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Pilot is the first episode of the first season of Greenhouse Academy, premiering September 8th 2017 on Netflix.


The episode starts off in the Wood's front-yard, as the Woods family come out of embrace, while bidding farewell to Ryan Woods, before she blasts off to space. Carter tells her that they loved her and that he wanted her to know how proud they were of her, before Ryan puts her hands on her daughter Hayley's shoulders expressing that she was counting on her to look after her brother Alex. Hayley then jokingly ensures her that the two of them would remember to brush their teeth before going to bed.

Seeing the look on her son's face, Ryan assures him it would be just a short trip around the moon, before embracing in a hug with him, with Hayley telling her to be careful as she had heard the jet-lag back from the moon was awful. Before her chauffeur tells her it's time to head off, Ryan tells her kids to remember that they'd always be in her heart, with Hayley then taking out her phone and taking a family selfie. Ryan then heads off, while the voice of the news reporter, narrates giving the viewers a bit of backstory on Ryan.

Later, the Woods family and their friends are getting ready to celebrate Ryan's shuttle launch, with Hayley handing out American flags, telling them to cheer loudly when they see her mother's shuttle enter the atmosphere. As the report comes to a close, Hayley jokingly calls her mother an over-achiever, making everyone laugh, just as Alex points out Ryan getting into her shuttle as it begins to launch. The group then counts-down, just before the shuttle takes off. However just as it enters the sky, the shuttle mysteriously explodes, with Alex in horror running outside. Hayley heads after him, before the two look at the sky in horror.

8 months later, Hayley is hanging out with her friends; Meredith and Owen, as she strums on a tennis racket in her room with music playing loudly. Outside, Alex is busy practicing basketball, much to Hayley's chagrin. In response Hayley walks up to her window and orders Alex to stop bouncing his ball, before exclaiming that Alex was just wasting his life trying to get a "stupid ball" into a "stupid hoop" so that he could find his way into the Greenhouse. Taking note, Owen calls the school a brain-wash factory, as Hayley asks him not to tell Alex that, as he was doing it for their mother.

As Alex continues to train outside, Meredith points out that if Alex was to enter the Greenhouse, Hayley could tear down Alex's wall and make herself a luxury suite. Hayley agrees with the idea and begins to pinpoint the layout, before going back up to the window and telling Alex to continue practicing. However just then Alex accidently manages to damage Hayley's record player. Afterwards, Hayley chews out Alex for damaging her record, expressing she couldn't get it anywhere else, with Alex firing back saying that she was only that listed to it. Hayley then jeeringly says that a leader needed to keep their cool, just as Alex brings their mom into the argument.

Alex continues exclaiming that he was glad their mother wasn't around to see that Hayley and her friends weren't doing anything with their lives, before Hayley asks him to stop bringing their mother into everything. Fed-Up, their father gets up and tells them that that was enough, before charging past them, with Alex then skulking off. In the morning Alex is busy gathering his gear for the Greenhouse, asking whether anyone had seen his number 2 pencil, all while Hayley eats her breakfast.

As Alex continues to search in the kitchen draws, he asks his sister, who in-turn just asks him how he could prepare for it. Alex then realizes the time, calling for his dad and telling him that it was then time to leave, with Hayley warning him that he wasn't going to come down as he was still in bed. Alex brings down his father, as he asks Hayley to grab him some Red-Bull from the fridge. Alex then asks Carter if he knew where the car keys were, before beckoning him. Hayley tells him to stop, before Alex explains that it was a 2-hour drive and that he wouldn't be able to make it if he left at that time.

Alex continues to beg his father, as Carter raises his hand to stop him, before walking past Alex. Alex then expresses that it was his last year to qualify for the Greenhouse, before sitting down in dismay. Hayley then offers to drive Alex there herself, with the two then jumping into the car and beginning to head off. While in the car, Alex reads the Greenhouse Academy brochure, looking at an article about Louis Osmond; the headmaster at the Greenhouse.

