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Ryan Woods played by Selina Giles is the mother of Hayley Woods and Alex Woods and a recurring character in Greenhouse Academy

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Season 1

Ryan made her first physical appearance within the first episode of Season 1 of Greenhouse Academy; Pilot, where she was seen saying goodbye to her two kids and Carter before heading off to her launch into space. Her family then later watches her launch in the shuttle through a TV news report. However mid-launch the shuttle mysteriously explodes.

Later on in the same episode, a memorial photo of her is seen framed in a cabinet at the Greenhouse, just after Alex and Hayley had arrived for the Greenhouse auditions.

In the episode; The Outsider, Hayley is honoured at NASA, during the Greenhouse visit, as being the daughter of Ryan. At the end of Guilt Free Cupcakes, Eric read the letter that Ryan had written to her family, incriminating Judy Hayward for the mysterious goings-on around the Greenhouse.

Ryan makes her final appearance in L.D.R, where it's discovered that she's actually live and well, being kept in a stasis pod by Marcus in the Hole.

Season 2

A young Ryan appeared in Escape Mechanism, where she first made her discovery of the magnetite in the meteorite crash-site on Greenhouse grounds, while digging in the area. She later shows Marcus the magnetite, before warding off a young Jason.

Throughout the second season, Marcus is seen tending over her; unconscious in her hospital bed in a secret chamber of the Cave. Later in Bad Decisions she's woken up and comes face to face with her daughter; Hayley, before the two are locked up in a cell by Kyle and his men.

In Home, Ryan is rescued by Daniel and Leo who manage to carry away the bomb that Kyle had left in the Cave with her and her daughter. Ryan then re-unites with her son; Alex and husband Carter, then giving the FBI a statement about the situation after the crisis was averted and arriving back home with her family.

Season 3

Ryan gets called in to be the new replacement for Louis. She tells Sophie and Leo that she would be leaning on them for help at the Greenhouse. She then talks to Hayley and asks her why she switched over to the Eagles. She then helps Brooke by placing her in the Ravens to which Brooke feels happy.

Season 4

Ryan feels very upset after what had happened to Hayley and Leo. Ryan tries to help out all the students in the Greenhouse, but fails due to the emotional trauma that she was suffering. In the last episode, Ryan resigns as the headmaster and gives the job back to Louis. She tells him that it was a hard job and that she didn't think she would fit in for this job. Louis then thanks her for all that she did.