The Ravens Dormitory is room found within the Dormitory Block at The Greenhouse and the main living quarters of The Ravens.

The Greenhouse Ravens Dormitory.png


The Ravens Dormitory is split up into four different sections overall, with first being an entry section that features shelves, with books and different ornaments, as well as a vending machine, with a variety of drinks as well as the entrance/exit to the dormitory. The next area is a seating area, featuring a large sofa, with a TV and PlayStation set up, as well as a small table. Next is the study area, where students are commonly seen playing chess and reading books, featuring a large red table, with chairs set up either side.

The final two areas found within the dormitory, are the bedrooms and the locker room. The Locker room features two toilet cubicles, as well as a set of lockers and washing areas, the bedrooms feature two rows of beds, with one for each Raven ,as well as a bedside table by each.


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