So Many Scruples is the thirty second episode of the first season of The Greenhouse, premiering on Nickelodeon UK, March 12th 2014.


Carrying on from the last episode, Sophie's report has just finished, as Miki Sevan announces it as "Hot in the Greenhouse", before moving onto the weather forecast. Everyone applauds Sophie on her report, but Ron gets up and heads off, displeased about the report. In Louis' quarters, Louis says he's disappointed in Sophie, explaining he thought she'd focus more on the values of the Greenhouse and not on the usual love affairs that could be found at any old high school.

Natalie then tells her father to give Sophie some credit for her work, as she worked hard on it, and that he could that Sophie had what it takes, adding that Sophie would be a famous journalist and that Louis would be proud of her. Louis expresses however that he's already proud of who she is at that moment, but that he had expected more of Sophie, before getting up.

Natalie then asks Judy whether she'd like any tea, with her saying no thanks. Natalie then asks Daniel the same, before getting up. Judy then moves around, concerned about her son, asking what's wrong. Daniel replies nothing, but Judy's persistent saying that something was obviously bothering him. Daniel then gives in and asks Judy whether she'd noticed Natalie acting weirdly as of late. Judy says she hasn't, before asking what he meant. Daniel expresses he didn't know, but that there's something weird about Natalie. However Judy expresses it's only natural for her to be concerned after what had happened to Robbie.

Daniel however says that's not it and tells his mother to forget it. Judy then tells Daniel that instead of being happy that his life was back on track and that he got together with the girl of his dreams, he's busy worrying about problems that don't even exist, asking him what was even the point. In the Eagles locker room, Ron is taking out clothes from his locker, just as Sophie rocks up.

Sophie tries to apologize to Ron about what had happened, asking him to look at her and expressing that she is really sorry for the report, but Ron just exclaims that she had given him her word that the relationship news would stay between them. Sophie tries to explain that they'd given her no choice, with Ron asking who they are. Sophie continues saying that the piece wouldn't of worked out without that part included. Ron then sarcastically says he's honoured that the whole piece had worked because of him, just as he gets a video call from Gershon, who mocks what Ron had said in the footage, as Ron sarcastically calls it very funny, with Gershon telling him not to take it too hard. Ron then shuts his locker and walks past Sophie.

In the central headquarters of Ze'ev's boss, Ze'ev has arrived to talk with his boss. Ze'ev's boss tells him that he'd enjoyed the little display that Ze'ev had arranged for him the prior day, as Ze'ev turns the speaker around. Ze'ev then reports that their still trying to control the magnitude of the earthquake, adding that it was too high at that point. His boss however, says that he didn't have a problem with a high magnitude. Ze'ev then says good, asking whether he wanted him to proceed.

Ze'ev's boss explains that in the past years, he'd managed to purchase options on the stock market in Athens and that he'd only make money if the Greek stock market would collapse. He goes on explaining that unfortunately for them it had been booming contrary to all their predictions, asking whether Ze'ev was still following him. Ze'ev expresses he understood. His boss then tells Ze'ev that he needs him to create an earthquake that would destroy some Greek islands, not caring which ones.

Ze'ev then goes silent for a moment, with the boss asking whether he's still there. Ze'ev then re-iterates what he must do, as his boss explains that the Greek stock market would collapse and that he'd manage to pocket 3 billion euros. Ze'ev surprised, exclaims that's quite a profit, as his boss expresses his options would expire in a week, asking Ze'ev whether he understood what that meant, with Ze'ev saying it'd be done by then, before leaving.

Back in the Eagles dorm, Sophie is asleep on the sofa, just as Natalie arrives, trying to get her to wake. Sophie then wakes up, as Natalie begins to read the news article about Sophie's report, reading; "Who would have thought the most interesting reality show would come from a leadership school way up in the North. Who'd have thought a few teenagers, some amateur camera work and a surprising blackout would draw high ratings. Sophie Neuman. Remember that name. She is the face and the brain of a new generation, the Reality TV Generation".