At the Greenhouse, Louis shakes the hand of one of his Eagles students as he and his son; Jason walk by. Back in the car Alex continues reading, this time looking at the Eagles section, as Daniel carries a framed article about himself, before making a one-handed basket-shot back in the Eagles dormitory at the Greenhouse, before proceeding to hang-up the article. Alex continues to read, reading up on The Ravens, as Leo arrives in the Ravens dormitory, picking up his guitar and heading off.

Hayley and Alex then finally make their way to the Greenhouse, with Hayley beckoning her brother forward towards his audition. In the main foyer of the Greenhouse, Daniel and Parker are briefing Tyler on his Greenhouse audition, explaining that first Tyler would need to pass his exam and reminding him that there was only one spot on the Eagles, with Tyler then asking them not put pressure on him. Parker assures him their not trying to do so and that they just wanted Tyler on their team. Tyler then reminds them that he was bad at tests, as Parker tells him not to worry, before handing Tyler the exam answers.

Daniel then asks Tyler whether he could copy, with Tyler nervously saying he could, before Daniel asks Parker whether he was sure that the Ravens didn't know about them hacking into their server, as Parker assures him that no one saw it. Daniel then tells Tyler that they were counting on him, before Tyler heads off in the wrong direction, causing Parker to correct him. Outside Emma is waiting in-line to get her uniform, just as Max bumps into her and asking her why some applicants were leaving, as Emma reveals that they had been rejected.

Nervous, Max tries to assure himself. Just then Hayley and Alex finally enter the main foyer of the school, As Alex points the chemistry lab and expresses that he couldn't wait to see the gym. Hayley then sees a nearby trophy cabinet, sarcastically reading the quote; "Responsibility is the price of greatness". Alex asks her to stop, as Hayley jokes that their not going to arrest her for disrespecting the school, with Alex then seeing school's score board and seeing two Eagles victory chanting, as Hayley notes that the school took competition a little too seriously.

Alex then sees Daniel Hayward, pointing him out as the captain of the Eagles, before heading over to him and Parker. Alex says hello to Daniel, telling him that he was a big fan and noting that he was actually trying out for the Eagles as well and that he'd learned everything about how the Eagles play, before introducing himself as Alex and holding his hand out to shake. However Daniel just bluntly says cool, before an announcer calls out through the speaker that it was time for him to head off for his exam.

Noticing the look on Alex's face, Daniel asks whether he was ok, adding that he looked a little pale, with Parker pointing out that he was shaking. Daniel then adds to that by saying it was a sign of weakness. Hayley then steps in, asking Daniel and Parker to stop psyching out her brother, before Daniel explains that there was 100 applicants, with only one spot on the Eagles. Alex, embarrassed tries to pull Hayley away, telling Daniel she didn't mean it. However Hayley continues, adding that Daniel was the one that looked scared, adding that he was afraid someone younger and more talented would replace him.

Alex then manages to pull his sister away, as Parker asks Daniel what he'd do. In the classroom, Suzanne McGill explains that the following SAT exam was an identical exam to any college applicants who would be a few years older than them, adding that while college students got 2 and a half hours to finish it, the Greenhouse applicants will only have 45 minutes to do so. Suzanne then tells the applicants to mark their answers with the stylus located next to the tablet and that they'd have the results as soon as they had finished, further explaining that once that if they passed, they'd then take the mandatory physical exam or a computer skills exam for Ravens applicants.

Just then Sergeant Archer arrives in the class, with Jackie sitting down and being hand-cuffed to the desk. The sergeant tells Suzanne, he'd be outside in-case he was needed, with Suzanne assuring him they'd be fine. Suzanne then hands Max his test, as she continues to explain the exam, adding that they were looking for students who could focus under less-than ideal circumstances, just as Leo enters the room. Suzanne then introduces Leo as captain of the Ravens and explains that Leo had agreed to play for the guitar for them, while the applicants took the test. Suzanne then commences test, plugging in ear-plugs as Leo begins to play his guitar.

Outside the classroom, Hayley sees a girl crying next to her parents, after having been denied access to the Greenhouse. As the parents try to make her feel better, Hayley steps in telling her not to cry, expressing that the Greenhouse was just a place that took free-thinkers and turned them into nuts and bolts on their assembly line, just as Sophie and Brooke show up. The girl and her parents then head off, with Brooke and Sophie then confronting Hayley.

