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Private Screening is the fourth episode of the first season of Greenhouse Academy, premiering September 8th, 2017 on Netflix.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Jackie has just taken her lie-detector test and is strolling into the Greenhouse foyer, to be greeted by her fellow Ravens. Curious, Hayley asks how the test went, with Jackie then revealing that she had passed the test, having been kidding. Her friends then cheer, with Max exclaiming that he knew she'd pass the test, before pointing out that innocent people fail the test 50% of the time.

Max goes on, noting that the guilty were usually more accustomed to the psychodynamics of lying, before being stopped by Leo. Max in response then just concludes that the results were really just numbers and meant nothing. Jackie then thanks Hayley for stepping up, with Hayley assuring her that it wasn't a problem and that anytime Jackie needed someone to take a lie-detector test, she'd be there for her. After the interrogation Louis is leading Eric and Perry out into foyer.

Eric begs Louis, to allow him to have more time to investigate, but Louis just tells him that he had had enough time at the Greenhouse, with Eric then trying to refute, before Louis tells him that as long as he didn't have a search warrant, he was no longer welcome at the school. Eric then gives in, with him and Perry then heading off, as Daniel watches them from the nearby staircase. Eric then remarks that he knew the taser was there and that they'd get a search warrant.

At the beach, Daniel is out on his daily jog, before stopping to do a few stretches. While doing so he takes out the park ranger's taser from his back pocket, before tossing it into the ocean. However unbeknownst to him, Brooke had been watching from the nearby balcony, as he walks away from the beach, grabbing his towel. In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Jackie rocks up to Max, while he's working.

As soon as Jackie says hi, Max swivels round in fright, before Jackie assures him that she wouldn't grab him by the diaphragm again. She then thanks Max for taking the lie-detector test for her, with Max then telling her that she was welcome. Jackie then continues, warning him that if he was to ever go through her stuff again she'd do more than hurt his diaphragm, with her then walking off. In the corridor, Hayley and Leo are rocking up to their dormitory, as Leo compliments Hayley on how good was getting at the guitar.

Hayley thanks him and then takes out her Louie, trying to unlock the Ravens dormitory only to find that it wouldn't work. Leo then offers his assistance, asking Hayley to give him her Louie. Leo then effortlessly points out that the Louie she had was a fake. Confused, Hayley then asks where he real Louie was, with Leo then accessing the database and checking to see whether her Louie had access to the dorm the prior night, then showing Hayley that it had access at 5:00AM.

Hayley then remarks that it was impossible, as she was asleep during that time, before Leo assures her that her Louie hadn't been. Leo concerned, then asks her whether she had met with any Eagles the prior day. Hayley denies that she had been, asking why she would hang out with an Eagle, before Leo brings up her brother; Alex. Hayley remembers that she had seen Alex at the cafeteria, before realizing what had happened, guessing that that had been the reason, the other Eagles were being so nice to her brother; stealing her Louie to gain access to the Raven's clubhouse.

Hayley then storms off. Outside, Alex is walking down the path, just as Hayley catches up to him, begging Alex to say that what had happened wasn't true. Confused, Alex asked what his sister was talking about, before Hayley asks him whether he had stolen her Louie. Irritated, Hayley asks Alex whether the only reason he hugged with her and made peace, was to take her Louie. Alex then defiantly asks her what she had wanted from him, before walking off. Later that evening Hayley has packed her bags and is walking out of the Ravens dormitory.

Hayley walks round the corridor and is about to knock on the door of the Eagles dormitory, but then just takes out her letter to Alex and attempts to slide it under the door, just as Louie arrives. Seeing her crouching down, Louie asks her whether she had dropped something, with Hayley then saying hi. Louis, having seen Hayley's bags asks her whether she was going on vacation, noting that she had only just got to the school. Hayley then notifies Louie that she had decided to head home. Surprised, Louis asks whether it had been the polygraph test.

Hayley assures him that that wasn't case and tells him that the Greenhouse had just been a little bit too much for her to handle. Louis then remarks that the first few days at the Greenhouse would always be the most stressful and that he'd be worried if she wasn't feeling the way she was. However Hayley then tells him that that wasn't what she meant, revealing that the school just wasn't for her. Hayley then passes the letter and asks him to get it to Alex, as well as to take care of him. In response Louie assures her that their doors would always be open to her and that if she changed her mind about it, she shouldn't hesitate to return.

Hayley then nods and heads off, just as Alex answers the door with Louie then handing him Hayley's letter. Alex asks Louie what the letter was, with Louie prompting him to open it. Alex then opens the letter up and reads it. In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Daniel and Brooke are having dinner. Surprised, Brooke asks Daniel when he had had the time to cook everything, with Daniel then chuckling and remarking that he didn't really know.

