Robbie Klein, played by Asaf Sheinberger, is the son of Louis Klein, the older brother of Natalie Klein and the deputy headmaster of the Greenhouse. He's also one of the main villains in the first and second seasons of the show.

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Robbie's a young man, with dark brown hair and blue eyes, as well as peach skin. He's usually seen wearing a black shirt, usually with jeans. and his sleeves rolled up.


Season 1

Robbie Klein, first appears alongside his dad, during Alfie's audition for the Eagles at the Greenhouse. He first sees Dina however, and helps his dad to decide what to do with her. At first, Robbie tells Louis that they shouldn't accept people like her and Alfie and if they did, to invite a drug dealer and a circus runner sarcastically. Eventually, Louis gives her a place on the Ravens as a student at the Greenhouse. Later he watches Alfie's audition.

Later in the season, it's revealed that he's secretly working with Ze'ev and Judy to help cause a massive crisis, that'll earn them a large sum of money from their employers. During the mid-way point of the season, Robbie however decides to sacrifice himself, saving the prime-minister of Israel's life. After this he gets confined to his bed at the Greenhouse, where he makes a decision to defect from Ze'ev's group, threatening to reveal Ze'ev's plans to the press.

However Judy, then threatened him with poisoning, that could kill Robbie. After this Robbie goes back to Ze'ev's side and manages to convince his father to go on holiday, just as Team Galapagos is formed by Ellali and her friends to stop them. Once Louis had gone off on holiday, Ze'ev sent a strong man called Boris to be the new head of security at the Greenhouse. Together Robbie and Boris, later hunt Alona who's managed to get away from her confinement at home. Robbie and Boris search all around the Greenhouse grounds and get close a couple of times, but ultimately are unable to capture her in the end.

Robbie, later gets Boris to knock down the door to Team Galapagos' in order to stop them from foiling Ze'ev's plans, but the kids are able to skilfully prepare a smoke bomb, allowing them to get out undected. Later, during the finale of the first season, Robbie takes full control of the Greenhouse and allows for Ze'evs takeover to take place. However towards the end of the takeover, Robbie begins to have doubts and helps to fight against Boris and the other men that had been hired by Ze'ev. Robbie however was arrested at the end of the season, having still aided in the plot.


Robbie and Louis

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Robbie and Natalie

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