Brooke asks Hayley what gave her the right to talk about the Greenhouse in said way, with Sophie guessing that Hayley was just bitter at getting rejected from the Greenhouse. However Hayley just sarcastically says that all she wanted to do was just hang out with charming girls like them. The two girls then begin to giggle and walk off. Back in the classroom, Tyler manages to finish his exam and heads up to the front desk, only to have failed the test with a score of 400.

As Leo continues strumming away on his guitar, Louis and Jason meet up with Sergeant Archer outside the classroom and ask him how Jackie was handling the test, with Archer notifying them that Jackie hadn't stolen a thing just yet. Jason then expresses his concern at Jackie being there, saying they're not a charity, to which Louis explains that the shelter Jackie came from was going to close thanks to debt, then revealing that he'd made a deal with the judge; being that they'd accept Jackie at the school and that they'd then accept her. Louis then firmly tells his son that he had faith in Jackie, as the two head off, unaware that Hayley had been watching them.

Back in the classroom, Jackie spots Max's rucksack, pushing it over to her desk and then reaching inside to take out a paper clip. Just then Max gets up, with his completed exam in hand, and as such manages to get a passing score of 1600. Fed up with Leo's guitar playing, Jackie gets up and unplugs Leo's guitar, knocking his amp over, before proceeding to bow and head back to her seat. Outside the rest-rooms, Max is chatting to his mom over the phone, accidently walking in the girls bathroom.

Noticing his mistake, after having seen Brooke and Sophie, Max ends the call, just as Brooke guesses that Max was trying out for the Eagles, with Sophie in agreement. Sophie continues saying that he was classic Eagle-material, before Max tells them that he was actually applying for the Ravens as he wasn't very athletic. Unsurprised, the two girls sarcastically express shock at the fact, with Max then heading off. Max then heads into the men's bathroom and heads to a cubicle, only to open up to Jackie, who tells him to get out. Confused, Max heads out of the bathroom.

In the corridor, Alex points out Leo to his sister; Hayley as he walks past, with Hayley surprised that he was the "torturer". Alex then begins to explain that that was what was cool about the Greenhouse; that while it was a nightmare, at the end of it he managed to feel... however Hayley cuts him off, jokingly guessing he felt brainwashed. Hayley then notices that Alex was unimpressed with the joke and tells him to relax, as he had managed to survive the heavy-metal of the exam and that all he had was the gym part to do.

Alex then says that he didn't really know anymore, as the Greenhouse was harder than he had initially thought, but Hayley assures him that he was the most determined person she knew and beckons him to not give up, like in the way that their mother never gave up, seeing her portrait from across the foyer. Alex then asks Hayley whether she really had to bring their mother into it, with her then apologizing and telling him to think about his "poor" sister who was forced to listen to him shooting hoops till 2am in the morning, before the two head off, not realizing that Daniel had been watching them.

In the Eagles basketball court, Max is taking his physical exam, struggling to jog round the court, as Coach Davies tries to beckon him forward; telling him that his one-legged grandma could jog faster than him. The coach then stops Max and tells him to give him 10 push-ups, as Jason asks his father what they were going to do with Jackie Sanders, as Louis reveals that he had made up his mind about the situation.

Jason then expresses his concern about Jackie again, asking his father to imagine the possibility of Jackie having a weapon on her, finishing by saying he hated having to tell Louis, that he had told him so. Louis then says that he had thought Jackie had began to blossom at the school. Outside, Sergeant Archer is taunting Jackie as he takes her away. He talks about his school experience. Archer explains that his school didn't have a view for specific and that if he were to move an inch in his seat, he'd be sent to the principle's office, revealing that he had wasted 12 years in education like that.

Jackie then asks him whether they were leaving or whether they were going on a trip down memory lane, irritated at the sergeant's reminiscing. Back in the court, Coach Davies tells Max that he'd done enough press-ups, as he gets up. Coach then looks at his clipboard and calls for Alex to come in for his physical exam. Alex then arrives on the court and manages to dribble the basket ball around Coach Davies and into the basket.

