Perry played by Iftach Ophir is a former member of the FBI ,Eric Simmons right-hand man and a villain in the first and second seasons of Greenhouse Academy.

Perry GHA


Perry is a young man, with fair dark brown hair, brown eyes and peach skin. Perry is commonly seen wearing a light-grey blazer, black and red tie and white chequered shirt, alongside his pants.


Season 1

Perry makes his first appearance in the season 1 episode; Breaking and Entering, where he appears at the Greenhouse, investigating the case of the missing park ranger's gun, as an assistant to Eric Simmons, later helping to carry out a polygraph test on the Ravens students.

He's next seen in Private Screening, where he is seen being led out of the Greenhouse compound by Louis Osmond. After this Perry is seen in Black Smoke, where he is once again accompanying Eric Simmons to the Greenhouse in order to further investigation on Daniel's shrapnel incident. Later Perry's seen reporting to David Diggs, alongside Eric about losing the shrapnel, therefore ending up with Perry in a cast, before Eric later directs him towards his pay from their employers.

Season 2

Perry is next seen chatting with Carter and Eric at the FBI headquarters in the episode; A Born Leader, with Carter later pointing out Perry's new watch and relating how suspicious it was to his pay-roll.

In Kyle, Perry is seen reporting to Eric about the trouble that's brewing for them at the Greenhouse and later helps to detain Carter in Bad Decisions, before subsequently getting arrested, after Carter was able to ring David Diggs, who overheard the conversation Eric was having with Carter.

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