask Sophie out to the dance. Because Sophie was going with Alex, she told him no and went away. During the earthquake in Season 2, Parker expresses his undeniable love for Sophie on tape. Due to Sophie's mistake, the tape was aired and everyone started to bully Parker which led to him hating Sophie all over again. In Season 3, the pair decide to become friends again and even though they are shown as friends, both of them are clearly shown to be attracted towards each other. Parker becomes protective over Sophie after Enzo shows up at the school threatening her and Sophie becomes protective over Parker after Enzo starts threatening to kill him. In season 4, Sophie is dealing with the events of Enzo leaving and about where he could possibly be. She and Parker work this entire season to find out where he is. When Enzo locks Sophie up in his bathroom, Parker fights him in order to free Sophie. At the end of the show, they both kiss for the first time.


Season 1


Parker and Sophie have little to no interaction in the first episode. However, they are shown to both be Eagles and they are both shown to have rude personalities towards the new kids who are auditioning to get to the school; Sophie to Hayley and Parker to Alex.

The Opening Challenge

Sophie along with the rest of the Eagles was chanting for Parker to win the arm wrestle against Alex. Parker and Sophie are sitting next to each other when learning about the opening challenge. When Parker asked, "What's the prize?" Sophie quickly looked at him. After Daniel makes a comment about how the Ravens won't get the prize. Parker high fives Daniel and Sophie jokingly sticks her tongue out at Parker. Sophie and Parker both look at each other when trying to figure out the riddle with the Eagles. Sophie smiles and looks at Parker when he says he does make fun of his mother but she doesn't get the jokes.

Breaking and Entering

In the background of the opening scene Parker and Sophie are sitting with Brooke and Daniel. When Hayley shouts at Alex, Parker's arm is close to being around Sophie. Sophie and Parker are standing next to each other when toasting to Alex.

Private Screening

Sophie is around Parker when he realizes that the Ravens got revenge on him for breaking into and vandalizing their clubhouse.

Black Smoke

Sophie was cheering for Parker during his basketball game with Brooke and the other Eagles.

Captain Material

Before Daniel could declare Parker as the official new captain of the Eagles, Sophie cuts in saying that she wanted to run against Parker, with Daniel then questioning it. Sophie then asks whether there was a problem with that, with Daniel then assuring her there wasn't. Sophie then says cool and states that they should start campaigning before having a proper vote. Sophie then continues, saying that whoever gained the most votes would be the captain, wishing good luck to both herself and Parker in the campaign. In response Parker says they'd let the best man win, with Sophie adding best woman to the statement.

Parker and Sophie competing to be the next captain of the Eagles

Swimming Lessons

In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is continuing to push her election campaign by promising her fellow Eagles that she would try to push for more organic food in the cafeteria and she would make sure that the Greenhouse would comply with Title IX, which would mean that the female sport teams would be able to get equal coverage and support, before asking them to vote for her. Over at the couch, Parker points out that Sophie was pretty good at campaigning. Parker then says that he had no idea what he was going to say, but Alex assures him that Sophie was all talk and tells him that he shouldn't try to psyche himself out, with Daniel then telling him to just be himself and to go out and mingle in order to receive some votes. Sophie and Parker take their positions. Tammy then reads out the first question; being why they were qualified to be the new captain of the Eagles. Sophie answers first, by saying that as she was a female candidate she would be able to provide a fresh point of view that the Greenhouse lacked, adding that the world was changing as more females became leaders. Sophie then concludes, that the Greenhouse needed to keep up with the times, the girls then cheer in response, as Parker then starts by saying that he was a talker and not a doer. The boys then cheer, as Parker looks round awkwardly. Sophie then asks Parker what he had done, with Parker saying that he had spent a lot of time next to Daniel and that he had learnt everything he knew. Sophie then guesses that that'd make Parker a great side-kick, resulting in boos erupting towards Parker. Parker however then assures everyone that he could lead, being one of the top players on the basketball team and that he was fast. Sophie then says that there was no offense, but remarked that they needed a leader, not just someone who was fast. Sophie then goes on, saying that she was going to attempt to make the campus environmentally safe and would then help to encourage student activism, before asking Parker what his agenda would be. Parker in response, asks everyone to hold on a minute, asking his fellow Eagles how they could trust Sophie's promises when she had a reputation for being a liar. Sophie, in response says excuse me, clearly being offended by Parker's remark. Parker then reveals that he had evidence that Sophie had originally applied to be a Raven. Parker then gets everyone to open up their Louies, revealing Sophie's application form. Parker goes on saying that while he may not speak as fancy as Sophie did, he was at least honest. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Brooke is trying to calm Sophie's nerves about the election, assuring her that she had it and that she just needed to shake it out. Sophie then shakes it out, just as Daniel announces that Parker had an announcement to make. Parker then steps forward, to reveal that he had decided to drop out of the election, explaining that they had a rare opportunity to make history with the Eagles first female captain. Parker then concludes, that he wanted to be a part of the event, with Sophie then walking over to Parker, saying that she hadn't been expecting that, revealing that she had felt honoured about it, while shaking Parker's hand. The other Eagles then begin to cheer, as Daniel announces that he was proud to introduce the new captain of the Eagles as Sophie, handing her an Eagles cap. Sophie then puts the cap on, as she thanks Daniel and Parker. Daniel then thanks Parker for dropping out of the race, telling him that he'd never forget it.