Daniel, continues by saying that his run on the beach had filled him with energy, prompting him to make them some dinner. Brooke then tells him that she had been looking for him, revealing that she had seen Daniel while he was at the beach. Daniel chuckles, and tells her that he had just been clearing his head, by throwing rocks into the ocean. Brooke then ponders why he was throwing rocks into the ocean. Daniel then remarks that it had helped him to relax a little.

In the morning, a fisherman is walking across the beach just outside the Greenhouse, just before he notices a taser lying in the sand. He picks it up, looking round in confusion. In the Ravens dormitory, Leo and the rest of the Ravens have gathered round Max and Emma at their laptop. Leo asks Max what he had for him, with Max notifying him that he had managed to re-route the water supply to the school's laundry room.

Leo then chuckles and asks Becky whether she had received the paint they needed from the store room, before Becca hands him the paint she collected. Leo then commends the team on the work they had put it in, claiming it to have been revenge. Leo then walks off, proclaiming that the Eagles would be going down. At the Woods household, Hayley has just unpacked her bags.

Walking up to her father on the laptop, Hayley says that she had forgotten what it was like to have 7 other people snoring in her ear while she slept. Hayley then sighs, before asking her father whether Alex had called him since she'd been back. However Carter is oblivious to his daughter's question as he busily looks at documents on his computer. Hayley then calls for her father's attention, with Carter then suddenly asking whether she had said something. Hayley then tells him that she had asked as to whether Alex had called.

Carter then shook his head in response, before looking back at his document. To test how oblivious her father was, Hayley tells him that she would be joining a convent and that she'd be moving to the Vatican within the next week. Obliviously, Carter tells her that that was great, before realizing what she had told him. Hayley then, irritated remarks that her father hadn't been listening to her. Carter then apologizes, before beginning to explain himself.

Carter, reveals that a month before Hayley's mother had gone up into space she had been meeting with all sorts of people, that he hadn't known about or met, before adding that he had never bothered to read the documents properly. Hayley then asks what the point of it all was, with Carter saying that he just wanted to know what Ryan had been doing during the last month before her death. Just then the doorbell rings, with Carter asking Hayley to wait, asking her whether she had expected anyone.

Hayley tells him that she had expecting Owen and Meredith, before going off to answer the door. Back at the Greenhouse, the Ravens are out in the grounds in preparation for their upcoming class. Leo is looking everywhere for Hayley, as Emma suggests that she had just gone for a walk, but Leo points out that Hayley's bed had been made and that she never spent the night in the dormitory. Jackie then remembers that Hayley had been pretty disappointed during the prior day. Looking around, Lee says that he believed something wasn't right.

Leo then heads off, asking his fellow Ravens to cover for him. In the Eagles changing rooms, the boys are getting ready to head off for their upcoming game. Daniel then sees Alex and asks him whether he was ok, due to the fact his sister had walked off. Alex then responds by saying that he had been relieved that Hayley had left, before remarking that they'd be kicking their rival's butts in the game, with his team agreeing. Parker then cuts in saying that Whitney would be crying all the way home. Daniel then says that Whitney may as well head home right then.

Alex and Daniel then perform their handshake, before the boys start chanting "Eagles". However Parker then discovers what had happened to his vest, with it having shrunk and turned pink. Parker, confused asks what had happened, with Daniel then picking up the rest of the vests in panic, before realizing that it must have been the Ravens taking revenge. Daniel asks him team how it had occurred, with Brooke then rocking up and making fun of Parker's shrunken pink vest, jokingly remarking that she didn't know he'd joined the WNBA.

Parker then gets annoyed, before asking his fellow Eagles to help him get the vest off. In Louis' office, Leo has arrived and is confused as to why Hayley hadn't said anything to him, before leaving the Greenhouse. Louis in response suggests that she just hadn't wanted to bother anyone with it. However Leo then says that it just didn't make any sort of sense, as Hayley had belonged at the academy, before Louis reminds Leo that he knew the Greenhous wasn't for everyone.

Back at the Woods household, Meredith and Owen have arrived, with Meredith revealing that she and Owen had come up with a bet to see how long it would take Hayley to break at the Greenhouse. Meredith then reveals that she had betted that Hayley would only last 2 days in total, therefore meaning that Owen owed her five bucks. In response Hayley remarks that she thought the bet was at least worth 10 bucks. Meredith then asked Hayley whether she had really wanted to be the next president.

