Parker and Sophie's relationship can best be described as a crush. Parker loves Sophie, but Sophie doesn't feel the same way about Parker.


Season 1

During the season we learned that Parker loves Sophie and that he wants to ask her to the dance. He asks Daniel to ask Brooke (his girlfriend at the time) what Sophie thinks of him. Daniel questions Parker's idea, and instead said that he should just ask Sophie to the dance. Parker asks Sophie, but she denies, as she had just told Alex to ask her so that Daniel would calm down, and stop being jealous of Brooke and him. Afterward, Parker talks to Daniel and blames Sophie for rejecting him on Daniel. Daniel then remembers that Alex was the one who had the idea o


f pulling him out of the election race. They then think that Alex is trying to break up their friendship.

Season 2

In the episode "Meant to Be" Parker admits to Sophie that he is in love with her, as he thinks that they are about to die in the earthquake. She was recording the footage, in case they did die, and in case someone found the remains and wanted to know what happened. The earthquake stops, and so Sophie stops recording, but Parker had alright admitted that he was in love with her. She makes a promise to Parker to not tell anyone that he had said that, but she breaks this promise, because she had been asked by her journalism idol, Michelle Wallace, if her footage could be featured on the news section tonight. Sophie gives her the edited footage (without Parker admitting he loves her) but Michelle says that it was boring, and she wouldn't feature it. Michelle changes her mind when Sophie gives her the full footage, and all of the Greenhouse watched the news segment. Parker is embarrassed, as now everyone knew that he loved Sophie. He then turns all of the Eagles against her, except Alex, who doesn't understand the purpose of the argument, and felt bad for Sophie.


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The Opening Challange

Sophie along with the rest of the Eagles was chanting for Parker to win the arm wrestle against Alex.

Parker and Sophie are sitting next to each other when learning about the opening challenge. When Parker asked, "What's the prize?" Sophie quickly looked at him. After Daniel makes a comment about how the Ravens won't get the prize. Parker high fives Daniel and Sophie jokingly sticks her tongue out at Parker. Sophie and Parker both look at each other when trying to figure out the riddle with the Eagles.

Sophie smiles and looks at Parker when he says he does make fun of his mother but she doesn't get the jokes.

Breaking and Entering

In the background of the opening scene Parker and Sophie are sitting with Brooke and Daniel. When Haley shouts at Alex, Parker's arm is close to being around Sophie.

Sophie and Parker are standing next to each other when toasting to Alex.

Black Smoke

Sophie was cheering for Parker.

The Client (Season 4)

At the gathering Sophie and Leo arrange Sophie sits next to Parker on a bench and Parker tells her that the gathering was his favorite greenhouse moment. Sophie replies with "Not mine" and we see Parker and Sophie kiss for the first time in the entire show.

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