The Outsider

Sophie and Parker watch the launch with the rest of the Eagles.


Sophie realizes that the boys haven't been cleaning their locker room and she and the other Eagle women are fed up about it. When Sophie tells the boys to clean up the room sternly, Parker jokes that Sophie's new jacket had gone to her head, with Tammy then cutting in saying that they needed to listen to Sophie, before asking what's wrong with them. Parker then mockingly re-iterates what Tammy had asked, before asking Seth he had got it. Sophie then guesses it was because they were men, before saying that she had thought it was the 21st century, with Daniel then getting up and telling that it wouldn't be good to be tough on them at that moment, asking her to give them a chance to get used to her. Just then Parker announces that they needed to head off anyway for basketball practice, with the boys then getting up to head off. However Sophie then orders them to stay and clean up their lockers, with Parker then mockingly thinking about the idea for a second, before saying no, as the boys then attempt to head off. Sophie, in response stands in their re-iterating that that was an order. Parker and the boys then just brush past her, as Tammy asks Sophie whether she was really going to just let them go like that. Sophie then storms after the boys, exclaiming that no one was going anywhere, making use of her Captain's Louie to lock the clubhouse door. Parker then tries the door, before assuring the boys that he'd be able to open it, making use of the Louie's server. However Sophie then reveals that it was no use, as she had already deactivated their Louies. At the Eagles dormitory, the boys are busy cleaning their lockers, as Parker says that that they should of been at basketball practice at that time, adding that their Coach would be mad. Just then Sophie arrives, handing Parker a sponge, noting that it would help him remove stains. Parker then takes the sponge, as Sophie begins to hear squeaks. Sophie asks them whether her fellow Eagles whether they heard the squeak, with Parker saying that he hadn't heard anything. Sophie then hears the squeaking again and realizes where the noise was coming from, as Parker tries to convince her that it had just been the sink. However Sophie, just pushes pass him, only to find a box under the sink, as Parker tries to explain. Gasping at what she had found in the box, she asks Parker what she had found in the box. As Parker tries to explain, Sophie asks how long the rabbit had been there fore, with Parker then revealing that it had only been a few days and that the rabbit had gotten lost at the Greenhouse. Parker then concludes by saying that they had saved the rabbit, with Sophie then realizing that the rabbit was why their lockers had smelt so bad. Sophie then goes on, reminding them all that they weren't supposed to be keeping animals in the clubhouse. Back in the Eagles dormitory, the Eagles have gathered around their rabbit, just as Sophie comes off the phone. Sophie then reveals that she had been on the phone to Louis and that he had given her directions to the humane shelter. Parker then questions it, as Sophie asks them to not make the situation harder than it already was, just as Brooke shows up. Seeing the rabbit, she asks who it was, with Parker revealing that the rabbit had been named Steph, after Steph Curry. Sophie then questions the fact that they gave the rabbit a name. arker then suggests that they should at least be able to keep the rabbit till after their next basketball game. However Sophie then sternly says no, as she had just gotten off the phone, before then realizing that Parker may have just gotten onto something. Confused, Parker asks her what he said, with Sophie then explaining that the rules against pets would only apply to the Greenhouse premises, with Parker confirming it. Sophie then suggests that they make Steph their Eagles mascot.