Hayley chuckles and asks what had gone on, while she was at the Greenhouse, with Meredith then revealing that their school had been giving them way too much homework, with Owen then guessing that it was nothing in comparison to what the Greenhouse had given Hayley. Hayley then says that they had just been given a glorified treasure hunt. In response Owen calls the school pretentious, however Meredith just concludes that the main thing was that Hayley was with them.

At the Greenhouse grounds, the Ravens have started their lesson, with Suzanne asking them what it meant to be a leader, suggesting it could be something their born with or maybe something that they could learn. Suzanne then reveals that she wanted them to make use of a test-case in order to think about the questions she had asked. She then proceeds to look round the class, asking whether did indeed know what a test-case was, with Jackie then making a joke; saying that she knew what case officer was.

Suzanne then proceeds to ask her students, whether there was anyone they could suggest for a possible leader-test case. Max then tries to suggest Mr. Steve Jobs, but Emma points out that Steve didn't lead a country and instead comes up with Barack Obama. Becca then chimes in suggesting David Bowie, with Jackie then rhetorically asking if she chose David Bowie over Kim Kardashian, causing everyone to laugh. Suzanne then compliments all of the suggestions, then revealing that she had come up with a suggestion they'd all know.

Suzanne then asks the Ravens to turn on their Louies, then introducing Sheriff Woody as their leader test-case. Suzanne then goes on explaining that their first activity for the year would be a short one, asking them to think of just one word and that she wanted each of them give her one word when they meet up again, with the word needing to describe Woody as a leader. Max then asks her whether she really wanted them to think about Woody all day, as Suzanne welcomes them to the Greenhouse. Emma then expresses her disbelief at the fact that they were using a cartoon character as their test-case.

Max then mentions that Pixar had created Woody, before going onto explain that Steve Jobs had created Pixar. Excited Becca mentions that she loved Mr. Potato-Head. Max then proceeds to ask Jackie who she liked better; Woody or Buzz. However Jackie says that she didn't know. In the Greenhouse foyer, Max races up the stairs catching up to Jackie, stopping as she turned to look. Max then continued to go after her. Jackie asks him why he was following her, but Max assures her that he wasn't.

While walking, Max asks Jackie whether she would want to work on their Toy-Story assignment together, with Jackie then just bluntly saying no. In response Max asks whether she sure about it, asking why she didn't want to pair up. Jackie then just says that she worked alone. Max then remembers seeing the look on Jackie's face in class and asks her whether she was okay. Jackie then assures Max that she was ok, Jackie then tries to head off, wishing Max good luck, before he quotes Buzz, saying; "To infinity and Beyond!", remarking that Woody said that.

Jackie then says that she had always loved it when Woody said that, with Max then revealing that Woody had never uttered that phrase, with Buzz Lightyear having said it. Max then reveals that it was alright to get it wrong, as he knew Jackie hadn't seen the movie, with Jackie then asking Max what he had wanted from her. Max assures her that he didn't want anything from her, before telling her that he could help her as he tries to explain who Woody is.

Jackie then orders Max to stop, exclaiming that she didn't need his help, asking him to leave her alone before walking off. In the Eagles dormitory, Daniel groans in pain as sits down on the bench. Concerned Brooke asks whether he was having another leg-cramp, but Daniel assures that it was nothing, then going on to say that Leo would be sorry when he was done with him.

Daniel continues, saying that he had been so tired of Leo, before Brooke cuts in saying that she had seen the medicine in Daniel's locker. Daniel then gives Brooke a concerned stare, with Brooke asking him what was wrong. Daniel responds by saying that he believed Brooke wasn't respecting his privacy, with Brooke firing back by saying that she'd respect him when he stopped trying to keep secrets from her. Daniel then says he needed to head off, getting up and heading off.

In Max's computer lab, Jackie bursts through the door, asking Max what he meant by the fact that he'd found her file, remembering that she had deleted everything. However Max was busy setting up some sweets and popcorn, in preparation for a movie presentation, revealing that there wasn't a file and explaining that he used that excuse to get her to the lab. Seeing the spread, Jackie asks him what it was for.

Max then reveals that he figured, Jackie wouldn't be able to complete the assignment if she hadn't even watched the subject movie, then pointing out that had he got both buttered and not-buttered popcorn as he didn't know which Jackie liked. Max hands her the popcorn, before she sits down, then proceeding to provide her with a blanket in case she was cold, adding that his servers were sensitive to the cold, while placing a cushion behind Jackie's head. Jackie then remarks that Max was really something.

In response, Max reveals that that had been what his mother had always said, before turning on the movie, telling her to have fun as it was a good movie. Max then hands Jackie the remote and heads out of the room. Back at the Woods household, Hayley is wondering round the kitchen, noticing the mess that had been created.

