Season 1 of the Israeli daily scripted Teen drama, The Greenhouse premiered on Nickelodeon Israel, December 17th, 2012, airing a total of 50 episodes. The first season concluded May 26th, 2013 on Nickelodeon Israel and was later dubbed for English audiences, airing on Nickelodeon UK and Ireland from January 6th, 2014 to April 4th, 2014.


The first season of the Greenhouse, centres around the two main characters of Ellali and Alfie Reshef, who's mother is a famous astronaut known as Naomi Reshef. In the beginning of the series, Naomi goes up to space in an Israeli space shuttle, however the shuttle mysteriously explodes, when it enters into space.

Later, Alfie auditions to enrol at the elite boarding school for future leaders, known as the Greenhouse, where he auditions for the Eagles. Ellali also accompanies him to his audition to watch over him. Despite her stipulations against the Greenhouse, Ellali eventually enrols at the school and is placed in the Ravens, where she meets team leader Iftach, with who she grows a relationship with. Throughout the season, The Ravens competed in activities and challenges against their athletic rivals; the Eagles.

However when, mysterious goings on begin to start occurring around the Greenhouse, the Ravens and key members of the Eagles are forced to work together in order to uncover the evil that is operating around the school and eventually save the world.


The first season of the Greenhouse, featured a total of 50 episodes, over which an over-arching story was told, surrounding the Greenhouse students.

A brother and sister are sent to a futuristic boarding school after their astronaut mother is killed, and uncovered strange mysteries.

Ellali and Alfie join the school for future leaders that their mother once attended

The rival houses compete in a challenge. Ellali gets to know the leader of the Ravens, while Alfie struggles to fit in amongst the Eagles.

Ellali worries about Alfie, as Daniel continues trying to break his spirit. Mati finds a suspicious book amongst Dina's things.

The Police investigate the disappearance of a park ranger, and the Eagles plan to break into the Ravens Clubhouse.

The Ravens unite as the police investigation closes in. Alfie enjoys the fruits of his betrayal, while Natalie investigates Daniel's strange behaviour.

Ellali discovers that her old life doesn't interest her much anymore. Natalie confronts Daniel, who denies her suspicions.

Alfie prepares for his first basketball game in an Eagle's jersey. Natalie suspects that the investigation has been interfered with.

The truth about the gun is discovered. While Daniel is lies in hospital, Louis is angry at Natalie for hiding her suspicions. Iftach and Ellali share a first kiss.

Louis makes a decision about Daniel. Iftach acts strangely after kissing Ellali.

The students attend a ceremony at the space academy. Natalie has a choice to make as a special mission is revealed, and Dina gives Mati some dating tips.

Ellali deals with some painful memories during the visit to the space agency, and Robbie gets a surprise as he tries to complete the mission.

The Eagles acquire a pet, Sophie faces her first challenge as house leader, and Natalie gets some unexpected help from Dina.

Robbie confronts Alona, who threatens to reveal his secrets. The Eagles and Ravens compete in a special challenge.

Preparations for the dance continue, and Ron plucks up the courage to ask Sophie. The bond between Ellali and Iftach grows stronger.

A surprise guest arrives at the dance, and Ellali receives a special present.

Daniel faces up to the consequences of his actions, Mati's suspicions continue to grow, and Ellali is disappointed in Iftach.

A fight breaks out over who should be leader of the Ravens. Alfie's temper gets the better of him, and Natalie discovers just how far Daniel is prepared to go to get what he wants.

Marcus is given new information about his mission, Natalie goes out with Alfie, and Dina and Mati try to convince Ellali to assist their secret investigation.

Natalie and Alfie turn to a police officer for help in uncovering the truth about Judy and the Ark.

Judy tries to get Natalie away from the school by persuading Robbie to send her to tennis camp. An encounter with the Prime Minister reveals more information about Naomi's mission.

Guri tries to get his job back and Natalie realizes she has been deceived. The Eagles hold a leadership challenge, but Dina, Mati and Ellali work together instead of competing.

Alfie becomes suspicious of Judy, Ellali has to write a speech to mark the anniversary of her mother's death, and Alona feels under pressure.

The Prime Minister visits the Greenhouse, Iftach tires to help Ellali cope with having to give a speech, and Judy hatches a new plot.

Mati receives a disturbing message as the prime minister prepares to deliver a speech commemorating Naomi's death.

New details emerge about the meteorite and Project Nexus emerge in the aftermath of Memorial Day.

Iftach leads a dangerous mission, Sophie enjoys being a celebrity, and Alfie and Ron are given a surprise task to perform.

An old friend returns to the Greenhouse, and Ellali's story takes an unexpected turn.

A new student joins the Ravens, Daniel starts to suspect Natalie is up to something, and Louis organizes a trivia competition between the two houses.

Judy plots to get rid of Robbie. Marcus puts the Project Nexus equipment to the test and Daniel continues to spy on Natalie.

Sophie faces a difficult choice between loyalty and her career, while Daniel believes there is something strange about Natalie's new relationship.

Ze'ev gets a new mission from a mysterious client, Ron is not happy about Sophie's article, and Ellali makes a discovery.

Ellali wants to know what her mother was hiding, and seeks Dina's help with breaking into Naomi's safe. Daniel gets some good news and Mati receives some information from Alona.

Ellali and Daniel join forces to investigate their suspicions, while Sophie and Alfie get in trouble.

A reporter discovers information about Dina, Daniel and Ellali try to find out the truth about Marcus, and Mati keeps what he has learned a secret.

Ellali and Daniel discoer a shocking secret, Miki reveals embarrassing details allowing Sophie an opportunity to take revenge and Ellali continues her investigation.

Ellali and Daniel reach the moment of truth in their investigation, Mati and Dina finally work together, and Ellali decides to tell her friends the truth about what she's doing.

Judy forces Marcus to aid her scheme against Robbie, Daniel's plan backfires, and Iftach is frustrated by Ellali's behaviour.

Daniel faces a painful new reality, Ellali realises her suspicions were correct and Louis receives a surprising letter.

Louis admit's he was wrong, and news of his confession spreads fast. Ze'ev and Judy try to keep their plan secret.

The united group faces it's first mission, Louis decides to go on holiday. Judy provides Marcus with reinforcements, and Guri suspects one of the policemen.

Guri begins to realise who betrayed him, Iftach confronts Daniel and decides to go into the cave, and the group's plan encounters difficultie's.

Dina finds herself in an impossible situation, Iftach tries to deal with his failure and receives surprising news from Marcus, and the group receives unexpected help.

Arik and his assistants take control as the kids try to neutralize the satellite.

Alfie and Daniel play for the championship, Judy waits to put her master plan into action, and Mati and Dina try to escape from their situation.

Dina tries to get help from inside the cave as the group tries to foil the evil plan.

Ze'ev puts his emergency plan into action, but Marcus makes a decisive move to stop him.

Nobody believe's Buyri's warnings as Ze'ev's plot reaches it's final stage, while Ellali and Naomi meet for the first time.

The Greenhouse students battle against evil forces reaches a climax.

The final conflict ends, and Ellali must choose a boyfriend- will it be Iftach or Daniel?.

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