Guilt Free Cupcakes

Sophie asks Parker for a strategy to sell the most cupcakes, who came up with the idea of using a buy 1, get 1 free offer, adding that his mom liked those offers. Sophie then says that she liked it.


Great Scott

Sophie sees Parker with his jukebox and asks him where he had gotten it from. Parker then explains that his uncle did props for commercials and that he had let him borrow the jukebox for the dance. Sophie then thanks Parker, calling him the best, while hugging him, as he remarks that he was glad she liked it. Sophie then tells him that she loved it, before telling him that she'd see him later. In the Eagles locker rooms, Daniel and Parker are sorting out their outfits, as Parker asks Daniel whether he could talk to him a for moment. In response, Daniels asks him what was up, with Parker then revealing that he'd be asking him for a small favour. As Daniel agrees to it, Parker then reveals that he'd be interested in asking Sophie to be his date. Daniel then expresses his surprise, with Parker affirming what he had said, before Parker says that he had figured Daniel could talk with Brooke and see whether Sophie was dating anyone as of then. In response, Daniel asks him whether he was in second grade, further asking whether he had wanted him to pass a note to Sophie in maths class, clearly showing disappointment in Parker. Parker then agrees with Daniel, admitting that he was right. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Parker approaches Sophie. Parker says hi, before asking her whether she had a spare minute, with her saying that she did. Parker then reveals to Sophie that he'd like to go with her to dance that night. In response to his question, Sophie tells him how sweet that had been, but that Alex had just asked her to go to the dance with her and that she'd said yes. Parker then expresses his dismay, before Sophie apologizes to him. However Parker assures her that it was fine, with Sophie then telling him that he looked nice in his outfit. Parker begins to thank her, before telling her that he'd let her finish with the decorations, then heading off. In the Greenhouse cafeteria, the Halloween party has been set up, with the students dancing to the music produced by Parker's jukebox. Parker watches Alex and Sophie dancing with each other, while he's DJing. While they're dancing, Alex asks Sophie why Parker was mad at him, with Sophie then saying that she had been afraid of this happening. Alex asks Sophie what she meant, with Sophie reminding him of when she got him to ask her out, revealing that Parker had asked her right after. Alex then asks her whether they should tell Parker about what had happened, but Sophie tells him that that'd only make the situation worst. Just then, Sophie arrives with two glasses of punch for herself and a dejected Parker, who was sitting glumly at the fountain. She offers him a punch, before sitting down and joining him. Sophie then points out that Parker's jukebox was a great idea, before calling him a great DJ. Parker then thanks Sophie, before Sophie holds a toast.


In a flashback to the night of the Halloween Dance, Sophie rushes in, demanding that everyone stopped and calmed down, just as Parker pours a bowl of punch over Hayley and Jackie. The students then scream food-fight, with students then beginning to clamber all over the cafeteria.

Season 2

Escape Mechanism

Sophie and Parker are relaxing in the dormitory after the events that happened.

The Client

In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is overlooking her fellow Eagles revision work for the pop quiz, telling them to let her know if they needed help with the next maths problem they had to tackle. Sophie sees Parker in need of help after he doesn't remember how to use slope intercept form. She teaches it to him by using basketball analogies and when he is quizzed on this, he gets it right. Sophie then tells him that she had always believed in him and that he could do it.


Meant to Be

Parker admits to Sophie that he is in love with her, as he thinks that they are about to die in the earthquake. She was recording the footage, in case they did die, and in case someone found the remains and wanted to know what happened. The earthquake stops, and so Sophie stops recording, but Parker had alright admitted that he was in love with her. She makes a promise to Parker to not tell anyone that he had said that, but she breaks this promise, because she had been asked by her journalism idol, Michelle Wallace, if her footage could be featured on the news section tonight. Sophie gives her the edited footage (without Parker admitting he loves her) but Michelle says that it was boring, and she wouldn't feature it. Michelle changes her mind when Sophie gives her the full footage, and all of the Greenhouse watched the news segment. Parker is embarrassed, as now everyone knew that he loved Sophie.