Natalie then asks Sophie whether she'd heard what they wrote about her, as Sophie asks whether that was good. Natalie then expresses that's not just good, but great, getting up and telling the guys that she just wanted them to remember the name "Sophie Neuman", adding that was the Ha'aretz newspaper said. Ron, angry then asks whether the newspaper had also mentioned that Sophie sells out her friends for a little fame.

Natalie in response, says that was a terrible thing to say, but Sophie says he's right, getting up. Sophie expresses she wanted to tell them all something that she'd already told Ron, being that she had felt terrible about publicizing her conversation with Ron, feeling awful about it , as well as promising to never do anything like that again, with Ron adding that would be unless the piece didn't work in which case she'd be forced to do so. Ron then turns away, as Natalie comforts Sophie.

At the Reshef household, Guri is busy making breakfast, just as Ellali arrives saying hi. Guri says that she must of gotten up early in order to get there at that time, asking what's up, as Ellali explains she got on the bus at 6:15AM in the morning. Guri then brings out pancakes, as Ellali proclaims awesome in response. Guri then tells her that they're Naomi's response. Ellali then takes a bite, calling it brilliant and exclaiming that Guri had managed to remember the apple sauce.

Guri then asks whether pancakes had come out right, with Ellali saying perfect, as she gets up. Guri then asks her what's going on, asking how Alfie is. Ellali says that someone had broke Alfie's hear, with Guri asking her how he was taking it. Ellali expresses he knew how Alfie was, saying that he just shot hoops all day, before Guri asks how she is, as well as Iftach. Ellali says everything's fine and whether he wanted anything to drink as Guri says he really liked Iftach.

Ellali then says that maybe Guri would like his girlfriend; Amy in that case, as she brings some orange juice. Ellali goes one explaining that Amy had come back from London just so that she could join the Ravens, with Guri in disbelief asking whether she's kidding. Ellali says that it is true, noting that Amy had even brought her chocolates from the Duty Free. Guri then asks whether she had known about Amy, but Ellali just asks him to forget it, asking him not to get involved with it. Guri then however says he didn't understand, saying that he saw the way Iftach had looked at her.

Guri goes on saying that while he maybe old, but that he still remembered how someone looked when they were in love, but Ellali just tells him to let it go, with Guri then saying ok, as he ask whether anything else occurred. Ellali then tells him that she had almost drowned in the lake during the prior day. However Guri believes she's joking, saying very funny. However Ellali expresses it wasn't funny at all, asking her father whether he'd heard about the earthquake at the Kineret the previous day.

Ellali then goes on, expressing that she was just lucky to be in water when the event occurred, but that it was a good thing that Iftach's girlfriend; Amy was there to save her. Ellali then begins to mention another thing.

In Robbie's bedroom, Judy is watching over him, as she talks to Ze'ev over the phone, who's just told her they'd need to destroy an entire island, asking whether that was a bit extreme. Ze'ev expresses their boss had just said a few islands, with Judy expressing that she thought that was crazy, with tens of thousands of people, before being cut off by Ze'ev who asks her what she thought they were even being paid for, guessing to create an earthquake in Antarctica, adding that usually millions of people died in natural disasters every year anyway and asking so what if another one occurred.

Ze'ev then says their not responsible for what happens, as Judy says that he knew how much she hated having pangs of conscience. However Ze'ev then says that the 200 million euros each of them would get paid, would be a pretty good price for a few pangs of conscience, then asking Judy what the news item he saw on TV was, asking who Sophie is. Judy explains that Sophie's just a nosey little girl, adding that she'd taken her son's place as captain of the Eagles.

Ze'ev then says that the last thing they needed was the media focusing on the Greenhousee, telling Judy that he wanted her to put an end to the news stories immediately. Judy then says ok, as Ze'ev continues saying he didn't want to hear anything until their mission was over, asking whether that had been clear. Judy re-assures him it's clear. Natalie then walks in, saying she's arrived to relieve Judy.