As Alex continues, to make shots Hayley takes a seat in the bleachers and after a couple of successive nets, she cheers for her brother, with Louis congratulating Alex on his performance. Louis then mentions how Alex takes after his mother; Ryan with Jason surprised that Alex was Ryan Wood's son, before despairing about her loss. Elsewhere on the court, Parker reports to Daniel that Tyler had managed to get a bad score of 400, with Daniel unimpressed asking whether Parker was sure.

However Parker only re-iterates the score, with Daniel then pondering how it was possible as they'd given Tyler all the answers, adding that applicants got 400 points for just signing their name. Parker then, much to Daniel's chagrin points out that Alex could shoot baskets really well. Daniel in disbelief, walks over to Louis and asks Louis about Tyler with Louis just bluntly saying that Tyler had gotten a score of 440, having just checked it. However Daniel still tries to pitch Tyler as an Eagle, noting that Tyler had an amazing centre and that they needed someone with Tyler's height on their team.

However Louis says that leadership had nothing to do with height at all, before Daniel suggests he plays some one-on-one with Alex, to which Louis agrees. Daniel then calls over to Alex, asking whether he was ready for some one-on-one action, with Alex agreeing as Daniel takes off his jacket. The two then begin to play, as Leo arrives in the bleachers, sitting next to Hayley. Daniel then attempts to dribble the ball around Alex, but to no avail as Alex manages to take the ball off of him, scoring another net.

As Alex begins to dribble the ball, Daniel knocks him over, with Coach Davies then calling a foul. Coach then helps Alex up, as Leo tells Hayley that if he were her, he'd keep her brother away from Daniel, but Hayley just says that she thinks her brother could take care of himself. Back on the court, Daniel remarks that he knew Alex's type; as being real rot, but then choking when it really counted, telling Alex that he wouldn't last a day at the Greenhouse.

As he begins to dribble again, Alex tells Daniel to shut up. Daniel then taunts Alex over him not wanting to disappoint his mother; Ryan, adding that since the shuttle explosion Ryan had been all over the place. Angry, Alex attempts to throttle Daniel, to which the Coach tries to break them up, as Hayley rushes onto the court. Jason then tells Alex to leave the court, with Alex then charging off.

Jason then complains to his father, about Jackie once again and Alex's hot-headedness, just as Hayley walks up to them, unimpressed. Defending her brother, Hayley tries to convince Louis that Daniel had started it, as Jason asks his father who she was. Louis then reveals that it was Hayley, telling her that they all loved her mother, apologizing and expressing that they couldn't accept behaviour like that. Hayley, irritated remarks that must of all been apart of the school's game, expressing that her brother had worked for months in order to get into the Greenhouse, adding the Louis had done everything in his power to ruin Alex's chances.

Hayley continues, saying that she betted that Louis even enjoyed Alex's breakdown, then calling them satists. Jason then stops her and tells her that she could go and join her brother. However Hayley wasn't having it and went on, taking aim at the school's slogans and asks what all the talk about leaders was for in reality, asking whether it was really to produce bullies like Daniel. Hayley then runs off, with Jason remarking good riddance. Outside in the Greenhouse grounds, Alex is storming off, just as his sister manages to catch up to him.

Hayley tells him to wait, asking him whether Daniel had really said something about their mother, but Alex says that it didn't matter. Hayley however says that it does, calling Daniel a loser, but Alex then goes on to say that he was a loser and remarking that he shouldn't of acted in the way that he did, having been told by Hayley to not lose his cool and that he had then ruined everything. Hayley tries to calm him down, assuring Alex that he didn't do anything, adding that he was too good for the Greenhouse, just before Louis catches up with the pair.

Louis manages to catch them and asks to have a word, with Alex then stepping forward. Louis then explains that he didn't agree with a single thing she had said on the basket ball court, but that he appreciated Hayley's honesty. Louis then says that while he didn't approve of Alex's actions, he understood why he lost his temper, before mentioning that the two of them had qualities that the school wanted in their students. Hayley then sarcastically wishes him good-luck, before announcing that the two of them were leaving, However Louis then reveals that the new student ceremony started at 4.