Surfing Lessons

In the Eagles dormitory, Parker is taking things out of his locker, just as Sophie rocks up. Sophie attempts to apologize to Parker for the ordeal, with Parker then turning to her and reminding her that she had given him her word that she wouldn't post the footage of him. Parker continues, saying that Sophie had looked him in the eye and had said that she wouldn't of posted the footage, with Sophie then quick to say that she had no other choice, as Michelle had told her that she said the final piece wouldn't of worked without the final part being added. Parker is then quick to question this, asking Sophie whether she and Michelle were now best friends. Sophie then begs Parker to hear her out, but Parker's not having it. Later, Sophie expresses her excitement about her story, calling it amazing. After looking over at Parker, who was busy shooting hoops, Sophie stands up and takes a deep breath, before heading over to Parker and telling him that she got what he was doing, and she knew that she'd hurt his feelings, but that she wouldn't apologize for trying to make her dreams come true. Sophie goes on, saying that women leaders were always criticized for their ambition, but that if she happened to be a guy, Parker would probably give her a high-five for trying to promote the Greenhouse. Parker then questions what Sophie had said, asking whether she was immune from criticism just because she was a girl, then adding that he didn't think this was the case. Parker goes on, stating that there was a difference between promoting the Greenhouse and exploiting it. Sophie, in response fires back saying that she wasn't exploiting anyone. Parker, however then exclaims that that was exactly what she was doing, but Sophie is persistent and says that this wasn't the case and that she had a rare opportunity to do something for her future. Parker then tells her that while Sophie played a good game about leadership and ambition, it was all about her ego in the end, before then pondering as to who knew about the fact that all Sophie cared about was herself. Parker then turns all the Eagles away from her. Sophie then sees Brooke, standing in front of her, as the boys head off. She asks her, whether she had just heard what Parker had said, with Brooke then telling Sophie that she had and that Parker was right in what he said.

The Workshop

Parker does Michelle's interview and is upset about what happened. Sophie as well is upset that she did such a thing to her friend after seeing Michelle's true colors.


The Spiral

In the Eagles dormitory, the boys are playing basketball, as Parker expresses his disbelief that Sophie had given his personal details to Michelle, while talking to Brooke. One of the other boys then cuts in saying that all Sophie had to say was to call Parker up on stage and that he'd then make a fool of himself. Parker then tells Seth that he was a real comedian, just as Sophie and Alex arrive in the dormitory. Upon, seeing that Daniel wasn't in their dorm, Alex tells Sophie that he bet Daniel was with his sister, before Sophie tells him to stop it as Daniel and Hayley would never be able to get on. Parker then tells Sophie that she had some nerve showing her face in the dorm. However, Sophie then tells him that she had done nothing wrong, with Brooke then backing Parker and telling her that that was low, with Alex then stepping in and saying that it wasn't Sophie's fault as Michelle had played them. Parker then sarcastically asks Alex to give them a second to take pity on Sophie. Parker then remarks that the second was over, as Alex tells Sophie to forget about them, as they weren't worth her trouble.

More Than a Hunch

Parker continues to shut Sophie out.


Sophie tells Parker to stretch the game out so that the magnetite cave doesn't blow up.


Sophie and Parker try to stall the police in order to save Ryan.

Season 3

The Hike

Parker and Sophie hike together and spread peanut butter over each other during a peanut butter battle with the Eagles.

The Interrogation

Sophie falls off the cliff which has everyone scared. Parker makes up a plan with the rest of the Eagles to not tell anyone about what really happened on the hike.

The Perfect Solution

Enzo meets up with Sophie at the Greenhouse. Parker follows Sophie and realizes what is going on. He decides to stay back so that he doesn't get into any trouble. Just then Sophie heads back inside and goes to her room while Enzo has stolen Sophie's Louie. Enzo looks through the Louie and finds a picture of Sophie and Parker which causes him to get upset.

Your New Best Friend

Old Trophies

A Piece of Moon Rock

Parphie moonrock.png

The Hidden Flag

After Parker and Sophie deal with Enzo and running him over, they promise that they will have a day all to themselves. Sophie reminds Parker that it was a new day and that everything would be ok. Parker takes that information so that him and Sophie can get a break from Enzo and dealing the magnetite virus. They both then proceed to play capture the flag in hopes of settling down what happened the day before.

The Client (Season 4)

At the gathering Sophie and Leo arrange Sophie sits next to Parker on a bench and Parker tells her that the gathering was his favorite greenhouse moment. Sophie replies with "Not mine" and we see Parker and Sophie kiss for the first time in the entire show.