Ron and Amy, is one of the main relationships in The Greenhouse, from Season 3 onwards, comprising of Ron and Amy.

Amy and Ron The Greenhouse


Prior Season 1

Before Season 1, the two had little to no interaction at all, due to both of them being on opposite teams, with Ron on The Eagles and Amy on The Ravens, respectively. The only interaction they would have would be during challenges/tasks.

Season 2

The two start dating until Ron ends things with her after feeling she is using him for her manipulations.

Season 3

In Season 3 of the Greenhouse, Amy was transferred to the Eagles. Upon entry into the Eagles, it was clear that Sophie was not happy with Amy's attitude and personality and was always having a go at Amy, for certain things that she may of done. Ron wasn't impressed with the way Sophie was treating Amy and stepped in to defend Amy. Through this, Amy begins to form a bond with Ron, much to Sophie's annoyance, due to him being her boyfriend at the time. However at times it is shown that Amy can be quite demanding and that it may get on Ron's nerves.

Later on, Amy decides to nominate herself for the position of the new Eagles captain, replacing Sophie. In order to help accomplish this, Ron helps her to promote her campaign for the position of Eagles captain. Eventually this campaign proves successful and Amy takes over as the Eagles captain. Throughout the rest of the season, the two are often seen together.

In the end of Season 3, after graduating from The Greenhouse, the two are seen lying next to each other, on the grass outside the Greenhouse, looking at each other lovingly