Back at the Reshef household, Ellali is telling her father of how she could feel Amy's presence, going onto say that while she knew she always used to get upset when Guri had things like that. Guri however expresses he understood how she felt, with Ellali questioning it, adding that Alfie didn't. Guri then explains that after what had occurred at Naomi's memorial it's logical that she'd have those kind of memories, especially when she was in a life or death situation.

However Ellali says that that wasn't it and that she's telling him that it was more than just that. Guri asks her what it was, but she says that she doesn't know, pondering whether her mother could still be alive. Guri then expresses that once a smart girl had told him that he wouldn't be able to go on with his life until he had come to life with his wife's death, adding he wouldn't let Ellali fall into that same trap.

At the Channel 2 headquarters, Miki Sevan is on the phone to Sophie, saying that it'd been a while since they'd managed to get those sorts of reactions about a story they'd aired on the news, asking Sophie whether she'd read the Ha'aretz newspaper that morning, with Sophie saying of course she did, exclaiming that she couldn't believe that's happening to her.

On the sofa, Ron is talking to the rest of the Eagles, expressing he was upset that they couldn't trust their own captain, just as Miki asks Sophie whether her friends were celebrating the report. Sophie looks over, saying kind of, as Miki says that she had called Sophie for a reason, asking her for a second.

Sophie says sure, as Ron explains to his fellow Eagles, that Sophie was turning them into participants for her reality show, however one of the Eagles girls, tells him that no one had asked him to ask Sophie to be his girlfriend on camera and that they didn't force people onto reality shows either. Ron however, explains that she allowed the footage to air, even after she and him had promised to keep it between them, telling everyone not to come to him, if were to happen to them too, with that being all he wanted to say.

Sophie then walks up, exclaiming they'd never guess what she was just offered by the Channel 2 news. Back in Robbie's room, Natalie is pulling his duvet cover over him as Judy begins to head off. Judy then says that she thinks it would be best for Louis and for the Greenhouse if she stopped making the news items, Natalie questions it, saying really, adding that Sophie was really good at it. Judy then tells Natalie she would like her to talk to Sophie and ask her to stop making the news items. Natalie then agrees to do so, as Judy re-iterates the news reports were bad for the Greenhouse and that Sophie was thinking of only herself and not her friends, with that being no way to be a leader.

Natalie then agrees to talk to Sophie, as Judy heads off, with Natalie sitting down beside Robbie's bed. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Sophie asks the group what their talking about and what exactly their voting on. Ron exclaims it's very simple in that it was either; for or against her news items. Sophie then believes that Ron didn't exactly understand her, telling him that they were giving her a regular spot on the news and that she'd send the items with/without permission from them.

Ron then asks who would be in favour of allowing Sophie to continue filming them, with the two other Eagles girls raising their hands. Ron then sarcastically calls that a surprise, before asking who was against it. All the boys bar Daniel then raise their hand, as Sophie says she doesn't get where it was going, then suggesting that if Ron and the guys didn't want to be in the news reports they didn't have to, adding that she was done apologizing.

Ron then questions the very fact that Sophie was their captain, asking her whether she truly cared about what her team had to say. Sophie expresses she does, but adds that it seems like Ron was the only one who had something to say about it and that it was mostly bad, before telling him to have some fun with it and that she's off to work on that week's news items, with Ron then adding that she'd have to live with consequences in said case. Sophie then turns round asking whether he's threatening her and asking what he'd do.

Natalie then arrives in the Eagles dormitory, asking what's going on there. Sophie expresses her relief in having her there, explaining that Ron had been trying to get everyone to rebel against her, so that she'd stop making her news items. Natalie then says Ron was right, as Sophie begins to tell Ron she told him, before realizing what Natalie had just said and asking what she'd said.

Natalie expresses that Ron was right and that the stories were bad for the Greenhouse, with Sophie in disbelief asking whether she was kidding, but Natalie says that's not the case at all, with Ron then saying that even Sophie's best friend asked her to stop. Natalie tells Sophie not to take it personally, but she tells Natalie to leave her alone, before heading off.