Realizing what Louis was getting at, Alex asks whether he had gotten in, with Louis then revealing that both of them had gained entry into the school, with Alex as a part of the Eagles and Hayley being a member of the Ravens. Louis then explains that he thought Hayley should stay at the school and fix it, if she really hated it as much. Surprised, Hayley asks whether it was a joke, but Louis expresses that it wasn't, adding that he was sure Hayley would pass the written test and that it had been more of a formality the school carries out, especially for her being the daughter of Ryan Woods.

Hayley then notes that she was really just there for her brother, with Louis responding by saying that he knew, but adds that he wanted to give her some challenges and that his instincts agreed with it. However Hayley just says that his instincts had been off today, with Louis then trying to convince her to take a trial; that if she passed the written test, she'd be able to stay for a month and that if she still didn't enjoy the experience she could just go home. Louis then notifies them that he'd get in contact with their father for his approval, before heading off.

Hayley then tries to head off, before Alex stops her, believing that Louis could be right. Hayley then begins to drift off, thinking about the room extension plan she had plotted, before Alex tries to convince, asking what she had to lose. Hayley then responds by saying that another hour at the school would feel like an eternity, with Alex then asking her to think of all the fun they'd have together, before bringing up the fact that Hayley had promised their mother, she'd look after them. In the classroom, Suzanne McGill brings Hayley her test, before proceeding to drop one off to Jackie.

Outside, Louis and Jason are watching over the test, with Jason expressing that he thought it was a bad idea allowing Hayley and Jackie access to the school. Suzanne then asks the girls whether they would need anything before the test began, with Hayley looking at Jack and asking for Leo. Leo then arrives with his guitar and starts to strum away, with Hayley asking for the volume to be turned up, while trying to complete her test. Outside at the ceremony area, Daniel is attending to the set-up of the chairs, just as Leo arrives on the scene. In response Daniel tells Leo that he was having a good day, with Leo then jeeringly saying that he had actually heard Daniel's day had sucked.

Daniel tells Leo, that he should check his sources, before Leo reveals that his sources had told him that Daniel's new Eagle's candidate had been seen getting a bus back to Pasadena, finishing by saying that he'd hoped Daniel hadn't taken it too hard. Daniel then asks whether he had really thought Leo believed he'd cared, just before Leo reveals that he and the Ravens had switched the order of the test results, upon finding out that Parker hacked into their servers. Leo then tells Daniel to have a good day, before striding off.

Later at the opening ceremony, Louis starts off by saying that for over 2 decades the school has nurtured future leaders, being politicians, IT entrepreneurs and athletes, as well as astronauts, resulting in a clap from both the parents and students in the crowd. At the back of the crowd, Hayley leans over and asks her brother whether their father had replied to their texts, with Alex saying that he was sure he'd be at the ceremony, with Hayley comforting him, by saying that she was there. Louis then continues saying that he believed leaders came in all kinds of packages.

Louis continues saying that while some may of been nation scholars, others were diamonds in the rough and that students with fresh intellect couldn't be measured solely by the numbers, then asking everyone to give a warm welcome to the incoming class. After the ceremony, Max and Emma are examining their Louis devices, with Emma surprised that Louis had invented the device himself. Max adds to it by saying that was why the device was called the Louis, revealing that he had heard Louis had turned down billions of dollars from Apple for the Louis device and that Louis had only wanted the device for his students.

Elsewhere, Alex tells his sister that she looked just like their mother in her Greenhouse shirt, as Hayley expresses how surreal the event was. Hayley then sees Daniel and Brooke cuddling together, expressing her how unsurprising it was that the two were together. Interested, Alex asks whether she knew Brooke, with Hayley revealing that she had the pleasure of meeting Brooke before, telling Alex to imagine Daniel but as a girl. Hayley then tells him that he'd have a blast with the Eagles, just before Daniel asks Alex whether he was coming to the after-party at their clubhouse that night, with Hayley beckoning him forward.

Alex then says yes to Daniel's invite, before Daniel heads off, with Alex following after. Back at the Woods household, Carter is asleep as Hayley's texts come in and a thief breaks into the household. The thief creeps up to the family's laptop and plugs in his USB, extracting files from the laptop, after having encrypted the data.