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Rock by Rock is the first episode from the fourth season of Greenhouse Academy and the 33rd episode overall, airing March 20th,2020.


Alex, at basketball practice, hears the cave explode. He runs down to the cave to find Leo passed out and the cave entrance collapsed. Meanwhile, Daniel and Brooke are still trapped in Jason's closet.

Leo is taken to the hospital and an emergency Greenhouse meeting is held. After the headcount, Brooke, Daniel, and Hayley are found missing. Luckily, Coach Davies hears Brooke and Daniel yelling for help in the secret closet room. He is able to get them out.

The search and rescue team ceases work since "the missing kids" are found, but Hayley is still missing. Immediately, they get back to work clearing the rubble from the cave entrance. Inside the Greenhouse, Max, Emma, Sophie, and Parker try to find out what is happening but are told, "there's nothing you need to know right now." However, the kids are worried the explosion might have had something to do with the magnetite. They overhear Becca saying that Leo was "like, frozen," just like the person who was following Enzo in the woods. When they try to talk to Ryan, Suzanne tells them to go back to their seats.

In the hospital, Leo is worsening. His oxygen levels are very low and his liver worsening. His kidneys are starting to shut down.

Back at the cave, Carter Woods lectures Brooke and Daniel for not getting adults involved earlier. Ryan is freaking out because Leo worsens and Hayley could have the same virus. Alex yells at Daniel for abandoning Leo, which causes Hayley to go into the cave in the first place.

Back inside the Greenhouse, Ryan tells the students what happened, and tells them that the rescue team is going to try to reach Hayley from a different place. She asks the students for their good thoughts, vibes, prayers, or whatever they believe in, for Hayley. As Ryan heads back down to the cave, Sophie, Parker, Max, and Emma try to get her attention. She calls them into her office.

The rescue team changes course to moving fast with drills since Hayley has been in the cave for over 10 hours, but Daniel is afraid it will cause the cave to collapse, and that they should get to Hayley rock by rock.

In the cave, Hayley is passed out underneath a ton of wood and rock debris from the explosion. Up above, Ryan tells everyone that Hayley and Leo could have been poisoned by the magnetite, which is what Sophie, Parker, Max, and Emma told her.

In the cave, Hayley gains consciousness. Her veins are black, just like Leo's. She maneuvers her way out from under the debris, and then she sees a mouse. The mouse leads her to a pool of water that she drinks from. Exhausted, she passes out again.

Mr. Woods comes through the cave opening and carries Hayley out. Hayley doesn't know where she is or what happened. Her parents comfort her, but she can hear a basketball dribbling. "Enough with the banging already!" Hayley yells, annoyed. "Unbelievable. He's wasting his life trying to get accepted into some stupid leadership school." When her mom mentions the Greenhouse, she says it's a brainwash factory. Her parents walk away, leaving her alone. In the greenhouse, Hayley hears Leo singing the song he wrote for her. She watches him, smiling. But suddenly, Leo's voice turns to Daniel's and Daniel is there. "No! Stop!" Hayley yells. She finds Leo sitting in a room with a box. When she asks what's inside, he says, "something that will save you." It's the mouse Hayley saw in the cave. "What about you?" Hayley asks. He can't hear her. "What will save you, Cruz?" He doesn't know what she's talking about. Hayley screams.

Hayley's dream causes her to gain consciousness again, back in the cave. Her black veins are gone, and she has more energy. But the drilling begins and the cave will collapse soon. Hayley sees a mouse crawl into a tunnel and follows it, just as the cave collapses.

As the rescue team sifts through the rubble from the cave collapsing, Carter passes out drinks. Two people from the rescue team talk and they conclude that Hayley had to have been crushed by the collapsion of the cave, and even if she wasn't, there wouldn't be enough oxygen for her to survive.

Up on a hill, Hayley crawls out of the ground, covered in dirt.