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Room 205 is the 7th episode in season 4 of Greenhouse Academy and is the 39th episode overall, airing on March 20, 2020.


Outside of Enzo's apartment, he hears a doorbell ring. He checks the monitor to look at who was outside. He then checks the door's window. He finally opens up the door to see Sophie standing at the door with a full face of makeup and an outfit. Sophie then proceeds to walk in and kiss Enzo over and over again until he starts kissing her. Later by the couch, Sophie and Enzo talk while Sophie mentions the size of Enzo's apartment, calling it "freakin huge". Enzo then looks at the monitor again, only to see Parker outside. Enzo gets suspicious but Sophie then asks for more details about the house. Enzo then asks her why at one minute she hates him and then the other minute loves him. She then tells him that she became one of those Greenhouse brats and that she didn't like the school anyway, to which Enzo is surprised. He then tells her that his aunt passed away. Sophie then tells him that she was sorry to which Enzo tells her that they weren't close. Shortly thereafter, Enzo tells Sophie that he lied to her and that what actually happened was that a guy offered him money to get the magnetite out of the school. Enzo then reveals that Suzanne was in on this too to which Sophie listens. She then asks Enzo if she could use the bathroom to which Enzo tells her that she can. Sophie then leaves the water running and tries to contact the others. Meanwhile, Hayley and Daniel drive quickly to the rehab center and try to get in.

At the rehab center, we see that Leo has gained consciousness and he sees that the fake doctor is filling up Cortinarius Orellanus inside a syringe. As the doctor walks out, he tries to look for Leo but fails at finding him. However, he manages to find Leo and Leo grabs a hold of his syringe and injects the doctor. At the rehab center, Hayley and Daniel try to check in but it gets impossible. The doctor then reveals that Leo was released 5 hours ago to which Hayley lies that she was his cousin and she just wanted to know which room he was in. The doctor then tells her room 205. Hayley and Daniel go to the room, while we see Leo trying to escape. Leo then shuts himself in a supply closet. When Hayley and Daniel come in, Hayley feels Leo's bed, to which she remarks is "still warm". She then sees that his Louie was there and she and Daniel try looking for him. Leo screams "I'm here Woods!" after hearing her voice. However, the doctor comes into the closet. Leo then knocks a bunch of boxes over the doctor to which Hayley and Daniel come over. The doctor then passes out and Daniel and Hayley then help Leo into the car.

Back at Enzo's apartment, Enzo notices Parker stalling around outside and then walks in on Sophie. He then tells Sophie that he was going to do what he always wanted to do to which Sophie screams no. Enzo then locks her in his bathroom, to which Sophie screams "Help" and "Let Me Go!". Enzo then picks up a baseball bat and walks outside. He then swings it at Parker to which Parker tries to escape him. They both then fight to which Parker tells Enzo what was happening. He then realizes and lets Sophie go. He hands her backpack over to her to which she silently mouthes "Thank you" while a heartbroken Enzo tells her to never come back. Meanwhile, at the Greenhouse, Emma and Max are forced to shut off their Louies due to the conference starting. Hayley and Sophie contact each other and they both realize that Emma and Max weren't picking up their Louies. Sophie then tells Hayley about Suzanne and they both realize they have no time to spare. At the Greenhouse, Emma and Max try to turn on their Louies to which Suzanne yells no.

On the rocks, Hayley thanks Daniel for everything that he did. She then tells him that this is over in a nice way to Daniel to which he looks back at Hayley, upset saying "Hayley" as he walks away. Hayley then walks into her car, upset but then with Leo. Hayley then tells Leo that she wrote to him to which Leo said that was interesting. They both then talk to each other and lean in for a kiss. But just then, a car slams into them.