Back at the Reshef household, Ellali is looking through papers in Guri's office, as Guri appears in the room, announcing that he's heading off and then asking Ellali what she was looking for. Ellali asks him where all the documents he had were, with him asking what documents. Ellali expresses it was her mother's documents, being all the photos and the papers, basically what Guri had pinned up on his board before his big clean-up.

Guri says he threw out all of the notes he had on his board, with Ellali questioning why he would do that. Guri asks whether she's actually serious. Ellali exclaims oh no and then starts looking through folders and albums on a nearby shelf. Guri tries to stop her, suggesting she go and do something else such as calling Meshi and Uriah and go out to have a bit of fun. Ellali then says thanks, but that she was a big girl now and didn't need him to fix her schedule for her, with Guri then storming off, saying she could do what she wanted, with Ellali saying that was exactly what she was doing.

Guri then turns around, expressing that she's starting to worry him, as Ellali expresses her surprise that he had thrown away all of Naomi's photos and notes. However Guri tells her that she was the one who told him to do so, as she says that she wished he wouldn't listen to her sometimes. Guri then says he has to go, saying goodbye to Ellali, with her doing the same.

In the Eagles locker rooms, Daniel is asking Natalie what had happened with Sophie, as Natalie questions why she couldn't just change her mind. Daniel says that of course she could, but that Sophie had been her best friend and that she'd dissed Sophie in front of everyone, before asking whether Natalie had spoken to anyone. Natalie says no one had said anything, but adding that Daniel's mother; Judy even agreed with her.

Daniel questions what his mother had to do with the situation, with Natalie calling Judy a smart woman and saying that Daniel should talk to his mother more often, before leaving. In the lounge, Ron is telling Sophie to go back to her friend; Miki Sevan and let her know that she wouldn't be doing anymore of her news items. Sophie tells him to forget it, as there's no way she'd do that, with Ron saying that from then no one on their team would say a word to her as consequence. Sophie questions whether their all ignoring her now and as to whether this was the third grade, asking them to stop the nonsense.

Natalie then asks Sophie to stop making a scene, but Sophie exclaims she wasn't making a scene, just that she couldn't believe that their all acting in that way. Natalie expresses that Sophie should try and understand the others, as they feel that she'd only thought of herself and not her friends. Sophie then asks her to leave her alone, just as Natalie announces she's heading off. Alfie then arrives through the door, as Ron says he's glad that Alfie could join them.

Alfie asks what's up and why, jokingly guessing it was because he held an intervention for Shaul because he hadn't scored in a week. Ron in response sarcastically says very funny, then explaining that they'd decided no one would speak to Sophie unless she stopped making the Channel 2 news items. Alfie asks him why, as he liked the news items, calling it cool, asking everyone for confirmation.

Ron explains that that was what the majority had wanted, asking Alfie whether he was with them or not. Back at the Reshef household, Ellali is sitting on her bed, as she takes out her Louie and searches her contacts, before calling Iftach, who is in his music room at the Greenhouse playing his guitar for Amy. However Iftach can't hear the sound of his Louie ringing over his strumming and so Ellali gives up.

In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Sophie is sitting at a table with her lunch, just as Alfie's finished getting his lunch. Alfie then decides to sit with Sophie after a tough decision between her and the other Eagles. In the music room, Iftach continues to strum his guitar, while out in the corridor Daniel is sitting on a bench, unsure about what he should do. Back at the Reshef household, Ellali sits in front of her parents bedroom mirror, picking up a brush and then opening a nearby jewellery box.

Ellali then picks up some lipstick and does her lips. Back in the corridor, Daniel notices his mother exiting Robbie's bedroom, before heading off, with Daniel deciding to head off after her. Back at the Reshef household, Ellali notices screws attaching the mirror to the wall. Back in the Greenhouse grounds, Judy clambers over the rocks heading towards the Hole, with Daniel following and watching from behind.

In the bedroom, Ellali takes a drill and undoes some nails in the mirror, while Daniel continues to watch his mother clambering through the rocks and then heading through some plants. Ellali then manages to undo the screws and takes off the mirror from the wall, only to discover a safe.



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