Upon seeing the state of the kitchen, Hayley orders her father into the kitchen, with Carter then clambering down the stairs and into the kitchen. Hayley asks him how he could live there in it's current state. Confused, Carter asks how he was living, with Hayley then pointing out the filth. Hayley continues lifting up a plate, asking whether it had been a science experiment. In response Carters sighs and explains that if he knew Hayley had been coming, he'd of cleaned the place up.

Hayley then remarks that she didn't know she would have to give a heads-up before returning to her own home. Carter then agrees, saying that she didn't need to do that and that she was right overall. Carter then heads off, telling his daughter that he'd be in his room. Hayley then walks after him, asking her father whether he wasn't the least bit curious about why she left the Greenhouse. Carter reveals that he had been, but didn't want to bother her.

Irritated, Hayley asks how he could bother her, with Carter asking why she felt that way; asking whether she really thought that he hadn't been communicating with her. Hayley then tells him that he hadn't been communicating with anyone anymore, with the only communication being with her absent mother. Carter asks her what's wrong with thinking about Ryan, with Hayley exclaiming that she was dead and was currently not there. Hayley begins to tear, as she continues saying that Carter hadn't even cared and that he hadn't said a word to her since she got home.

Hayley goes on, remarking that all her father ever did was sit there with his bulletin board, before concluding that he and his two kids were both still alive. Carter then sees his daughter beginning to cry and mops the tears from her face, before embracing for a hug. Later that day, Hayley was typing on her laptop, just as a knock on the door sounds. Hayley asks her father what he wanted, as he enters the room.

Carter then walks up to his daughter, who was sat on the bed, busied with her laptop. Carter tells his daughter that she was right as usual and that he had to move on with his life. Carter sits down beside Hayley and thanks her for reminding him of what was important, with Hayley saying that he was welcome. The two then hug, before Carter gets up sighing, before remembering that there was one more thing, just as Leo rocked up at the door.

Leo then begins to walk over to Hayley, saying hi. Back at the Greenhouse, Louis is in the foyer, just seeing Eric off once more, just as Brooke comes down the stairs, asking her father why the FBI agents had returned. Louis then reveals that Eric had told him that they had found what they were looking for, with Brooke curiously asking whether they'd found the missing park ranger. Louis then corrects his daughter, by revealing they'd found his taser off-campus, revealing that it had been found by a fisherman at the beach.

Louis concludes, by saying that the taser had nothing to do with the Greenhouse at all and then asserts to Brooke that that'd be the end of it, before embracing with her for a hug with Louis then heading off. Back in Hayley's bedroom, Leo is looking around her room, just as Hayley comes back through the door. Curious, she asks Leo what he was doing, with Leo then revealing that he had just been looking around for embarrassing photos of her from the second grade.

Hayley then hands him the drink, she'd been carrying, then proceeding to the bed and asking him whether he'd arrived to give her an inspirational speech about why she had belonged at the Greenhouse. Leo however says that he didn't do speeches and that he had just been curious as to where she had grown up. Hayley then tells Leo that she had just come back to be with her father, with Leo then questioning whether that was really the only reason, with Hayley then further asserting her point.

Leo then sits down next to Hayley, pointing out that Hayley had been needed by both her brother and her father, asking her when she was going to stop taking care of everyone else and take care of herself, with Hayley remarking that she thought he didn't do speeches. Back in Max's computer lab, Jackie is tearing up while she watches Toy-Story. Max then tells Jackie that the current part, was always the part that made him cry, before Jackie hushes him.

Jackie asks him how long he'd been there, with Max just saying that he wanted to see the third act once more, before saying that it was a great movie, with Jackie agreeing. Jackie then says that she had felt stupid for not having seen the movie prior, but Max then points out that she had now seen it. However Jackie says that it wasn't just that, asking Max why he was being so nice to her. Max then notices what's happening in the movie, walking forward, pointing out what was happening in the movie.

The two then chuckle, as Jackie passes Max the popcorn bucket. At the basketball court, the Eagles have already started their match against Whitney , just as Judy arrives in the block with Jason, then noticing the wall of Eagles portraits and moving her son's portrait to the centre of the wall, before proceeding to the court. In the court, the Eagles are practicing as the crowd chants for them, just as Judy and Jason take their seats. Judy then says that as Hayley was now gone, all they'd need to do is get rid of Alex.

Jason then notifies her that he had been working on it, with Judy ordering him to work faster. Back at the Woods household, Carter is carrying a bin full of old newspaper articles to do with his wife, pouring them into the wheelie-bin.