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A Quantum Marker is a marker that uses Quantum ink to write and is one of Louis Osmond's many inventions predominantly featured in Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy.

Attributes and Characteristics

Quantum markers use a special type of ink known as Quantum ink. Quantum ink is invisible ink and when the marker is tapped, the ink disappears. The marker is white and looks like an ordinary dry-erase marker when in actuality it is a high tech marker that uses technology to figure out what is written by who by capturing handwriting styles as well as saving the memory of what the person wrote.


In The Workshop, Daniel reveals to Hayley about the marker and what the marker does. He tells Hayley that Louis had given the marker for his birthday as Louis couldn't market the markers. He then tells her that each marker was 5 Grand apiece to which Hayley replies as cool. However, at the end of the episode, he accidentally leaves his marker in Marcus's room and Marcus manages to find the marker. In The Spiral, Marcus taps the marker and projects the invisible ink which reads "Marcus". He then scans the writing on his computer and finds out that Hayley had written it.


  • The markers each cost 5 grand apiece
  • The markers are very rare to find
  • The markers incorporate state of the art technology